UK Woman Convicted, Ordered To Pay Police

August 19, 2011

An English woman who caused a flight to be diverted to Bermuda after kicking and biting airline staff was convicted in a U.K. Court and ordered to pay £2,476 [$4,100] costs to the Bermuda Police.

In November of last year, a flight traveling from the UK to the Dominican Republic was diverted to Bermuda due to the behaviour of Ms Close.

She remained custody in Bermuda she was flown back to the UK on a commercial flight under the escort of two Bermuda Police Service officers. They arrived in Manchester, where she was taken into custody by Manchester police officers.


45-year-old Carol Close pleaded guilty in a Manchester Court to two charges of assault, and a further charge of affray. She was ordered to pay £2,476 [$4,100] costs to the Bermuda Police and £200 compensation to each of the cabin crew she assaulted.

The DailyMail reports that, “Charity worker Carol Close bit, kicked and punched flight attendants after becoming increasingly angry on the Thomson Airlines flight.”

“Her behaviour became so bad that her own husband, then passengers sitting nearby, had to be moved for safety reasons. She twice had to be forcibly restrained and put in handcuffs.”

“Eventually, the pilot became so concerned that he issued a Mayday call asking to make an emergency landing in Bermuda. Passengers were so relieved to be rid of Close they cheered when police officers boarded to arrest her.”

Judge Timothy Mort said he felt able to suspend her six-month jail term for 18 months because it was a “wholly exceptional” case.

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  1. Think about it says:

    She sounds like she needs to be put in a mental institution

    • LOLA says:

      i agree her husband shouldve gripped her up, must have been really embarrassing to him.

  2. Impressed says:

    So I wanna know… what got her so pissed off in the first place? LOL – true Bermudian here…

    • Postive Thinking says:

      She is Britsh. The flight was diverted to Bermuda.

  3. it is what it is says:

    Her meds must have started to wear off……

  4. Lime J says:

    What a Cow !

  5. through the lens says:

    Finally justice has been served. I actually like the file photo. A reverse OREO.
    Bernews you made my day.

  6. through the lens says:

    Terry – I just call it like i see it. You can pretend like we all friends and used to shoot marbles together. But, yup it feels good to see that people of all races actually commit crimes. Does this one hit home for you, because she from the mother country.

    • Common Sense says:

      @through the lens says – Have you been watching the recent riots plaguing cities in the mother country? Have you been watching or reading anything about the subsequent court cases where offenders have been brought to court? I would say that the majority of the rioters were white, but it didn’t seem to matter what colour or ethnic group, or class they belonged to. They were taken to court in droves based on the evidence available. That is justice as experienced by the mother country!

  7. through the lens says:

    @ Common Sense.. Not only have i watched the rioting in the UK, which started when white police shot and killed a young men of color, Mark Duggan on Aug 4th. But as usual the Police would have you believe that the young man was at fault.
    But we will NEVER know the truth, because a dead man tells no lies.
    But one of your commentators said it right. ‘ White people are the NEW Blacks ‘
    Why is it that the blacks held a peaceful demonstration, yet the whites decided to riot and loot following his death?
    TV and Media would have the world to believe that only Blacks commit crimes and when white people commit crimes, there is always some excuse. So pardon me, if when justice is served it makes me smile.
    Too often we hear of people of different races commit the same crime and yet the sentence isn’t the same. Even happening in Bermuda Courts.
    So spare me…….

  8. Winnie says:

    So why is the officer trying to conceal her face ??. We don’t pay you to do that.