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May 13, 2024 | 1 Comment

[Opinion column written by MP Anthony Richardson]

The idiom ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ can be taken literally or figuratively. In the instance of PLP C10 Candidate Lindsay Simmons, the idiom applies in both contexts. Let me explain.

Candidate Simmons reluctantly told the public that when she started canvassing in C10 in September 2023, before knowing former MP Dunkley would resign and force a by election on March 31, 2024, she was advised of a problem for residents on Bridle Hill. The private estate road had deteriorated, making it unsafe for heavy vehicles such as trash trucks to traverse.

Her solution? Every Wednesday evening, she collects the neighbourhood trash and takes it to an area where it can be collected. Why? Because many residents are elderly and she would want the same for her elderly parents.

Literally one neighbourhood’s trash became a candidate’s treasure! And for the literary purists, she does not take the trash home!

Figuratively, the idiom speaks to our different value systems. OBA candidate King’s response was a flippant ‘Candidate Simmons was covering up for the PLP administration’. And many in the public commented that they would never pick up someone else’s trash. Candidate Simmons further explained that her life’s activities reflected a commitment to service. She saw picking up trash as a ‘no brainer’ after helping other neighborhoods to cut grass and solve many other problems. Her value – be solution oriented to make things happen – a very different value orientation than both OBA candidate King and many residents.

Some will say I am biased – I raise my hand – guilty as charged!! I have been the recipient of her random acts of kindness.

PLP C10 Candidate Lindsay Simmons extends her big heart to foster parenting, the annual Angel Tree to buy specific Christmas gifts for children in foster care and big brothers and sisters, scholarships targeted for students in foster care, spearheading the fundraising for a minibus for Dellwood students, special fundraising for people in need and a host of other activities.

On May 10th, I was a first-hand witness to the testimony of her first foster child – a well-adjusted, 21 year old University Sophomore student with a near perfect 3.9 GPA.

I will finish where I started.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. C10 PLP candidate Lindsay Simmons epitomizes the idiom – one neighbourhood’s trash has become her treasure – let’s turn out in force on May 15 and May 22 to allow Lindsay Simmons to work even harder as our next Member of Parliament.

- Anthony Richardson

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  1. Claudia Stone says:

    You are bias, Mr. Richardson. Taking out the trash each week is not the solution. In fact, the bigger issues are, ‘How will the residents of the neighbourhood receive emergency services?’ Ms. Simmons claims that she has been canvassing since last September- again, this is obviously untrue. Stop deceiving the people- we deserve better! No one in constituency 10 had seen Ms. Simmons during this alleged time frame. Remember, no one of the PLP were aware of Michael Dunkley’s forthcoming resignation. Ms. Simmons was not a considered candidate at that time as there was no need for one.

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