Andre Curtis Sentenced to 15 Months

December 20, 2010

A businessman who admitted operating an investment company without a licence in Supreme Court in October was today (Dec. 20) jailed for 15 months, according to ZBM news.

andre curtis bermuda

Andre Curtis, 47, had admitted to operating Harvest Investment Holdings Ltd, without a licence from March, 2007 to December, 2008. Originally he was also been charged with making misleading statement and was due to stand trial on both counts, but the second charge was not pursued by the Department of Public Prosecutions after he changed his original plea on October 18 and admitted running an unlicensed investment firm.

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  1. Mike says:

    This is a victory for God. A wolf in sheep clothing he is. What is done in the dark shall be revealed in the light. Justice is served. I can only hope that Montana officials charge your behind also. The Scoudrel he is.

    • jasonD says:

      Really!! God??

      God I suspect would prefer that Curtis repent and reaqauint himself with christian values / morals, which in case you have forgotten, include forgiveness..

    • Sara says:

      After that, then we can find out what happened to the “Faith Based Tourism” money

    • itwasn't me says:

      Mike, Pleeeze leave God out of this matter. It never had anything to do with God, only Greed and sheer determination to get anything at any costs. CRIMINAL

  2. Sara says:

    Show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are….

    • jasonD says:

      Who are your friends Sara? Do tell your vetting system…

    • Sara says:

      That is a famous old saying, sorry you don’t recognize it. Perhaps it’s an old school saying.

      • jasonD says:

        I know the saying, just not sure what your personal benchmark is and how consistent it is applied…

        • Sara says:

          What, I am not allowed to talk in riddles like the rest on here?

          • Friends to the end says:

            Well as we all know who Sara is referring to, here is a short list of the former Premier’s friends:

            > Andre Curtis – former campaign manager who has been fined by the Montana SEC in light of his fraudulent actions, now incarcerated and fined by BDA’s courts because of fraudulent activities and I believe still under investigation for the alleged theft of tax payers money via the Faith Based Tourism scandal

            > Congressman Charlie Rangel – another friend of the indvidual in question who had recently been censured by the Ethics Committee in Washnington due to the misappropriation of funds

            > Kwame Kilpatrick – the now disgraced former Detroit mayor, who would fly to BDA as a guest of the former Premier’s for the February “Love Fest”. Mr. Kilpatrick is now serving time in a federal prison for corruption, perjury and obstruction of justice.

            > Michael Misick – the former leader of Turks and Caicos who was so corrupt that the Brits had to step in and resolve the issue because the corruption in the Misick administration just about destroyed T&C’s economy.

            I know it is all bullsh*t and just another part of the “combined opposition’s” attempt to spread lies about such a strong leader. Haters.

            Show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are….

            • Sara says:

              Yep, that saying has been around for longer than most of us on here have been alive, yet it has no merit?

            • OK says:

              And we wonder why Bermuda became gangstaa friendly…

              • dhunte says:

                Bermuda has always been gangsta friendly. We ran guns and liquor centuries
                ago and have plotted and controlled lives around board rooms forever ( boardroom gangsta’s ). Many that correctly chastised the shooters and killers that are so topical today for some reason don’t have any problems with corporate
                leaders that in a blink of an eye sacrifice the financial stability of entire families via redundancies to ensure that their dividends remain acceptable.

                One day you are working hard and consider yourself a company guy and then in 20 mins you are thrown to the scrap heap, discarded like a spent bullet..

                • Tired of nonsense says:

                  That is capitalism my friend.

                  • sam says:

                    My point exactly dumbo…Kennedy’s liquor trading, Jardine Matheson
                    opium, Mafia types gone mainstream and now pillars of the capitalist
                    world we live in..The world you seem to have no problems with..

                    My guess you hate Snoop but have the entire set of Godfather movies and cried when the Sopranos’ was discontinued..

                    • Tired of nonsense says:

                      Why do you post under multiple aliases (i.e. “my point exactly” comment)? I thought “dhunte” wrote that and not “sam”?

                      Actually Snoop’s first album is one of my top five albums and you are right I have the Godfather Trilogy as well all 6 seasons of the Sopranos. But my favorite series of all time by far has to be “The Wire.”

                      But I understand you were trying to incinuate racial innuendos with your comment. Try again…

            • sam says:

              EB is as crooked as the 40 thieves and should be tried and punished, however EB had a point when he said it isn’t good enough to say let’s forgive and forget the many years that the old power brokers spent dividing up the country while ensuring that the real money and land was placed in the right hands. EB was correct when he sadi that old money bags Bermuda needed to give some back ( reparations ) and then we can play nicely in the same sand box..

