Bermudian Appointed Chief Underwriter In Brazil

April 11, 2012

Bermudian Gino Smith has been appointed as XL Group’s Latin America Regional Chief Underwriter, effective immediately. Mr. Smith will remain in São Paulo, Brazil where he has been based for the past two years.

Mr. Smith, who is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, has worked at XL for 12 years. During this time he has held progressively senior underwriting roles in all of XL’s reinsurance offices in Latin America as well as in Bermuda.

Prior to this promotion, Mr. Smith was Vice President & Senior Treaty Underwriter for XL’s reinsurance operations in Brazil.

In his new role, Mr. Smith, in close collaboration with XL Re Latin America Ltd. President and Chief Operating Officer Philippe Rochaix, will be responsible for coordinating and leading the design, implementation and execution of the underwriting strategy for all classes of business covered by XL’s reinsurance operations in Latin America.

“He will also be responsible for the technical development of the underwriting staff, underwriting governance and ceded reinsurance for Latin America. Mr. Smith will report directly to Mr. Rochaix.

Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Rochaix said: “Given the significance of the Latin America region to XL, we believe that it is important to have someone fully dedicated to the role of Regional Chief Underwriter. Gino’s technical expertise and knowledge of the Latin American market makes him the perfect person for this position.

“His appointment reflects the strength and diversity of talent within XL’s reinsurance operations. I would also like to thank Hernan Moreno, who previously carried out this role while also serving as the General Manager for our Colombia office. The division of the two roles will enhance governance and allow Hernan to focus full time on managing our operations in Colombia as XL works to strengthen its position in the region.”

Mr. Smith is a graduate of the Bermuda College, the Peter J. Tobin School of Risk Management at St. John’s University, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and the Program for Leadership Development at Harvard Business School. He was also the recipient of the Bermuda Insurance Institute’s “2007 Young (Re)insurance Person of the Year” award and Review Magazine’s “Future Industry Leader” award in 2008.

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  1. Hmmmmm says:

    Gino, I hardly know what to say. This is just incredible, great, excellent stuff. Go from strength to strength my brother.

  2. Bermy's Finest says:

    Wow congrats!! love to see my fellow Bermudians doing big things!

  3. Kim Smith says:

    This is fantastic news, Gino. So… perseverance does pay off! Congratulations!

  4. We Are the Men of the Years to Come says:

    Well done Gino, my fellow Berkeleyite! This is what our old school system has produced…a Bermudian male exceeding with success.

    “Respice Finem – Keep the End in View”

    • We are the Women of the Future... says:

      Good for you Gino. Hard work, discipline and dedication – Horton & Maxwell must be proud! Respice Finem!

  5. And who said we dont have no Bermudian Role models, Well done and congradulations,Bermudians are placed in powerful positions all around the World I am just greatful that we are reconizing them more and not based on ethnicity.

    Well Done.

  6. Navin Johnson says:

    great work Gino…..congratulations

  7. Tired of nonsense says:

    Congrats Gino if anyone deserved such it most certainly is you.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Ob-Jective says:

    Well Done Gino!

    Continue to hold the light high!


  9. Sacha Butterfield says:

    So proud of you Gino! Your hard work has definitely paid off. All the best.

  10. Truth (original) says:

    So proud of you Gino. Shine your light my friend. I wish every success for you and your family.

  11. CR says:

    Well done Mr. Smith. Congratulations!

  12. NB says:

    Congrats Gino!!

  13. shaco says:

    Congratulations Gino! All your hard work has paid off.

  14. Mark w and emily says:

    Congrats Gino. U have come a long way from I&W3 and Warwick Camp.

  15. 1minute says:

    Congrats Gino… I wonder if the people in Brazil are complaining that they hired a foreigner like they do here. The answer is no…

    • J. Godfrey says:

      Have you lived in Brazil? Congrats to Mr. Smith!

      • J. Godfrey says:

        Sorry, ’1minute’ my comment was mis-posted!

  16. Itsaboutallofus says:

    Congrats Gino! Definitely a role model and inspiration.
    One day hopefully you will be back in Bermuda to mentor some of our young men in the industry who are finding it difficult to reach your heights!

  17. Karla Parfitt says:

    Congrats…. Gino! You are very inspiring. This is really great and I am proud of your accomplishments. Well done friend.

  18. BTW says:

    Congratulations Gino! I wish you all the best in your new post!

  19. United says:

    Well done Gino. Now, you go to a nice samba club and bring back some of those guys to show the gombeys how to really play the drums, also have some caipirinhas, not too many though. I find the Brazilian people as friendly as Bermudians and just as humble, unless he gets involved with the snobby, rich, elitist dopes but for the most part he should really enjoy his time and new position. Goes to show everybody, work HARD and it will come to you.

  20. Family Man says:

    Great job. We need more Bermudians like Gino. Its not easy to work in another country with different customs and expectations and excel.

    I bet you don’t hear Brazilians complain that with all their poverty and unemployment, they don’t need to hire expats from Bermuda!

    • Rory says:

      Actually they are attracting many persons from all over the world due to their booming economy, they already are complaining about the Haitians who were relocated there after the quake.

      No matter where you go in the world, whenever you have a migrant workforce you will have the locals complain. EVERYWHERE: South Africa, UK, Canada, US, Dominican Republic etc..

      • observer says:

        My Canadian neighbor who worked here as a lawyer was sent to Brazil for Conyers Dill and Pearman. Their economy is growing and international business is starting to go there. So much for us?

        • Rory says:

          I know a few lawyers who left Bermuda to manage their new offices in S. America and Asia… I see it as a Bermudian few (CDP) expanding, and B’dians getting experience.

          But hey, that is just me.

  21. Rory says:

    By the way.. congrats Gino, all the best

  22. So tired says:

    Congratulations. Well deserved!

  23. Keith Tacklyn says:

    Well done Gino!!!

  24. Kennette Burgess says:

    Respice Finem.
    Congrats Gino Smith, always great to see a fellow Bermudian excelling.

  25. Garon Wilkinson says:

    Incredible and well deserved achievement! Certainly a fellow Bermudian and Berkeleyite in the industry whom I admire. Congrats!

  26. The Future says:


  27. Wonderful says:

    Great job Gino , Congrats

  28. J D # 4 says:

    Hey Gino,

    Great job and happy to see you get recognised – I didn’t know you spoke both Portugese and ALSO Spanish until reading the article.

    You inspire all who know you and hopefully many others too.

    J D
    # 4 – ETL 11′

  29. Prayerful says:

    Well done Gino!

    Proud of you.

  30. Mekeba P says:

    Congrates Gino !!! The road was paved for you to become who you are today. Wishing you all the best in this new position..

  31. Maceo Dill says:

    Well done Gino…you are a clear example that a Bermudian can be the best in the world at his choosen field if he is prepared to put the time in and is prepared to separate himself from his peer group to allow himself to grow…I am very PROUD of you

  32. Nick Pewter says:

    Congratulations Gino