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February 12, 2024 | 9 Comments

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

First flight on BermudAir out of Westchester County Airport in New York. The online booking of flight was super easy. Think as easy as ordering Sargasso or Pronto.

BermudAir Flight Westchester Bermuda February 2024_2

Some major advantages of flying out of Westchester County Airport [HPN]

  • No irritating traffic jams on Highway
  • No long walk from parking lot
  • No long lines for check in
  • No long security lines
  • No long walking to find your gate

We all know how Bermudians hate a long walk to a gate. One slight disadvantage, no Dunkin Donuts at the terminal.

As for the flight itself.

Stepping onto an aircraft and seeing our Bermuda flag at the door has a level of pride one is hard to describe. It may not officially be our National Airline, however it is as close as we will get. For now.

BermudAir Flight Westchester Bermuda February 2024_3

Apart from the hassle free check in, the low airfare [less than two lobster dinners] the cabin has nice pink lighting, clean, comfortable seats and inflight entertainment for your individual mobile devices

For me there was something else that sealed the deal. Hearing a calm and clear Bermudian accent over the PA system is something in itself. Almost like you hearing your Sunday School teacher. Right there and then it makes you feel as if you back home already

Being able to have a free “Dark and Stormy” with a nicely wrapped Bermuda sugar cookie with sprinkles was definitely a big change from the standard five dry pretzels on major airlines. I wonder, if you fly on a Sunday, will you be able to get codfish and potatoes?

BermudAir Flight Westchester Bermuda February 2024_1

Most of all, what set it off was the local friendliness and service that took me back to days gone by at Belmont or Sonesta Hotels. Bermudians have to be very proud that our own young persons are part of the flight crew.

In closing, if anyone knows BermudAir Flight attendant Ms. Isha Ford, please give her a a big hug. She is a true Bermudian ambassador.

- Chris Famous

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  1. Vortex says:

    A refreshing and surprising review sir. To be clear, the stewardesses are largely from England, which I’m sure you agree is immediately vomit inducing. And the airline is owned by white folk, who are hard to like and probably in itself is an act of subjugation.

    You see the problem is, when you couch your politics and journalism in racism and bias. Well that’s all there is.

    • Lucie says:

      You’re disgusting. Repugnant, pathetic, intolerant, and a disgrace to yourself. Shame on you.

      • Vortex says:

        Why? For calling someone out?

        You’d think you would be congratulating me for that.

        And if you think it’s acceptable, then I’m afraid you’ve just described yourself.

  2. Leslie troy govia says:

    This is a good thing and I’m looking forward to flying Bermudair and looking forward to hopefully trying to get that codfish and potatoes rolling.
    So far everything sounds good let’s see if we can keep that Bermuda hospitality the way it should be warm loving friendly when they fly Bermudair because they all no about the Bermuda triangle know it time they no about Bermudair that will get you there with nothing to fear.

  3. Micro says:

    No one ever mentions the constant delays and aircraft breakdowns.

  4. Hilarious! says:

    I must have missed it. Did MP Famous spend money out of his pocket to fly to and from Westchester Airport just to write this opinion piece? Did he fly into a different airport and out through Westchester? No reason is stated for the trip. Personal business/vacation, official Government business/vacation, or a freebie from BermudAir to write this opinion piece. I know this representative of the people but will let the reader guess the answer.

  5. Thomas Famous says:

    To answer the question(s)

    A: I was already abroad for a family funeral
    B: Not one dime of tax dollars paid for the flight
    C: Not one thing from BermudAir has been given to me.(apart from the Sugar Cookie)
    D: Fly BermudAir and support a local business.

    Stay Blessed

  6. Learn More says:

    Yes! Finally something about weather.

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