              This could explain why EB felt and still feels he had a right to plunder the nations coffers and as misguided as that is, you can kinda see his point..

              Just sayin..

              • Tired of nonsense says:

                No you’re wrong I don’t see his point.

                Robbing the “coffers” is akin to robbing the same people that the 40 Thieves stole from. Those people would be us the, people. You act like when EB plunders the “coffers” that he does so in a Robin Hood type fashion by giving it back to the disadvantaged within Bermuda.

                Stealing is stealing no matter how hard you try and justify such actions.

                EB is exactly the same as the 40 Thieves except with darker skin.

                • sam says:

                  Seeing his point ( understanding his motives ) and supporting his actions are world’s apart from where I sit..

            • Tired of nonsense says:

              Wow you guys must be getting some flak if you can’t even post that above.

              What a sad day for Bermuda…but a great day for the corruptors…

              • bernews says:

                We’ve had no flack about that, plenty about everything else though so was a preventative strike so to speak. Sorry, but bear in mind we have all of one full time staff member [me lol], and I am on 18 hr days, and overwhelmed at this stage, so just trying to avoid potential complaints…

                • Tired of nonsense says:

                  Like I said the other day I have no complaints about your service.

                  I have complaints about individuals who seek to stifle free speech about FACTUAL events because they don’t shine so well on either themselves or the particular organization they represent.

                  I personally wish that the hard hitting papers of the UK (i.e. Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror etc.) who hold back no punches operated in Bermuda. The powers that seek to stifle free speech will beg for the RG and Bernews to return. I don’t say the BDA Sun as they have long since censored posts that didn’t jive well to their pay masters.

                  Anyways well done Bernews and with all this advertising maybe it is time to up the human resources as a xmas present to yourself.

                  Happy holidays

                  • bernews says:

                    Thanks – again – for understanding. I would kill for tons more staff, but have to work within finances, just got a *great* part time video/photographer, he literallt does the work of 3 people so its great addition. Hopefully more in 2011.

                    On a non related note, I think I may have double approved some comments, so if anyone sees a comment twice, thats my error. Sorry!


            • Cleancut says:

              And those are the ones that just got caught.

  3. Common Sense says:

    I hardly see this is a victory for “God”. It’s more of a victory for law and order. Perhaps it would be good if Mr. Curtis re-acquainted himself with Christian morals/ethics etc. and sought eventual forgiveness, but only after all the charges against him, both in Bermuda and abroad, have been dealt with by the courts, and he has paid back any and all of those persons who have been defrauded.

    It would also be in Bermuda’s best interests if Government ordered a full investigation into the so-called “Faith-Based Tourism” scandal in order to avoid any suggestion that Mr. Curtis will escape such an investigation because of who he knows. Such an investigation would clearly show that our new Premier intends to clamp down on any suggestion of scandal during her administration.

    • itwasn't me says:

      @ Common Sense, If I may correct you, it would also be in Bermuda’s best interest if SCOTLAND YARD, investigated FBT. There is more to this story.

  4. Mike says:

    Perhaps I should have put more sarcasm in my remark about “…a victory for God”.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Its a start but what is the bet that he will be out long before next Christmas? If he is found guilty of further charges watch the time to serve be run concurrently with this one. Want time off? Start talking.

    • jasonD says:

      How far back should should Andre go vis a vis telling all? Andre was connected to the UBP as well and I am quite certain there are a few stories worth sharing from that camp…

      • Sara says:

        great, let’s hear um.

        • LOL (original) says:

          Funny lets have the proof! MAn up or Sh#t up” as they say.


      • Constituent says:

        stop telling lies. Andre was never connected to the UBP! He wasn’t even interested in politics until he was approached by EFB’s camp after the Jennifer Smith situation. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!

    • itwasn't me says:

      Start Talking? Man, I’d stay quiet if I had $$$$$$$$ off-shore awaiting my release from prison!!!!!

  6. John Simons says:

    Well it is a Victory non the less because a crook is a crook no matter if they are in the LORD’s eyes or the LAW’s eyes. His ultimate punishment is not his incarsaration it will be his conscience if he still has one after paying his silver to the devil.

  7. bones says:

    It’s a victory against a man by the U.S. justice system, might as well cherish it because the Bermuda justice system is never going to catch up with him.

  8. A.Theist says:

    If it was left to God – Andre would still be free.

    • Abroad says:

      HAHAHA!!! Bravo!!

      • jason says:

        You have a problem with God that you want to share?

        • A. Theist says:

          Jason, if you want an imaginary friend then have one. Just don’t think that he’ll punish Andre if its left to him.

