“Bermuda Day” At Boston’s Fenway Park

May 14, 2012

Today [May 14] Minister of Business Development and Tourism Wayne Furbert leads the Bermuda Department of Tourism [BDOT] in kicking off its annual “Bermuda Day” partnership with the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

The partnership highlights Bermuda through a series of cultural events, promotions and industry networking functions via numerous Boston Red Sox platforms, including digital ads, in-stadium signage, e-mail blasts, billboard mentions, and more.

Throughout tomorrow, tourism representatives will spearhead a marketing campaign targeted toward commuters surrounding the Park area. The campaign will feature Gombey dance performances, as well as BDOT ambassadors providing material to consumers with information on travel from Boston to Bermuda.

Following the day’s events, Minister Furbert, along with local singers Tricray Astwood and Steve Easton will gather at Fenway Park to perform the US National Anthem prior to the Red Sox game. And keeping with the Bermudian theme of the evening, the first pitch of the game will be thrown by Shawn Caisey of the participating Gombey group.

Minister Furbert said, “All five cities we’ll visit during the road show are essential markets for Bermuda, particularly in the upcoming summer months during the island’s high season. We very much look forward to networking with travel agents and consumers, while elevating awareness of Bermuda’s exquisite travel product, summer deals, and close proximity to each target market.”

“Bermuda Day” will also include an exclusive media luncheon at the Boston College Club, and a travel agent dinner at Boston’s award-winning Top of the Hub restaurant atop the famed Prudential Tower. Minister Furbert is also scheduled to talk up Bermuda this morning on WZLX FM’s Karlson and McKenzie show – one of Boston’s most listened to radio shows.

Following their stop in Boston, the BDOT representatives will attend similar events in Old Greenwich, CT, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC from May 15-16.

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  1. Liars says:

    I am not a politician, nor am l in business development/Tourism, however, i can think of many ways to attract tourist to Bermuda rather than this embarrassing gypsy roadshow that Bermuda “mickey Mouse” Government is involved in……i am sure this is just a front for something alot more sinister, mr minister.

    here we all are trying to find work to generate money, and there goes our little fat ministers flying around the world again for picture opps. Stupid idea’s a child could think of this…and whats worse is that nobody says anything in this stupid country.

    • Not Surprised says:

      Please don’t insult Mickey Mouse! Bermuda could learn a thing or two from Mickey! They aren’t suffering from lack of tourism!

  2. Bermuda Politicks - State of Emergency says:

    ok so help me out here, THe Premier in her wisodm has appointed this gentleman, Now Minister Wayne Furbert JP MP, to represent and develop Bermuda’s interests globally in our most two important sectors – International Business and Tourism.

    Did the Premier ever listen to Wayne FURBERT when he was Leader of The Opposition and his PLP comments.

    Does she even speak with him now as if she did she would quickly realise that tis man is incapable of even running a bogus travel pyramid scheme, let alone the strategy and implementation for the “TWO PILLARS”

    Come on Madame Premier, surely there must be anyone else besides Patrice and Wayne for our important Portfolios.

  3. Come Correct says:

    I used to get $13 an hour to hold a sign in traffic, i quit after a day…I wonder how much he’s getting paid? Also considering all 3 of them have been photoshoped into that picture couldnt they just not go, say they did, and save some money?

  4. Curious George says:

    Happy to see Tricray and Steve there. Hopefully they had a nice complimentary trip covered by our dollars. Heck, I even hope they all had separate rooms and enjoyed room service and had a chance to relax.

    No disrespect to our local artists and performers, but as ‘Liars’ points out above, if this gypsy roadshow is the best we can do then all is lost. We can do better than flying Furbert around posing. We would have had better returns and more exposure standing in Times Square with a booth and a roadshow team giving away free trips for two on jetBlue.

    At the end of the day, I am always curious about who is behind the scenes making the real decisions – the consultant that convinces our Tourism Ministry to give the go-ahead to cornball ideas. You remember the PopBy Campaign? Fail.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Once upon a time, in the days prior to the internet, these roadshows worked. Getting out & doing high profile appearances & taking part in big travel shows put us in the eyes of travel agents, who were a necessity, & the general public.

    Not anymore. Before the first pitch crosses home plate whose ‘day’ it is will have been forgotten.

    Bermuda may need to get back to its old moneyed clientele, because the blue collared crowd can’t afford us, but even they do not use travel agents any longer.

  6. Mountbatten says:

    It’s supposed to rain .

