Police Car in Pursuit Overturns & Crashes

September 28, 2010

(Updated with photos) An accident just occurred this evening (Sept 28) on St David`s Road involving a Police car, with the officers being taken to hospital for treatment after the car overturned.


A Police spokesman tells us that the Police responded to a report of single vehicle collision involving a police vehicle. Apparently the Police were in pursuit when the vehicle overturned. Police spokesman Dwayne Caines said that the officers are being treated in hospital for what is believed to be non life-threatening injuries.

We will post additional information as able.

6:23pm: Traffic on the road is now flowing in a one way manner, as the Police are presently on the scene conducting an investigation.


7:30pm: Additional photos of accident scene:





Update Sept 29: Police statement released saying “Around 5:15pm on Tuesday, Police responded to a report of a single vehicle road traffic collision resulting in injury on St. David’s Road in St. George’s involving a Police car. Two officers in the vehicle at the time were injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment; however their injuries were minor and they were subsequently released. The Police car was extensively damaged. Inquiries into this incident are underway.“

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  1. Peace and Love says:

    Well I never!!!!!

  2. Uncle Ruckus says:

    Ha. Morons think they can go at top speeds in those crappy cars, one turn and FLIP!

  3. terry says:

    Bleddy buys vill nawah lurn….gatt dee numbar…nuck horn dah dahore…jingus. Must have been the snow….

  4. road user says:

    and so I take it the person the police where chasing got away??? huh… go figure

  5. Uncle Ruckus' Nephew says:

    Just take notice of the mindset of those who despise the law and the law enforcers. Here they are chasing CRIMINALS and disloyal ‘citizens’ such as Uncle Ruckus seem to think they are morons for doing so. This is what we are up against Bermuda. This is why we cannot put a stop to the crime. It is because we have no understanding of loyal citizenship. Uncle Ruckus (the name says it all) you are a moron!

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      I don’t have a nephew. I don’t despise the law or law enforcers, I despise incompetence especially that of people who are suppose to enforce said law and “protect and serve”. “We” cannot put a stop to crime because the Bermuda Police Service is a joke and incompetent! If you can’t see that then that’s your problem. I’m going to guess that you’re a police officer.

      P.S. What does “loyal citizenship” have to do with my criticizing of the BPS? Oh let me guess it’s the same as being a hater if you don’t agree and support everything Ewart Brown does. Sheeple. You are what’s wrong. Instead of demanding that they get their act together we should just sit back and applaud them for their weak efforts. They are a joke and I will continue to laugh at them, they look ridiculous.

      P.S.S. You not understanding my name, nephew makes you the moron. Good day.

      • D says:

        @ u r nephew

        Disagreeing with how something is run does not make you disloyal. We should always challenge others to improve.

        @ Uncle Ruckus

        Great point as usual. Incompentent abusive police…

        • Uncle Ruckus' Nephew says:

          The Bermuda Police Service can only be a joke if YOU are a joke. You joke on the service and teach youth that it is a joke so thats your fault.
          Secondly, I am a citizen and that automatically makes me a police officer. If you had any nobility you’d recognise that you are one too…..joker!
          I suppose (according to my Uncle Ruckus’ and D’s logic) that ambulance drivers would also be morons if they got into an accident while speeding to save someone’s life. Yes! They are morons because the equipment given to them did not measure up to the task?? The lack of or inefficiency of equipment (car) does not make an officer a moron! However it does make you a moron, uncle, for being so negative. Your nephews and nieces are watching you. SET AN EXAMPLE!

      • Skeptical says:

        I am always amazed at how the man looking in from the outside knows everything. I guarantee all these negatives would not be hear if you were in the thick of it all and am absolutely sure you could not do better. So, when you speak gather your facts and talk out of your mouth and not elsewhere.

        It is people like you why BPS will never be better. Why don’t you join to BPS and show its member’s how it is done? My apologies you probably wouldn’t make the cut for more than one reasons. Continue to be a spectator and a critic and see if you will ever effect change. As far as am concern you are a waste of space and time, simple because of your comments and lack of positive action.

