Burglar Jailed For Hotel Break-In

January 12, 2012

42-year-old Stanley Eugene Davis was given a twelve month prison sentence after pleading guilty to a charge of burglary, which involved him breaking into a hotel and getting into a fight with the guest.

Mr Davis admitted breaking into a hotel suite at a the Hamilton Princess, which at the time was occupied by an elderly couple from the USA, who had gone to sleep with their balcony sliding door partly open.

At 2:30am, on 22nd November 2010, the male guest woke and used the bathroom. On returning to bed, he saw a man’s head appear at the foot of the bed. The hotel guest jumped up and scuffled with the intruder. During the scuffle, several punches were thrown and the guest said that the intruder had shouted: “I have a gun.”

The intruder managed to escape by getting through the partly open sliding door and then jumping off the balcony and running away. After Police and Hotel Security attended, they found a blue sweatshirt and cap on a chair. Neither item belonged to the hotel guests.

DNA tests were carried out on this clothing and the DNA matched that of Stanley Davis. After his guilty plea, dressed in his prison clothes, speaking for himself, Mr Davis started out by throwing up both his hands and saying: “I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Mr Davis went on: “Yes, I have a very extraordinary record. I wish I had magic and could make it all go away. I was first sent to prison when I was 19 and ever since then I’ve been in and out.

“I’ve made attempts to straighten out. I’ve never had an opportunity to get into the Alternative To Incarceration program but I have taken advantage of courses offered in the prison. The real Stanley has the capacity to sit over there where the reporters are sitting.”

“Presently I’m doing a two year sentence. I wish this trial had been earlier so that the sentence could have been at the same time. I’m doing my best to get my life behind me. At Westgate, I see lots of young men coming in. I tell them to look at me and ‘you don’t want to do what I’ve done’. “

“I’m cognizant of the fact that I have a bad record. What I did is bad for Tourism and I know that Tourism is the third pillar of our economy. Yes, I did it.”

However, seeking to rebut part of the evidence, Mr Davis said: “I didn’t have a gun. I’ve only seen guns twice. The first time in a Police Station. The second time I was in a local drug neighbourhood and I was threatened and I ran out of there real fast.”

Mr Davis ended by reminding Magistrate Tokunbo that many years ago, he (Davis) and his family, had given overnight accommodation to the Magistrate, who, at the time was a college student on his way to college in Ohio.

The Magistrate thanked Mr Davis for his speech and said that he hoped that the next time that he saw him, that he (Davis) would indeed be sitting where the reporters sit.

Asked what the other two legs of Bermuda’s economy were, Mr Davis replied International Business and Drugs.

Magistrate Tokunbo said that Mr Davis would receive a punishment of twelve months in prison with this year running consecutive to his current two year sentence. On release, the Magistrate ordered that Mr Davis must also serve three years Probation under conditions set by Court Services.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Legal Reasons? says:

    “…I know that Tourism is the third pillar of our economy…”

    “Asked what the other two legs of Bermuda’s economy were, Mr Davis replied International Business and Drugs.”

    A+ for speaking the truth!

  2. axplanation says:

    Nah officer its like um tellin U dun, I vernt eeeen doin nuiffin like det dur d reeel reeezun I was hidin wuz b cause d wisitor wuz like lets play hidin’goseeek like! dahn at d bar wen I wuz wif my bredrun potatoe skins!  an I wuz hidin like! an ivernt eeen  sayin ignorants like um gotta gun, I vuz sayin UM GONE, UM GONE! I didn’t kno det we wur playin wrastlin 2!

  3. Tommy Chong says:

    Too bad the hotel guest didn’t push this freak off the balcony. SPLAT!!! Would’ve been one less low life wasting the fresh air here. At least he got some bumps in before this fool escaped. Hopefully he got some good ones in & left him with some lumps.

    • EXCUSE ME says:

      Sir this Freak as you say needs help, who are you to JUDGE. The Low Life LOser is YOU.Dingbat

  4. Bermyman says:

    What are the Alternatives to incarceration? We should have our prisoners working on the roads and in other government run projects, cheap labor and chance for them to learn some discipline and hard days work? Especially for these young guys, I don’t know why they are not sentenced to Regiment full time (minus the guns?. It seems that it would help people who have a brush with the law to be up at Warwick Camp 24/7.I am sure it would help curb the chances of re-offending.

  5. Tommy Chong says:

    “Mr Davis ended by reminding Magistrate Tokunbo that many years ago, he (Davis) and his family, had given overnight accommodation to the Magistrate, who, at the time was a college student on his way to college in Ohio.”

    This is the problem with the justice system in Bermuda, EVERY BODY HAS MATES!!! Are they going to help out the victim’s of their, “MATES” out after the damage is done. If someone is called to jury duty & they have any type connection with the accused they are not allowed to be a juror of that case. How is it acceptable to have a Magistrate have connections to defendant & be able to try the case? IMO this case is biased & needs a retrial with a different judge.

    • Wondering says:

      If that is the case, perhaps when selecting persons for Jury duty they ask if they are members of local Lodge’s and not allow them to sit. There is very strong persuasion in them there lodge’s…

  6. seen it all before says:

    At 42 years of age he’s set in his ways no matter what he says. Just another smooth talking BS’er .

    He’ll be back in the news again for the same stuff shortly after he gets released .

    And for attacking the heart of what used to be our prime industry and helping spread even more negative word of mouth he should have been handed a 20 year sentence , no parole. Let’s start setting some examples here . That couple will never be the same.

  7. Old Friend says:

    Stanley is a old friend of mine from when we wer teenagers livin in St.Geo. He realy is a good guy just another young man whos life has been destroyed by drugs. As many times that i n many others hav tried 2 help him he just cant seem 2 pull away from the power that drugs hav over him. I wish i had the cure 4 the power that drugs hav over people, the world would b a better place. By the way stanley is 45years old.

    • Wondering says:

      I knew Stanley as a student at EEP and as a junior member at the old Community Centre. As he said, he does have the ability to be sitting in the reporters section of the court. He is a good guy and as Old Friend says another life destroyed by the power of drugs.

  8. black pearl says:

    Cosign “seen it all before “

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Scum like this who rob what little is left of tourism should be treated as terrorists.

    Reminds me of a client I once had. He & his wife visited Bermuda every year, usually staying two weeks at one of what used to be a premier cottage colony in one of the most expensive suites.

    One night after being rude to by a taxi driver he was robbed in his room.

    That client/friend does not come to Bermuda anymore.

  10. Back says:

    Hanging for all thiefs the lowest form of scum!