CedarBridge Team Wins Investment Challenge

May 17, 2023

“Congratulations to CedarBridge Academy’s StockXers Team for winning the 18th Annual KPMG Senior School Investment Challenge and to all students who participated in this year’s competition,” said the Minister of Education Diallo Rabain.

Principal at CedarBridge Academy, Mr. Kenneth Caesar, shared, “I am ecstatic by the performance of the CedarBridge Academy students who participated in the KPMG Investment Challenge. Congratulations to Samir Tavares-Place and Chelsea Minors, First Place Winners and special thanks to Mrs. Latoya Francis, Business Teacher and Coach for the KPMG Challenge.”

Jamir Hatherley, Sydney Santos, J’Naz Richards, Daetona Simons and Margarida Simas

KPMG Investment Challenge Bermuda May 17 2023 (1)

“Thank you to KPMG for providing our students with a chance to participate in this event, it is imperative our young people have financial awareness. The staff of CedarBridge Academy are committed to providing our students with unique opportunities that will prepare them to be successful throughout life.”

Minister Rabain added, “With Financial and Insurance Services a thriving and vital sector of Bermuda’s economy and now offered as a Signature Learning Programme in the Bermuda Public School System, it is reassuring that KPMG will continue to facilitate this challenge for our students.”

“On behalf of the Government of Bermuda, we extend our deepest gratitude to KPMG for a partnership that provides our students with high-level insight and experience in career opportunities in the financial industry. It is an excellent platform for students to learn about accounting, financial analysis, and how the stock market functions.”

Samir Tarves-Place, Chelsea Minors and Mrs. Latoya Francis

KPMG Investment Challenge Bermuda May 17 2023 (2)

“Corporate and government partnerships, such as the one with KPMG, are crucial in helping us nurture the next generation of Bermudian accountants, analysts, actuaries, economists, financial planners, investment advisers, pension planners, and many other careers within this sector of the economy.”

Minister Rabain concluded, “To the students who stepped up and showed up for this challenge, your government believes in you. You will be the shakers and movers of the future by enhancing existing industries and developing new industries.”

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