        By the way the story is incorrect there was no chase or pursuit, I tell you about journalism 90% speculation. I got it straight from the source so am sure.

        • bernews says:

          As per your last statement, please note the statement it was a pursuit came exactly, verbatim, from Police spokesman Dwayne Caines – as the article states.

          • Skeptical says:

            Oh well I guess he must be the driver, should I say I stand corrected or some one else should correct their statement. Oh the beautiful of life and perception.

        • Brasco says:

          Skeptical…you sound really Skeptical….lmao!!!….was that the Source Magazine?……Sounds like you get your speeding tickets pulled by Flying Sourcers…lmfao!!

  6. Reality Check says:

    It’s not the crappy cars at fault, it’s the crappy drivers of said cars. Police driving(dangerous) in this country is as bad as the general public in some cases ..

  7. Luis says:

    those toyotas are not the best suited cars for higher speeds anyway

    • Veebyes says:

      Whaaa??? I am currently in the US almost halfway into a 6000 mile trip merrily cruising along at 65mph on a 2 lane road everyday. I am constantly getting my doors blown off by Toyota Camrys, Corollas & Yaris’s. I have yet to see one of them crashed further down the road. It is not the vehicle at fault. It is the driver.

  8. bermyguy says:

    time to make the donuts ???????

  9. Legacy says:

    Terry u smokin 2 much trees.

  10. P!NKS says:

    It baffles me that not one person on this site so far has said “I hope they are alright” before bashing their driving skills or the faulty vehicles they drive or the fact that they think the BPS is a joke…

    The BPS is trying to do as the public want them to… remember you all complained when they didn’t chase the suspects up St. Monica’s (even though they were on foot patrol unarmed)… now that they have decided to chase you all are bashing them once again… SMH

    I just hope they are safe and able to return to do their jobs, because they are the few who are willing to try and regain order…

    • Peace and Love says:

      @ Pinks the officers up St. Monicas were actually in a patrol car but thats neither here nor there at the moment. As there was a meeting going on @ Clearwater and the fact that there were other vehicles on the road at that time the smart thing for the officers to have done was to just get a plate number…not only were they endangering the lives of other citizens on the road they also put themselves in danger case in point tipping themselves over…this island is in the state its in because no one wants to allow others to have an opinion…if they want to bash their driving so be it…if they want to talk about not giving chase then that’s their opinion….why can’t one just post their opinion and let it be???

  11. jovon says:


  12. jason says:

    no one cares for the Pigs (police) because most are not Bermudian and have no respect for the PEOPLE FROM this Island..So to hell with them! They should be taken in and given a alcohol test. Thats what they would do to a normal citizen if they flipped their car..When I heard of this accident, I was hoping one would be injured, but now its just another accident involving a single police car..They cant drive !! I had to ditch one on my Honda Sonic just a few days ago..I’ll just wait a week before I ride it again, and it will be forgotten…

    • The Truth Hurts says:

      I don’t normally wish bd on people, but for you I will make an exception. I pray you find yourself in desperate need of help. I hope as police assist you that you mention your post, in turn I hope the officer leaves you to burn in the nasty vehicle fire or at least let’s a home invader finish with you. Karma is an awful thing. Sleep well Jason. When your house is broken in to, make sure you call the regiment…….or your Honda dealer?

      • D says:

        @ The Truth Hurts (aka TTH)

        I love how you are wishing bad on someone for wishing bad on someone else. I think he was wrong to wish harm on the officer. He made an excellent point about the drug test, I have seen officers drink and drive off duty, and I’ve seen them get behind the wheel the following day. Police in Bermuda do drive with alcohol in their systems.

        Again TTH, what you wished on Jason is way worst than what he actually wrote. I sincerely don’t believe that you mean what you’ve written.

