Murder: 26-Yr-Old Man Shot in Pembroke

April 17, 2011

[Updated] At approximately 10:30pm this evening [Apr.17] there was a firearm incident in the North Shore/Bandroom Lane Pembroke area, with one individual fatally shot. There are a number of area residents gathered outside.

There is a bike on the ground by the victim, and the Police are on scene, with the area cordoned off from both the North Shore and Bandroom Lane/Glebe Road side. We have limited information at this time but will update as able.

Gun Shooting Bandroom Lane Northshore Bermuda April 17 2011-1-2

Update 11:15pm: Area residents report that they heard a 3/4 gunshots, then came outside and found the victim laying there. The victim appeared to be riding a bike when he was shot, with residents indicated the shooter[s] may have also been on a bike. The victim resided in the immediate area.

Update 11:37pm: A very grainy and quick video clip of the scene is below:

Update 11:53pm: Police confirm the victim was 26 years old, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Video of Police statement below:

Update 12:00am: Official Police Statement:

Police responded to a report of a confirmed firearm incident that took place around 10:20pm on Sunday at the junction of North Shore Road and Band Room Lane in Pembroke. As a result a 26 year old Pembroke man received gun shot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

No further information will be given until the next of kin has been notified. Anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity in the area is asked to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

Update 12:04am: The Police have advised that North Shore area, in the vicinity of Blackwatch Pass and Glebe Road, will be closed to sometime tomorrow morning while the Police conduct their investigation.

Update 12:30am: We are getting reports of a second incident at the Southampton area. It is unclear what happened at this time, however we are on scene attempting to get confirmation of what may have occurred.

Update 1:09am: Police confirm they are investigating a second report of a firearm incident tonight. Details here.

Update Apr 18 12:09pm: The Police have  named the victim as David Clarke, and say he was shot by two persons on a motorcycle while he was riding his motorcycle along North Shore. The full Police statement is below:

The members of the Bermuda Police Service would like to extend their heartfelt condolences to the friends & family of Mr. David Clarke who is now tragically the fourth young Bermudian man to lose his life to gunfire this year.

Mr. Clarke was a 26 year old single man in the prime of his life.

The Police investigation so far has determined that Mr. Clarke had been travelling west on North Shore Road at about 10:30pm last night (Sunday 17th April 2011). Mr. Clarke had left a function at the Mid Atlantic Boat Club and was riding his motorcycle towards his residence which was less than 100 metres away from where this incident occurred.

Mr. Clarke was targeted by two persons on a motorcycle who were also riding west on North Shore Road. They shot Mr. Clarke at close range. CPR was provided at the scene by an off duty EMT but sadly Mr. Clarke succumbed to his injuries.

The Serious Crime Unit has commenced investigations and these are progressing. However, it is believed there are persons who have not yet made contact with the Police in relation to this matter.

There are people in the community that know about the suspects in this case and the Police want to talk to them. Members of this community cannot continue to protect murderers who seek death and destruction in our Island.

Members of the Serious Crime Unit want information and evidence that can bring these killers to Justice.

The Serious Crime Unit can be contacted on 299-8115 or anyone with information is encouraged to contact the CONFIDENTIAL & independent Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477 (TIPS).

Update 4:44pm: Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief confirmed that he and Junior Minister Senator Jonathan Smith met with the Commissioner of Police and his Senior Command team after the shooting. The Minister also expressed his sympathies to Mr Clarke’s family and friends.

This is the fourth murder of 2011, following the murder of Randy Robinson on March 31st on Border Lane, the murder of Jahmiko Leshore on March 1st in Devonshire, and the murder of Colford Ferguson on February 4th in Sandys.

Anyone who may have any information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Serious Crime Unit at telephone number 295-0011 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline at 800-8477.

Bernews extends our sympathies to the victim’s family and friends.

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  1. KMHBermuda says:

    At the rate these things are happening, this island will have no tourists and locals leaving in droves. But I’m getting the distinct impression that this lot doesn’t give a rat’s ass about ANYthing…
    Sick of it. Sick of them. B%$tards.

    • itwasn'tme says:

      Yep its our fault collectively. chasing the almighty dollar, irresponsible ‘parents’ giving their sons toys they couldn’t afford…..I remember back in the late 1980s at a football game, this beautiful young mother pulling her son around the field in a little red wagon. The kid was about 5 yrs old and wearing a rope chain………and he had that look on his face that said it all….’ENTITLEMENT’
      over the years I wondered what became of that kid…..

      • Nicole says:

        So what if she was young and she was pulling him around in a wagon? And that he had a rope chain, how do you know she couldn’t afford it? What’s wrong with parents giving their kids toys? How do you know she bought it? It could have been a gift. A 5 year old had a look of entitlement? LMAO! I can tell you don’t have children.

        • educate_yourself! says:

          Regardless of whether she bought it or not, could or couldn’t afford it, or if it was given as a gift. I think the point itwasn’tme was trying to make is that a lot of parents are spoiling their kids, teaching them the value of the wrong things, and not placing importance on such things as the value of life and teaching them morals. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with buying your child toys or nice things but what does a 5 year old need to be wearing a rope chain for? I mean really? What does he/she need Air Jordans for, or gold bracelets and chains, all dressed from head to toe in designer baby clothing, or toys upon toys that either half of them they won’t even play with or or they’ll break knowing mommy or daddy will replace it…? There’s an importance placed on getting and wanting and having…and children are not stupid. Adults create, children imitate…people aren’t born bad, it is learned.

          It’s all a joke to me. We are in some serious times, and people need to stop being brain washed and mind controlled and open their eyes to whats really going on. This is not just coincidence, this was all by design, and if you do your research, you will understand how past & present events have led us right to where we are today. ”Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”…Deception is a false reality imposed on a true reality. It is a fragile and complex weaving of truth, half truths’, lies and lies of omission.
          People, its not a matter of ‘if’ it will get worse. It WILL get worse. And while we were all busily being deceived, plans were falling perfectly into place. Simple tactics such as ‘pulling the race card’ in government, all implemented to distract you from the truth. And I hope you all are ready for what is coming…educate yourselves!!!!!!

          • Bubba says:

            Changing values.
            Our children used to be prized and highly thought of and polished. Now they are just things.

          • Nicole says:

            I understand that but that’s not what they said. I know in Bermuda that does happen a lot but he’s assuming that based off of one observation of a woman he didn’t even know.

            My brother had gold chains as a baby and as a young child and he’s a respectable man who works everyday and doesn’t get into trouble. My mother and father gave him toys and dressed him nicely-so what?! Not everyone who does that is superficial and placing value on material possessions. You can’t judge people based off of that because not everyone is like that. My family included and I know other families who dress their kids in nice clothes and buy them nice things that aren’t that way or turned out that way.

        • peaceandlove says:

          It could have been a gift or even gold plated silver, dont jump to conclusions by one observation, but what is obvious is that we have serious problems with our values, not just parents, it takes a village. we grew up believing this is a RICH affluent, well off, country, we were always told we are better off than other islands, we were safe and nothing could take our comfortable way of living, so this is the result of chasing the almight dollar, and neglecting family needs and values, and it started generations ago. Stop kidding yourself, these kids did not start this war, dont blame them for where we are today. There are lots of RICH people who have benefited from this foolishness for a LONG time.

