OBA & Govt Comment On Passing Budget

March 12, 2024 | 18 Comments

The “Government was not able to pass its budget at the end of the Budget debate in Parliament” as they “failed to bring the required Appropriation Act to Parliament,” Shadow Finance Minister Senator Doug De Couto said, while the Ministry of Finance said his statement was “another weak and shameless attempt by the Opposition to grab headlines” and said “on Friday, in full accordance with the law, the Appropriation Act will be introduced into the Legislature.”

Shadow Finance Minister Senator Doug De Couto Statement

Senator Doug De Couto said, “Yesterday, the Government was not able to pass its budget at the end of the Budget debate in Parliament, unheard of in Bermuda’s modern history. This is because the Government failed to bring the required Appropriation Act to Parliament in time for the end of the debate, as has always been done.

“In addition, the Government also failed to bring the Supplemental Estimates to the House prior to the end of the debate. These Estimates are customarily supplied one or two sessions prior to the end of the Budget debate, in order to approve prior unbudgeted spending.

“The absence of the Appropriation Act at the conclusion of yesterday’s Parliamentary session demonstrates that once again, this Government has dropped the ball. The public need a clear explanation of why this happened as opposed to being given a thinly veiled excuse of ‘technical issues’.

“The process to pass the Budget is clear and been followed without issue for years. What happened this year?

“The Government will claim the Opposition was “consulted” – which means we were informed of the Government’s failure at the end of the debate session, but no explanation was given when asked for. As most Bermudians know, this Government likes to claim you were “consulted” when they tell you what’s already happened.

“Has the Premier and Finance Minister, and his fellow Ministers, been too busy travelling around the world to pay attention to their ministries? Have the people in charge of drafting these papers been sent off on pet projects for ministers, instead of preparing the papers required for passing the Budget?

“Once again, the Premier and Finance Minister seems to be asleep at the wheel or missing in action – you pick.

“Another example of how 30-6 is not working for Bermuda.”

Government Statement

“Sadly, another weak and shameless attempt by the Opposition to grab headlines,” said a Ministry of Finance spokesperson, following commentary from the Shadow Finance Minister today.

“No manufactured issue escapes the Opposition in the continued quest for relevance – as they have put forward no plans or solutions in response to the first balanced budget in 21 years. Throughout the Budget Debate, the Opposition have painted a picture of an Opposition that not only wants to see Bermuda fail but will use every avenue at its disposal to ensure Bermuda fails. They have refused to acknowledge that employment is up, tourism numbers are up, 506 more Bermudians are working in International Business since 2017, and Bermuda will have its first balanced budget in 21 years.

“They have gone against the Chamber of Commerce, ABIR, ABIC and global ratings agencies in a desperate attempt to undermine the work being done to take our country in the right direction. They have sought to exploit issues surrounding road conditions and affordable housing while offering no real solutions or answers – other than to criticise the Government, while voting for the Government’s plans to address those issues.

“On Friday, in full accordance with the law, the Appropriation Act will be introduced into the Legislature. The Opposition will have the opportunity to call for a ‘roll-call vote’ on the budget and state clearly for all of Bermuda to hear that they know more than the experts and stakeholders in our community, and that they are more interested in winning politically than seeing Bermudians winning economically.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    As usual, the PLP/government has ignored responding to the issue raised – the absence of the Appropriation Act – and instead brought up a list of irrelevant matters as a diversion. Just their usual refusal to respond to simple questions, whatever the subject.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    ““Sadly, another weak and shameless attempt by the Opposition to grab headlines,” said a Ministry of Finance spokesperson”

    So much for the political neutrality of the civil service.

  3. Bbermudiana says:

    What a laughing stock????????????????the blind leading the blind ????????????????????????

  4. Paid off government says:

    “Jobs are up”??? Only in the category of international business maybe but what about other common jobs like hotels and tourism that are completely struggling?? What’s again miss leading comments from this government. Instead of deflecting all the time take some responsibility for you short comings!
    You all act like a bunch of 5 year olds!

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “what about other common jobs like hotels and tourism that are completely struggling??”

      Look at the number of people from Asia in our population. Yes, jobs in hospitality are up too. Just not for Bermudians.

      • Paid off government says:

        I know who you are . Your comments clearly identifies you. Brrmudians are lazy!

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          “Brrmudians are lazy!”

          Your insult is noted. I disagree. I have never been accused of being lazy.

  5. Hilarious! says:

    Hmmm, methinks something is afoot. Watch for changes in the Budget. The Big Guy needs a more considerable travel allowance. I was joking before about the use of private jets for ministerial travel, but look out!

    Private jets for security reasons would be an excuse. When flying two or more ministers plus staff, a private jet saves on airfare and increases productivity by not waiting around for hours in an airport. No doubt a consultant has already told the Big Guy these things.

  6. what says:

    Despite the PLP trumpeting a future balance budget, the forecast numbers don’t show that. PLP trumpeted a lie!!!!?

    Looking at the Blue Book (the calculations of the Budget) and then the figures in the Bermuda Appropriation Act 2023.

    Revenue = $1,232,341,000 (from Blue Book)

    (Appropriation ACT states expenditure as)
    Consolidated fund Expenses = $1,103,032,500 + $95,999,700

    Revenue – Expenditure = a loss or deficit of ($33,308,000)

    That isn’t a balance budget.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Add in another zinger – “we’re going to use excess funds in the Sinking Fund to cover Quangos”. Excess Funds in the Sinking Fund? Does Burt not know why the Sinking Fund was created by Statute and its purpose? Totally clueless.

      • what says:

        yep, but there is no such thing as “excess funds” in the sinking fund. Another PLP lie.

  7. Guy Carri says:

    And still the information has not been provided.
    Done every year but this year it’s been forgotten? Someone didn’t know?

    Tourism is a failure compared to our competitors who had record numbers. We could only have gone up YOY and its mediocre at best.

    IB numbers are up +500 since 2017…what was the exit after term limits??

    Everything the PLP is doing that is moving the country forward was an OBA idea with a different name and little smoke to screen.

    Stay woke.

  8. watching says:

    The Budget only has to be approved in advance of Apr 1. Whatever the delay is actually irrelevant as long as it is corrected and passed by then. This is typical OBA trying to be relevant but it’s really much ado about nothing.

    • What says:

      Get a reality check .WAYNE.. ThE PLP

  9. Squid says:

    Yes and let’s get our Bermuda Passport renewal time back to 2weeks and spend what ever it takes to do so , instead of 5 to 10 MONTHS !!!!!

    • Fisherman says:

      Was told recently machine is in DOI to do passports. I stand to be corrected.

  10. Trufth says:

    I’m struggling to understand why the current govt is patting themselves on the back while proclaiming they have a balanced budget while the country is $7 BILLION in debt.

    If you want to impress the people who pay your salaries, pay down the debt! Until then, practice a bit of humility while we struggle to feed our families and pay rent.

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