          • jasonD says:

            Oh but he will you. That you can be assured of…Now go play hide and seek with your Pagan God…

            • A. Theist says:

              HAHA Jason you make me laugh. My Pagan God? Go play with yours. Either way they are imaginary (that means they don’t exist).


        • A. Theist says:

          Problem? Only with the God who created the world in seven days and hasn’t shown up for work since.

          That’s pretty much proof that He’s Bermudian!

          • jasonD says:

            Really. Seems to me those hard working, bright lights in Insurance , Banking and the like showed up for work far to often, hence the melt down in the world economy…

            By the way,what are your measurements? I would like to purchase a state of the art heat resistant suit for where you are going…

            : )..

  9. rabbit16 says:

    JasonD = surely you don’t defend him right? What is your take.

    • jason says:

      Not a defense of Curtis as it is obvious that he has wronged many and as such must suffer under our laws. My issue is with the commentary of those that want to nail the GUY on a cross in the name of religion. Have they never stolen, committed adultery, coveted, or any of those other deadly sins? If not leave God out of it. He is watching!!!

  10. Abroad says:

    Just what this hypocrite POS deserves!!

  11. areUserious? says:

    At the end of the day he was convicted plain and simple.. now its time to pay the piper..he “ain’t” never gone have the money to pay the people back..

  12. Terry says:

    Certain segments and persons have been stealing for sometime. Deal with it. Which reminds me of the phrase…”last man standing”.

    Johnny Barnes,
    Sally Bassett,
    Sir George Somers,
    anyone else?

    Frustration is a beach. Nine Beaches is having problems to whilst Warwick Long Bay, Elbow, Horseshoe, Windsor and Clearwater seem to be just filtering the cycle of what goes around comes around until the next tide.

    The man is guilty of an offence. Others may be revealed.

    Lets move on. The welfare of the country and children are at stake and yes this does play a part. Justice or anarchy…………….your choice but a six-pack and a spliff ain’t gonna change it. Well maybe for those that sell it or abuse it but there’s a differance between the two.

    Happy few days before Christmas. To bad we all can’t leave the house and go on a peace and love walk and hug each other over a breakfast of Codfish and stringbeans………

    Someone has to watch the ‘tree’ that has been stripped yet holds so many memories for and to those that care for others, regardless of anything but just being a good neighbor.


    • Speaking the truth says:

      it si all fine and dandy to speak of live and move on as there are many other problems out there that need to be addressed, however lets not loose sight of the infractions and blatant disrespect of the law.

      If not now to show those coming up that it is wrong to do so.

      It appears that people have become so accustom to such lawlessness without retribution.

      So i leave you with this thought going into the festive season …… would you like it if someone stole your christmas gift from you…….I am sure your answer is no. So it is the same for this very situation.

      Merry Christmas.

  13. Watching says:

    Hmm wonder what party and what constituency he will run for at the next election?

  14. CECILE SIMONS says:




  15. A. Theist says:

    What is particularly obscene is that he stole money in the name of God – and has yet to face charges. And some of you seem to think that God will hold him accountable. That’s simply not good enough – he needs to be held accoutable now. As I said in my first comment: If it was up to God only – Andre would still be out of jail and stealing from people.

    Saying that he’ll be judged on judgement day simply is not enough. He neeeds to be punished now and God apparently deosn’t do that. He forgives and all that crap.

    • Itcouldhappen says:

      Mr. Curtis is being punished now for his crimes/sins – there are always consequences for these things. But God still offers forgiveness in the midsts of the punishment. Would not we all want to be forgiven if we grossly messed up? It does bother me that he operated in the ‘Name of God’ but now all that he did in the dark has come into the light. The Bible does say ‘be sure, your sins will find you out’.

    • jasonD says:

      He will even forgive you .. just ask brother, just ask…

    • LOL (original) says:

      Always wanted to know is believing in nothing better than believing in something?…


    • Abroad says:

      Isn’t it wonderful to have a “God” that you can ask for forgiveness from, gain peoples trust back, than swindle them again…

      • jasonD says:

        You mock when safe & in good space, then cry for his forgiveness in times of turmoil..Oh,the hypocrisy!!!

  16. A. Theist says:

    All I was saying is that leaving it to God to punish him means he doesn’t pay for his sins – in his lifetime – whatever your beliefs are about afterwards are pretty irrelevant I’d say.

    At least he’s getting his just reward now. If what you are saying is true then, if left to God he’d probably just forgive Andre anyways and that would be that.

    Oh, I just remembered, that how religion works isn’t it? You get the clean slate at the end of the week.

