Signing: Southlands & Morgans Point Swap

June 25, 2012

The formal signing to exchange the former base lands at Morgan’s Point for the Southlands property in Warwick took place at the Cabinet Office this morning [June 25].

The 80 acres at Morgan’s Point in Sandys/Southampton was owned by Government, while the 37 acres at Southlands in Warwick was owned by Morgan’s Point Limited.

In 2005 Bermudian businessmen Craig Christensen, Nelson Hunt and Brian Duperreault bought the Southlands estate from the Willowbank Foundation and planned to develop a resort.

This plan was met with resistance from segments of the public who wanted the property to be retained in its natural state, so a deal to swap Southlands with the Government owned property at Morgans Point was worked out.

Mr Christensen, Mr Hunt and Mr Duperreault plan to build a luxury resort at Morgans Point, with Mr Christensen saying this morning’s signing “represents a major milestone in the revitalization of tourism for Bermuda.”

The Morgan’s Point project is scheduled to include a luxury hotel and condominium project, a golf course, a marina, boat launching and docking facilities, beach clubs, tennis courts, restaurants, shops and more.

Minister of Government Estates and Information Services Michael Scott said, “Today’s signing reflects a promise made and a promise kept. The Government is holding to its promise to effect the exchange of the Morgan’s Point property in Sandys and Southampton for the pristine Southlands property in Warwick, thereby bringing Bermuda closer to a major hotel construction project and significant development of tourism in Bermuda.

“The Southlands, Warwick and Morgan’s Point, Southampton exchange of land gives legal effect to the statutory undertaking by the Government of Bermuda set out in the Morgan’s Point Resort Act 2011 whereby the Government of Bermuda declared its agreement with the Developers to exchange land at Morgan’s Point in Sandys and Southampton Parishes for land known as Southlands in Warwick.

“Inextricably linked to the exchange and an essential component of the Morgan’s Point Resort Act 2011 is the intention of the Developer to provide a luxury resort on the 80 acres exchanged as freehold and on an additional 140 acres leased from the Government. Today, the promise made and captured in the Act comes to fruition.

“What does this land exchange mean for the average Bermudian? It means new employment opportunities. It means a major boost to the local construction industry, possibly 1,000 construction jobs over a 20-year period. It means significant progress in the provision of a new five-star hotel in which Bermudians can find rewarding career opportunities and jobs across the resort structure.

“It means transformation of the former base lands at Morgan’s Point into a magnificent luxury hotel and condominium project, a world class golf course, a signature beach, marina, boat launching and docking facilities, beach clubs, tennis courts, restaurants and shops. In summary, it means a tremendous, unparalleled enhancement of Bermuda as a destination of choice for visitors – a wonderful complement to the new tourism plan that has just been unveiled,” said Minister Scott.

Craig Christensen, the CEO Morgan’s Point Limited, said, “Today we can announce the completion of the land swap between Southlands and Morgan’s Point. This represents a major milestone in the revitalization of tourism for Bermuda.

“Madam Premier, you have been involved from the beginning and your continued faith in us is heartwarming and greatly appreciated. The Hon. Michael Scott has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Project and extremely helpful in getting us to this point. We would like to thank you publicly for that support.

“Together, with my partners Brian Duperreault and Nelson Hunt, we have worked diligently with the Government to achieve this milestone. We have received much needed support from our friends and colleagues, especially our Attorney Kim White. In particular we need to thank our families for their patience and support for the many years that they stood behind us to achieve this swap.

Mr Christensen continued, ”This land swap represents the beginning of a new chapter and a great deal of work lies ahead. We have a responsibility to deliver to Bermuda this significant development for the benefit of Bermuda and future generations of Bermudians.

“We look forward to meeting that challenge by working with the Government of Bermuda to deliver an outstanding development that all Bermudians can be proud of for many years to come,” concluded Mr  Christensen.

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  1. Bermyman says:

    What makes people think this piece of land is safe with the Government?? Perfect location for another Grand Atlantic in future??

    2005 this was discussed, we are now in 2012?? Shows the speed that things move at under the present Government. We really are on the fast track for tourism revival.

  2. Ricky says:

    Congratulations to the Morgans point trio.
    We all look forward to the future development.

    • pepper says:

      Ricky, my thoughts are who is going to pay for the clean up there ?

  3. navin johnson says:

    great…condos at Southlands and a Casino at Morgans Point…..

    • Ryan says:

      No — everything will be built at Morgan’s point; Southlands is to remain as is.

