“Temporary Disruption In Sewage Services”

April 19, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Town of St. George experienced a “temporary disruption in sewage services on Sunday, 14 April, due to an unexpected pump failure within the existing sewage system,” the Corporation said.

A spokesperson said, “This issue caused an overflow from the Town’s main holding tank, leading to visible backup at several utility holes in the town square.

“Immediately upon detection, teams from the Corporation of St. George’s and the Bermuda Land Development Company [BLDC] were mobilised to address the issue.

“The holding tank was initially pumped out to mitigate the overflow, and further corrective actions were carried out on Monday, 15 April.

“These actions included the complete replacement of one pump and the removal of blockages caused by rags in another, restoring operational capacity to the system.

“Such simultaneous failure of both the primary and backup pumps is highly unusual.

“The Corporation of St. George’s sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused and appreciates the community’s patience and understanding during this brief service interruption.

“Additionally, it is essential to note that the new sewage transfer system to Southside, St. David’s, although close to completion, is not yet operational.

“Recent delays have been due to unfavourable weather conditions and the final stages of system testing.

“The new system, managed by the BLDC, is estimated to be fully functional by May.”

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