          • Lineage says:


          • United says:

            The thing that is missing today is going to church. I remember the Bermudians as a proud and religious people. They always were now there are not too many church goers. Bermuda can go back to that era and morality. It is going to take a bit. In high school (Warwick Sec) they were all smartly dressed and every now and then we’d have dress as you like days for .50 cents and they were very well dressed. We can still have a society that is proud, well educated and having things but we need to have as a central focus GOD.

        • TZ says:

          I think its more when unemployed youngsters are giving their mothers gifts of cars bikes tvs etc etc that should be more worrying

      • The mon says:

        @itwasn’tme that what most people fail to realize pretty much all these young guys where spoon feed most of there life they chose this life some them had it a little harder then other but people like myself have watched them talk to them but they are not trying to feel it. Some you parents are shanking in your boots right now not know when it your son turn because you rase them in this life style.

      • Bubba says:

        Careful on collectively. There is a whole history of people writing about this, giving speeches and starting organizations trying to stop it. The problem is the majority ignore the advice and now we reap what we sow as simple as that. We always think that because it is a small wind it will NOT become a hurricane. Now we have a hurricane. It is called Hurricane DEATH.

    • Bubba says:

      We cannot let that happen.

  2. boss says:

    it will never stop bermys gone mad

  3. FedUP says:

    Damn now… This one was a lil too close to my home. Come on guys this cant b worth it.

  4. Wad it do!!!!! says:

    What can we do to stop this crap really???!!!!

    • KMHBermuda says:

      Good question. I don’t know that we CAN do anything to stop this. These guys aren’t going to sit down with the other gangs and talk; they’re CERTAINLY not going to hand in their guns for $$$…they have a completely different mindset to the rest of us Bermudians who just want to keep a job and make a nice home for their families and a nice island to visit for the tourists.

    • itwasn'tme says:

      I’m still awaiting the $168K response to the murder BEFORE this most recent one… can the $168K dream team remain so silent on this matter? Oh yeah, its not my son/daughter/brother/sister so who the hell cares

    • Steel Pulse says:

      @ KMHBermuda yes we can do something. Like you said they have a completely different mindset so we have to either 1) Try and think like them in order to solve and catch these guys or 2) get rid of this mindset. What do people do when their homes get infested with rats or termites? They exterminate them!!!!!

      • peaceandlove says:

        CATCH WHO, you dont realize the next one is only 12 years old, younger ones are learning how to take over. We need to address the problem of them feeling like this is not their country or they will continue to destroy what offers nothing to them.

  5. R.I.P 2 all of Bermudas fallen soldiers. Wake up Bermuda says:

    This is so sad, it’s just not right. In a matter of weeks another man killed outside of his own home. Plz stop killing each other. Repent Bermuda! And the talk about arming police officers? Madness!!!! Donakt you see where all of this is going? You can’t fight fire with fire. Besides police can hardly use their mase properly. Bermudians need to start praying seriously for all of these troubled souls. When will we wake up? Dont let it hit close to home before you become changed. Plz.

    • Ryan Whiting says:

      Oh, plz. Do NOT suggest prayer as a solution. I just hope they all shoot each other and get over it. Ignorant, I know, but, really, I don’t know what to do with all of this; I do know, however, that prayer will NOT help this situation. Don’t be ridiculous.

      • Pitch it says:

        I hope for your sake that when you find yourself in need of the prayer you say doesn’t work, that for your sake, you have a change of heart! All this mess began AFTER the prayer that (so called) doesn’t work was removed from public events and schools. Now if it’s worked for the past 2000 years and then you stop praying, you give me some sensible explanation as to how you can possible fathom that prayer doesn’t work. In the mean time, praying for you!

        • Mark says:

          you blame these problems on prayer being removed from schools? jesus.. I imagine most of these boys have their mummas and grannys jumping all over the church on sunday and pray all they want their sons have still turned out to be thugs who kill each other

        • jredmond says:

          They still do prayers in my son’s Primary School. Since when where they removed?

        • Geza Wolf says:

          Yeah pray, so god can continue ignoring famin and genocide in Africa(That means that millions of children and adults die every year because they have no money to buy food)…he can come to Tax haven, money laundering Bermuda and help us with our criminals. Which are everywhere that money existst I might add.

      • Hollis says:

        Prayer gives some people hope. Because its relieving to know that there is something or someone who is bigger than all this. I do agree that we need to more than prayer; I honestly dont know what though. I agree with the commenter above that until someone really important is involved will there be a reaction. But we need something pro-active. People should do a better job raising their children because this generation is certainly messed up. People need hope, when theres no hope what motivates us to progress?

        • sandgrownan says:

          Proof of “someone” bigger please? If not, be quiet. Prayer lets the weak feel they are doing something to help without…actually doing anything.

          You could thank LBE for this,,,,fatherless children…

          • Proof says:

            Proof that there is NOT someone bigger please…? Right. So according to your rules, you ought to be quiet too.

            • sandgrownan says:

              Er no. Philosophically, it is impossible to argue something doesn’t exist. The onus of proof is on those that say it does exist. Furthermore, faith does not constitute proof.

              Think of it this way, I could say there is great, giant teapot orbiting the moon. You say there is not, I say prove it. See? It’s nonsense. It is up to me to show you evidence of the teapot.

              So, going back to the topic at hand, praying for help is a totally pointless exercise.

      • educate_yourself! says:

        Really Ryan? Yea, that was pretty ignorant, glad you caught it before everyone else could. *thumbs up* You really think that they’ll all shoot each other and just ‘get over it’? I’m pretty sure it’s not that simple. You need to remember innocent people too, have been shot as well in all of this madness, so be careful what you wish for…if you keep that whole “it’s-not-happening-in-my-backyard” mentality, instability in Bermuda will continue. This whole country is your backyard – a war in 42nd one day, is a crisis in your backyard the next.

      • Bermudian Born says:

        Im gonna assume that Ryan Whiting is a ignorant person, because I couldnt see no black brother talking stupid and if it is then you are ignorant too. Im sure your mother or grandmother taught you that prayer changes thing and if they didnt then Sunday School did or maybe you never went. How could you talk such foolishness???? If we have to pray until the end of time then thats what we do!

    • KMHBermuda says:

      Fallen soldiers? They’re not soldiers. Talk to someone who’s been to Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan before you call any of these people soldiers.

      • mixitup says:


      • Nicole says:

        And what makes any “real” soldier better than these guys? Don’t tell me you are one of those people who believe they are fighting to keep America “safe” by killing and many of the killings are of innocent people.

        • Hollis says:

          Very true

        • Mark says:

          they are actually in a legitimate combat situation?? they are trained, they are not out to terrorize their neighbors over drugs and “territory” on a 21 mile island… the list goes on. I wish that we could bring some real soldiers down here to clean them all out

          • Nicole says:

            I guess you don’t read and or watch the news much do you? Most soldiers are corrupt and have mental and personality disorders before and after duty. They are trained? AND? GTFOHWTS! So you are complaining about shootings but want soldiers to come here and clean them all out? Brilliant!

            • UncleElvis says:

              Any links to evidence of your claim that “MOST (emphasis mine) soldiers are corrupt and have mental and personality disorder”?

              Any at all?

              • Nicole says:

                You have a computer google it.

                • mangrove tree says:

                  Having had one relative who served survived horrors of the Western front in WW1 and and another who died fighting
                  the Nazis in WW2 i find your comments absolutely disgusting .

                  • jason says:

                    and thats your personal problem. Maybe you should google how much heroine has been coming out of those Middle east countries since the US has been over there..