  4. Come Correct says:

    Ok this sounds great, construction jobs, career and job opportunities, just what we need! But I have a few questions…construction jobs possibly for the next 20 years? Will it really take that long to build? Once open will Bermudians be allowed there oe will this be out first gated facality? Few people are allowed there now, because of all the empty blank casing from the regiment I’m guessing, that in the hands of the right person can be made into live rounds. Who will be cleaning all that up? What about the toxic waste? From what I hear its in a cave and wikipedia talks about it. Is it in a cave on that land? Will it be moved or disposed of? Who will do that? Will it be built over? What if it leaks into the ocean? Bye bye one of a kind aqua waters and natural sea life? I’ve been down there and there’s a weird slimey plant I’ve never seen before, could be natural, I’m not a botanist. Finally will southlands remain how it is? Its also a one of a kind place.

  5. Dissapointed says:

    First and foremost, I’m highly dissapointed in hearing about this.
    Morgan’s Point has been the location of The Bermuda Radio Control Flying Club for over 40 years and now there will be nowhere on this boring puny rock to enjoy model aircraft safely. The club clearly wasn’t even a thought in the planning of all of this trading. So now, if we try to fly anywhere, we can be held liable for any incident that takes place. Thanks again Bda Gov for that.
    What the hell do we need ANOTHER resort for? One more stinking golf course? If anything, Morgan’s Point would’ve been the perfect place for a huge recreational facility for a multitude of societal “pick me ups”. Not some place that will probably be off limits to locals, unless you’re working there, or driving guest there as a taxi driver.
    Couldn’t we have come up with something that would benifit our current social needs to help change the mentalities of these troubled, gun carrying idiots. Just a thought.

    • Ryan says:

      What is with this assumption that luxury resorts are “off-limits” to locals? I can’t name *any* resort on-island which locals are not allowed to visit and / or become a member of. Rosewood Tucker’s Point, for example, has time and time again said that it welcomes local residents to visit and use its amenities (golf, spa, restaurants, etc.). I’d imagine any new resort would do the same.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        The only thing that is ‘off limits’ in all these “Developments” is PROFIT and even the ability
        to just break even. You can build it but if you dont fix the problems that have kept tourists
        away so far, you’ll never pay for it. Come the election- then we’ll see what’s possible.

    • LMAWTFO says:

      Never heard of nor seen your club fella. I seriously doupt anyone really cares what you guys do with your toys. No offence meant, but on a serious level, if this new development comes soon, it will create much needed jobs. So if your clubs place of leisure is being taken away, then this is a comepletely minor thing yo uare complaining about.

    • Seriously? says:

      Shouldn’t you be in school at 11:13am? Or did you type this on recess?

  6. More with less says:

    No mention of a cleanup? I hate to ask…

    • Soooo says:

      My thought exactly….. The Morgans Poing Group got a 2 for 1 deal from Government…. hope they are paying for the cleanup and not us!!!!

      • Family Man says:

        Its better than 2:1. In addition to the 80 acres swapped for their 37, they also got a lease on 140 acres. The lease runs for something like 999 years, and the terms aren’t much better than a peppercorn a year. Without the pomp and ceremony.

  7. I'm Amazed says:

    Congratulations to these very successful businessmen! I wish you the best with this venture and am confident that it will be a success while creating opportunities for many.

    • pepper says:

      Amazed, I sort of agree with you,I think these business men will be creating opportunities for many……. but let’s be real this venture will be a gambling comlex… forget about the condo crap….. I welcome this news also .

  8. Seriously says:

    You would think they would’ve thought about building another airport there to bring in more flights for more tourist.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Didn’t you see it a few months back? Grand announcement by the PLP of a new terminal to be built complete with a new Causeway. Of course actually seeing it happen is another matter. There is that little problem of Bermuda being broke & in debt to the tune of almost $2b meanwhile politians travel the world & the Civil Service is bloated with not thought of expense reductions.

    • Family Man says:

      After all the renaming of our airport out in St. George’s as the INTERNATIONAL airport, I thought they’d be looking to build a domestic airport somewhere.

  9. Um Um Like says:

    A five star hotel with a man-made beach in the sound…

    Do you really think wealthy tourists want to sit on a fake beach with dirty water?

    • Stefan Smith says:

      Ever heard of Dubai?

      • Um Um Like says:

        You’re comparing apples to oranges. The UAE is a desert, Bermuda isn’t. If someone is going to spend thousands of dollars travelling to Bermuda, don’t you think they’d rather our crystal clear south shore waters as opposed to our harbor that’s polluted with feces and oil?

        • Ryan says:

          You’d be surprised. Some people don’t care and / or wouldn’t be able to tell. As long as it looks like a beach…

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Great news! Now all that is needed to make it all start to happen is to boot the PLP out, install a Government with some business smarts & underestanding, then confidence in Bermuda will be regained & maybe, just maybe, investment money will be released & the project can begin.

