Cycling: VT Construction Criterium Results

May 13, 2024 | 0 Comments

A total of 36 riders competed in the VT Construction Criterium at the Southside Motor Sports Park.

Matt Boys was the only competitor in the adult A division he clocked a winning time of 36:56.041, while Wendy-Ann Thomas was the only competitor in the women’s open race clocking 30:35.923.

Stephen Ryan won the adult B division race with a time of 37:05.926, Darren Glasford was second in 37:20.522, and Alan Mooney finished third clocking 37:20.710.

The adult C division was won by Gordon Smith who clocked 29:11.040, Frank Ming was second in 29:15.941, and Daniel Ringer finished third clocking a time of 29:16.846.

VT Construction Bermuda May 12 2024

The full VT Construction Criterium race results follows below [PDF here]:

VT Construction Criterium Bermuda May 12 2024

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