                    Bermuda has its own problems !! we need to kick out these damn foreigners, train and make sure the next generation will be able to work/want to work. This Generation was lost to the UBP’s master plan with Cedarbridge Academy. Until you people realize this was a plan from the time the UBP knew they were losing power in the 90s. They knew the US public school system was a failure, but yet they still introduced a Mega School to the Island.

                    Fact is, majority of these kids involved in gangs attended CBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • LOL (original) says:

                      Funny the I’m sure the ones I know went to Berkeley.


                    • Lineage says:

                      VERY GOOD POINT JASON…dnt know the depths about your last statement though….

                    • JimmyJ says:

                      Kick out the damn foreigners and this island becomes a third world country. PERIOD. FACT! You can argue all you want but you would be wrong! Always someone else’s fault…what a pathetic excuse.

                    • crazytalk says:

                      Jason, here is a news item. The PLP has been in power for over 12 years. They have had a decent chance to change the education system if they wanted to. You can’t forever in all eternity blame every wrong in the world on the UBP.

                    • Duh... says:

                      Duh Jason – if the US school system is such a failure, why then do we hire so many educated Americans to do the high paying jobs that WE ARE NOT QUALIFIED to fill???

                      Kick them all out? Yea, right, we’ll be 3rd war in a week’s time. Duh Jason!!

                • Insanity says:

                  Ahh yes, because everything you read on the internet is fact. You can google pretty much anything you want and will find information to support it.

            • Watching! says:

              Nicole, stop talking crap that you do not know anything about! My brother, a Bermudian with US Citizenship is a Marine serving in Afghanistan right now and has done 3 tours in Iraq. The people of those countries are glad to see the US Marines and Army on ground. It is the few that cause the problems, just as you see here.

              How dare you say that most are corrupt before entering!! Shame on you. What is the real shame is that he and many like him are putting their lives at risk for pathetic people like these gangs so that they can have freedom…and don’t dare say that the war does not affect us… I suggest you google and get the facts.

              I agree, send these babies to war…they will pee their cowardly pants and run in the opposite direction screaming for their mommies!

              • Feddaf*ckup says:

                I love it…so true…theyre down there cryin about two week camp? send they ass to areal battlefield…

              • Lineage says:


              • Nicole says:

                Oh please. Stop drinking the kool aid. America is free, Bermuda is free, the war IS NOT about freedom. Yeah I’m sure the kids with their limbs blown off and their families laying dead in the street love the soldiers. I posted all the links but bernews didn’t post them. It’s a scientific fact not some random info someone put online @insanity.

                Do you think it’s normal or that a normal person could enter a war and start shooting people? I know I couldn’t bring myself to do that so you have to ask what type of people they are. And it’s been proven. Soldiers coming home and murdering their whole families. Of course it’s not ALL of them so stop getting so offended.

                You all really think every soldier is honorable? Apparently you don’t read the news. Ah yes soldiers posing with dead bodies, laughing it up, torturing innocent people etc. I used “most” not all.

            • crazytalk says:

              In this thread Nicole has (a) stated that most soldiers are corrupt (i.e. she alleges criminality), (b) stated that most soldiers have a ‘mental and personality disorder’ (i.e. alleged insanity), and (c) she has also used a disgusting 4-letter word (thinly disguised by changing the vowel to a ^ sign). (I’m referring to her dignified and sophisticated post “What the ____ is wrong with you guys”).

              Nicole, you are not afraid to state your opinion, so I’ll share my opinion. You come across as being quite a moron.

              • Nicole says:

                Thanks. I appreciate all the love! Your post proved what exactly? LMAO! Nothing. You didn’t dispute anything…I have many different opinions and view things from different angles.

                I have an opinion just like everyone else. Wow. Shocking! Next!

        • Logic76 says:

          A real soldier is not comparable to these criminals. A soldier is honorable, disciplined, and loyal to their country. They sacrifice their freedoms and comforts for the safety and security of the general public. When was America or the US Military ever brought into this blog? Are you one of those people who oppose the Coalition of the willing yet reap the benefits of the society they live in? Since you seem to think that you are so knowledgable in the current Joint Task-force Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the current Bermuda Police Service operating procedures, why don’t you enlist in the military or join the BPS and make a difference? Typing negatively in an online blog is certainly doing nothing to aid Bermuda.

        • sandgrownan says:

          That’s pretty stupid.

      • The mon says:

        yup that one makes me laugh as well these coward always try to give them self big names SMH

      • Bermudian Born says:

        Tell them again KEMH!!!!

      • Feddaf*ckup says:

        Soldiers my ass…these fools wont know a gang member if one slapped them in the face.

      • Sarah says:

        f-ing seriously.

    • D. Everett says:

      FALLEN SOLDIERS!! how dare you compare these thugs to soldiers, these monsters are just killing for money drugs and fame, talk to the mother who has lost their child to “real war” shame shame shame. Condolences to the family, I’m sorry that they are the ones left here to suffer and feel the real pain.

      • jason says:

        you people are retarded..Fallen Soldiers are the victims of the Murders..Do you really think every getting “killed” is in a gang.

        Its a phrase froma song to remember people who have died. As usual people blow off on any term used..FALL BACK !!!

        • Bermudian Born says:

          jason I think they know what it means but they are simply stating the facts!!! OMG!

        • Feddaf*ckup says:

          if you read the comments poperly then you would see that the people are referring to the killers when they say soldier….RETARDED!! Its very indescent to refer to the deceased in a negative manner…

      • ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:

        ok for the person D.Everett, fallen soldiers refer to the men who have been shot and killed. First of all i would like to say that there is clearly a war going on. Weather you realize it or not. And you dont have to be shot to be a bad person, now days a person could be shot just because they are related to someone who has a quarrel with another person. Educate yourself. It’s real and it’s going on now. WAR. For whatever reason, it’s still a war. Also i would like to add that unless you knew all of the victims who have been gunned down and can speak personally about each of their individual characters you should not be labelling them as thugs, monsters, or killing for money and fame. You have clearly misunderstood the statement FALLEN SOLDIERS. Who said that some of these men were not killed for doing what is right? Like giving evidence? Who said that some of these men were not killed due to mistaken identity? Who said that the person shooting did not have the motive to kill just because they could not get close enought ot their real target and decided to take away the life of someone who was important to their main target? no one deserves to be killed either way. And yes this island and everyone needs prayer. How can you give a family your condolences after saying something like that? correct me if i am wrong because i am not trying to twist anyones words either…did you just say….”Um excuse me Sir/ Maddame your son was a thug,drug dealer, moster, killed people for money and/or fame…you have my condolences cause your the only one who really feels the pain…”



      • LOL (original) says:

        You mean Pawns…………………


    • Are you serious says:

      Are you serious! Sometimes when firemen are fighting fire and they have tried water, powder and everything else, the only solution is to fight FIRE WITH FIRE. Then we see a good result. To many of us try the same thing DAY IN & DAY OUT expecting a different result.

      AND WE CALL THE YOUTH CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. boss says:

    its nothing we can do these guys are doing any and everything possible to make a name for themselves it pointless and stupid

  7. TRUTH BE TOLD says:





    • Logic76 says:

      And what have you done for your country since 2009?

    • Aquarius says:

      the police do have guns. some are carrying full time now.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Right after Farrakhan showed up things got much wrose.


  8. justjailtime says:

    What can you do to stop this crap? you ask .. lol nothing at this point – just get your popcorn and enjoy the show.. place gone mudd up – young uneducated youth with no brains or passion in life.