    • jasonD says:

      I am thinking red!! Colour of the suit that is..

      Hit me back. Soon!! CHRIST – MAS is just a few days away…

      : )

      • A. Theist says:

        CHRIST-MAS. Yes, that’s the imaginary date of the birth of Jesus. Funny how he was born after people waited thousands of years, they all rejoiced, and then they pretty much ignored him for the next 30 years. Rather odd don’t you think?

        • Sara says:

          Look this is a silly conversation. It is very difficult to debate between an atheist and someone that believes in Christ. They are both positions of faith. Faith it exists and faith it does not. People are entitled to believe in what they want and have many different reasons for those beliefs. I never understood why it bothers atheists that people believe in god and vice versa. I used to question the existence of God and then I realized there is no proof, that is why it’s called faith. Personally, I believe because I want to and my life got better when I did.

          • jasonD says:

            It is never difficult to discuss and if need be debate the merits of christianityif you believe in Christ. Sorry you are wrong or simply don’t really believe…

            There is no either or if you are a true believer…

            • Sara says:

              what do you mean by “there is no either or if you are a true believer”? Can you please explain. I am not following your logic in the quote

          • A. Theist says:

            Sara. It doesn’t bother me at all that they believe in God or Christ. But It obviously bothers them that I don’t. This is the experience Athiests nearly always get. I’m supposed to respect their right to religion, yet they don’t respect my right to non religion. Thats because religious people expect to get things their way. They have an expectation of special treatment. Think about it. Andre sure did.

            I believe in a higher power, and in existence beyond the grave – but not the way its written in the Bible thats all. The Bible was written when we didn’t know where the sun went at night. When we thought the earth was flat. When we didn’t know about dinosaurs.

            It is an explanation for people who needed one. But its a very simplistic and fabricated explanation. Religion has been used to control people ever since. It should be banned.

            Its based on a talking snake for goodness sake!!!

            • jasonD says:

              They have an obligation to speak freely and often about the merits of christianity.. Not sure that a christian could/ should ever respect the views of the non believer.. they may ultimately respect your right to choose, even if it is misguided..

              • UncleElvis says:

                Actually, if you take the teachings of Christ into account, a Christian should respect everyone.

                Isn’t that what the message of “The Good Samaritan” is about?

                Aren’t we ALL God’s children?

                It’s messages of intolerance like “Not sure that a christian could/ should ever respect the views of the non believer…” that are giving Christians a bad name.

                • sam says:

                  Respect means many things to many people. Maybe JasonD believes that giving worth and credence to the differing views of an atheist doesn’t warrant nor can earn his respect..

                  • UncleElvis says:

                    Well, no.

                    What he said was “Not sure that a christian could/ should ever respect the views of the non believer…”

              • Sara says:

                There are certainly different levels of being a Christian, the most basic being belief, that is all it takes. I understand you can’t respect an atheist view, I get it. But that doesn’t mean you treat someone poorly for their belief, which they are entitled to

            • LOL (original) says:

              “Its based on a talking snake for goodness sake!!!”

              That is not true your thinking of another story Harry Potter maybe? You have your belief or non belief if you will. Not trying to convert you but have a read of the Bible and you will see many thing in Revelations that might atleast change your veiw of the whole forgiveness thing. God was not that forgiving, Pilar of Salt, the passover, eden, the flood, even jugement day. Christ was forgiving but it a hole lot more than just saying your sorry it a heart thing. I guestioned his existance to once but science just can’t explane such complex beings that we have on earth. After all the conditions even for atoms to combin have to be just right inorder to form compounds let alone us. The above comment I made earlier was kind of a tonge and cheek. I to believe Mr. Curtis should have some time to think about the wrong he has done but once he has served his time and hopfully seen his error and that what he did effected more that just himself I would let it go. After all if you had done it or any other crime that warrented alittle more than a harsh talking to would want people to hold it against you forever? Just saying..

              LOL sorry I don’t get your acronym “nihilist” Your might have more faith than me Laughs out loud…..

          • UncleElvis says:

            Um.. just a point…

            the two aren’t really “positions of faith”….

            One is defined by faith, the other has nothing to do with it.

            Atheists generally don’t have a problem with people’s faiths until it is shoved in their faces… much like Andre allegedly stole, or, if I’m being charitable, misspent OUR money, in the name of God.

            Can’t you see how that might stick in the craw of someone who doesn’t believe?

            For many atheists, it’s not “faith God doesn’t exist”, it’s just not something they think about.
            Like, how often do you make a sacrifice to Thor or Odin?
            Never, right? Why?

