Senator Fahy On Planning Appeals Review Delay

April 16, 2012

The planning appeals matter is “one of the better examples of the Progressive Labour Party’s now well-known disdain for following the rules,” said OBA Senator Michael Fahy.

Senator Fahy noted it will soon be six months since Walter Roban stepped down from Cabinet and a decision has not been made yet, which he called a “ridiculously long time to deal with and finally put to rest one of the most extraordinarily scandalous Planning decisions ever taken.”

Mr Roban resigned from his position as Minister for Public Works in November 2011 after controversy following his decision to allow planning appeals by both Minister Zane Desilva and Minister Wayne Furbert.

Government said Mr Roban’s decision on the appeals was void because he had already left the Environment and Planning portfolio before his Parliamentary colleagues were notified.

In mid-November 2011 the newly appointed Minister of the Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Marc Bean said he would review the files, and make a decision on the appeals.

Senator Fahy said, “Soon, it will have been six months since Walter Roban, then Minister of the Environment, thumbed his nose at Bermuda’s Planning laws by signing a letter overturning his own Department’s refusal to allow two of his Cabinet colleagues to go ahead with building projects. One of those projects sacrificed some of Bermuda’s most environmentally sensitive land.

“In the outcry that followed, he quickly and quite rightly resigned to save the Government further embarrassment. The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) has made an excellent video describing that decision in simple, understandable terms.

“Mr Roban’s successor, Marc Bean, undertook to review the two projects and make a final ruling. In the interest of proper transparency, the public would be informed as soon as he had made his decision, he said.

“Nearly six months for a Planning decision to be made might be a familiar story for many applicants, but it is surely a ridiculously long time to deal with and finally put to rest one of the most extraordinarily scandalous Planning decisions ever taken,” added Senator Fahy.

“I’m surprised that Health Minister Zane DeSilva, whose application it was to build three warehouses on Devonshire Marsh, has not himself done the right thing by his party and Bermuda and withdrawn his application. He is obviously putting Minister Bean, who is the newest Minister in the Cabinet, and the Government in a very difficult position.

“Unless, of course, the Minister, the Premier and their Cabinet colleagues intend to allow the building to go ahead, but want to allow as much time as possible to pass to allow the heat of the scandal to die down, and soften the blow. Perhaps they are hoping they can wait until after the next election.

“It’s not for me to give the Progressive Labour Party political advice, but I can assure them that I won’t forget about it and, to the extent that I can, I will keep it in the forefront of the public’s mind in the run-up to the next election.

“It is, after all, one of the better examples of the Progressive Labour Party’s now well-known disdain for following the rules,” concluded Senator Fahy.

The Ministry has not yet responded to our request for comment, but we will update as able.

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  1. The best the PLP can hope for ... says:

    Leave it long enough and maybe people will forget what happened?

    And meanwhile we’re all confident that Zane isn’t doing anything to enroach on the Marsh while he’s waiting for a ruling and will follow the plans he submitted to planning to the letter.

    • no OBA says:

      I don’t know about you all, but I’m so tired of this holyier than righteous fahy he needs to find work.

      • Truth (Original) says:

        Hopefully, you are in the minority on that one. Its not about Fahy at all. it is about holding the Government accountable. He is doing his job and it is the Governments job to respond ..which they haven’t.

        You should be more concerned about Ministers possibly flouting the rules for their friends rather than Mr. Fahy highlighting it.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    “And this too shall pass”, at least that is the hope of the PLP & their supporters with short memorys for anything that puts the PLP in a bad light.

    OBA, keep up the pressure. Hope that you have been keeping notes & every other goings on that has happened since 1998. There are plenty of chickens that can be fired back at the roost.

  3. Mad Dawg says:

    Marc Bean has been – er – otherwise occupied. He was playing golf with Zane last week.
    Now that the golf game is over perhaps he could devote some attention to doing his actual job as a highly paid government Minister. Perhaps.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Wow 6 months to make a decision. How much is Bean paid for this role?

