Suspected Stolen Jewellery Recovered

January 5, 2012

[Updated with photos] A large quantity of suspected stolen jewellery has been recovered after police executed a search warrant in relation to an ongoing investigation. Photos, provided by the police, of some of the jewellery is below.

A police spokesperson said, “Detectives investigating the case are encouraging anyone who may have had jewellery stolen, particularly prior to June 15th 2011, to attend the Hamilton Police Station at 52 Victoria Street in Pembroke to view the recovered items between 10am and 2pm on Friday, January 6th 2012.

“In order to verify and claim any item(s), persons should have suitable proof of ownership” the police said.

“In addition, anyone with any information regarding this suspected stolen jewellery is encouraged to contact Detective Constable Avasonjia Hewitt or Detective Constable Alickson Severin at 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update Jan.7, 11.15am: Following comments made below we sought to obtain further information from the police, however police declined to comment saying that it is an ongoing investigation.

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  1. 80's Role Model says:

    he had the right plan .. jus not the right end #GOLDONDECK

  2. Aiming4Equality!! says:

    I have an idea of who the young man is that they seized these goods from, he’s been facing redicule 4 quite sometime due to the actions of others and now this, they won’t give this kid a break just trying to destroy his good name and image. Hold your head up bro it’s almost over they can’t keep a good man down.

  3. Always Something... says:

    Please note the word “suspected”. This is merely another attempt by the mighty BPS to to shut down a legitimate enterprising young black male.

    • Aiming4Equality!! says:

      @ Always something I agree totally there should be some action this young man could take against them because I’m sure he has a few people that look at him differently without hearing the truths of the matters. There has to be some law that can get this young man some compensation for the tainting of his image because you know someone knows who this is and in Bermuda you know people just tend to run off with they mouth and judge folk SMH.

      • Always Something... says:

        I agree. It’s unfortunate that our people are like that. I think it’s time for a wiki site, one that sheds light on all the false propaganda that is distributed on sites like this an others. This has really p*used me off tonight. Stay tuned!

    • Truth (Original) says:

      You honestly believe that the BPS is out to bring down one “enterprising” young black male?

      • Always Something... says:

        If you knew all the facts of this case you would agree also. I hope that Bernews will allow a follow-up story once this is all said and done. Only then will you be able to see how dated and bias Bermuda’s legal system and those in positions of power can be.

  4. Jo Public says:

    If he is truly an entrepreneur selling jewellery that is being victimized by the police, all he would have to do is produce the Bermuda Customs Decleration form that would have been produced when these items were imported which would show that duty was paid. If he does not have it customs can help him find it. If not his freight forwarder, Fed Ex , UPS , DHL can help with this proof of importationa and payment. If they wont help, a copy of a check , credit card receipt or statement, wire transfer payment or something top show that he purchased these items legally and paid import duty when they were imported would prove him innocent. Even the shop owner, or business can usually get an invoice copy if a person provides an estimated date of purchase. If not ….hmmmmm ….can’t blame the police.

    • Always Something... says:

      Lets assume that all of these documents are in order. Lets also assume that there are records from FedEx showing that some of the items were purchased overseas, and there are records from Bermuda Customs showing that duty had been paid. Heck lets say that there were wire transfers made to obtain some of the items and there are bank records as well as records from the stores that they were purchased. And the custom items…Hmmmm looks like Gem Cellar work to me… Then what Joe Public? Is it then safe to say that there may me some sort of personal vendetta against this individual? What if EVERY SINGLE TIME both this individual and his main associate travel they are not only hassled by Bermuda Customs, Police and United States Customs? Only to be told by the ‘higher ups’ that they are only doing there jobs. Please keep in mind that there have been no convictions for anything! I speak as his associate just to make it clear. I am a University Graduate simply trying to make a better life for myself. NOTHING that has been done is illegal! This is merely another example of how media can influence the thoughts of the viewers. What if the article title read, “Does this look familiar?” and the caption read, ‘BPS recently obtained these items after detaining a young man on unrelated and false charges that were later dismissed by the courts.” “The items are due to go back to the young man today but the BPS wants to insure that none of these items may be stolen.” How does it read now???!!! #pissmeoff

      • ronnie says:

        Always something- as a university grad, you should check your grammar- “wants to INSURE?

