Dr Kevin Brown Found Guilty: 21 Charges

August 15, 2011

dr kevin brown california40-year-old Dr Kevin Antario Brown was found guilty by a California jury of 21 charges related to sexually assaulting nearly a dozen patients, including a 15-year-old and an undercover Los Angeles police officer.

The jury deadlocked on eight other charges. After a trial that lasted almost three weeks, the jury began deliberations on Thursday [Aug.11], and came back with a verdict today [Aug.15]. He faces nearly 17 years in prison, and his sentencing was tentatively set for September 21.

Prosecutors said he molested multiple women over five years at three of his clinics, with female patients given inappropriate breast or pelvic exams for unrelated complaints like lightheadedness or flulike symptoms.

The LA Times reported that, “Defense attorney Edi Faal called the accusations outright lies and said authorities had a vendetta against Brown because he had previously been acquitted in two other sexual assault cases.They also allege bias because one of the women was the niece of an LAPD officer.”

“Prosecutors relied heavily on testimony of the alleged victims because no physical evidence was ever collected and some of the women waited years to report Brown.”

The story received significant coverage in the American media during the trial, with many media outlets headlining the Bermuda connection.

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  1. Family Man says:

    I’m reminded of a story about apples and trees ….

  2. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    What a Black-eye for Bermuda tourism . Is it to late to disown him ?

  3. True Bermudian says:

    Enjoy prison scumbag.

  4. Bus Rider says:

    Looks like a future Premier.

    • the truth says:

      Here in Bermuda, that kind of ‘record’ on your CV can get you places! If not the Premiership, at least a nice consultant’s job…..

  5. Watching! says:

    Another life wasted for dumb reasons. God Bless the victims and their families.

  6. Original (Original) says:

    How unexpected. I mean really! I figured his old man……………….

  7. outkasted says:


  8. Dr.Dick says:

    They must be so proud of Kevin. What with his other sibling setting a good example serving hard time for various other assault felonies. Too bad for Kevin that his dad couldn’t sweep these charges aside or blame it on a UBP conspiracy. Its jail for you buddy. 17 years is a long time. Don’t drop the soap. Another Brown put down in the big house. Sr will probably be dead by the time his sex pest son gets out.

    • Down 'n' Dirty says:

      The Long Arm of THE COMBINED OPPOSITION strikes again . Now if only he could exchange three Uighers for one Bie .

    • True Bermudian says:

      Let’s hope that in prison this piece of garbage gets as good as he gave…

  9. whistling Frog says:

    No physical evidence was ever collected, even the officer with the faulty microphone and video failed to collect… WTF Justice is a _itch when it wants to be.
    Now goes the lawsuits for financial compensations, Lawyers… On your marrrk, get seeett! SUE!! America the great.

  10. Jester says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now it will be ’2 sons in jail’.

  11. Paw Paw says:

    Apples, dropping and Trees does come to mind on this, I guess success for Doc must now be gauged by how many Browns are Not in Prison. Interesting that this is not the first time either, beat the rap before though. You can be sure there must be loads of victims who didn’t come forward, having said that though I hope they all get some comfort at least from seeing this Predator being put away and hopefully for a long time. Ala the (Mid Ocean News)another One Down, One More To Go, :o )

    Here’s Hoping that people who may know and have info on Daddy’s Dealings here will come forward so that Mrs. Jacobs etc.. can make it a Hat Trick of Browns doing time.

    Well said Dr. Dick Says, I’m sure if the Doc was still Premiere this would be being blamed on the UBP, The Royal Gazette, White Folks, Self Haters ….

  12. Onion says:

    Geez, what a piece of sh*t. Watch your back in prison, new meat.

  13. joonya says:

    yeah, no Royal Gazette or Forty Thieves to ‘spin’ it to in LA…
    Oh and thanks for more bad pubilicty for the “Bermuda Connection”.
    Enjoy lockup, hope you dont get lightheadidness or flulike symptoms..

  14. sandgrownan says:

    He’s still being investigated for healthcare fraud too.

    I’m so glad his daddy sent some of hte tourism budget to help him out. Poor thing.