  9. R.I.P 2 all of Bermudas fallen soldiers. Wake up Bermuda says:

    Truth be told is telling the truth!!!!! Dont do it!!!! And u wud see how fast they find these guys n the guns if someone in government or a cop is shot. They dont care about us. Real talk.

    • BabyRocko says:

      All of u all’s talk is UNREAL! When my brother steps out to protect and serve a bunch of ungrateful people who think that the police have a magic wand to solve everything without the help of the public is ignorant and unreal!!!! Believe me, if a cop is murdered the same thing would happen – NO ONE WOULD TALK!

      It pisses me off when everyone blames the police when we ALL are responsible. Yes it is their job but you go do that job in this environment of SILENCE then make an informed and educated response to whether or not they care.

      My brother is a born Bermudian who does not like what is happening in our island home and he does care as well as other because at the end of the day their families are at risk too!!

  10. Nicole says:

    What the f^Ck is wrong with these guys?!!

    • sandgrownan says:

      No fathers, no family structure, educationally below average…laden with the culture of RASPACT….just plain stupid really and too dumb too figure it out. Past caring, no place in “real” society, no future

      A complete waste of oxygen.

      • Bermudian Born says:

        Sandgrownan, I hear you loud and clear but lets not getit twisted some of these boys have had fathers, either they wathed them as a youngsetr and felt like following in their footsteps only they have taken things over the top or they just fell deeply into peer pressure!

  11. Lin. T says:

    To everything there is a season! This had been a long bloody one Bermuda! Whoeva knows the killers must fear no evil and take the one eyed monster out of their reach by whateva means necessary. These deaths are hurting our youth, families, the community and our businesses. My sympathy to the families present past and to come.

  12. Really!! says:

    Please watch this video. This is what’s going on in Bermuda as it is also taking place in Chicago. It’s an amazing poem about gun violence written by two young black men.

    One question they ask is “how many deaths will it take before this is considered genocide.”

    • KMHBermuda says:

      That is one of the most heart-wrenching things I’ve ever seen. However, sad to say, it won’t affect those doing all the shootings one little bit.

      • Really!! says:

        True, it wouldn’t affect those doing all this crap but hopefully it inspires someone being silent to speak up.

  13. Just saying says:

    The cop need to round up whatever Crew they think did this, kick in everyone door test them all for GSR, interrogate them all for 72hrs n I’m sure they will find a weakling that will talk.. They all act hard but there is a weak link in every crew. Go arrest all of their @sses.

    • Nicole says:

      I’ve been saying that all this time. The BPS is utterly useless though.

      • bermyboy says:

        So what are you doing to assist getting these guys behind bars and stopping the madness. Your the useless one.

        • Nicole says:

          Are you serious? What the F can I do? The Bermuda Police Service is supposed to do just that you moron protect and serve. I’m one person they are an entire unit. Now STFU.

    • Bermudian Born says:


    • BabyRocko says:

      Then when it goes to court and none of the evidence can be used and the DPP has no case to lock them up everybody be screaming INCOMPETENCE! Everyone ignores the fact that the Police are bound by a judicial law and process that says they just can’t do those things without consequences.

      Nicole commented that the BPS is utterly useless – so what action have any of you taken to help the situation other than to criticize?

      It’s nice to throw out comments about what should be done but the process does not support those actions. I guess everyone must blame someone else and the BPS is the most likely target huh?!?

      • Nicole says:

        None of the evidence can be used? What?! You think every American case has witnesses? No. The police and detectives actually investigated and collect evidence themselves to convict criminals. The whole point is they can’t catch or find these guys. The only thing the BPS is good for is harassing people who aren’t criminals and giving out tickets.

        Why is the response always what I can do? What the hell can I do? What can you do? Nothing exactly. I’m not a police officer and it’s not my responsibility. If the fire service couldn’t put out a fire and I criticized that would you ask what could I do? No because it’s not my job.

        Yes they are the most likely target because they are all getting paid and not doing their damn job. They don’t do anything. Call them in distress and you’ll see how long they take and how much they care. You two must be one of them lol

  14. Reality says:

    I guess by mid day tomorrow there will be over 150 comments on this site alone with none offering up a solution or someone stating that they will do what it takes to help rid their island of this mess. I want my family to walk the streets safely so if my friends/neighbours/co-workers/team mates/relatives are up to no good then I will be forced to snitch on them for the sake of my family and friends and my community. Find a stance and take one.

  15. Young Lady says:

    These really is the end times. That couldve been anyone

  16. sr says:

    the genocide continues right on time – one a month

  17. Sick and Tired! says:

    Enough is Enough!

    The Police KNOW who the people are in 42 and park side gangs what are they waiting for…???

    Genocide is the simple solution to this problem! Eliminate ALL parties involved!

    • BabyRocko says:

      They are waiting for a judicial system that would support doing what everyone is calling for them to do. What is the sense of the police pulling in the people they KNOW (as you say) are part of the gangs if they are going to be set free because of the antiquated laws we have. What everyone is missing that there is a full process that must take place and the Police can’t be all vigilante style just because….

      So if ya family member looks the part, grew up and sometimes is seen with people known to be gang members, does that make them a gang member and somebody that the police should scoop up with the rest? When doors get kicked in because of somebody’s suspicion everybody be crying police brutality! Which is it Bermuda! Do you know which method you want!!! BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR because when it hits you directly the song will be different!

  18. B to the S says:

    I don’t know WHAT the police are doing about this. They need to just do stuff and let the people talk about their actions later – really, because NOTHING they are doing is working. This kind of behavior would NEVER fly in the USA. They would lock EVERYONE up. The WHOLE ISLAND already knows who the prime people are! Its TINY and everyone talks too much! The police need to ACT but they are too concerned about getting people for speeding tickets.

    • Logic76 says:

      This behavior would never happen in the USA? Where the KKK continues to segregate and conspire to murder numerous minorities, gangs such as the Bloods, Crips, LA Kings, Gangster Disciples, and MS 13 exist? The USA, where random rape is used to initiate gang members? The Police Service is acting in accordance to written law and the constitution. There are much more restrictions on Police in Bermuda and the UK than in the US.

      • B to the S says:

        Excuse me but Bermuda is 65,000 people strong with a bunch of kids who live in a NEW YORK BLOCK radius. The KKK, CRIPS, BLOODS BLAH BLAH are THOUSANDS STRONG…. Police would be ALL OVER that in the USA. ESPECIALLY since they know the people. Privet investigators would follow them. They would be watched 24/7. If a SINGLE COP studies ONE of these people for JUST WEEK I guarantee they would progress. TELL ME NOT!?

        • B to the S says:

          I’m sorry, not privet investigators – more like detectives.

        • Logic76 says:

          Gang affiliation is not illegal in Bermuda. Until such a time where it becomes illegal all persons affiliated with gangs on this island are protected from harassment and are given the right to privacy by law. If witnesses were given more protection and incentive to give official statements I guarantee you would see a progression in arrests concerning serious crime.

        • bermyboy says:

          You people keep mentioning that this wouldnt happen in the US they wouldnt stand for it etc etc. Ever watch gangland they do have a major problem bigger than ours and they dont know how to deal with it. So instead of critisizing police, government, parents and everthing else under the sun with all this negativity what this community needs is unity. Stand together and show these gangs that we as community are not going to take this anymore. Realistically not everyone is in the know with useful info but if you know people that are, encourage them to come forward. As a small island we can easily stamp this out but as usual we are so divided for one thing or another.