  7. Navin Johnson says:

    as if the Red Sox didn’t have enough problems….wait til they hear our Lil Wayne scream the National Anthem……

  8. Razor says:

    Red Sox fans are way too into the team to care or remember that Bermuda reps were there. Time to come up with plan B and its pretty simple: Lower your prices and provide friendly and thorough service. Not hard.

  9. Interesting says:

    I told Mr. Furbert when he joined the PLP the clowns from the UBP/OBA would hate him. Funny now they can talk trash when you playing on another team. Just like J.M wrote in his book. The white boys don’t minded you working for them as long as you do what they say. Please don’t act like we all don’t know who J.M was. He sat right next to you clowns in Cabinet.

    • star man says:

      More empty divisive rhetoric from another Kool Aid drinker. Very uncool.

      Who is J.M.? Or are you perhaps talking about J.W., the Woice of Summer…??

      • The truth please? says:

        Well since you all know, did JW state that in his book about the UBP or didn’t he. I would like to know? Hmm I’ll bet you a fish cake know one comes back with the truth.

    • un-interesting says:

      Interesting’s comment would be interesting if the PLP didn’t hate Wayne Furbert when he was in the Opposition. I seem to recall them labeling him an Uncle Tom, a fool, a cry-baby among other things. Ain’t nothing the Opposition can say about him that would be worse than his current ‘colleagues’ already said. Last time I bumped into CV I’m pretty sure he didn’t tell me that he was on board with the PLP. In fact he thinks they’re idiots and have ruined Bermuda. He’s right.

      • The truth please? says:

        Well since you all know, did JW state that in his book about the UBP or didn’t he. I would like to know? Hmm I’ll bet you a fish cake know one comes back with the truth

  10. pebblebeach says:

    my gosh

  11. Boston Bermudian says:

    “Interesting”, with all due respect, you are in a ridiculous state of mind if this is truly how you think and talk. “The white boys don’t minded you working for them?”

    That statement is Bermudian ignorance to the core, one that will never move us forward as a people. I am a Bermudian who is currently working in Boston and live mere blocks from the Fenway area so of course I personally am quite excited about this event as I am very proud to be a Bermudian. However, please don’t choose to run your mouth if people share their opinion on a political technique. By no means does this infer that they are against Mr. Furbert nor does it necessarily mean that they do not agree with the majority of his policies. The freedom to publically critique our goverment is what democracy is all about.

    Working together in a constructive effort is what is going to change our island, not talking in such a manner that looks to divide everyone. Have a good afternoon all.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      We’ll see if that statement sums up the PLPs platform this year as well. After all it’s been working since 2003…………….


  12. next? says:

    I’m going to offer what I think is a constructive comment here. Please don’t take it any other way. I have travelled extensively in the East coast of the US and Canada and have NOT met a young person (twenties) who knows where actually Bermuda is.
    They all think it is in the Caribbean.
    I believe a better approach to marketing would be a TV campaign that concentrates on Bermuda’s close proximity to both these countries.
    No-one in Boston will know who Wayne Furbert is, and they will most likely be bemused by his singing of an anthem that he has no connection to.
    Gombeys are relevant, not his self- promotion.

  13. jt says:

    Wanna send some true representatives of Bermuda to Fenway? How about a couple of the 600 youth baseball players we have?

  14. Bermudian visiting in Boston says:

    Well Minister Furbert was just interviewed and told the viewers that Bermuda was founded in 1509. Did I hear that right?? If he did say that then he deserves an F – bring on the voice of summer who could speak so much more eloquently and not stumble of his words when asking why people should choose Bermuda as a destination. Minister Furbert should have at least 10 good reasons at the tip of his tongue to this question. Not impressed….

  15. Hnh Gombeys says:

    Big up H&H!!!! worlld widee ya get mi!! do it mon! Do dat dat do dat dat!!

  16. Shaking My Head.. says:

    Hey Minister.. How about going out to Kindley Field over the weekend to support our youth baseball program!?!?.. Word is out they will be traveling to Boston once again this July to compete in America’s Pastime Sport!!.. I hear we have some really talented ball players!!

    • Smh says:

      Why dnt you just shut up…..if he was there tons of Bermudiand would complain that he is wasting his time with a pointless sport that no large majority of people in Bermuda even care about. I can ask a 100 the lasttimethey went to a Bermuda baseball game and I wonder what they would say…your such a joke

      If you wanted anyone to recognize them it would be the minister of YOUTH & SPORT.

      So just close ya mouth rather than shake ya head!