        • Always Something... says:

          Thanks for the grammatical correction… Send me your email address, Ill send you’re my grad papers for correction.

          • Always Something... says:


            • ronnie says:


              • tricks are for kids..... says:

                He has made some valid points ‘ronnie’ and your only comeback is a word that was spelled incorrectly? that’s lame!!!!!!!!

  5. For Real says:

    Well….I will add this…if in fact this individual is legit and as clever as they are made out to be, this individual should have proof of purchase or if it were purchased as scrap gold, in this digital age…a signed pic of seller with license and jewellery. Case closed!!!!!

    • ronnie says:

      I agree, there must be some proof of ownership-somewhere!

  6. ThaPissedOffOwnerOfTheGoodz says:

    For the last six months I’ve dealt with the harassement and intrusive nature of the BPS, this is not to say all bps staff are unfair but there are a few in my case that I will say are totally unfair needlezz to say unjust is the new just. Sure we need police I’m all for it to they overstep there boundaries and use there power to do what ever they’d like. Why is it that I’ve been arrested for something that didn’t conern me 6 months ago then a week or so ago I go court charges are dropped and then I request my itemz back and now they decide to pull this f#@$king stunt why wasn’t it done sooner why now?? I’m a legitimate business man who has been buying and selling jewels since my departure from high school in 2005 after my experience of redicule from the bps for the past 6 months my respect for them has dramatically been lowered and to the radio personal that are mixing up the words and making it appear stolen screw u you guys have no idea how unjust this supposed justice system is. #SpeakingFromFrustrationAndAnger!!!!!!!!!!

  7. tower99 says:

    Well I know de owner of all dat gold and he is a legit guy! All that gold is bought fair and square I can promise u dat! Police are worried bout some guy trying to make it in dis world by buying and selling gold when they should be worried bout the shootings and murders and a%$holes f^%king around with little children! Get ya priorities straight Bermuda Police or should I say MICKY MOUSE POLICE FORCE!!!!!!

    • Ganja Mon says:

      I agree with that !! They let the pedophiles walk away free every week but would rather knock a next man for doing way less harm to the community..

  8. BitterSweet says:

    i know the guy personally he has been selling gold for years now. he goes away bring it in n even buys others gold off them. all the gold they have their in the pics was in his saftey deposit box, and some from his house, they are trying to link him to a case he has nothing to do with, and the only real evidence they have is a phone that he sold to someone and a location in the world he hasnt been to in years, keep ya head up

    • ronnie says:

      That’s all the more reason he should have proof that he owns these items – he brouht it in? Where is his customs receipt. Probably YOU know.

      • tricks are for kids..... says:

        Ronnie..just out of curiousity do you have an axe to grind with the individual in question? because you seem to be riding his ‘-ick’ just as hard as the police……

  9. cocoa says:

    To Pissed off owner:- I dont know you but somehow I belive your story, all I can sy is keep your chin up. I hope it sll work out for you.

  10. Can't Take It Anymore says:

    That looks like the chain that stolen from my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ThaPissedOffOwnerOfTheGoodz says:

    Thank you @ cocoa and everyone else who is in support of me on here. @ Cant Take it Anymore which one? and I’m pretty sure it’s not yours I’ve spoken with all whom I’ve purchased these items and have proof for the items that belong to my personal personal collection so if u have any dispute get @ me. But it’s really funny how they trying to black ball me all of a sudden you’ve had 6 months BPS 6 MONTHS!!! Why when I try 2 claim my goodz you come with this BS SMH some of u needa be fired cause yall doing me maliscious. Another thing the charge I’ve been cleared of has nothing to do with stolen goods nothing has even been mentioned to me about stolen goods throughout my ordeal so how is it you can just go in my safety deposit box at the bank cause the not being totally honest yall they aint get this from my house and showcase it. But it’s alright I believe in Karma and I believe whom ever is responsible for all this mishandling of situation will be dealt with accordingly. Further more it’s not a crime to buy gold with out getting a recipt for it people do it all the time. #ThatIsAll!!!

