Warwick Academy Competes In California

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Warwick Academy‘s High Performance football athletes participated at the 2024 Surf Nation Champions League event in San Diego, California.

A spokesperson said, “The High Performance sports programme at Warwick Academy offers an opportunity for the aspiring and focused student-athlete to engage in specialised training and athletic development sessions to help them improve their performance levels. These students, who have a desire and goal to play at elite and collegiate levels, complete a full academic workload which is complimented with a sport specific training schedule.

Warwick Academy Surf Nation Champions League Bermuda Football February 2024 TWFB

“The HP Football participants are engaged in training twice weekly from 6:30am to 7:30am, before the school day, and an option for strength and conditioning sessions that are offered during identified time table periods. Warwick Academy has a partnership with International Development Academy that offers on-island football camp experiences and overseas travel for training, competition and ID events.

“Through IDA, four student-athletes from the HP Football Programme at Warwick Academy have traveled to San Diego, California to participate in the 2024 Surf Nation Champions League event for 2010 birth year players. This is a National ID event for the Surf Soccer Programs that brings together the most talented players and coaches from across the 55 Surf Clubs spread throughout the mainland USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico, with the goal to identify the best of the best who will be selected to represent Surf Select in national and international competitions.

“Rufaro Kunze [2010 boys], Riley Khan, Antoinette Barry and Nila Samuels [2010 girls] participated with the North East Surf Select Regional teams at the national event, which follows a champions league format of group games and finals. The aim for the players is to catch the attention of the coaches, in hopes of an invite to further events. It also provides them an opportunity to measure their ability against the cohort of players in their age group from the various jurisdictions represented.

“The NE Surf Select boys results in their silver flight group games were:

  • NE Surf Select 5 vs 0 Idaho Surf Soccer Club [Rufaro Kunze Starter]
  • NE Surf Select 8 vs 0 Monterey Surf Soccer Club [Rufaro Kunze 2 assists]
  • NE Surf Select 1 vs 5 East County Surf Elite [Rufaro Kunze Starter]

“The boys finished in second place in the group and played #2 from group B, San Diego Surf Soccer Club in the final showcase game on Monday, February 19.

“The NE Surf Select girls results in their silver flight group games were:

  • NE Surf Select 4 vs 1 Kansas City Surf [Riley Khan goal]
  • NE Surf Select 5 vs 1 LA Surf
  • NE Surf Select 2 vs 1 Santa Monica Surf

“The NE Surf Select Girls featuring Riley Khan, Antoinette Barry and Nila Samuels played in the Silver Division Final vs Montana Surf on Monday February 19.”

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