  4. Hi-Liter says:

    During the recent CARIFTA games I sat in the stands and for the first time in a long time I felt really proud to be a Bermudian. I had an increased feeling of patriotism and national pride. I thought to myself this is one of the first times I have seen so many Bermudians together supporting the same cause. As I began to look around the stands however, I was struck by a sudden reality that Bermuda was not united during these games at all. There was a critical segment of Bermudians missing, white Bermudians, I thought to myself, where are they, do they not like track and field or did they not want to embrace young talented black athletes from the Bermuda and the Caribbean.
    It was evidently clear that Bermuda is still truly segregated. While there are small pockets of integration seen on our island, integration is certainly not the norm between the two communities. Then I thought to myself, if blacks and whites are truly divided in Bermuda how can white politicians effectively represent black Bermudian on the islands like myself. Are they the few that have embraced the black culture in Bermuda? I really don’t think so. Will I feel comfortable with them making decisions in the House of Assembly for me? No not at all.
    I haven’t come across any examples of a group of white men in power having the interest of black people in their hearts. Due to the fact that there is a large amount of white Bermudians I do feel there is a need for white politicians to represent their interest. However, white politicians surely cannot represent the interest of me as a black man because blacks have different needs than whites.
    Blacks in Bermuda are more directly affected by Government decisions then whites in this island. This is due to the fact that blacks rely more on government services and government employment than our white counterparts. Blacks rely more on the public education system, financial assistance, family court, HIP, Future Care, housing …etc. Why would I want a group of people who do not integrate with working and lower class blacks to govern over me?
    This takes me to my next point that the BDA has let blacks in Bermuda down. Just when blacks in the island felt a glimmer of hope that a viable third party in Bermuda was emerging, all hope was soon lost. How could the BDA break away from the UBP, gather up groups of independent black voters and then reunite with the UBP to form The OBA. Good More Guys, but STUPID is not written on my forehead. Blacks should feel betrayed and Mr. Craig Cannonier you are a true sellout. Not only did you mislead but now you are a voiceless leader getting over shadowed by your UBP pick-ups.
    While where speaking of the UBP, Mr. Swan may you please pull the plug on that dying institution. I don’t know how two black men could keep such a white elitist party alive. Mr. Swan you are a good man and I have not one bad word to say about you however please let the UBP die.

    • specialgirl4you says:

      @Hi-Liter, WOW ! Well put, and a good observation of Bermuda today!!

      • Victor says:

        Some very good and useful observations, thank you. One thing you do not elaborate on but which is clear to me in your piece is the place of institutionalised racism in our community – the experience in many jurisdictions has been that government services can eventually become just that when generations of the disadvantaged become so dependent on them that their future prospects are thwarted by services originally intended to help. I would respectfully suggest that Bermuda is on the verge of just such a precipice which why a change of government is so urgent at this time.

        • Hmmmm says:

          Hi-Liter, your post has nothing to do with this article. You just wanted to create rascist hate. You are a disgrace to Bermuda, proud to be Bermudian you are most certainly not, proud to be a rascist Bermudian you most certainly are. Once again, your post had nothing to do with this article. Why is your post even here!!!!!!

          • Hmmmm says:

            Further if you were proud to be Bermudian, you woul be asking why someone we are paying the salary of has not made a decision in 6 months!!!!!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Yeah, wonderful and great obervations. Very intelligent. Enlighten us on one more thing. How does it benefit black people if a rich white guy (Zane) is given special privileges in a controversial planning application?

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      1.Just wondering, does Zane DeSilva(he is a white man,right?) have Black constituents?

      2.Should Black people in Warwick vote for Jonathan Smith?

      3.What are the chances of either of these men becoming leaders of the PLP?

      • Hi-Liter says:

        The PLP is a little more Democratic, Blacks actually voted him in.

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          But he is white, so how can he possibly represent black interests?

        • Rockfish#2 says:


          You are being evasive, can you answer the three questions?

        • Mad Dawg says:

          So you don’t like white people being represented by a black person, but you don’t mind black people being represented by a white man?

          All right then. I guess that makes sense to you and Specialgirl.

    • ARW says:

      Where to even start with that diatribe ..

      If what you say about blacks’ expectations and demands of Government is valid , then blacks treat government as a giant social services programme expressly for themselves.
      Higher expectations and demands = Larger and more expensive government = higher taxes and increased cost of living across the board. Something that has , without question , happened over the last 14 years .

      Furthermore if you feel that whites can’t represent you then could whites feel the same way in reverse ? What would you say to that ?

      It would appear from the tone of your post that you aren’t really interested in integration anyway . If you feel that whites aren’t ‘crossing the bridge’ to meet you , maybe you should examine what it is that you’re doing wrong , because I’m very well integrated and proud of it .

    • Wee Pow says:

      Throughout my life I have heard Black bermudians say the most horrible things against West Indians, especially jamaicans. I note our media tends to single out the West Indian parentage of criminals but never acknowledges the West indian parentage of sucessful persons.

