Video: Chief Inspector Describes 3 Men Shooting

March 21, 2010

Three senior members of the Bermuda Police force held a press conference today in reference to the Friday March 19 shooting of three men, where 24 yr old Jamaican national James Lawes tragically lost his life, and Robin Stovell and Maurice Martin were also shot.

The murder victim, James Lawes is the son in law of former UBP senator Gina Spence Farmer.

Below Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro, the Officer in Charge of the Special Investigations Department, describes the incidents surrounding the shooting on Friday night. We apologize in advance for the dubious quality of the video.


The full text of the official police statement:

Shortly before 11 p.m. on Friday 19th March, 2010, two persons on a motorcycle were seen to ride along Court Street on the sidewalk as they approached the Jamaican Grill restaurant. There they appeared to encounter a man in the said car park who ran from the location on seeing these two persons on the motorcycle.

The riders of the cycle then rode across Court Street at speed, where they entered the car park on Dundonald Street adjacent to Places Place. There, they again rode on the sidewalk towards a group of men who had congregated between Places Place and a barber shop.

The pillion passenger of the cycle was seen to get off the cycle and began shooting at the group of men. The passenger then mounted the cycle again and they rode down towards Court Street where they turned right (north) and travelled at speed.

Three men were injured when 11 rounds were discharged. While we do not yet know the motive for the attack it appears from the actions of the gunman that he was targeting one or more of the victims who were all in close proximity to each other rather than indiscriminately firing into a larger group of people. In addition to Mr. LAWES being shot, Mr. Maurice MARTIN and Mr. Robin STOVELL were also injured. Both men remain in the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital receiving treatment for their injuries. All available resources are being utilized to work to bring the offenders to justice.

Again, it cannot be emphasized enough – there were a lot of people in this vicinity on Friday night, and people will have seen the gunman and his accomplice or have other information that can assist in bringing these persons to justice.

This marks the second murder of 2010 and the sixth shooting murder since May 2009. The Serious Crime Unit is working on bringing these offenders to justice.

From our inquiries we are aware that there were a lot of people in the area at the time of the shooting. We are urging those persons to come forward voluntarily rather than waiting for the police to trace them.

The Bermuda Police Service remains committed, and will be working tirelessly to bring these and other offenders to justice.

Chief Inspector Pedro is currently the Officer in Charge of the Special Investigations Department, which includes being the lead investigator in the Serious Crime Unit.

The Police renewed their appeal for help saying:

Firearms related incidents are not going away and the Bermuda Public must not accept that this negative behavior is the norm as the Bermuda Police Service.

Law abiding citizens cannot be held to ransom by a few. The Public must get involved. We reassure you that your information will be treated with the strictest of confidentiality as the information you provide is valuable to us in stopping this violence.

Contacting the Police

  • Contact the Serious Crime Unit on 299-8115
  • Contact the independent 24 hour confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.
  • Send an anonymous tip via the Crime Stoppers Bermuda website
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