  12. ThaPissedOffOwnerOfTheGoodz says:

    Also I really have nothing for the media because a lot of stuff gets twisted but as far as what you’ve wrote @ bernews in comparison towhat other media wrote I applaud you. They have said that a qauntity of stolen goods has been recovered and talking as if it’s a give away or something I’m heated at them. You’ve wrote suspected and it’s only suspected because of the amount seized but what people fail to realize is I was buying jewelry away and coming back to barter for gold or sell my jewelry to purchase gold and thats why I had so much of it @ once.

  13. ThaPissedOffOwnerOfTheGoodz says:

    Thank you Bitter Sweet

  14. from the sidelines says:

    OK , now I’m really confused …According to the nightly evening news tonight , NUMEROUS people have come forward and identified much of this jewelry as theirs and most have even produced reciepts to prove it .

    Exactly what is going on here ?

    • Always Something... says:

      If they announced that pigs could fly would you believe that too?

      • Sebastian says:

        So, you are saying that we should believe YOU who do not have ANY proof of ownership and dismiss these people who have proof of ownership? Come on now, you have to come up with something more plausable, after all you ARE a college grad, right?

    • ronnie says:

      I was wondering about that myself!!

  15. ThaPissedOffOwnerOfTheGoodz says:

    F@#$king BS thats what it is they better not give one f@%$king thing away I swear!!!! People are reading this and saying oh ya I can get in on this. Words cant explain how pissed I am only if u knew what I have to say but its is far to explicit for this site I’m so pissed BPS will pay!!!!!!!

  16. ThaPissedOffOwnerOfTheGoodz says:

    To all the small minded folk on here that read what you see in the media and take it as 100 percent reality I wish to you that your mind would expand you never know the whole truths of the matter to you’ve heard both sides and I’m the other side and I have a few points to make. 1.Why is that I havent been given the chance to prove these are my items before this stunt was pulled because I have documentation for a good sum of it and pictures in my phone as well as well as verbal accounts from people who also may have pictures etc 2. The charges I was brought up on have no relevance to stolen goods and I’d like to add they’ve given me everything back but my gold so far they had my cpu my passport even took my drivers license and bank cards all have been given back but my gold!! 3.They’ve had my stuff for 6 months to those that think this happened yesterday so why is it now that the charges that have been dropped and I request the last of my items back and they now decide 2 start plastering my items all over the net because I come to claim them I’ll tell you why cause they are out for blood they have a bone to pick with me because they think I was involved in something that doesn’t concern me one bit hence the charges were dropped. So think on that this whole ordeal has been hell I really don’t care what none of you think because I know the truth and I only owe God an explanation so look at the hard facts and re assess your comments. So what has happened in short to um it all up They’ve intruded my life they’ve tainted my image disregarded any attempt to let me give proof that those items are mine and have showed once more that they can do what ever they like with out consequence!!!!

  17. ThaPissedOffOwnerOfTheGoodz says:

    You guys are so into tryna give me flack that you don’t want to shed light on how the police are in contravention of the succesful outcome of the give back of my itemz shame on u who worship the police they are man just like me and you no more no less. I’d also like to say it not the whole force I’m just venting from the actionz taken on by the few in my case.

  18. CONFUSED. says:

    All you’re saying is bulls, it’s quite obvious that you have something to hide. Why would the police deny you the opportunity to provide proof of ownership or legitimacy of your so called business and transactions regarding the acquisition of this quantity of gold. More so any investigation conducted by the police is done in stages, observing the rights of all parties involved especially the alleged (suspect(s)) I do believe that much of these items of gold were not obtained legally and this is supported by the number of persons who have turned up and identified items of jewelry with supporting documents.