  19. Bullseye says:

    Prayer will not help.

    Money for guns will not help. Money for imported teams to violently snatch all the bad guys would slow this down big time. But that wont happen for too many families love the bad guys here. the bad guys pay rents for entire neighborhoods and donate to church and are wonderful good toung men and fathers up until they shoot each other and then it is genocide? Wow. The fingers are pointing outside but the guns are pointing inside and am I supposed to pray?

    This will never be fixed unless everyone who knows everyone allows it to be fixed. Bermuda is tiny and we all know who is doing it yet we let it happen. We know their friends and daughters and lifestyles and we let it happen for it is so integrated that to rip them out rips society itself apart. that’s why you import the tough guys and blame it on them, but the community has to ok it. Not just me.

  20. 2late says:

    All these single mothers are the cause of all this and those ‘sperm donors’and btw, they are the majority voters of the Plp.The only ones(plp) getting some advantage from this moral decay and dyfunctional lot.

  21. Neva gonna stop!* Sit back n get ready 4 de ride.its more 2 come.The more of dem killin each other leaves more girls 4 me!* Tragic but true.Dead or in jail!

  22. cybercop says:


  23. Pea says:

    I think we should take all gang members out to a field face to face, and arm them all and get it over with so we can be at peace. Maybe the only thing we CAN do is wait until they have extincted themselves.

    • ._./ says:

      Arm them? Hell. Make them fight for survival. None of this cowardly ‘pull the trigger and run’ b/s.

  24. bermyshotta says:

    Gonna be a cold summa

  25. plz shut up says:

    First off plz shut up and relize most of u talking tonight are just as dumb as the killers that are doing the shootings, the only difference is that u are killing me with the trash u talk!! Ok now!,, Bermuda is lucky it has taken this long for murders with guns to occur like it has,,the sad truth is we are catching up the rest of the crazy world!! The world is a crazy unsafe place and we have to be truthfull and relize that the world is never going to be a fairy tale safe place,, no matter how hard we pray or what,,the world is just to far gone! But there r enough good out there bablancing against the bad to keep the world from going totally into mayhem!! We just need to find a way to fix what we promote to the young, but that is hard when u have children have children!! So work hard , play hard, promte good and truth and try and help anyway u can, but just be real and know its not an easy world or road and SMILE!!!

  26. 2late says:

    these criminals cant relate to ‘normalsy’they are growing in a UNNATURAL environ,where they are living in cramp places,some homeless,hungry and without fathers,most of them having to deal with many stepdaddies and siblings…who can blame for their choice of livlihood?Most of ppl in Bermuda are all living in lalaland with all thse children being produced over decades without fathers.And now everybody is surprised and shell shocked of this social ill.When the alarm bell rang decades ago – there was no ‘PREVENTION to the cure’ well the children have come home to roost with their ‘guns’

    • Nicole says:

      I’m surprised it has taken this long actually. Everyone should have known we’d get to this point, it was a slowly ticking time bomb.

  27. Watcher says:

    I bet, every single person that has comment here has had some piece of information about at least one serious crime and done not one thing with it.
    I bet that if it wasn’t you that had that information, it was some one close to you that had that vital information and did nothing with it.
    So go on.
    Blame prayer, lack of prayer, gov and police. Go on. Say all the things that make you feel better about yourselves. Say all the things that remove you from having to be responsible. And blameless.
    But remember this.
    On an Island of only 21 square miles, “close to home” means that every things that happens, could very easily happen to you or some one close to you.
    “All that is need for evil to prevail, if for good people to do nothing”
    What have you done ??

    • luke says:

      your wrong..people dont know crap !!..yeah sure gang members do and people in there circle (a big circle granted !! ) but the man on the street doesn’t know whats going on ? If normal people knew anything they would call the police..of course they would !!…its not a playground we’re in and we can overhear things behind the bikeshed..What have I done ??? NOTHIN !! but if i crack the case you’ll be first to know !!

  28. 2late says:

    sheilagh cooper should make a film of the hardship and struggle of ‘having children without daddies’ and not about after they’ve had these numerous kids for several fathers..Check out all thse criminals 90% didnt grow up with their fathers or dont know their fathers,or fathers are jail.This is a vicious cycle and Bermuda IS too SMALL to absorb this kind of unneccessarey and reckless breeding.

    • donedeal says:

      THUMBS UP!!

    • Lineage says:

      WASN’T Cooper the one who ruled out ‘licks’??? Correct me if I’m wrong.

      And also some of these mothers out here are purposely keeping their children away from their fathers because of the friction the mother and father have with each other. Or mama is hating cuz daddy have new girlfriend so they using the child/children as weapons…up and leaving the island with the youths, fathers cant find them and crap, making children speak against their fathers in court….smh

  29. KIMSIMONE says:


  30. NUNYA says:

    The police (with the support of the Gov) should start harrassing these punks every chance they get. Book them for littering, loitering, swearing in public, speeding 5mph over the limit, loud music in their cars, loud exhaust on their bike…you name it. Shake them up, search them, arresst them for every little thing they do, and I do mean EVERY little thing they do. Break them down…if the police in the US and Canada were able to break the mob, Hells Angels and other large and much more powerful gangs that were spread over thousands of miles of the US and Canada, then certainly it cant be that hard (in comparison) to break up a bunch of guys that tell you (with their “gang names” where they hang out … Park Side..42nd..etc. It might be easier said than done…but it can …and has been done in other places.

    • luke says:

      i capone was convicted of tax evasion but it got him off the streets !!!..its not always about kickin doors and swat teams…take’m down anyway you can..its a pain in the butt for cops to charge the minor offencesbut it keeps the crims in court and with warrents on’em and its breaks the continunity of the business the trying to run ..onyaNUNYA ::)

    • Always talkin but not doing says:

      Its called RICO laws n bermuda doesnt hav any… Change tha archaic law system n we would most likely c results…

    • Sarah says:

      this is actually one of the more reasonable suggestions i’ve heard here. *thumbs up*

  31. Jones says:

    Introduce dance at early age and make it compulsory! and build a community swimming pool one at Somerset!!St George! and Pembroke!!.More diversity for fun and enjoyment.Too much of ‘nothing to do’ for the young ppl – they need places to interract with each other in natural surroundings.Build a dance stadium where every weekend they pay a fee to go dancing,aerodancing and ballroom dancing.First eliminate some of these MPS..they contribu.little for their exorbitant salaries.Especially Cox 224K,her arrogance is costing us not to have our money for worthwhile causes like building a youth arena for YOUTH AFFAIRS.ANy senior civil servant can do most of these MPS job.

  32. luke says:

    Gangs are run like business’s…Drugs are the product…to get promoted in a gang your need to stand out/be brave…(ie fight or shoot someone)..the police maintain law and order…you need a tasks force for chaos..rewards maybe…i think the governement should trail a decriminalization of weed…it is the most sold ilicit drug on the street and i would imagine it represents 50% -60% of the gangs wages..these drug deals lead to people developing relationships…most people who want to smoke a joint dont necessarily want to deal with a dogdy drugdealer..but they have no choice..young men meet the dealers and in some way the culture rubs off on them…grow you own plant (1) and see what happens..
    If you cut the gangs wagesin half they cant keep hiring staff (and they do pay staff..from foot soilders to the top brass)..all of a sudden gangs are not that cool anymore…the pays shit and the risk is high….just a suggestion..i know it will never be entertained…Shame ::(

    • ._./ says:

      A little more time in the real world (and less reading Freakonomics) would do you some good.

