Shooting In Sandys: No Gunshot Injuries

July 1, 2010

[Updated] Bernews understands that there was a shooting tonight [June 30] a few minutes ago in the Sandys Parish area and that one person has been injured and is en route to hospital. We have extremely limited information at this early juncture however will update as the situation develops. Please check back….

Update 10:51pm: Shooting occurred in the area of The Flower Shop, right by Store Lane. Police on scene

Update 10:57pm: There is at least one bullet hole in the glass window of the Steel City clothes shop, and one in the door of the Flower Shop

Update 11:01pm:
We unofficially understand the victims injuries to be non life threatening, almost superficial we understand. Police have stated one man shot on their social media

Update 11:06pm: We understand that no one was actually shot per se, it was a “graze” or “powder burn”

Update 11:17pm: Official update from Police:

Police responded to an incident that took place at 9:50pm on Wednesday night on Main Road in Somerset and Store Lane. It appears that two men on a motorcycle with dark visors approached 3 men that were outside a residence on Store Lane. Shots were fired and a 44 year old Sandys man was taken to the hospital for superficial wounds consistent with evasive actions. It was at first thought that the 44 year old man had been shot however we can report no one has been shot. Police are appealing for anyone with any information to contact SCU on 2950011 or the confidential crime stoppers hot line on 800-8477.

Update 11:21pm: There is quite a line up of traffic, as the Police have both sides of the road blocked off and are barring traffic, so the forensic photographer can photograph the scene

Update 12:10am: Images below, click to enlarge.

Update 12:51pm: Video below shows a quick glimpse of the scene, the bullet holes in the window and door, as well as an official Police statement from Dwayne Caines:


Update July 1st: Police statement as below:

The Bermuda Police Service would like to thank those members of the public who have already come forward and provided information regarding the reported firearm incident that took place at 9:50pm on Wednesday at the junction of Middle Road and Store Lane in Sandys parish. Investigators are encouraged by the co-operation from the public so far; however there were a number of people in the immediate area around the time of the incident that officers would like to speak with. Those individuals or anyone who may have seen two men on a motorcycle with dark visors in the Store Lane, Sandys parish area is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 299-8121 or the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477. The 44 year old Sandys parish man injured taking evasive action has been released from the hospital after receiving treatment for his injuries


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  1. E says:

    Previous Shooting(Shooting + No One Injured) = They Missed Their Target

    If (They Missed Their Target) = They Will Be Back ;

    Then (They Missed Their Target) + Smart Strategic Police Tactics = Shooters Get Caught

    Shooters Get Caught = x

    Find x.

    • Brasco says:

      If The Police and Government want to get serious, Up the reward money and/or pay informants to watch neighborhoods, yes every neighborhood!….From Tuckers Town, Fairylands, Court Street, straight up to Dockyard……Peoples need jobs, here you go Police/Government/Govenor!!