  17. An interested Bostonian now disinterested says:

    Funny how I am at the Boston Red Sox game at the moment. On such a smoggy night when I heard your Minister and his fellow Bermudan sing it actually sounded so good that I was upset I didn’t record it. So between innings I decided to just google bermudan news and ofcourse bernews.com was found and alas I found this article. Excited that such a beautiful country such as Bermuda was actually interested in the Boston community, I had a chance to read these comments and unfortunately Or maybe fortunately I’ve decided that maybe my excitement in your country was misplaced. I don’t know much about your country or Bermudan culture but the gumbays (the characters with all the colors) were great, but every comment so negative and disgusting. Why do people feel the need to talk about his weight. Whether you like them or not….wow….thats all I can really say. I’d figure if he got myself to search Bermuda there had to be many others…
    I think I will look forward to fgoing somewhere much friendlier……

    • Defeated Bermudian says:

      While I honestly can’t say I blame you for feeling this way, the justifications for these comments are deep and complex (aside from the ones about his weight, which are immature, cruel and irrelevant).

      Due to the actions (and inaction) of Minister Furbert and the current administration, our nation is in the midst of a sharp downwards spiral and all rational, logical Bermudians have had to sit and watch in frustration as the island we know and love decays from within.

      What makes this stunt so utterly depressing and offensive is Minister Furbert’s ability to keep a smile on his face and pitch our island as a paradise in such a public forum when he knows in his corrupt little heart that nobody would ever want to come to beautiful Bermuda if they knew the truth about it:

      1. There has been an explosion of gang violence since 2009
      2. Tourists are being robbed at an increasingly alarming rate
      3. we are one of the most expensive places in the western world and consistently dupe middle class tourists into coming here without properly informing them of that.
      4. There is a culture of racial divisiveness that is being fueled by the current administration for political gain, and is having very real, debilitating effects on the island’s morale.

      So, as much as I would like to be able to recommend my island to you as a vacation destination, I unfortunately have to recommend that you follow your stated instincts and travel somewhere else. I cannot in good faith encourage you to come here knowing what I know about this place. we are a demoralized culture of entitlement, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either delusional or lining their pockets as a result of said corruption.

      Good luck with your future endeavors.

  18. The nitty gritty says:

    What’s INTERESTING, “Interesting” is that Wayne was the Head of all the “clowns’ as you call them!
    He believed in the Opposition one minute and then up and ran where power and glory shone so bright.
    Betcha those Americans watch this dog and pony show and say to themselves, “yeah here they are sucking up to us now but soon as we get down there they treat us badly, rip us off with overpriced lack of service, unreliable transport, bag snatching xenophobic out of control thugs breaking and entering.”
    This Govt. has driven away so many foreigners over the years that their dislike has been legendary.
    That word of mouth has been far more effective in keeping out visitors and IB and Investment and….
    than any failed pop and fizzle post 1998.

    • Light it up nitty gritty says:

      What’s interesting is the same clowns he was in charge of, well are the same clowns you want me to vote for aint that right UBP/OBA.I’ll never give the OBA my vote no one in my family trust you people. I’d rather vote for a bag of herb then a bag of white popcorn.

      • Come correct says:

        Lol and have you actually sat back to wonder why we’re in the position we’re in? Look in the mirror buddy. I have my british passport, got that as soon as the plp got power. When this place repeats zimbabwas mistake, I’ll sit back and laugh.

  19. Speak Truth says:

    Can we be supportive and loving for a change fellow Bermudians…. Many years ago a Manager told me “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”…… Look beyond yourselves and see what it can do for the good of Bermuda, and for the good of that amazing young Bermudian singer Tricray Astwood. Can we show some love people…….. Well done Bermuda, well done…….

  20. Happy Bermudian says:

    That is the worst Photoshop picture I’ve ever seen. Is Minister Furbert really in Boston?

  21. I hope & pray that your children don’t become parliamentary.Because WHAT YOU SOW IS WHAT YOU REAP

    • MW says:

      Having been there and having attended the road shows, I simply cannot believe how negative we Bermudians can be. Some of us were out there talking to the people who do influence the market. The agents were interested and proactive, they wanted to hear about Bermuda. Attendance was good, interest was high – we got the word out there. Minister received a standing ovation for his version of the US national anthem, millions saw it broadcast, and Bermuda was mentioned time and again. You can’t buy that publicity.
      guys, let’s stop standing outside the glass house throwing rocks. Lets work to get awareness up and for goodness sake, recognise that the world is reading these comments and all the negative is just making those of us trying to promote the Island to increase Tourism have to work a great deal harder. WE ARE AS MUCH OF THE PROBLEM AS ANYTHING ELSE!