Video: April 26th Bernews Morning Newsflash

April 26, 2024 | 0 Comments

Police confirm death of 23-year-old man, BPS confirm that Police Sergeant arrestedretail sales decreased 1.2% in November 2023, Regiment Annual Camp final exercise, BermudAir launches ‘BermudAir Holidays’, consultation for new event lawn at Southlands and Bermuda Sloop Foundation ‘cannot undertake usual plan’ are some of the stories in this morning’s [April 26th] Bernews Newsflash.

MNF Cover Bermudas April 26 2024

The Bernews Morning Newsflash includes an overview of the latest Bermuda news, the local weather forecast for today, local stock report, our photo of the day, as well as a look at news headlines from around the world.

In addition to being available each morning on the website, the Newsflash is designed to suit your favourite social media network, so is also available directly on the main Bernews Twitter feed, our YouTube channel, and our Instagram account.

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