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February 1, 2024 | 14 Comments

[Opinion column written by: PLP MP Christopher Famous]

What is great about Facebook is that people have to use their real names and or faces in order to have a conversation and or debate. Even if you disagree on any given issue, at least you know who you are talking to. Ironically, very often, people actually meet in person and become friends that see beyond differences of opinion.

People should be willing to stand on their convictions or ideologies and if not persuade others, at the very least, articulate what forms their perspectives. Quite frankly, if someone is not able, prepared or even willing, to debate their points in public, they should rethink being involved in political debates or politics itself.

Huddled Masses

In every developed country the issues of; immigration, migration and emigration are ever evolving topics. In the United Kingdom, European Union and the United States, this topic is central in the minds of both citizens and those seeking to become residents and or citizens.

The logistics may differ from country to country.

In the UK, legal migrants from countries such as; India, Hong Kong and Ukraine, make up the bulk of those granted residency. In places such as; Denmark and Germany the respective governments are rolling out legislation and policies to reduce the social benefits given to recent residents. Over in Italy, the far right government has gone one step further by attempting to move those seeking asylum to Albania.

No matter the country, there are two common factors at play:

  • Significant proportions of the citizens of those countries are expressing displeasure
  • Various political parties are putting forth their policies on immigration based on the social climate.

As a prime example, in the UK the Conservatives have rushed legislation through parliament in an effort to appear to be getting tough on immigration.

Closer to home, the One Bermuda Alliance is once again bringing up the issue of immigration with this recent statement by my Co-Host Senator Dwayne Robinson “The OBA has always advocated for immigration reform and a clear route to Bermudian status…”

Point of Order

History will show that the OBA, whilst in government, rejected any form of bi-partisan immigration reform and predictably, under the command of Michael Fahy, attempted to rush through Pathways to Status in 2016. Subsequent to their two election losses, the OBA has never presented any Opposition bill on Immigration reform.

In reality they have only, both then and now, advocated for “…a clear route to Bermudian Status”.

One wonders exactly which polling data did the OBA gain that told them granting status is the wish of the majority of the Bermudian electorate? Or was it Michael Fahy wielding his influence once again?

The OBA now have painted themselves into a corner in which they have to articulate, beyond one-line sentences, their full immigration proposals. Either that, or they pull back and attempt to say this was “just the opinion of one person” not the whole group.

Nevertheless, at least now as a country we have an opportunity to have both private and public conversations and debates on the various aspects of touchy issues such as; work permits, residency, and yes status.

We must thank Dwayne for bringing this topic to the public.

- Thomas Christopher Famous

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  1. The Grandson says:

    Hey Chris (its June Barons Grandson) *seem you need to know exactly who you are talking to*

    Let start here, “under the command of Michael Fahy, attempted to rush through Pathways to Status in 2016″ if Pathways to Status was soo bad, why is Jason now suggesting almost the exact same deal? We blame, blame, blame. I’m tried of it. Maybe if anyone of you actually held yourselves accountable we might start to take what you say seriously.

    Finger pointing isn’t going to get us anywhere, and also we KNOW what happened in 2016. WE WHERE ALL HERE.

    It about time we hear concrete plans with an action plan. Either put up or shut up.

    • Thomas Famous says:

      Hey Frankies Grandson

      Minister Hayward has not proposed Status.

    • History says:

      Do you realize that the OBAUBP apologized for trying to push the pathway to status publicly on the news the next day after the island wide strike! They also also removed Fahy and kept him from view like he was a step child. Why do you think he’s no longer associated with them or any other political party today. They turned their nose up on him the same way they did John Swan dirty over Mc Donald’s franchise.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        “Do you realize that the OBAUBP apologized for trying to push the pathway to status publicly on the news the next day …”

        The UBP was dissolved on 30 June 2011. The PLP prevented Parliament from sitting on 16 March 2016. The UBP could not have apologised following the events of 16 March 2016. It had ceased to exist nearly 5 years previously.

      • White Wash says:

        That’s nothing new just ask all the black members that parted ways with the ubpOBAaers over the years. You’ll probably get the same answer.

        DON’T JOIN!

  2. watching says:

    So, what the public needs to know is will the Jarion’s OBA push the same agenda that Fahy’s OBA did? Will they open the floodgates?

    • Ringmaster says:

      Keep up. Fahy and the OBA never opened the floodgates. Pathways to status was based on people already here. The PLP opened the floodgates with their EIRC program where they have encouraged rich expats with no connection to Bermuda to come here. Whilst not giving status, holders of PRC will in the future have to be given status, forced on Bermuda by the UN or another entity.

      • Double s says:

        When your position is indefensible and illogical you must lie about what the ‘other guy’ proposes.

      • Come Correct says:

        It’s 30 -6 and possibly after next election it will be 28 -8. The oba needs to keep up or change the name again or dissolve.

        • Ringmaster says:

          You all seem the same. No independent thought, just follow the PLP attack the OBA message. If only the PLP could come up with what they, as the elected Government, will do. Clearly they can’t. Oh and please remember when you add in the UBP, the PLP have 2 ex UBP leaders and others as MPs. More than the OBA.

    • iyiyi says:

      Well , if Bermudians continue to leave the Island in the current numbers then any party will need yo ” open the flood gates “

    • hey says:

      Unbelievable the PLP hound “Watching” not using their Name. Christopher Famous, your party needs to use their real name,.

      Secondly for the general public, of which I am one, HOW DARE YOU or any politician suggest that I have no right to post or debate poltical subjects, what are you BIG BROTHER !

    • New voter says:

      Good question as a new voter I would like the OBA to inform the public if they were going to continue with Fahy’s plan….

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    My first reaction is that a foreigner should not be speaking about immigration policy in Bermuda.

    My second reaction is that I did once try to ask a question about immigration policy at a PLP “town hall meeting”. I was shouted down and told to leave by 2 big burly men who appeared to threaten me if I did not leave immediately.

    For any PLP member to now say “if someone is not able, prepared or even willing, to debate their points in public, they should rethink being involved in political debates or politics itself” is another way of saying “open your mouth and we will shut it for you!”

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