      • luke says:

        freakonomics is a awesome book !! and it does see problems from diffenent angles…my point was about decriminizing weed as possible solution to gang disruption seems you just wanna tell people I ve read freakonomics …??? weak mate !!

  33. donedeal says:

    Every time this happens in Bermuda, a group of us come on to this site because we can to comment about the events which have taken place, and it always ends up the same way. The back and forth argument over who’s opinion is right or wrong, who’s comment was an ignorant one or who’s belief in a high power shouldn’t be brought into the conversation. Meanwhile another family mourns, another mother wonders, and another gun is loaded.

    I get the sense that Bermudians truly feel that we are our own little world and that we somehow are not connected to the rest of it. (when its convenient not to be). Arguing does nothing, but create more hostility, more hate, more lives lost. I have short theory on something and like the topic or not I will go there.

    We live in a time where a ton of kids grow up without a father figure in their life. Now as much as some of us will believe that this has NOTHING to do with all of this just read on. Now for a female that raises a child (lets say boy) on her own, she can only teach that child the basics of what it means to be a functioning human being, not to be a man, (while working a few jobs to make ends meet to survive). As the child grows up, and the the mother undoubtedly gone through a few different men trying to find Mr. Right, the child takes in all that he sees. Now as a female you are emotional creatures, you didn’t like a girl in high school chances are you don’t like her when your 40. With out a father in the boys life, they grow up with this same emotion, can’t let things go. Now you mix that with normal male emotions as they get older, not being focused in the right direction, you have guys who hold on to really petty things which aides to the violent acts we have in our world today. Its all a vicious circle (BY DESIGN)

    This is no means put all on the women its just a theory of what I’ve been observing. Now no its not a solution, but I am sure the person who talks negative about this post will have one and I’m happy to hear it.

    If we as a whole pull the vale from over our faces we’ll see the TRUTH. The powers that be keep us all in constant turmoil with each other, so that we can not see the garbage they do right in front of us. When we do its too late. PEOPLE please WAKE UP and UNPLUG the matrix has you. Where do all of our arguments on these situations get us, absolutely NO WHERE!!

    • Keeping it 100 says:

      I couldn’t agree more, I feel the exact same way. Bermuda we need to wake up open your eyes…

    • bermyboy says:

      WOW that was an eye opener!!

    • jredmond says:

      Thats one bullsh*t article. She called our water ‘swamp water’! LOL
      Stop reinforcing this crap. Bermuda is a safe place. Yes we do an issue with gang crime at the moment, that unfortubately doesn’t have any easy solutions. But on the whole we are still a wonderfully safe destination. Do you know that even if we kept this rate up and ended with 12 murders for the year, our murder rate would still be about half of that of the Bahamas. Most major U.S cities have a higher murder and overall crime rate.

      We need to work on the problem sensibly, and not overreact and act like we are completely falling apart. And when you read articles like this or hear people talk like this you need to call it bullsh*t. Because thats what it is.

      • Say what ? ? says:

        +Bermuda is a safe place+

        What fcn planet are you living on ? ? Bermuda … safe ? Compared to where ? Statistically , on a ‘per capita’ basis we’re way ahead of the competition . I have relatives who holiday regularly in that ‘den of evil and crime’ the USA .. They leave the house open and unlocked when they’re not there . Here in your ‘safe Bermuda’ they are on the verge of putting bars over the windows as the locked doors and windows , when they’re home , are not enough.

        Ppl like you are in serious denial ! !

        • jredmond says:

          no, your exagerating. “Statistically , on a ‘per capita’ basis” we are safe. I think it is you that should do some research. Yes the U.S has a lower per capita murder rate, but that is mostly do to with the size of the U.S and the many, many small rural towns of only several hundred people. Compared to U.S Urbanized areas (the whole of Bermuda would be considered urbanized) we are relatively safe. Especially since one or two murders here can drastically affect our rate.

          I lived in a major metropolitan U.S city for many years, and overall, like most major U.S cities, the crime rate was much higher than it is here in Bermuda.

          I’m not in denial at all. It’s the truth. I think alot of people think the same way you do, but that is because we have all probably known somebody affected my the recent surge in gang murders, because of our small size.

    • It is what it is says:

      It’s all out there for the world to see. Bermuda has allowed this to happen. This lady is just ONE of the unhappy tourists who happened to go public with her opinions – and she didn’t even get mugged! Just imagine the horrible reviews from all of the tourists that DO get mugged!!

      SMH – this place really is a “stink hole” like she said. We are going to hell in a hand basket. Time to move!!

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      OK, now I understand and in no way am I trying to minimize the issue- Bermuda IS becoming less desirable a destination with each of these murders. But here’s the thing- that was just one review, and it looked like this person had lived here for a while? As to the ‘swamp water’ clearly she’s talking out of her ass, water of such a poor quality doesn’t happen in local hotels. Musty armpit smell? Yes. Murders? Yes. Attitudinous staff? Yes. Those should be the other factors of the wake-up call.

      But here’s the other thing-every one of us who smokes a little weed ‘every now and then’ is helping fuel the economy that takes more young mens’ lives. Every hit of ecstasy that we take occasionally in a club helps kill another young man. If we are to have any hope against the gang situation we also need to address the economic power base keeping it alive and that much more appealing. Add that to the absent fathers and abusive upbringings many have had, and you have the perfect recipe. If all these boys were looking for was a ‘sense of belonging’, then they would be members of church youth groups or Boy Scouts or a sporting team. That which sets gangs apart is the demon of money. Easy. Fast. Plentiful- even more so in hard economic times like these. Add ‘easy money’ to what’s become of our work ethic, and the gang issue becomes harder still. In school, effort is rewarded no matter how small. How stupid- what motivation is there to put in a great effort when the slacker who puts hardly any in gets as much attention? Our education system is to blame in part as well. They don’t see a future, so why tread the straight and narrow? Have fun while you can, buy the expensive clothes and plasma TV’s- church, prayer, sports, dance, etc. aren’t winning over that, they can’t compete with the ‘Bling’ lifestyle. And baby mommas, next time you bad-mouth your son’s father, think of what that’s done to this child, this treasure. A child recovers from all sorts of injury, but never words. If his daddy is useless, his daddy’s blood runs in his veins too, so you just told your boy he was part loser. Part deadbeat. Part jerk. Think that helps anything?

      Selfishness and materialism are to blame. I don’t care how my weed gets here, just so long as I have it. I don’t care what my son hears, he should learn to mind his own business, but I need a better man. I don’t care where my son got this plasma TV even though he doesn’t have a job, so long as he keeps paying his way and keeps me in nice things. I don’t care about taking someone else’s life, so long as I command respect from my homies and I have mine. I don’t care what truck this stuff fell off of, so long as I can get goods cheap. You get the pattern…

      • Rockfish#2 says:

        @ Fed up Bermudian,

        Hard hitting, but true!

  34. Toni says:

    A 26 year old man was killed – shot……the assumption is that it was gang/drug related.
    What scares me is…..what if it wasn’t???

  35. Don't care what anyone says:

    Simply praying will not solve the problem. Its the same as sitting and doing nothing. God helps those who help themselves. You have to actually do something – not just pray.

    In addition, some people think this will go away when all the gang members are dead. WRONG! It is here to stay and will be the death of Bermuda.

    You can complain how PLP ruined Bermuda (or UBP) – but it is a few young ignorant thugs that will do the job very quickly.

    They’ve made tremendous progress in a short time.

