Blue Bison Launch Cloud-Based Payroll Solution

March 7, 2024 | 0 Comments

Blue Bison, the payroll and HR software provider to some of Bermuda’s best-known businesses, today announced the launch of a cloud-based platform and a redesigned website to help meet rising demand for automated payroll-processing solutions.

A spokesperson said, “Blue Bison software subscribers employ more than 8,000 people in Bermuda across all sectors and include over 70% of the island’s hotel industry. More than 20% of the Bermuda’s workforce have their payslips processed by Blue Bison’s software.

Blue Bison in the Cloud Bermuda March 2024

“The new cloud-based, software-as-a-service [SaaS] application, Blue Bison in the Cloud, allows clients to reduce infrastructure costs, outsource maintenance and support, and access the system around the clock from anywhere.”

“The more complicated the employment landscape becomes, the more demand we are seeing for payroll automation,” said Sophie Pearson, director of sales and marketing at Blue Bison. “In particular, the complexity of the progressive payroll tax bands and the minimum wage requirements that took effect last year present payroll-processing challenges to employers.

“We expect the trend of rising complexity to continue, for example with regard to potential reform of the social insurance system to support the sustainability of the Contributory Pension Fund.

“Changes being considered by the Bermuda Government, subject to an ongoing consultation, include replacing the current flat weekly rate payroll deduction with contributions based on percentage of income, as well as gradually introduced increases to the retirement age. HR teams will be challenged to innovate to navigate the changing social insurance landscape.

“Blue Bison can help companies not only streamline their HR and payroll processes, but also position themselves strategically to meet the challenges posed by legislative reforms and changes that periodically emerge.”

The spokesperson said, “When Bermuda’s first minimum hourly wage of $16.40 took effect from June 1, 2023, Blue Bison built functionality to automatically enforce these requirements in line with the guidelines provided by the Bermuda Government. This was particularly valuable to clients in the service industry, where compensation includes gratuities and service charges.

“Blue Bison is offering incentives for Bermuda-based businesses to sign up for its cloud-based offering before April 1, the start of the new tax year.

“Anyone interested is welcome to attend a live webinar to demonstrate the software on March 21st 2024. To register, email”

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