      Even more surprising is that MAJORITY of black Bermudians trace their linage to the West Indies.

      Purpose of this post, focus on the issues of our own people before you start going own about ‘whites’.

      I have long noticed a resentment of the West indian community in Bermuda… love the music, travel for their carnivals, love the food, love the culture, but cant stand the people.

      Many of us are no better than the whites who have negative sterotypes about blacks.

      Get it together.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Your comment is very typical sad really trying to score political points using what should be a great event you are trying like other PLP supporters on here to make everything that happens a race issue. One thing for sure is that you and thoses like you (ie those that look for race in eveything) will always find what your looking for. I find you observation to be self serving of your core beliefs, once again look how far things had gone till the PLP started using race as a weapon. Similar tactics used in history with the award of the star of David years ago sure you’ll learned from your history or are you just repeating it.

      LOL Hi-Liter —Hi-t-ler ………….Bernews may not post this but you can’t ignor what is staring you in the face.

    • trees says:

      During the Southlands environment protest I sat in the crowds and for the first time in a long time I felt really proud to be a Bermudian. I had an increased feeling of patriotism and national pride. I thought to myself this is one of the first times I have seen so many Bermudians together supporting the same cause. As I began to look around the stands however, I was struck by a sudden reality that Bermuda was not united by the need to protect the Bermudian environment at all. There was a critical segment of Bermudians missing, black Bermudians, I thought to myself, where are they, do they not wish to protect the Bermudian fragile environment and protect open spaces for our younger generation?
      It was evidently clear that Bermuda is still truly segregated. While there are small pockets of integration seen on our island, integration is certainly not the norm between the two communities…..

      • ARW says:

        In terms of environmental concerns between the races it would probably be unfair to believe that all blacks don’t care.

        BUT , I do recall a LTTE published shortly after the PLP got in stating that ‘Cedar trees and bluebirds are things that white people worry about , we want (free ?) housing !’

        • Hi-Liter says:

          It is true blacks need help with something as basic as housing, we were put in a bad situation except it.

          • ARW says:

            It is true blacks need help with something as basic as housing, we were put in a bad situation except it.

            We have the highest ratio of black home ownership anywhere in the world right here … With a population that’s about 70% black , blacks probably even own more units than whites .
            And what about all the black millionaires here ? Seems to me that an awful lot of people were able to get past that ‘bad situation’.

            Or are you just looking for a handout from whitey ?

          • Come correct says:

            Your grammar is as bad as specialgirls…is this another personality or are the plp not getting their moneys worth?

        • My two cents says:

          In terms of track and field between races it would probably be unfair to believe that whites don’t care about supporting Bermuda sports.

      • Truth (Original) says:


      • star man says:


    • Truth (Original) says:

      For more reasons than I care to type, your reasoning and logic is flawed. The “logical” leaps you make are unreasonable. For example;

      You assert that white people didn’t attend the carifta games to any meaningful degree; THEREFORE

      Bermuda must still be divided; THEREFORE

      White people can’t represent you in the house of assembly.

      That’s nonsensical for a variety of reasons.

      Here’s one more;

      White people should represent white people and black people should represent black people in the House of Assembly; BECAUSE

      You haven’t come across any group of white men that has the interst of black people at heart. I won’t start to list the thousands of black Bermudians that have benefitted from scholarships, bursaries, grants and awards that have originated with white people.

      Your view is too narrow and fails to acknowledge one basic truth. People are people, irrelavant of color.

    • Tolerate says:

      Wow, didn’t know showing up at the CARIFTA games was a bench mark to being a true Bermudian. This is not the first blogger who has drawn reference to the color of the crowd. Give me a break, it’s a sporting event; and if you decided not to go, SO WHAT!!!! I didn’t go and I’m a black Bermudian. Should I have to account for my reason for not attending? Oh, I remember, it must be because I am not a true patriotic Bermudian. Give me a damn break….
      I could not get into the Bermuda versus Trinidad football game, however going by National Stadium I saw plenty of white Bermudians in attendance.
      Can a white man represent me as a black man politically with my needs? What the hell is Zane Desilva doing right now? You people who use such events as a bench mark for black and whites are just sorry individuals. And all you out there lapping this up are sheep following the same B.S.
      Damn; hurry up and get this election over with (at this point I don’t even care who wins). I’m tired of hearing and seeing my fellow Bermudians (black and white) treating each other this way. And it always seems to be the same individuals.

