Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation Marks 18 Years

April 25, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation said they are excited to celebrate their 18th anniversary this year.

A spokesperson said, “Rooted in the heart of Devonshire at 27 Jubilee Road, our foundation has a rich legacy as the former site of The Elliot School, which marks its 175th anniversary this year.

“Kaleidoscope’s primary focus is empowering students from toddlers aged 18 months to adults through engaging art and garden programmes and has become a cornerstone for thousands seeking creative exploration and learning in a supportive environment. Kaleidoscope’s goal is simple: make creativity accessible to everyone.

“As the charity continues to grow and enrich its community, Kaleidoscope is seeking support to boost its bursary programme to support students across its arts programmes. From its board members down to the staff, Kaleidoscope firmly believes that financial barriers shouldn’t prevent anyone from accessing these fantastic programmes. Having already raised $27,500 this year, the charity is hopeful to gather another $49,500 to support the community. With your help, these additional funds would welcome 120 students spots to summer camps and classes, who wouldn’t be able to join otherwise.

“One parent, whose child is benefiting from our 2024 bursary program, shared, “The skills and experiences my daughter is gaining here are priceless for her personal and academic development. We’re excited to see her creativity flourish and look forward to her future achievements in the arts, all thanks to Kaleidoscope.”

“If you know a young, aspiring artist or gardener who could benefit from a scholarship, don’t hesitate to recommend them. Kaleidoscope’s Bursary students are ages 4-18 and can be recommended by a teacher, social worker, community partner, or a caregiver. If you know a student who is interested please reach out to info@kaf.bm to share your interest and learn about our opportunities.

“Kaleidoscope Art Foundation’s camps will be running four weeks in July and two weeks in August and will be focusing on exploring the world and habitats. We welcome you to register and find out more at kaf.bm.

“Kaleidoscope is not just about seasonal camps. We offer a wide range of year-round classes and public school enrichment programs designed to nurture lifelong learners and leaders. Discover more about what we do and how you can get involved by visiting our website.

“For further information, or if you’re in need of high-resolution images, please get in touch with Dani Frith, Kaleidoscope’s Operations Manager, via email at dani@kaf.bm or by phone at 542.9000.

“Join us in sparking creativity and opportunity in every child’s life.”

Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation Bermuda April 24 2024 (1)

Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation Bermuda April 24 2024 (2)

Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation Bermuda April 24 2024 (1)

Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation Bermuda April 24 2024 (2)

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