  15. Hmmmmm says:

    To revel in a man’s family misfortunes is beyond sick. Kevin Brown is an adult who has been convicted of crimes. He will be sentenced and justice will be done. This has nothing to do with his father. This open display of pathological hatred is shocking to me as citizen. I wonder how many of you sick people I pass every day not knowing that you harbour such disgusting sentiments to human beings. What Kevin Brown did was wrong, a jury convicted him for it and the justice system will take care of the rest. Whatever you may think of his father politically, personally or otherwise, this has nothing to do with him and to react in this way, by celebrating over a corpse is a display of the worst kind of human nature. What would you have said if the story was that a son of Dr. Brown’s had died? Would you also call that just desserts? It seems like it and that is just repulsive.

    • me myself and I says:

      @Hmmmmm I agree with you. As a parent we make our children but we don’t control their minds, He is an adult and yes he is guilty and should pay the price, but to degrade his family is disgusting. I hope these people that are talking all their trash can accept when others blame them for their children/grandchildren misconduct.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Au contraire.

      We have discussed many times on this website the breakdown of society, gangs, disaffected young men who see no future in following the norms of society, those who have no respect for and break the law, those who beleive thay are above the law and how much of the blame for this rests on poor parenting. The tone is set by hte role models or lack of them.

      Here we have an ex-Premier who practised the politics of confrontation, anger and hate, who is an admitted liar and was deemed unethical, now has two offspring in jail. It almost seems inevitable.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        You must be an astro-physicist in your spare time because I can’t connect the dots between Kevin Brown’s criminal conduct with female patients and his father’s politics.What you and so many have failed to appreciate, the period 1993 – 2010 which is Ewart Brown’s Bermuda political career is 17 years out of a political career of about 45 years. The politics he is best known for outside of Bermuda are the politics of struggle for change, desegregation, universal healthcare and social justice. Funny how in Bermuda that is now known as “confrontation, anger and hate”. All of that to say, you don’t know enough about Ewart Brown outside of the media and your own sick mind to come to any conclusion about his parenting and its effect or lack thereof on his children. Notice: I will not descend to the tit for tat about the children of polticians of the other political persuasion who are living outside of Bermuda because of the shame they might visit on their parents’ legacy. That would be equally as disgusting but since I’m dealing with you, just know that other apple trees have fruit too.

        • sandgrownan says:

          Merely pointing out Ewart’s public personna and the fact he has two sons in jail for extremely serious offences.

        • 32n64w says:

          “The politics he is best known for outside of Bermuda are the politics of struggle for change, desegregation, universal healthcare and social justice”

          - as was his son.

    • Riley B King says:

      If a son’s guilt cannot be linked to his parents, then I assume a parent’s guilt cannot be linked to his children.

      Therefore I assume you would agree that people living today cannot be held responsible for the actions of people who lived 150+ years ago.


      • Hmmmmm says:

        I have nothing against the racists of 150 years ago. Its the ones today that stick in my craw.

        • Rick Rock says:

          I have nothing against corrupt slimeball thug criminals of 150 years ago. Its the ones today that stick in my craw.

          Do you actually have an answer to Mr King’s question?

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ Riley B King
        Interesting comment about tying parent’s guilt to children. The answer may actually be yes. My rationale…

        Let’s assume that my great great grandfather was a criminal. On the basis of his crimes, he was able to buy a house for say $250,000. That house has now been inherited by me (debt free) and is worth $2m in 2011. Can I truly claim to be innocent – factually or morally?

        This is the sort of dilemma that many are faced with today. Do I sell the house? Do I ignore the reality of history and proudly proclaim how luxurious the house is? Or do I quietly enjoy the house and act as though anyone else who has a smaller house or no house at all is of ‘lesser value’ than me. In some cases, people recognise the advantages of inherited wealth and dedicate a portion of their time to charitable causes.

        I could easily expand the example. For example, if you have inherited a house based on someone else’s criminal behaviour, you do not have to worry about paying a mortgage and can therefore spend money on a child’s education, travelling etc or simply not working.

        The advantages of inherited wealth are substantial. Whilst clearly (in this example) you are not responsible for your great great grandfather’s crimes, you surely cannot sit by and act as though you are not a benefciary of his crimes.