      • jason says:

        I did sleep well you loser! If my house is broken into, I wouldnt even call the police! Street justice! I bet you know nothing about it..Secondly, if I were in a burning car, I wouldnt expect the police to save me you c%%nt..Its called a “firefighter”, those are the guys that deal with Fire..I was hoping a dreamer would comment on my comment, but I was expecting something a little smarter in response. My guess is, your as dumb as the BPS!

  13. PPPHHHHAAAA says:

    What time was this??? If it was the same police that passed me the only thing they were trying to catch was the clock cause their shift was over!!!! One thing, they can say what ever they want and its cool….chasing a suspect… If it were Joe Blow or Mary Sue they would have been pulled in and alcho/drug tested and held over night. SMFH bie!!!

  14. Midnite Troll says:

    This is what happens when you let females drive..

    • Liz says:

      You sexist idiot….. Karma is a B&^%$ though.

      • D says:

        Don’t feed the trolls. A lot of people hide behind an internet mask. Gender plays no role in one’s ability to drive safely.

  15. @Peace and Love says:

    You are so smart and you always talk the realest talk! People don’t respect the BPS because a lot of people have not RECEIVED respect from the BPS. Yes I hope no one was hurt but at the end of the day, they speed up and down the roads with or without their sirens on, half the time going nowhere! Sometimes it’s really not worth the chase because they probably won’t catch them anyway. And I agree with Uncle Rukus, the police are supposed to protect and serve, not stand there and take pictures! Have a blessed day all

  16. TA1 says:

    Driver overcooked it coming into the corner, rear wheels tried to overtake the front (sideways slide), tyres bit and flipped it over. Looks like it rolled once (more like a bounce judging by the damage on the A and C pillars) and came to rest right-way up. No airbags deployed as frontal and rear direct impact not significant enough.
    Hope the hofficers are recovering ok. Probably time to consider fitting roll-cages in the patrol cars.

  17. Skeptical says:

    I have read all the comments plus the news, there is obviously a lot of emotions right across the page. There was hate, sexist statements, prejudicial statements and just some very sad overall nasty remarks. It’s obvious most of you do not understand the operation of an essential service, so the ignorance is totally ignored and where necessary forgiven.

    For the comment in regards to the officers not being from Bermuda hence……….. very sad statement to make when no one is indigenous to this island. I believe what should be said is – we are all people no matter where we originate from. It’s mentality like that why the country is in the state it is in.

    Someone mention that people are entitled to their own opinion……….I am in total agreement, however with freedom of speech comes great responsibility, words are powerful, so proceed to exercise it with caution.

    I am happy the officers did not die, as they were in the line of duty, doing their job. They are human. It doesn’t matter where they are from or what they look like, they were doing something most of you are scared to do – serve and protect.

    Until you have been there, done that and walk in their shoes reserve your comments. Gather the facts and then assess objectively.

    One of those officer is a friend. To the person that compared them to a pig, I guess you would know, because you looked in the mirror and realize they were a reflection of you. As I said earlier one is a friend that believe in serving the society and giving back and am proud to know this individual and I want to say thanks these officers in particular and to all of BPS for their continuous service regardless of……..

    I refuse to speak of the vehicle as I am not a mechanic neither did I examine it, hence I will wait on the experts.

    I am sure the driver did everything that could be done under the circumstances, as the average human nature is to prevent and preserve.

    To all the “haters” the clock strike 12 twice in one day, one day it is GUARANTEED that you will be on the receiving end, I hope the Police will come flying to your aid (lol). Oh, but they may get in an accident and your ass my die first.

    To the men and women of the Bermuda Police Service, that continues to serve in spite all the ungratefulness and negativity – thank you. To those members who cannot claim Bermuda as home but serve none the less a bigger thank you. I know it is hard to serve in a country that don’t want you but need you, and never let you forget, you guys are the true heroes.

    My heart felt gratitude to the service and to the officers a speedy recovery and I hope the ignorant comments without basis will not discourage you. Press on as the dumb and the ignorant don’t know better.

