8-Yr-Old Author Launches Second Book

March 19, 2011

8-year-old author Malaikah Abdul-Jabbar and her family hosted a book launch today [Mar. 19] at the Daisy & Mac Store on Queen Street.

Malaikah Abdul-Jabbar A Different Kind of Bermuda Mar 19th 2011

“It’s been almost a year and she has now completed her second book,” said Malaikah’s mother, Azuhaa Coleman. “It is called ‘A Different Kind of Bermuda’ and it explores Bermuda through the eyes of an eight-year-old. How does an eight-year-old view Bermuda and her people? The answer is all in this book.”

Malaikah Abdul-Jabbar A Different Kind of Bermuda Mar 19th 2011-2Malaikah Abdul-Jabbar A Different Kind of Bermuda Mar 19th 2011-1

Last year Malaikah Abdul-Jabbar published “Stop The Shooting: The Way Bermuda Feels. Expressed Through the Emotions of a 7-Year-Old” — which sold out in a matter of days. She wrote and illustrated the book after a classmate’s father was shot and killed.

Launched in 2010 at a City Hall ceremony attended by then Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Paula Cox, the book proved to be an instant sensation. As a result of her book’s success in April, 2010 Malaikah became the youngest presenter in the 55-year history of the International Reading Association [IRA] conference in Chicago, which had an estimated attendance of 60,000.

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  1. Terry says:

    Malaikah, best wishes to you. Your feelings put to pen give me hope.


  2. R. Williams says:


    Congratulations on the publication of your second book, I look forward to reading it. Seeing Bermuda through the eyes of such a perceptive young person as yourself is very enlightening and I trust that others will read and ponder your thoughts. Bermuda needs as many young authors as it can produce and you appear to be leading the way.

    Again congratulations.
    R.Williams (author Lois: Bermuda’s Grande Dame)

  3. Wonderful says:

    Wonderful :) Keep up the great work so proud of you and congrats and good job to her parents and family for supporting her grear work. Bermuda support her and listen.

  4. Real Talk says:

    Congratulations to this young lady!

  5. Wonderful says:

    typo * great

  6. DARRIN DIZZLE says:

    Wonderful! Keep up the good work.