    • Justiceisserved says:

      Get over yourself, tarnish your name. but when the name of our country is insulted throughout international media then he must accept guilt. In other countrys a politicians family is very much in the spotlight and has a huge impact on their campaign success, why should Bermuda be any different???

      If Mr. Barritts children had been in this situation would you think differently (that was a rhetorical question)…

    • Rick Rock says:

      “To revel in a man’s family misfortunes is beyond sick”. ….
      Actually, it;s a a doctor who sexually assaults his female patients who is beyond sick.
      You’re so far up Brown’s ass you can’t even see that.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Temper, temper. “You have to have a thick skin – but when people start throwing insults, you know you’re winning the debate because they have to resort to that.” – Bob Richards; Bermuda Sun interview, page 6, 17th August 2011. For your guidance.

        • Riley B King says:

          Not sure if it’s an insult…I think he’s pointing out the impression you create. An insult would be calling someone a “racist dog”, for example.

          Incidently, is it throwing an insult when you call people with whom you disagree “you sick people” and “sick and twisted”?

  16. Patrick says:

    Now I am going to have to call the cops on my doctor.

    That pretty young thing put on a latex glove and ran her fingers up my behind.

    I knew she was a criminal because I saw her smile.

  17. Big Bubba .. says:

    Son , One day your the Pigeon and ,well the next , You’re the statue .

  18. Yes Mate = no mate says:

    Hey didn’t the BIG DR order Bermuda Gov public funds to sent to the Playboy Mansion for some annual poker tournament that he and his son attended. Little DR Jr should have kept is sexually problems in the Playboy Mansion since we paid for it.

  19. My two cents says:

    Most of us have NO idea how Dr. Brown raised his sons.
    You can say things like apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but with something this serious, I don’t think that is fair to say.
    People that abuse others have usually had some sort of abuse in their past whether it be emotional, physical, or sexual.(not necessarily a family member) Sometimes individuals get used to getting whatever they want and develop such a huge ego that they think they are above the law. Hollywood comes to mind.
    None of us know WHY this man did what he did and it is irresponsible to assume anything other than he was found guilty. I am NO fan of the governance of Dr. Brown, but I can honestly say that I feel bad for his family right now. I do not get ANY satisfaction seeing this happen to his son.

    • sandgrownan says:

      ” Sometimes individuals get used to getting whatever they want and develop such a huge ego that they think they are above the law. Hollywood comes to mind.”

      Actually, Ewart springs to mind.

  20. Original (Original) says:

    Have to agree with 2 cents. I never thought I’d feel sorry for Dr. Brown but I certainly do in this case. I imagine he knows his son will become somebody’s b*tch in jail and his rectum will quite likely be stretched.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Nah. Kevin abused his position of trust and sexually assaulted multiple women, including a 15 year old girl. Hard to feel sorry for him.

      • PEPPER says:

        The next time you women have a sprained ankle !! and your male doc wants to examine your breasts or your vagina to find out why your ankle hurts BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Triangle Drifter says:

    Justice well served. Now if only the local front could grow a pair & start an investigation on where the millions went from here. We know some went to the Playboy mansion, some more went to Beyonnce, more went to other entertainers & entertainment, travel, top hotel rooms. Should not be to hard to find out who the beneficiary of all that was & who approved the spending of that money.

    A Royal Commission similar to the Turks & Caicos seems to be in order. Along with fruit falling from trees there seems to be some birds flocking together.

    • True Bermudian says:

