Column: Simmons On Election, Thanks, Congrats

May 23, 2024 | 2 Comments

[Opinion column written by the PLP's Lindsay Simmons]

The by-election is over. The people of Constituency 10 have spoken and I am truly, truly grateful to everyone who cast their vote in support of me.

To have nearly two hundred people say with their vote that I have earned your trust and earned your confidence is humbling and a reminder that this election has never been about me. It has always been about you and it’s always been about working together to find solutions to the challenges we face in Constituency 10.

I will never forget how you welcomed me into your homes, shared your joys and pains and how you put me to work to improve our area. While the outcome was not what we hoped, I remain deeply committed to Constituency 10, Smith’s North, and I can assure you that my commitment to you will continue.

I would like to thank everyone in the Progressive Labour Party family for all your kindness, generosity, advice and help on the campaign trail.

To Mr. Robert King – I extend my congratulations and hope that now with the conclusion of this by election, we work together for the people of Constituency 10 and Bermuda.

To the two other candidates, I would like to thank you for the experience we have shared as we sought to represent this beautiful community and its beautiful people.

I will continue to be an advocate for the people of Smith’s North. While disappointed in the result, it has only strengthened my resolve and my work will continue.

- Lindsay Simmons

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Know when to stop talking and spinning op eds. They get boring, and at least know there were 3 candidates, not 4, unless you are referring to yourself as one of the other 2.

  2. What! says:

    Your spreading the PLP spin show you are nothing but a puppet. You do NOT have the best interests of Bermudians, but the best interests of the MP’s in the PLP.

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