    If the money does not feel secure here, nothing will happen. Something for the PLP/BIU &, most of all, the voters to think about.

    • Johnny says:

      Yeah some business smart people like the ENRON people or Madoff, or maybe my boy Stanford

  11. bring it on says:

    lol hotel development, resorts being built and people complain, a foolish person complaining because he will have not place to fly his toy plane.

    someone says tourist will not come to a man made beach?

    is it me or some people just ignorant?

    • It's been brought says:

      @ B.I.O, You’re clearly a boy with no hobby in your life.
      Why knock someone’s extracuricular lifestyle just because you’re too ignorant to
      comprehend it?

    • Come Correct says:

      The answer to your question is yes. But you can’t just say we’re gonna build a 5 star resort woohoo! What is gonna make this one any different from the rest? How will you fill the rooms when we can’t fill the ones we already have? Yea we’re talking a few years down the road and with a lot of luck things might get better for us but people still have questions.

  12. bring it on says:

    @ its been Brought I do have many hobbies, however, I think, it is childish and purile, to comment on such a major development in Bermuda from your narrowminded prism; of your toys. I am all for healthy debate, around the enviornment, tourism, land development, but when you introduce your hobby, in the face of overseas investments, jobs, and a means to stimulate the ecconomy I say fools and children should not discuss, ideas that can not be visualized right away.

    get a life!

  13. Jumbo says:

    me thinks this Morgan’s Point Development will go the way of Ewart’s promised Club Med and Parlaville Park Hotel projects…just a bit of smoke and mirrors come elackshaun time. As my Father has always said “Action speaks, talk is cheap” and it is through this metric that Bermudians should judge the current Government.

    Lets get real, what private money is going to put a dollar in Bermuda at the moment.

    The problems are just getting worse:
    Gov’t debt continues to spiral to unsustainable levels
    Day light execution murders in public space
    Education system keeps on pumping out below 50% high school pass rate…
    Ohh and a planning department that doesn’t work in the best interests of preserving our tourism product…
    and don’t get me started on the inflated civil service and stubborn Unions, who are out of touch with their own country

    This next election will be telling for Bermuda’s future and I think the fate of my generations’ (upper 20′s) collective fate lies in the balance of the result in the ever-emotional booth. Brain drain and foreign currency escapism to follow if the PLP win. I for one, will be cementing my write down of our beautiful island at that point if it comes to that.

  14. walls says:

    So lets get this straight.

    3 guys view property which is mostly woodland reserve so can’t be developed. The value is therefore limited and so the purchase price was very low.

    The 3 guys purchase the property with plans to build a 5 star hotel. Was there a wink and a nod that an SDO would ensure that the SDO would go through?

    Rightly so there is a massive public uproar over the SDO, the PLP government backtracks and offer land swap deal!

    Now the 3 guys gain a much larger piece of property.

    Something stinks here!

    PLP is the new 40 thieves!!

    • Shaking the Head says:

      You only mention 3 guys. If what you are saying is correct, I’m sure (and you’re savvy enough to also know this) there must be a few more in the background to help smooth the passage of the SDO, then the land swap.
      If you add in St George’s Holiday Inn there has been a very large amount of Bermuda given away for very little but for a very long time to a very few (connected) people.

  15. Family Man says:

    WOW, 1,000 jobs. No kidding, one thousand jobs.

    The last project at Wedco only promised 100 jobs,

    The promises are getting bigger and BIGGER all the time.

    • united says:

      Hey, they’re just promises! How do you expect these people to get people behind them? Gotta try and fool them somehow. Hey, Bermuda and Bermudians nee jobs so if it creates some jobs great. Hopefully most jobs should be held by Bermudians.

    • More with less says:

      If you think these guys are going to be employing all Bermudians and paying Bermudian wages to build this place, you are living in a dream world. Of course they will hire some Bermudians but the brunt of the work will go to cheap foreign labor.

  16. Mussel Pie says:

    I heard they couldn’t get insurance because of the contaminants left at Morgan’s Point.

    • Come Correct says:

      So who’s going to clean that up? Who’s going to pay for it? What if it leaks? What if it is leaking?I’ve known about this for years, does no one else care? Sorry but I like to enjoy our fresh fish.

  17. #umjussayin says:

    Morgan’s Point is a big brownfield which would cost the taxpayer’s billions of dollars to clean up. If these guys are building on it, then they have to clean it up by international and local environmental and human rights standars. Government gave some extra acres of unsusable land to developers with $$ to clean it up and bring more visitors to Bermuda. Sounds like a pretty win win situation to me.