    • Brasco says:

      You trying to defend your friend but Skeptical you are being a true Hypocrite…..

      You are being dumb and ignorant….you wouldn’t know any better until you have to experience for yourself the Backward Protocol of our Police Force…..FYI…I’ve had that experience and seen were officers just not knowing how to WRITE A POLICE STATEMENT…..So before you try to defend, make sure your passion doesn’t cloud your judgement.

      Ok Ok Ok

    • D says:

      @ skeptical
      [quote "For the comment in regards to the officers not being from Bermuda hence……….. very sad statement to make when no one is indigenous to this island."]

      I agree that noone is indigenous to this island. Our concern is not where they were born, it’s where they grew up. As a person that has worked in 9 different cities around the world, I can safely say that it takes time before you feel a connection to a people. IMHO a foreign police officer will not truly care about us, until they’ve lived hear for years. Even then, it will be a different connection from those that have grown up here.

      • Skeptical says:

        I really enjoy a good discussion that have logic and rationality. I read the comments and found a few points I deem worthy of replying too. Well Brasco you are totally entitled to your own opinion. It is quite obvious you have had a negative experience with one person in the service, however it does not mean it is OK for you to stereotype and say all of the service is the same. It’s like saying all blacks are dumb ignorant fool or one that I hear people use to describe us locals “that we are dumb, uneducated and lack reasoning and that’s way the country cannot sustain itself and requires so much expat.” If one or two persons are like that, does it mean all Bermudians are? I think not. And you made an assumption that I have not experience the service, sorry to disappoint you but I have and I can’t agree with you, as I concluded differently.

        D – you mention where you grew up as a factor as to whether or not you will care. That brings up the issue of culture and that is a never ending topic. It’s obvious you have traveled a bit, so your perception on life would be quite different from the average. If you are like me that believe in service and globalization, it does not matter where you grew, you simple serve because we are all humans and we do not get to dictate where we are born or grown. Good point though.

        Anyway I still support the men and women of the service as they continue to do an awesome job, that most simple won’t do or can’t do.

  18. 1BDA says:

    Is it just me but these pics look like its the road going into double dip. Its not even the main road. The questions that i would like answered are:

    1. Where they really chasing someone or was they going on break or knocking off? Cause in my mind if they was on that back road which leads to the police station why they just didn’t call the station and tell them look out for the vehicle or bike.

    2. Is there going to be an investigation about the crash?

    3. Is there any procedure that they must follow for high speed chases? for example; what speed to back down from? Should you chase until caught or chase to get enough details to back off and go straight to the individuals home and arrest them?

    • Been there done that says:

      In response:

      1) And those at the station would…..wave at the vehicle as it sped by? Or if there was a car at the station then should they have pursued it thereby causing the same chase scenario?

      2) There is a police investigation into EVERY police accident and more often than not the officers are suspended from driving pending the result of the investigation. When a civilian has an accident they are usually given a form for their insurance company and that’s it. (From time to time civillians are issued tickets for tha accident.) Thus these officers will righty be held to a higher standard than a civillian.

      3) There are very strict guidelines relating to high speed chases. Only a driver with a certain level of competency may pursue (unless a very serious crime is involved) As for ‘backing off’ and going to the persons home, what if the vehicle is stolen, or it is reported stolen? What if the person refuses to identify the driver/rider? I think that you will find that relatively speaking, police drivers are involved in considerably fewer accidents than most civillians, despite having to drive at higher speeds while responding, having to pass other vehicles whilst responding and of course spending significantly more time driving over an 8 hour work shift. Having been there myself, I can tell you that the police driving courses are amongst the most difficult courses I have ever taken.

      • Skeptical says:

        Well said, I was going to respond but you answered precisely.

      • Lead by example says:

        I often see police vehicles travelling well above the speed limit without lights or a siren on, is that not unsafe and also against their code or whatever it is called? I also often see the drivers of police vehicles using cell phones while driving. I have seen it on many occasions even recently.

