Burch to Dunkley on Meeting: “No You Can’t Come”

March 22, 2010

michael dunkley NOControversy continues to swirl around the “Bermudian only meeting” for international business workers set by Minister of Immigration Lt. Col. David Burch.

An email sent out by Colonel Burch had stated that proof of Bermudian status must be shown at the door.

UBP Senator Michael Dunkley had previously told us he felt to “ask for proof of Bermudian status is unacceptable and unnecessary“. He went on to later say that he intends to show up to the meeting , without proof of Bermudian status.

In the sitting of the Senate today, Colonel Burch pointed out that Senator Dunkley does not work in international business, and said that “Michael Dunkley had the nerve to email me and say he was coming“. He then continued on to say “and no you can’t come“.

The meeting is to discuss term limits, which were established in 2001. The regulation limits an ordinary guest worker to a maximum of six years in Bermuda. The controversial ruling has drawn criticism from business executives saying it damages the industry.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, April 8th at the Berkeley Institute starting at 5:30 p.m. Colonel Burch’s full email specifically states that proof of Bermudian status must be shown at the door.

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