Cultural Apprenticeship Programme Appreciation

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“The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport celebrated Bermuda’s cultural heritage at the Cultural Apprenticeship Programme Appreciation Event held over the weekend.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Senator Owen Darrell said, “The Cultural Apprenticeship Programme focuses on cultural preservation and intergenerational learning in Bermuda, as tradition-bearers and apprentices come together to celebrate the spirit of Bermuda’s traditions.

“The programme was established in 2008 and is a testament to Bermuda’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of tradition-bearers. It goes beyond merely passing on knowledge; it’s about building deep connections, fostering creativity, and preserving the essence of Bermuda’s cultural heritage.”

Myles Darrell, Sierra Pacheco, JP Rouja, Phillip Anderson Jr., Alison Outerbridge, Ian Birch, Dr Kim Dismont Robinson

Cultural Apprenticeship Programme Bermuda March 19 2024

The Government spokesperson said, “This year, the programme shines a spotlight on two extraordinary apprenticeships:

“BioQuest powered by CariGenetics, Tradition Bearer Myles Darrell, and Apprentice Sierra Pacheco: Sierra’s training in researching and producing the first high-quality reference genome of Bermuda’s national tree, the Bermuda cedar tree, stands as a remarkable achievement. Following her training, Sierra will pass on her knowledge to Bermuda College students, aiding in identifying pure from hybrid trees and collecting and processing samples.

“Friends of St. Peter’s Church, Tradition Bearer Melvyn Reed of Clock Makers Thwaites & Reed [UK], and Apprentices Ian Birch and Phillip Anderson Jr.: Ian and Phillip’s apprenticeship focused on the restoration and servicing of the St. Peter’s Church Clock. Built by Thwaites & Reed, a company established in 1740, the clock remains a centerpiece of the local community. Despite the challenges posed by Bermuda’s climate, the apprentices worked diligently to ensure the clock continues to function as intended.”

Minister Darrell said, “The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport extends its gratitude to tradition bearers and apprentices for their curiosity, talents, wisdom, and passion. Their dedication ensures the beauty and purpose of Bermuda’s traditions will continue to thrive.”

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