BUEI Announces Winners Of YRE Competition

May 21, 2024 | 1 Comment

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute [BUEI] has announced the winners of the 2024 Young Reporters for the Environment [YRE] Journalism Competition.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute [BUEI] is proud to announce the winners of the National Young Reporters for the Environment [YRE] Competition. This year, BUEI received a total of thirty-two entries under three themes: ‘Climate Change – Biodiversity Loss – Pollution’ aligning with the competition’s global focus and highlighting UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

“We are so pleased with the participation of young people in all age categories this year,” states Julie Steele, BUEI Education Director. “These pieces reflect how students can articulate their awareness and concerns for the environment. From poetry and video montage to well-researched reports and unique photo storytelling, students are developing journalistic skills and forms of expression that represent how they see Bermuda.”

The spokesperson said, “Hosted for the second year in Bermuda by national operator BUEI, the Young Reporters for the Environment Journalism Competition is one of the Foundation for Environmental Education’s programmes, introduced locally in 2022. YRE is an environment-focused community journalism programme that gives young people aged eleven to twenty-five a platform to research environmental issues and promote solutions through investigative reporting using media tools such as writing, photography, and video journalism.

“Bermuda’s winners in each category are entered into the annual YRE Global Competition. This year, six local submissions have been entered into the international YRE Competition, including articles by Zoë Mir and Jahdia Spencer, Jorai Laurenceo, Sir DeVent and Charles Fernandes’ video reportage, Giana Cedenio’s single photo reportage, Oliver Roberts-Pitcher’s environmental campaign photo, and Maya Fitzmaurice-Trott’s photo story.

“The YRE National Journalism Competition winners are as follows:

Category: Environment Campaign Photo

  • Oliver Roberts-Pitcher, Age 14, Whitney Institute Middle School Student – Submission: ‘The Balls Are Always in OUR Court’

Category: Photo Story

  • Maya Fitzmaurice-Trott, Age 14, Saltus Grammar School Student – Submission: ‘Under the Surface’

Category: Single Reportage Photo

  • Giana Cedenio, Age 16, Warwick Academy Student – Submission: ‘Mangroves: Our Earth’s Silent Heroes, Capturing and Storing Carbon to Help Save Our Planet’
  • Honourable Mention to Maxwell Lacey – Submission: ‘The Red Path in Darkness’

Category: Articles

  • Zoë Mir, Age 14, former Somersfield Academy Student – Submission: ‘Fighting Biodiversity Loss with Micro Forests’
  • Jahdia Spencer, Age 25, Recent Graduate, Kings College University London – Submission: ‘Filtered Perfection, Polluted Reality: How Beauty Social Media Influencers Drive Sunscreen Overuse and Coral Reef Destruction’
  • Honourable Mention to Niamh Serrana – Submission: ‘The Impact of Climate Change in Bermuda’
  • Honourable Mention to Ryan Renaud – Submission: ‘Ocean Levels Rising Due to Global Warming!’

Category: Video Reportage

  • Jorai Laurenceo, Sir DeVent, Charles Fernandes, Age 15, Mount Saint Agnes Academy Students – Submission: ‘The Biodiversity Crisis’
  • Honourable Mention to Tejah Bean – Submission: ‘Bermuda is a Dormant Volcano’

“BUEI thanks our local YRE Journalism Competition Jurors, which included:

  • Gabrielle Boyer, Editor of The Bermudian Magazine
  • Jessica Bowers, BUEI Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Meredith Andrews, Professional Portrait, Lifestyle & Travel Photographer
  • Marlo Burgess, BUEI Graphic Designer & Branding Officer

“To view this year’s YRE submissions, visit the YRE page on www.BUEI.org.”

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  1. Lion Paw says:

    Excellent. It is great to see the interest and knowledge of outlet young people. Shine one Bermuda and keep the encouragement flowing

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