  36. Unit 48/Dispatcher says:

    Well, what can we say time after time some families are left with holes in their hearts and great lost of a love one.However we need to come together and try to bring and end to this madness. Help, Help, Help is needed.

  37. The mon says:

    this come all you parent out there letting your kid grow up to early have sleep overs let them stay out at the age of 10-16 to all hours in the morning kid in BDA now think they are grown by the time they are 16 well they say buy the time a kid is 12 he/she mind is already molded people go look at what your children are posting I seeing kid in club seen got drinks I never seen in my life and that just the girls and they all want a Balla.

    • LOL (original) says:

      You must not remeber Oscar’s then.


  38. Geza Wolf says:

    We have it really easy in Bermuda, anywhere else on the planet and you will see the same thing in the headlines.

    You guys all just come on here and complain and argue with each other, doing nothing more then making this site more valuable. If they wanted to stop these guys they could. Arrest everyone whos name has been on a piece of paper connected to any gang activity in every parish hold them as long as legally possible and dig up anything you can to prosecute them.

    But that will never happen because noboody actually wants to fix this.

  39. Bubba says:

    While throwing out many boxes I came across so many articles written by Dr. Eva Hodgson about values and how if we abandon them this is what we would have in our precious paradise. The group Bermuda for Bermudians did 2 national hangout surveys (1978 & 1988) which were condemned because people felt it was okay to just hang on a wall. Combine that with abandoning our major institutions like clubs and churches, the breakdown of the family (especially the disappearance of daddy, uncle and that strong no nonsense mom/granny or aunt) and we REAP What We Sow.

    If you talk about the child and the red wagon being pulled around you are condemned.
    One politician talked filthy dirty chewing gum being sold at eye level in a local store and was told so what, the children are used to it.

    We accept low standards in school, low pants, incredible names that teachers fumble on on day one which lower the child’s self-esteem; we don’t challenge or ignore parents who insist having a tie down has nothing to do with education; we chastise hard-working teachers and principals…You reap what you sow.

    Now the foreign kids come from homes that were just like ours and will reap the benefits because we will be unemployed or dead or as some say…..have left the island.

    There are still some good families and excellent single moms.

    study them: THey have old fashioned vaules: Probably no tv in the child’s room, expectations regarding respect and hard work. They will do well……..

    We gave our children THINGS when what they really needed wasParents acting as adults with some standards.

    A mouthful but let’s face the facts. This was our month for marbles, tops, skipping, loquats, hot-cross buns and fishcakes….now it is the age of the gun because we have allowed a minority to easily change the values that made us a strong people.

    Time to take back the ground and ignore those parents who want low standards. We can achieve. We can do better. we have all the tools necessary for success.

    Time to save lives with values and standards.

  40. Terry says:

    These young men are being used. An event/s will take place sooner than later that will support my comments.

    Condolences to the families.

  41. Let's Think About This... says:

    I used to say “let’s put them all on an island, and let them kill each other.” Then it hit me: these are people, human beings, someone’s loved one. Yes, they kill, but you do realize anyone could do it? You don’t have to be from a single home with a mom who has little or no money and an absent dad to start killing. Having two parents who are present does not guarantee a crime-free life. To those who want to play the blame game, keep right on at it. You will get no where. However, if you want to actually do something, join up with programs like Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Youth In Touch, etc. There are hundreds of kids who are looking for someone to do something as simple as bring them lunch money or say good morning. One kid I know of is now a nurse’s aid at 19. His father is an addict, mom doesn’t recognize him, brothers are locked up, and he was next. One person said hello, how are you, let’s go to lunch. And you know what, he went to school, excelled, and is now on his way to better things. So don’t write off these guys just because of their family situations, where they live, etc. You want to stop the murders? Then start speaking to these kids and stop treating them like trash.

  42. itsme says:

    I really dont understand why Bermuda has NOT heard one peep from the man who is ultimately in responsible for the Police Service. Mr. Governor, can you please address what’s happening to the Island that you have been appointed to GOVERN, or is this part of a bigger plan to inform the mother country that the PLP are incapable , let dissolve parliament, put yourself in control, nutil you can get the UBP/BDA back in power.
    Things that make you say hmmmmmm.
    and for the article about Bermuda, written by a Canadian, i am amazed that one would even make reference to that. Peope are killed everyday all over the world, and YET we Bermudians still travel to those same Countries and even send out teenage children off to school in some of the various places.
    Get a life sr,unless of course you have NEVER left these 21 square miles we can Bermuda.

    • Bubba says:

      He is the boss. why haven’t you asked for his resignation. why? chicken. You don’t even know if the British Governor has any background in this area.

  43. lady G says:

    Really getting sick and tired of this crap… its sad to say but I am beginning to hate my own island! Its not fair that we Bermudians that arent involved in any of this crap have to feel as if we’re walking on egg shells and are scared to travel in certain places on this small little island that is literally a DOT on the map… this senseless violence is not called for! I have two young sons ages 7 and 9 and i fear for them as they become teenagers… Its pissing me off! STOP THE BULLS*IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im typing this with tears in my eyes because enough is enough!!!! Bermuda we need to get our BERMUDA back, it does not feel like home anymore!!!! GOD BLESS ALL

  44. Stayin Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Where have all the young man gone , long time passing ,where have all the young man gone long time ago ,gone to the cemetary everyone ,when will they ever learn , when will they ever learn…
    We are at war, there is a Guerrilla war going on around us .The participants are largely unknown to the greater community ,however,these combatants are exacting a huge toll on the psyche on the population .
    Is it time for the formation of a Guardian Angel based patrol group around certain parts of Pembroke ? JPs’ and MPs’ together with other citizens with powers to arrest and detain could ban together for the greater good .

  45. That's not what it says:

    These young fools are ruining Bermuda more than Dr Brown ever dreamed!

  46. Philip says:

    Kevin Comeau provided a very sensible and well thought out plan for tackling this issue of gang violence. Why are we not implementing it? What is the government waiting for?

    • Bubba says:

      Exactly. I agree 100%. He was ahead of his time. Makes no difference. So let’s get it done NOW.

  47. shakir says:

    Sorry to pull the race card but what would be the approach if these were white boys????

    • Terry says:

      They’d be shipped off to the USA if they were killing each other. Gotta save what little bussiness there is and employment for a vast majority of the African Bermudians.


    • Kim Smith says:

      Shakir, what do YOU think “would be the approach if these were white boys”?
      I am SO tired of this pat response… what does it satisfy in you to hold the thought/belief that the lack of resolutions is related to the fact that these criminals are black? You have a black government for goodness sake, that alone should give you some sense that the colour of the criminal is irrelevant when it comes to what is… or isn’t… being done.

    • disgusted says:

      excuse @shakir get your facts the last thirty yrs black ppl here are breedin like it goin out of style with NO responsiblilyt whatsoever.It doesnt take a rocket figure what will be the outcome.. there children selling their souls to drugs,prostitution and becomin.professional criminals.Black ppl were offended if anyone made a comment or advice on this immorality or to be called a racist.Well don’t put your stupid comment about ‘white issue’now deal with your black men runnin wild like forest animals.

  48. White boy says:

    It will involve whites soon.

  49. Kim Smith says:

    I watched Dateline last night about the problems they have in Mexico with drugs, gangs, murders and corruption. What was most disturbing was the sense that we are on the same path. Is there really any doubt that all the shootings in Bermuda are related to the drug trade.

