Traffic Diverted Due To Collapsed Wall

February 1, 2024 | 10 Comments

Traffic is currently being diverted in the Jews Bay, Southampton area this evening [Feb 1] due to a wall collapse.

A police spokesperson said, “Shortly before 5:00pm on Thursday, 1 February 2024, police were dispatched to a report of a wall collapse in the Jews Bay, Southampton area.

“As a result of the collapsed wall, a portion of the eastbound lane appears to be unstable.

“Out of an abundance of caution, police are currently diverting traffic onto Lighthouse Road heading west and St Anne’s Road heading east, until crews from Works & Engineering can access the damage.

“West end motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes, until damages have been assessed.”

wall collapse Feb 1 2024 (1)

wall collapse Feb 1 2024 (2)

collapsed wall Bermuda Feb 1 2024

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Is this what Lindsay Simmoms was referring to in her op-ed?

    “Investing in beautifying our roads and landscape to restore the beauty of the Bermuda that we are accustomed to”. Unfortunately this is the new Bermuda we are accustomed to.

    Words are easy. Reality is more accurate. This is an example of the real PLP Bermuda.

  2. Time to be creative says:

    Meet with the biu and resolve to
    A. House at Warwick camp 20 men or women who want to work on fixing all of the walls asp. They would be transported to the worksite and some of the work might be 24 hours as the srchutects and builders determine. With 2 or 3 contractors involved it could be done. Oops. I forgot. This is Bermuda and 100 reasons will be found as to why it would not work. So it is what it is. A rapidly crumbling infrastructure and no urgency about anything.

  3. Truth is killin’ me… says:

    See all those cracks in the road? The Government should have fixed those cracks a long time ago along with all the other potholes islandwide. Now with all the rain we’ve had soaking through the road and through those cracks into the soil beneath the road which is now supersaturated, it has caused the road to collapse onto the homeowner’s property. Get it together Government before somebody gets killed by your inaction on keeping the infrastructure maintained i.e. the taxpayer’s roads

  4. 30-6 Is Paying Off? says:

    You lead from the top down. Current leadership has led to W&E don’t Work or Engineer, they just watch and earn! The stress cracks you see in the images and that were patched by W&E are signs that the road is giving way. The road at Saltus was exactly the same. Cracks in a line and dip in the road showing it was undermined. It was ignored for over a year!

    But I bet this road in Southampton will be fixed Amuch faster that the raod near Saltus which has been closed since September I believe. Somehow, the government will miraculously find the manpower, monies, and asphalt necessary to get this fixed much faster that they have fixing the road near Saltus. Is it bad management, incompetence or intentional?

  5. Hilarious! says:

    Wait until heavy electric cars start rolling on the roads in large numbers. The Government has no plan and no money to cover the cost of building higher-quality roads that can handle the heavier vehicle traffic.

  6. Maddog says:

    Traffic is swerving into opposite lanes to avoid significant pot holes. The choice is either swerve and hit another oncoming vehicle or try and go through them and have an accident anyway or damage your car. Cars are driving 2 feet out from the side of the road pushing them over the middle line because the sideroad vegetation is so overgrown you cannot drive over it / through it. Walkers and runners can’t use the sidewalks and are forced out onto the road because the grass is up to their knees. WHAT ARE WE WATING FOR? Where is the road maintenance plan?

  7. trufth says:

    Meanwhile, BACK in Dubai, Premier Porkchop is enjoying some large prawns and a perfectly marbled steak.


    • iyiyi says:

      PLP … For the people ??? They don’t even fill the potholes … even friends and family are not immune to driving into the potholes damaging their steering and tires but i guess that doesn’t count with the voters.

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