      • Tolerate says:

        On the actual subject; which many speaking on here are deflecting; IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG for this issue to be dealt with. Minister Roban fell on his sword; he at least deserves the issue to be dealt with in a more timely fashion. When things are done in an under handed fashion, it usually means underhandedness is taking place.
        Minister Bean had no issues of getting up during a Budget Debate and ranting of the OBA Leader being just a black figure head put in place to secure votes. Why doesn’t he address issues that require his attention like this, instead of spending time running his mouth.

  5. really... says:

    I drove by the site yesterday and by the looks of things I thought permission had been granted. Could it be easier to ask forgiveness than it is permission. Seems to be the PLP motto.

  6. About Time! says:

    zzzzzzzzzzz Cue the monthly article for Michael Fahy…. Let’s rewrite his words

    It’s not for me to give the OBA political advice, but I can assure them that it is in the forefront of the public’s mind in the run-up to the next election that they haven’t announced their slate of candidates as they promised.

  7. LaVerne Furbert says:

    It’s funny that we never heard anything about the “environmentally sensitive area of Devonshire Marsh” when Somersfield Academy was being erected. To be fair, we need to admit that the Devonshire Marsh area only became environmentally sensitive the other day. Look at all of the other warehouses built in the area, including Pure Water. I have no doubt that the property was sold to Minister DeSilva it was sold as “industrial land”.

    • Onion says:

      Sorry Laverne but there was already a sports field and changing rooms there. I played rugby there many times as a teenager.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Onion, are therefore saying that the area was not a part of Bermuda’s most environmentally sensitive land when the National Sports Club built their clubouse?

        The fact of the matter is that the property was obviously zoned as industrial. It would be interesting to find out who sold the property to Minister DeSilva.

        • Onion says:

          Thats two different statements. You commented on Somersfield being built there with no outcry. As I pointed out it was built over the old National Sports Club.

          Minister Desilva applied to have the land zoning changed to Industrial from Open Space Reserve and have the Agricultural Reserve Conservation Area zone removed.

          • Hmmmm says:

            Laverne is Trying to fool people, it is the PLP way. They think Bermudians are stupid.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Zzzzzzzzzzzz…what was that’s..ah nothing of any importance…..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Mad Dawg says:

      You “have no doubt it was sold as industrial land”? How do you come to that (completely wrong) conclusion? The planning application was TURNED DOWN! That declination was overturned by Zane’s friend Roban in a secret deal on the last day of Roban’s term as Environment Minister. Roban later had to resign because of it.

      This, Laverne, is an example of one of the problems with this government. It’s secret handshake deals that ordinary people would never get. It’s using their political positions to enrich themselves.

      Marc Bean said he would resolve it, and he hasn’t. So now, he is complicit in it as well.

      They’re as bad as each other.

    • My two cents says:

      What do you have against mother nature? What has she ever done to you? Do you not like breathing oxygen, drinking water, swimming in the ocean, listening to birds chirp? Humans are overpopulated and self destructive. Why does our overpopulated species feel entitled to disrupt the harmony of nature? Humans are the most selfish organism on the face of the earth. We have to compromise as humans.
      Does Zane really need to build a warehouse when there is one down the street for sale and empty? Is it REALLY worth the detriment to the environment? I think you will find the answer a big fat NO.

  8. Cancer says:

    What the hell is this guy waiting for? Does he think all the people of Bermuda are stupid? Keep up the pressure on this OBA! These “friends and family hookup plans” under this flipflop PLP government must stop once and for all.

  9. Cancer says:

    @hi-lite you dint know what your talking about pertaining to the OBA and Craig Cannonaire – if you dont know maybe you shud keep quiet!

    • Voice of Reason says:

      I think hi-liter hit the nail right on the head

    • Hi-Liter says:

      So i shouldn’t feel like the BDA sold me out?

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        No you should feel that the Party who has overseen the economic demise of the island, coupled with the rise of gun play, unemployment and our national debt etc. as the one’s that sold you out.

        The same Party who handed out numerous multi-million dollar Government contracts to non-unionised and white owend construction firms, while also giving multi-million dollar contracts to black people who aren’t Bermudian (i.e. Global Hue).

        But you are right whites are just a straight up nasty race who don’t give two hoots about black people.

        And I find it funny that you have no problem with the fact that 99.9999% of the athletes are black Bermudians but complain about the spectators being mostly black Bermudians.

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          “but complain about the demographic make up of the spectators.”