  50. keepin it real "ALL THE WAY REAL" says:

    nobody ever cares until it one of theirs being killed. thats the sad reality of it all. everybody is talking about religon and other things as the cause of all this but in my opinion its not that. we need GOD at ALL TIMES! not just because somebody else got killed. So don’t blame it on religon. what seems to be the problem is that BERMUDA is like a “a no-mans land”. What is here for the young people do after high school. not everybody goes to college so what do they do? work? where? nobody is going hiring our young people. I know of a young man who was back home from college last summer and not one job he applied to hired him. that same boy had to go back to school with no money at the end of the summer. had his PARENTS not had the money, he would not have even been able to go back to college. so what about the one that cant afford to go overseas? its 2011 and bermuda college if it even should be called a college, dont even offer a bachelors degree program. its barely accredited. so why would our young people take their education serious knowing that the most they can get is a high school diploma? (ENOUGH ANGRY YOUNG PEOPLE IN THIS SENERIO CAN CREAT A “REALLY BIG” PROBLEM!there is nothing to work towards so your right THEY DONT CARE! WHY SHOULD THEY? WOULD YOU? so stop blaming religon. look at REALITY! n I think its F**Ked up that you people read a story about murder and then post argumentative comments about stuff that is irrelevant to the article. how you think our island got so bad? you do what they do but because your killing someone yet your different right? whatever? CHECK YASELF, AND IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE PUSH TO BRING THE TRADE SCHOOL BACK! LETS TRY AND GET A BACHELORS DEGREE PROGRAM AT OUR COLLEGE SO OUR YOUNG PEOPLE CAN WORK AND GO TO SCHOOL AND HELP THEMSELVES. STOP COMPLAINING AND TAKE SOME F**KIN ACTION!

    • Terry says:

      So if we had a trade school he would have a job. Your speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Re-read what you wrote. I am sure with good intent but shit bussiness are failing, commerce is falling around our knees, IB is leaving and Johnny Barnes waves too Gang Bangers.

      Who’s yah mumma………………………….

      • keepin it real "ALL THE WAY REAL" says:

        If you weren’t so busy trying to prove how ignorant you can be at times, you would have made mention about something near the main idea of my comment. besides those typo’s i believe what i said and what you said minus the ignorance is somewhat similar. if you can, try and find a relationship with what we wrote of. and you may note that my comment did not mean “..if we had a trade school he would have a job.”

        if you knew that once you left high school you would be looking for work because you have no chance of furthering your education. why would you even take high school serious? soon as these young guys get a taste of that easy/fast money, they’ll do anything to get it. they already have nothing to lose, what are you gonna take from them? freedom? they dont care! they know where they’re going to end up its: three meals a day, cable, phones, internet, AC, A JOB! and all their friends. thats a better life then some of the people trying to make an honest living!

        your right terry the trade school isn’t the solution but at least if we had it they could learn a trade and still have a chance to make an honest living.

  51. Sam says:

    Funnie enough whn the twins went missing u didnt hear anything else going on eveything waz very quiet. Sad to say but it waz nice n peaceful 4 once,they need to ship all of them to the US prison n watch how they really act. I betcha they will neva commit another crime again!

  52. john says:

    its trash, giving birth to trash

  53. Laura says:

    I notice that there are always a ton of comments on Bernews in gun related posts. I skim over them and I usually find that there is a lot of attacking of other people’s comments, bickering back and forth and a few suggestions about what to do coupled with comments of pure disgust with what is happening.
    I love that you all comment and share your thoughts and I can clearly see by the number of comments that gunshot and murder reports move a lot of people.

    I would love to see everyone who comments on here, and others to collectively take a stance. We sat on the Governments lawn when Dr. Brown let in the Uighurs, we petitioned and marched and marched for the SDO – why not stand together united and demand real attention so that the Government and the Police Service cannot ignore us. I think continuous public sit ins will help push the Government to be a bit more proactive rather than just cleaning up after the violence is done.

    Publish known gangsters in the news paper it should be public knowledge
    Cut off their money supply
    Make gang finger signs illegal and pick up men who are caught using them in photos on Facebook, Black and Coke etc.
    Question and search the homes of known gangster’s mothers and girlfriends- make it difficult to date gangsters and house them.

    I hope that the Government will be strong enough and proactive enough to be tough, I think we must show that we are feed up and put pressure on them so that they cannot ignore the situation.

    I hope that we soon sit in, march or petition together as a collective community! Let’s rise up and be heard !

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ Laura – ya started to be right wit ya ideas but den not so much ahah. Most of it already is in de paper…half of which SHOULDN’T even be published cut its doin more harm den good. If the USA (supposedly de greatest country in de world) CAN’T cut off de supply comin’ in den wat is Bermy gonna do!?! If ya arrested ppl for dat den you’d have a WHOLE LOT more ppl in jail den you would like. Make it difficult to date gangsters lol…umma stop right der.

    • Nicole says:

      I’ve said that on many bernews posts but usually people just get caught up on a few words and like to argue with me nonstop. Or complain that doing that is against their human rights etc.

      I think the real problem is that people are afraid. Bernews is a safe anonymous way for people to voice their “frustrations” but they won’t take it any further…but really what can we do? Marching won’t do anything. Those things you mentioned are laws that need to be changed so they can implement it. They know who are in the gangs, they already name drop in the newspaper but do nothing about it.

  54. Terry says:

    Just shoot them

  55. Firethem says:

    The PLP is a bunch of useless and costly govt.They’hv reduced BDA as a thirdworld cesspit and to breed like forest animals producin BEASTS,runnin amok in this paradise island.That’s is the only reason they are still in power bcoz they have a continual flow of ‘dyfunctional supporters.The rise of the PLP is the success single mothers and their thuggish children..

  56. Plato53 says:

    A ticking bomb of socials ills propagated by this devious bunch of ganglanders PLP.CHeck out NO response of the ppl whose is HOLDING all our’s like normal business for those expensive MPS while you’ve HIGH NOON scenario in downtown hamilton.They couldnt care only their self interest.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Ever heard of sustainable development part of which is population control, Bermuda’s population is to big for its size……………..


  57. disgusted says:

    As long as this govt is in office Bermuda will continue to decline DOWNHILL with criminals calling the SHOTS,lack of good governance will be a thing of the past and this inept,arrogant and ignorant rule will be our demise unless these dopes get their act together and give them the boot.

  58. KMHBermuda says:

    Bear in mind, too, that it’s the CURRENT government who cut the police budget at a time when the island really needs for that particular budget to be increased….

    Keep that in mind during the next general election and we’ve had to read more of the same headlines…

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Throwing money at a problem doesn’t usually solve it. Even with the best eguipment in the world, utilising overseas “experts” etc. the problem will remain until Bermudians shed the fear shackles and report apparent gang related activity to the BPS,who are duty bound to act on it. (It is understood that this is easier said than done) So far all we have is rich police officers.

      • Rockfish#2 says:


      • KMHBermuda says:

        Throwing money at a problem? Not what I’m suggesting…but cutting an already-stretched Police budget at a time when we need all the police manpower we can get is NUTS. And your comment about ‘rich police officers’…I don’t know ANY rich police officers. Most that I know are doing like the rest of us…trying to make a living and keep food on the table…

  59. Uncle Ruckus says:

    Ok they are having all these meeting so what do they plan on doing?

  60. He says:

    To hear people say he wasn’t in a gang suggests that this was a random act. Does anyone actually believe this.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Nope, chances are he offended someone or is assocated with a gangmember.