      I think you meant BILLIONS.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      You people know more about Government expenditure now than you have ever known. In painful detail you have all googled yourselves silly so you know all the friends, family and associates to whom every freakin penny has gone. When will you finally get over the investigation fetish and accept that what you know, is all there is to know? Just because you think it, doesn’t make it so. That’s the definition of delusion. Why don’t you all just be honest and say that you’re pissed off because the guy actually had the balls to govern and spend your money like he had won an election. But if the aim of this exercise is to satisfy your “I know he’s a thief” mantra as opposed to looking for what really happened then you’ll be disappointed every time. You don’t even realize how sick and twisted you are. Weeks ago everyone was lining up to sound the alarm about the “faulty construction” on the Dockyard cruise pier. Big front page spread, comments up the ying yang and the rest. Meanwhile every day since, a $100million ship has been tied up to it. For you it needs a Royal Commission,more investigation,Columbo, CSI and Law&Order; but for the cruise lines who you think something like this would matter the most, and who stand to lose millions upon millions its apparently not an issue………get a grip on reality and realize that only you all think there’s something in this stuff. Many of us are not fooled. Try and temper your hatred and venom with a little common sense, it might help in the election.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Nice rant. But delusional.

        • Hmmmmm says:

          Then deny it or match it.

          • sandgrownan says:

            Tried to, a little “rich” for Bernews, and that’s their perogative.

      • G says:

        I don’t understand your comment… Had the balls to spend money? I think the spending of our government has been way way out of bounds, especially under the leadership of Doc. It is this spending which has put Bermuda in a very scary position of being backed into a corner. If the government did not line their own pockets with money they sure did waste a lot!! Either way it means the same thing to us in the end.

  22. Geza Wolf says:

    Funny…if the kids a gangster the parents are to blame. If the kids a sexual deviant then its just somebody else fault.

    • Paw Paw says:

      Well Said Geza, I have no sympathy for either of em!! Reap and Sow also come to mind here,

  23. Paw Paw says:

    Well Said Geza, I have no sympathy for either of em!! I can recall my Parents telling me about Reaping and Sowing …

  24. kiskadee says:

    Thank God —-justice has been served and the pervert is put away for a long time.

  25. Stats show that 1 out of every three black men in the US will be incarcerated at some point in their life, does that mean that 1 out of every three black mothers and fathers in the US are somehow getting their just deserts, were bad parents and paying for some sort of karmic retribution?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Big question…and lots of answers to that one….

  26. The posts on this thread don’t indicate that there are lots of answers, they seem to point to one answer, that the conviction of this 40 yr. old father of two is some sort of payback because of his father’s political stance in another country thousands of miles away. Geez, I wonder what Jeffery Dahmer and Timothy McVeigh’s parents did to make their sons a canibal and a terrorist?

    • sandgrownan says:

      No, I suspect, given that Ewart is about as popular as a fart in a space suit, and has the ethics of Rebekkah Brooks, that any sort of misfortune makes people smile. They won’t forget easily the damage he did to this island socially and financially.

      Karma’s a bitch.

  27. next? says:

    Quite interesting to see the appearance of Hmmmm.
    The very first literate PLP diehard!

  28. @ Sandgrownan, if karma is simply misfortune that delivers payback to those who deserve it, when you read about the thousands of babies dying by the minute in somalia due to the drought there, is your response, Karma’s a bitch as well?

  29. Haha says:

    I love it. God punished him for what he has done. You can say whatever u want but i know 100% is guilty.. God did the judging and I am so elated. Now he can feel what all the victims felt; since he is a Dr he can maybe cure all the Staph and VD diseases he might get from bending over picking up the soap. I am thanking God every second of the day, for judging him accordingly and I dont care what anyone else thinks because I KNOW THE GOD HONEST TRUTH THAT THIS MAN IS SEXUALLY PREDATOR. I feel sorry for all the people that are in true denial of what he has done over and over, but this time he is done.. I do feel sorry for his children because they dont deserve a father like this… Kevin is GUILTY!! Enjoy your stay Kevin Brown…

  30. Why is everyone so passionately happy about this. Kevin was not born here, did not grow up here, seems to have spent no time here yet you’re celebrating like it’s a victory. Is it because you feel that it’s payback on Dr. Ewart Brown?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Basically. Ewart was/is a prick. I take your point that it’s not logical, but such is the dislike for the man, any misfortune that lands on him is good news.

      Looks like Ewart has two pricks for sons too. So, there’s a natural feeling of trees/apples, however irrational.

      • Martha says:

        Marthas Vineyard here we come . Kevin deal with this mess yourself ,cause the President and his family will be there on holiday , so me and mommy will go up to the house and maybe we may glimpse them .

