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April 13, 2024 | 1 Comment

The Women’s Resource Centre [WRC] said they are ”committed to providing essential opportunities for maternal, birthing and parenting education and work with our community partners to deliver equitable services to support women as they navigate pregnancy, birth and infant parenting.

A spokesperson said, “The Women’s Resource Centre [WRC] is committed to enhancing the lives of women in Bermuda and by extension enhancing the lives of their children and broader families.

“We commend the work of the Government on the First 1,000 Days Integrated Care Pathway initiative and agree that providing equitable access to quality healthcare to mothers and their babies is of paramount importance for long-term mental and physical health.

“We note that this report highlighted the significance of antenatal and postnatal care for women and its impact on the holistic development of children. Of the ten challenges identified in the report, access to maternal and child health services due to financial constraints is of the most concern to us. Since the pandemic there have been no free or subsidized childbirth education classes in Bermuda.

“The Women’s Resource Centre believes that access to education and resources is essential for women to be able to make informed decisions regarding their health and the health of their children. We are particularly committed to providing essential opportunities for maternal, birthing and parenting education and work with our community partners to deliver equitable services to support women as they navigate pregnancy, birth and infant parenting.

“Research shows that up to 45% of women find some aspect of childbirth traumatic. Furthermore, one in seven mothers report conditions such as postnatal depression and approximately one in 25 women develop postnatal PTSD. Babies and toddlers are directly affected by trauma and are also affected if their mother is suffering the consequences of trauma.

“These statistics highlight the urgency of providing access to birth and parenting education, resources and therapeutic support.”

“The Women’s Resource Centre believes that birth education is an integral part of empowering women to take agency over themselves, their bodies, their choices and ultimately their lives. As such, we offer quarterly Community Birthing Classes in partnership with the It Takes a Village Foundation, to ensure that all women, regardless of their socio-economic position have access to this invaluable information and resources.

“Additionally, we provide opportunities for women to learn parenting strategies and find parenting support through our community education programme and our mothers support group.”

Juanae Crockwell, Executive Director of the Women’s Resource Centre, said, “Childbirth and motherhood are two very impactful transitions in a woman’s life. Should a woman choose to embark on this journey, it is essential that she is equipped with the education and resources to enhance her birthing and parenting experience.”

“We want to emphasise the value of seeking additional support as women prepare to give birth. Evidence-based birth education should not be limited to the wealthy. It should be equally accessible to all women and WRC and the It Takes a Village Foundation are committed to ensuring that women in lower income thresholds have the same access to quality birth education.”

Director of the It Takes a Village Foundation, Fiona Dill, said: “Part of the original vision and mission of the charity was to provide equal access to evidence-based childbirth education to every woman in Bermuda, regardless of ability to pay.”

“We are so delighted to partner with the Women’s Resource Centre to provide these classes, which we believe will positively impact every aspect of the experience of birth and breastfeeding and thus long-term mental and physical well-being for mothers, their babies, their partners and their families.”

The next session of the WRC Community Birthing Class, Preparing For Childbirth, will begin on Thursday April 18th. These sessions are facilitated by Feven Binega-Northcott – founder of Harmony Birth Services and a certified birth, postpartum and lactation educator.

To learn more about the Women’s Resource Centre’s birthing and parenting education programmes, please visit www.wrcbermuda.com or call their office at 295-3882.

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  1. Pa says:


    I saw the word Education at the top of the page which has prompted me to add my thoughts.

    There is something wrong with the system which need to be reorganized again and again if necessary ..

    What worked 50 years ago does not work to day, that is only partly correct.

    Here is what many of you know, in order to educate a young person the tutors needs to be highly educated or highly skilled in the trades nothing less will do public education does o need to be second rate . our young people need better .

    Next question educated in what ? the answer to that is enough to make a living.

    let me take you to the other end of the yellow brick road and work backwards full well knowing the opportunities are virtually endless.

    Ever young person has a dream but not all dreams are the same.

    Some young persons will wind up sitting at the desk in an office others can not work in an aircnditioned room.

    I am a jack of all trades who can do both that is with in limitations .

    We need to to compartmentise sections with in our schools but not all schools do the same thing or set aside certain schools for certain trades.

    BTW. This is about preparing our children for their life’s further challenges.

    So I don’t let lost in my oun theory theories let me pic a vocation for boys and girls now we have created a division or a different road to travel its a young person university.

    Here is where take higher education to the next level if other countries can do it so can we .

    To start with there will need to have classes for general education from which children need to graduate from to move on to :-

    Satisfy Children goals just like you and I had .

    I have many skills all it takes is common sense .

    Girls classes will relate to things that young ladies will grow up and want to do plus at leas three ot four other skills.

    Boys classes will related to things that boys will grow up and want to do to do plus ay least three of four other skills.

    Do not for get tha girls can do boys tasks and vice versa.

    Division of schools relates to division of teachers with in those schools , also some school can function during the evening during the hot summer evenings with no more the two hour sittings .

    I would no want every school to teach the same thing, that is what we have now being that which apparently is not working .

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