        They may crash a car doing their job, but they also need to judge when is a good time to drive a excessive speeds on Bemuda’s very small and dangerous roads. Imagine if someone was hit by this rolling car walking along the side of the road??

        We all know everyone likes to speed, if given the opportunity most would. I would not rule the police out of abusing their power when it comes to speeding. I rarely see them travelling at normal speed.

        Lead by example.

  19. Mr Green says:

    Someone said they were giving out free donuts Market Place and BLAMO!

    • Chocolate frosted please ... says:

      Although based on US humour , that little interjection was kinda funny, a pleasant distraction and not lost on me.

      I also like the word ‘KER-PRANG’ …. lol

  20. terry says:

    It was an ungratefull job years ago. Still is. But my best memories of my 20 years service was and is that empty vessels make the most noise and most respect the Police even with critisism.

    I made many friends and gave many a break but I did arrest many that I had friendship ties with and thier families and never lost one. It’s a rough world out there and it’s not get easier by the day.

    And to the poster above who’s remarks I just don’t feel like researching…you ever seen a person trapped in a burning car? I have and have vivid memories. Don’t worry, I’d be the first to attempt to extracate you and so would many others if they could.

    And may the Karma Gogs smile on you Skeptical…………………….

    Enough of this Police bashing. Enough…………………………

    • Uncle Ruckus' Nephew says:

      Terry, if you are who I think you are then you would have seen me many times during your years of service. I remember how you treated me even when though I was doing wrong and I am grateful for your outstanding example. I can say for a fact that the ppl who make nasty comments (nasty not critical)are doing so because they have an inclination to indecency and a life of crime, period!! I’ll bet they all break the speed limit. Perhaps they drive drunk too. Perhaps not! I just wish ppl would have a legal blood alcohol level when they leave comments also! DRUNKARDS!

  21. JR says:

    You all make me laugh! There’s nothing more ignorant than a person who wants to criticize something they know nothing about. I challenge all you police haters to spend a day in their job…in fact…you want to b!tch about the lack of Bermudian officers??…let’s have it! The police are always looking for Bermudians who are perfect in every way and know everything about everything. Please….enroll in the BPS and show ‘em how its done!


  22. terry says:

    Well said my friend.

  23. KFR says:

    I agree JR…

  24. Bri says:

    I am a fan of Bernews so I am on here daily reading comments. One thing I have noticed time and time again, whenever a situation involving the police arises, they (police) get hated on EVERY time. It appears that no matter what the police do, it will never be good enough in the eyes of many Bermudians. I encourage freedom of speech but to echo Skeptical…. it comes with great responsibility.

    • ok says:

      Bri I totally agree with you, but then a well known drug dealer gets shot and everyone wants to come on here and feel so sorry for him.He chose a life which would get him shot. No he didnt deserve to get shot Im not saying that but I read the comments regarding it and people actually had way more sympathy for the likes of him than I have read for the likes of the officer who was injuried in this accident. I dont know about you all but i think that is a real shame.

  25. The Reason says:

    The reason the country is in such a state of turmoil is because of people like (Ignorant) Uncle Ruckussss and Jason (Aint got no sense). Jason obviously is an immature diddly bop with not sense or responsibility hence his lawless behavior. Uncle Ruckuss on the other hand is a moron for the irresponsible statements he continues to post here and on other sites. If persons like him who purport to be intelligent spend as much time trying to promote and develop the country as they do to criticize and tear down, we would be so much better off. @ Bri your comments are right on the money.

  26. Just another Johnson says:

    Thanks all for the comments, enlightening me on some of the insights here on this wonderful island. Just let it be known…I personally support the police, but above that, I observe and witness and report as best I can to them, to get as much of the dirt off the streets as possible. It’s called public involvement, self-policing, justice through participation, etc. Come across my path with a gun, or wielding a knife…you’ll have little chance of being ignored by a scared non-witness. Have a nice day all.