  31. Again I ask are Jeffery Dahmer and Timothy McVeigh’s parents somehow getting their just deserts as well? The parents of the men in Westgate, trees/apples as well? If Kevin had been killed in a car accident would that be karma as well? It all reminds me of Black people in the US feeling some sort of victory when OJ got off. In the words of Chris Rock, what did we win?

  32. sandgrownan says:

    The question is not relevant, false equivalency is still false equivalency.

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ Sandgrownan
      I think you may be taking false equivalence out of context. Please help us all and explain what you undertand false equivalence to be (no one liners).

      In addition if you explain karma as ‘misfortune’, that too seems to be taken out of context. The acts that Dr. Brown (the son) was convicted of can not equate to misfortune. The actions were deliberate by him.

      I would offer that misfortune are those things that happen to you thru no fault of your own. Two examples might be if you live a healthy lifestyle but develop lung cancer or if you are hit by a car that runs a red light.

      With respect to the posts in general and the overalll tone, I think we should all be concerned about the impact that Dr. Brown (former Premier) has had on us. How can we possibly be at a stage where we are celebrating the fact that his son has been convicted of a crime and may now spend a considerable period in jail??

      According to published reports, he is 40 years old with 2 children and a wife. Are we saying that they somehow deserved the obvious stress and strain that they will now have to endure? Depending on his sentence, the 2 children may have to endure an extended period without their father (that is another example of misfortune since his children are not responsible for his actions).

      Whilst we may not all agree, we must be prepared to forgive before we can be forgiven.

  33. I’m confused about this false equivalency, if the issue is that a sex offender was convicted, there are sex offenders convicted every day, some right here in Bermuda. Again I ask, why the joy over this conviction which has a very little to do with Bermuda. He’s not bermudian, nor is his mother, nor was his father in a sense a the time. It’s as silly as celebrating Antonio Pierce winning the super bowl with the giants, he too was born in the US, raised by his american mother and has no real connection to Bermuda aside from the fact that his father was a bermudian living in the US. If we celebrate this we have to celebrate them all.

  34. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    A very small segment of the American populace would have celebrated when JFK was assassinated and maybe for the same reason , they hated Joseph Kennedy Sr.
    False equivalency aside , there are many people in Bermuda ,many people who don’t care for Ewart Brown . And thats a fact . Also this transcends race and/or political affiliation .
    Unfortunately Ewart has only himself to blame , not that it matters to him .

  35. @ Down and Dirty, he has himself to blame for the happiness people have for his 40 yr old son’s conviction? Makes no sense. It’s not like Dr. Brown was convicted. What if it was his nephew, would that be cause for joy as well? His brother? Dr. Brown has two sons who just graduated from university, should we keep our fingers crossed that they too meet some horrible end so that we can rejoice again. It’s just baffling. If Kevin go the death penalty I guess there’d be dancing in the streets.

  36. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    @ Island Dreams , Yes he has himself to blame for the euphoric emotions that people are expressing here . Emotions are often not logical they are simply … Emotions .
    People on this Island couldn’t care less for the sons of Ewart Brown . If the son of Sir John Swan was to bring upon himself a similar fate , I believe it would be safe to say that most Bermudians would probably feel bad for Sir John .
    It is the relationship between the people and their elected leaders thats respected , and Ewart never quite earned a healthy respect from the people that he had the priviledge to lead .

  37. @ Down and Dirty, John Swan? Euphoric emotions? Your logic sounds just weird. Are you saying if Nick Swan were a convicted sex offender we’d all feel bad for Sir John? If so, is there a list of politicians we can feel sorry for and not feel sorry for? :)

  38. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    @Island Dreams , It’s a weird and wonderful world we live in . Kevin will be O.k. in Lancaster , Salinas Valley ,Folsom or wherever Cal.Dept of Correc. puts those type of folks . Daddy has the means and more importantly ,Time , to visit the miscreant . Dream On , are fellings will never change for Ewart Brown .

  39. “are fellings will never change for Ewart Brown.” don’t you mean “our” feelings? You’re anger is clouding your mind, but it’s good for a laugh. Good luck shaking your fists in your imagined victory.