            Because it’s not something you think about.

            It’s like that for many atheists.

            • A. Theist says:

              Uncle Elvis thank you. As I said, I have no problem with people believing in Christ and the Christian God. But they almost always have a problem with me not believing. Funny, since they already know what its like not to believe because they don’t believe in the other 2,999 estimated God’s that various humans believe in. I just take it one God further. Truth is NOBODY KNOWS where we came from.

              Their belief is nothing more than an accident of thier birth. If they were born in India they’d believe in a Hindu God. In western Africa it would be the Ju-Ju up the mountain. Again, I have no problem with that. Please just respect my option to believe in evolution. I’m not against creationism – we had to come from somewhere. I just don’t believe its how the Bible said.

              To the other guy – check your scriptures – there is a talking snake. Its in the Garden of Eden. Saying I was confusing it with Harry Potter is ridiculous in the extreme – but totally expected of a Christian who has someone disagree with him.

              • A. Theist says:

                Christianity: The belief that a certain cosmic Jewish zombie who was born of a virgin can make you live for ever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Makes perfect sense really….

                • LOL (original) says:

                  I can tell you don’t know much about the Christian faith you seem to be mixing Catholism with Christianity. Similar beliefs but not quit the same thing as some or the rituals are not shared.


                  • LOL (original) says:

                    Oh and last thought for the day. You can’t be an atheist by your own addmission you have stated you do beleive in something. “a higher power” as you stated.

                    Atheism: disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

                    Sorry to bust your bubble………….


                    • A. Theist says:

                      I never said I was an Atheist – nowhere did I say that. Also Catholicism IS Christainity LOL. Wow you didn’t know that. I am A Theist. I believe – just not the rubbish in that well known work of fiction – The Bible.

                  • Sara says:

                    Catholicism was the first of the Christian religions, so I know you are not saying they are independent. Catholics ARE Christians

                    • LOL (original) says:

                      Yes Sara,

                      But not all Christians are Catholics are they. A.Theist is ignorant of what Christians period maybe this is why he/she although I’m betting its a he gets the reactions he gets from Christians. I did not mean to have the disscusion go the way it did but once he started running Christianity down thats what happend I’ll be if he ever talks about religion to anyone who does not share his belief he has similar results which is why he became so defensive in the first place. I’m not justifing Christains who try to throw their beliefs into others faces I think that all should have the choice to make up their own minds. But what ever keeps his core together guess this is another one of those things not to talk about alone with racism and politics. Topics I like to talk about ……….


                • UncleElvis says:

                  There’s no need to be disrespectful, though, even if they are.

                  Rise above.

              • LOL (original) says:

                Yes there was a talking snake in Eden but you stated that the “whole thing” is biased on a talking snake thanks for the ………..


                ps I did not stoop to your level but I can’t resist the “Temptation” Check the scriptures if you can get past Genesis I stated that the talking snake is only found in Genesis hardly the basis for the “whole” Bible. I am tolerate of your “faith” show where I have been in your face about it. I just asked your option you got all bent out of shape and defensive about it. What do you think of Buddhism there is a story of a great cobra who shielded him from the rain one day.

              • UncleElvis says:

                “I’m not against creationism”

                I am!

                There is NO science behind it whatsoever. None.

                It is a fairytale used to explain things to ignorants and has no place being taught as a true story.

                • LOL (original) says:

                  And yet Science can not replicate it and has addmitted that conditions have to be perfect for this all to happen again I’m not dissing your belief follow the thread and it is clear who took the jab at a faith. As you said “Rise Above”


                  • UncleElvis says:

                    It’s not belief. I’m going off of quantifiable facts.

                    Inability to replicate and conditions being perfect once are not evidence of a creator.

                    • LOL (original) says:

                      Being that it is not provable that make it a belief yes?


                    • UncleElvis says:

                      Nope. Never said that.

                      But thank you for putting words in my mouth.

                      What I’m saying is that Creationism or Intelligent Design has no basis in science whatsoever and should not be treated as such.

                • A. Theist says:

                  I agree with Elvis. I guess we ain’t nothing but houndawgs!

        • jasonD says:

          Still waiting for the suit size. Have a blessed day..

  17. A. Theist (original) says:

    Thank you for a great conversation. Makes a change from the usual race related banter.

    Let’s at least agree that we want Peace on Earth this Christmas.

    Sincerely wishing all my Christian friends a Merry Christmas.

    Peace and Love

  18. missing one point says:

    so i think everyone is missing one point. Andre only got 15 mounths. you take into account that he can be out after 1/3 of his sentence, i beleve he got off very lightly.