Column: PLP’s Simmons On Bye-Election & More

April 11, 2024 | 17 Comments

[Opinion column written by Senator Lindsay Simmons]

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to reach out and offer their support and encouragement since I was announced as the PLP candidate for Constituency 10 Smith’s North.

Over the past six months, we have been out canvassing on the doorsteps of C10. We didn’t know that a bye-election would be called, but we knew that the residents of C10 needed a PLP representative. During this time, we have listened to your concerns and wherever I could, assisted with your challenges. I am still out and about knocking on doors to get to know you and your concerns and to give you the chance to look me in the eyes and get to know me as well.

I’ve heard your concerns – and in some cases, I’ve seen them for myself. I will be a dedicated MP for all of Smith’s North. When I reflect on the conversations that we’ve had, we recognize that the constituents of C-10 want to be represented by an individual who listens, cares, speaks authentically, and acts with integrity. With your support and your help, I can be that representative.

Family values

Offering myself as the candidate for C10, Smith’s North is just the latest step on this journey that began at my parent’s dining room table so many years ago. Our father taught his girls that our country would only become better if we were willing to give of ourselves. We were taught to lend a helping hand to a neighbour if they needed it and the importance of volunteering, as we spent weekends with my parents at Bermuda Cancer & Health.

My parents not only created a safe space for us, but a haven for anybody who needed a good home-cooked meal, a listening ear, or just somewhere to get away. The ethos of service was woven into the very fabric of our family.

Over the years, I’ve shared my story of overcoming domestic violence to raise awareness about the prevalence and impact that it has in our community and in the hope that others will be empowered to seek help and healing. I have also shared how my experiences led me to become the youngest foster parent in Bermuda’s history, and why I continue to serve as President of the Foster Parents Association.

Senator Lindsay Simmons Bermuda April 2024

Those of you who know me personally, know that I understand fully what it’s like to be a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a business owner, an employee, a woman, and a community servant. All of these roles are extremely important and whilst stressful at times, are also equally rewarding. The experience gained in all these roles has only helped to deepen my compassion for others and has provided an understanding of what so many families are facing.

Working for the people

As your candidate for C-10, I stand before you as a servant of the people—an advocate for the common good and a tireless champion of our shared aspirations. Understanding that your concerns, hopes, and dreams are not confined to any single political platform but are rooted in our shared humanity and love for fellow Bermudians. By choosing to vote for me as the representative for C-10, you will gain an MP who will continue to roll up her sleeves and work.

To each of you that we will visit in the days and weeks ahead, we look forward to meeting you, connecting with you, and building your trust. To those I’ve met already, I am always open to continue the conversation, hear your concerns, and feedback as well as hearing your ideas about strengthening our community. In the last few months we have made new friends, solved a few problems and established ties that I will cherish forever.

I would like to thank my Progressive Labour Party family for all the support, mentoring and encouragement that each of you have given over the years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give back to my country.

Finally, I need to thank my family. I would not be the woman I am without the love, support, and dedication of each of you.

Thank you all.

Love Lindsay.

- Senator Lindsay Simmons

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  1. watching says:

    Let’s go Lindsay!!
    We got you, and we support you!

    • hmmm says:

      Interesting that you think you can speak to the minds of more than just yourself. Power comes with great responsibility, NOT TO A POLITICAL PARTY, but to the people you SERVE.

      • Whitecaps says:

        I have to agree. Lindsay was born to serve. She is always willing to help. Before she was appointed and while she has been appointed. Heart of gold right here. I also will be voting for you as a person. First time voter for the PLP. Take party politics out of this. You will serve the people of constituency 10 best.

    • tucker says:

      She one of your very own surrogates. I bet she’s very obedient to her masters.

  2. Sister4life says:

    Congratulations Lindsay!!! You are a true soldier!! Wishing you all the best in the upcoming election!! Your genuine concern and true commitment to serve shines through in all you do!!

  3. Wrathchild says:

    No we DO NOT! Bermuda can’t afford one more PLP MP in the house. Robert King is what Bermuda needs. He knows first-hand the struggles of Bermudians, his 30 years of experience working with those who have been hurt the most by the PLP government. It’s their own supporters that the PLP have hurt the most, and sadly, it’s their own supporters who are fleeing Bermuda. It’s very sad that no matter what, people will keep their blinders on and actually support them. I suspect there will a major shift in the next general election.

  4. BLM says:

    The OBA only strategy is to front surrogates. Even John Swan knows the opposition is beyond pathetic. That’s why he’s thinking about coming out of retirement.

    • Wrathchild says:

      Lindsey is a surrogate and a puppet, Robert King has been watching closely from the sidelines for years. He has integrity, he knows first hand what needs to be done to make Bermuda better for all of us. You can’t deny that Bermuda has been desecrated under the PLP’s governance for almost a quarter of a century. The are to blame 100% for the place we find ourselves in today. They created this economic apocalypse and are turning Bermuda into a 3rd world country, and fast. The next election will not be so easy for them. People are tired, well, those who are still hanging on……

      • Eyes wide open says:

        The Oba is a 97% white political party that has a number of surrogates at the frontlines repeating the same script. “Look at us were diverse” LOLOLOL

        • iyiyi says:

          You need to see an eye doctor , no matter hoe wide your eyes are open you are certainly not seeing clearly

        • Question says:

          The absolute last thing the PLP cares about is diversity.

        • Truth says:

          The plp is a 99% white political party that has a number of surrogates at the frontlines repeating the same script. “Look at us were diverse” LOLOLOL

          Aren’t you embarrassed?
          It’s like telling us that the sky is green, only your blind followers will agree, but secretly realize that you’re absolutely crazy.

        • Voter says:

          The OBA is a circus with clowns, believing in a win that will never come.

    • Truth says:

      The plp only strategy is to front surrogates. Even John Swan knows the sitting government is beyond pathetic. That’s why he’s thinking about coming out of retirement

      plp’ers are showing their education level, and it’s embarrassing.

  5. Claudia Stone says:

    Interesting to see that Senator Lyndsey Simmons and Sir John both receive ample press time. Where is Robert King?
    In response to BLM, Mr. King is not a surrogate, he is the real deal.

  6. Truth says:

    The plp only strategy is to front surrogates.

    That’s why we have Lindsay and Zane….at the trough.

    The plp is no different than the UBP…it’s the same people.

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