          Where’s your outrage about our athletes not representing thetreu demographic of Bermuda?

          • Hi-Liter says:

            Good point where are they, just proves my point that we are segregated.

            • Tired of nonsense says:

              Guess the black Bermudians who chose the teams in the end saw no ability or worth in the white Bermudians?

              I mean that is what we hear when black Bermudians aren’t represented in areas such as IB and what not.

              It must work both ways right?

      • My two cents says:

        Don’t you mean the PLP sold you out? They are the policy makers and money spenders. Gun crime is out of control and we are 1.5 billion in debt. I repeat, WHO sold you out?

        • Voice of Reason says:

          LMAO, you really aren’t serious about you.

          Gun crime is NOT out of control, though i’m sure you’d like it to be. And how many times must it be said that the government DOES NOT control the police the Governor and the UK do.

          Its 1.2 billion in debt, get your facts straight. Also, i’m sure you’d rather we not have had new schools, buses, ferries, docks, police cars, seniors homes, ambulances, online gov services, fire trucks to put our blazes… the list goes on and on.

          The PLP didn’t sell out Bermuda, they invested in Bermuda.

          • Hmmmm says:

            Gun crime is crazy comated to where it was before PLP came into power. Police are not responsible for moral guidance and education of the youths. This is down to parenting and an inclusive education system. The latter is most definately the PLPs fault. PLP has not onvested in Bermuda, otherwise Bermuda would be reaping the benefits. We are not. We are reaping the burden of finding the 100m debt interest payment, plus we will have to repay the 1.4 billion dollar debt in the future, plus the PLP still can’t run a surplus, so we will have to borrow more…..anyone who thinks otherwise and votes for this to continue is in for a rude awakening unless something is done about it soon.

          • Truth (original) says:

            You’re blind friend. They invested in themselves under the guise of investing in Bermuda.

  10. Cancer says:

    What the hell is this guy waiting for? Does he think all the people of Bermuda are stupid? Keep up the pressure on this OBA! These “friends and family hookup plans” under this flipflop PLP government must stop once and for all. Then people want to talk about no corruption in Government!

  11. Grouper says:

    Hi-Liter, did you enjoy watching the CARIFTA SWIMMING this weekend?

    • Hi-Liter says:

      So why were white Bermudians not at nationals for the four days again? Some how i missed that answer.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        It was filled largely with families and friends of the competitors. Are you surprised at that?

        And I know of several white people who went and took their kids (also white) who wanted to see it. So there goes your theory.

    • star man says:

      He didn’t watch it, he wasn’t interested.

  12. Young person says:

    So now you want me to listen to a man that’s got the title when it comes to being a flip flopper as you all call it. First you was a UBP then a BDA now your a OBA.

    Fahy please tell me who’s really running your new third party? Is it Craig or the Gibbons family and friends aka UBP? This story is getting old among the youth who are mostly undecided voters. Tell me how you intended to stop all this violence that my brothers are committing against each other. No one cares about swamp land.

    I do understand while your pushing this because it appears that your third party has loss it’s steam. All I can say is keep focused and stop pushing stuff the rest of we undecided voters don’t care about. I mean really Sir we have these fake gangster out there just running around like it’s a dam free for all. Ask all the mothers who have loss their sons to gun violence over the years. Has anyone that you know been assaulted or shot at yet. Why am I asking you this when you don’t even care, you have know idea what it like to grow up in my hood.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Who is running your party?

      Don’t tell me it’s Cox.

      Is Zane the next ‘Puppet in Waiting’ to be controlled by Ewart? Or is it one of Weeks / Bean?

    • star man says:

      What can we do? The current trickle-down anti-social behaviour is all about getting an education, latch-key kids, and the healing of the black family. But black families will have to do that for themselves.

      • JAWS says:

        @ Star man you are so right indeed my friend. Many people want to see what’s the master plan on both parties.

        @ Mad Dawg I can see that your not the smartest fish in the net, stay in school.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Well JAWS, since you’re the smartest fish in the net, can you tell us why Bean hasn’t found time to sort out the planning scandal in the last 6 months?

          Is he too busy playing golf with his chum Zane?

        • Argosy says:

          When you mean to say “you are”, it’s “you’re” NOT your….

