Robinsons Marina: 11 Foot 500lb Shark On Dock

July 18, 2010

For anyone in the Somerset area, there is a tiger shark on the dock that is 11 foot long, and estimated to weigh 300-500lbs. It was caught by Raymond Raynor and Gavin Lee in the Challenger Banks area, while both gentlemen were participating in the Robinsons Marina Fishing Tournament. The shark is still on the dock at this time [6pm] and the fishermen tell us it will be here for a while longer [due to the logistics of moving it] so if anyone wants to stop up, please feel free.

We are presently still at the Marina, and will have a full photo gallery and video of the shark, and fishing tournament later on.

Update 11:20pm: Full photo gallery of the shark added here.


shark mouth

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  1. impressed says:

    congratulations guys, you outsmarted a fish…

  2. What a shame!! How can these “gentlemen” kill a tiger shark knowing that they are an endangered species, like so many other sharks. Tiger sharks are very shy and gentle animals; catching them is easy as they tire quickly.

    Have a look at my blogspot – you will find lots of photographs of tiger sharks – all alive, none dead. Look at the images, and compare them to those of the above article.

  3. ohfishal** says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion on catching sharks, marlin, or any other fish for that matter. no fish caught by these guys is ever put to waste; it all goes back into the ecosystem in sensible ways (which is a matter of opinion – again).

    i trust that the same negative comments would find a spot on the 1100lb marlin story on this website – noone eats them but they make the best bait for chumming! is that a good kill?