          PLEASE….YOU shuddah staid in skeel! Jeeez…

    • Victor says:

      Methinks all this diatribe about who really runs the OBA misses the issue entirely in that is is clearly evident who still runs the PLP. The cronyism continues. Candidates like Commissiong get picked clearly against the wishes of the vast majority of PLP voters let alone any consideration for the 48% who voted against the PLP last time out. Still no proper investigations into the many, continuous allegations impropriety in the use of funds: BDA Housing Corp, Global Hue, Emerald Financial/Hospital Pensions, Dame L B-E fiasco, Cruise Ship Dock, TCD Building, Bazarian, to name but a few. Oh, I forgot to mention the cement silos.

      • Voice of Reason says:


        the governor says things are investigated, not good enough for you eh?

        What are you going to make up tomorrow?

        Also, Rolfe was elected by his branch, there is a thing called democracy. you may not like it, but that’s what we have.

      • Argosy says:

        Don’t forget the refusal to remove his shoes at the airport….

  13. cant believe it says:


    • Joonya says:

      Give me reasons why we should.

    • Come correct says:

      I’d rather vote the gombeys in, even they would probably do less dancing around important issues.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Vote PLP!?
      We did and look how embarrassing that has turned out to be.
      They lost their way at a certain point.
      They were clean until 2005 years after Christ was born.
      It’s an ugly mess now, really is. If Freddy could come back he’d be sad before he got angry.
      Let’s get this election over with and stop prolonging the suffering. It’s political waterboarding of the population. Whoever wins is in for a tough time and we all better be prepared to help here, don’t expect to sit back and watch a political party fix the mess that half the population voted for one too many times. Our fault going in our fault allowing it to occur, our fault not coming clean when we saw what was going on AND OUR FAULT IF WE DONT TOSS ‘EM OUT.

  14. Joonya says:

    Hey Hi-Liter, when I read your first post I didn’t give you the satisfaction of a response. But just curious, have you read the recently posted article on the Motocross Association opener whereby two white people gave their time and resources to build the track? And guess what, that seems to be a majority black sport, huh? What are your thoughts on that?

  15. Pastor Syl says:

    @ Senator Fahy: Given the nature of the beast, perhaps a watchdog should be placed at the marsh to ensure that there isn’t building taking place prior to obtaining planning permission. As an earlier post suggests, the prevailing view is often “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to wait for permission.”

  16. Cancer says:

    Can anyone give me three reasons why I should vote PLP?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Cause their black, cause white people can’t rep black people, and it’s the plp turn now…………………………

      LOL just guessing maybe special can answer or maddog but that’s probably their answer.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Why bother, you never will.

      Can you give me 3 reasons to vote FOR the OBA without saying anything about the AGAINST the PLP.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        1. to save your country
        2. to give your children a future worth staying here for
        3. it can’t get any worse, well yes it can!

      • jt says:

        in ’98 what were the reasons to vote for the PLP that did not involve saying anything about the UBP?

        Time for a change. Past time.

  17. Cancer says:

    @lol lol lol Cause their black, cause white people can’t rep black people, and it’s the plp turn now…………………………

    That’s (their) three good reasons for sure!! Lol

  18. Cancer says:

    1. Get this country out of debt and grow the economy with jobs
    2. Get education on the right track
    3. Stop reversing their own policies

    (all failures under this flip flop government)

    PLP don’t meet the criteria on any of the above…sorry!

    The OBA must be our next government for the future of Beemuda – vote the PLP out!!!

    • Sorry UBP a flip flop name change will not work! says:

      Lets keep it real the UBP is the OBA. All you did was change your name. Now that’s a flip flop party. We already know that the voters will not vote for the UBP thus why you change the name.

      • Hmmmm says:

        OBA is a completely different party, different constitution and different make up of membership. It it inclusive for everyone. Your argument that the OBA is the UBP is absolute nonsense and PLP propaganda.

  19. OBA Voter says:

    1 because white is right
    2 because the white man can save us
    3 because the white party has all the money

    • Hmmmm says:

      OBA isn’t white you idiot. it is Bermudian. Stop being a rascist PLP propaganda stirrer.

  20. cant believe it says:


    • huh ? says:

      Maybe you can put the crack pipe down for a minute and explain to us all how the UBP has been responsible for our demise when it’s all happened in the last 14 years .

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Surely you can back that up. Before you try I just want to be clear that everything from education to the maitenance of government property is in the worst shape ever not to mention gun crime (as it seem every 18-36 year old have access to guns these days),the economy, and dependence on welfare (something that PB said he did not want for Bermuda even when he was plundering Bermuda’s money like it belonged to him.) Bermuda is not better off since 1998 face it……….