Government Issue RFP For Morgan’s Point

June 5, 2023

The Government has issued a Request for Proposals [RFP] for “architectural design and support services in providing planning, design and other support services for the Morgan’s Point development project.”

The document [PDF] said, “The purpose of this Request for Proposals [RFP] is an invitation by Morgan’s Point Development Company Limited [MPDC] to prospective proponents to submit proposals for Architectural Design and Support Services, as further described in the RFP Deliverables.

“MPDC wishes to solicit a statement of qualification and proposal from a qualified and recognized Architectural Design Entity with International, Caribbean, and Bermuda experience, interested in providing planning, design and other support services for the Morgan’s Point Development project.”

In providing background, it said: “Morgan’s Point, Bermuda, located in the Southampton Parish, is planned to be a mixed-use residential community that will provide a sustainable economic benefit to the citizens of Bermuda.

“One of the key challenges the project hopes to address is a lack of mixed-use retail and commercial development on the western end of the island. As such, Morgan’s Point will hope to cater to a wide cross-section of the local Bermudian economy with access to restaurants, shopping, and outdoor activities beyond the existing services offered.

A quick look at the Morgan’s Point area as it looked earlier this year:

“The mixed-use development project was previously commenced in December 2015 and was designed to include 35 for-sale residential units and a high-end, boutique hotel with 77 rooms and 2 presidential villas. The initial project concept included an extensive amenities village, marina, spa / gym, and the back of house / administration building to complement the residential and hotel operating model. In April 2018, development and construction services on the project were suspended due a lack of project funding.

“In early 2023, the Government of Bermuda decided to move forward with the redevelopment of the Morgan’s Point Project under renewed direction and broader economic focus and benefits. After several design and cost to complete options were evaluated, a decision was made to redevelop the project with 35 residential units, 42 service apartments, 48 amenities district apartments, and an amenities village that includes both commercial space and dining facilities.

“A fitness center, spa, back of house [BOH], administrative areas, a central utility plant, beach enhancements, and associated infrastructure will complement the development with the existing marina. Total retail SF has been estimated at 32,000 rentable square feet [RSF]. This distribution includes a mix of retail shopping, and food and beverage [as a subset of the 32,000 RSF total, 13,000 RSF are in the BOH].”

The images below were posted under a section titled ‘Current Conditions’, which said, “The current conditions of the project have been characterized as a re-development, brownfield opportunity that the Government of Bermuda must repurpose to maximize the economic returns while restoring reputation of Morgan’s Point as a hallmark destination.”

Image extracted from the Government document

Fullscreen capture 04062023 110631 pm

The Government announced the plans for Morgan’s Point in the 2023 Budget, with the Premier saying, “we want to put the site into productive use and generate cash returns that more than cover the costs of construction so that Bermuda can recoup the funds that were paid out for the $165 million guarantee agreed by the former government.

“The centrepiece of the project will be the re-imagined Amenities District. Placed between the two existing structures, it will consist of a diverse series of commercial retail, restaurant and services opportunities at ground level and, built on top of them, two floors consisting of 48 residential units.

“These central Amenities District apartments will be in an affordable range for most Bermudians and will consist of one-, two- and three-unit apartments. Further, an additional percentage of these Amenity District apartments will be priced at a further discounted range to expand opportunities for young Bermudians.”

Images previously released by the Govt showing renderings of the planned development


The Government previously said that initial cost estimates for this first phase are $130 million. For full details on the RFP please visit here on the Government’s website.

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    What’s this one going to cost us? Noting the brain trust that is the PLP government have managed to squander $100m on a yet to open mid-tier hotel.

    • puzzled says:

      Where has all the money gone so far.
      This is sickning.

      • Hmmm says:

        Ask Businessmen and previous owners Craig Christensen, Brian Duperreault both whom have been silent with this failed hotel.

        • Double s says:

          Funny how this development failed as soon as PLP regained power. Funny how since they have regained power no other investor has taken over the development and instead the taxpayer has to pay for it now. Funny that.

        • Hey says:

          He was referring to the Grand Atlantic Bermudiana Beach resort. Pay attention Hmmm

    • Let’s not forget says:

      But you forget that the idiots in the OBA that you strongly support signed off on this and gave their friends and family a 200 million guarantee. Yet one of them continues to travel on a private jet while laughing at the rest of we taxpayers.

      • 365 says:

        I love it when PLP supporters grasp at straws and bring up the Jetgate thing but fail to recognize or talk about the fact that Dr. Brown did the same thing , with a few notable exceptions. When it was discovered that Cannonier did this, there was outrage by the PLP, and “non political” groups like the People Campaign which ultimately led to his resignation even though no contract was awarded, and not one penny exchanged hands.Hower, when it was reported that Dr. Brown jumped on a private jet owned by Globallhue and they were awarded a contract worth millions for Bermuda Department of Tourism without it going out to tender! NOTHING was said! No cries for resignation, no marches even though lots of money changed hands. I believe this contract was then extended ! Both men got on private jets owned by the companies trying to get the countries business. The one leader that did NOT award a contract was asked to resign (as he should have) even though not one penny of the public exchanged hands. The other, not only awarded a multi million dollar contract, but he did so without going thru the tender process!

      • 365 says:

        By the way what are your feelings on the PLP forgiving the BIU guarantee when it came to Berkeley/ProActive project that went 60 million over budget?

        Pretty sure you and other PLP supporters will pretend you didn’t see this so. Lets see who can explain.

      • saud says:

        None of that is true, of course…but it’s the plps only way of saving face…lying to everyone about verifiable facts. LMFAO. You’re as gullible as they are.

      • Oh its true says:

        So you expect BD on some regular flight after being bailed out?

        • hmmmm says:

          ObaUBp are just as bad as plp everyone bailing out their supporters. Only difference is the color in both parties.

          • hhey says:

            This above post is straight from Alaska Hall. PLP HQ

          • Facts says:

            Bet you they replace Travel Authorization Cole with Jarion as leader of the OBA…. with hopes of swing back the black voters they now call sheepie and trolls

            • Politics says:

              You’re late every single voter on both sides of the political spectrum understands why the UBP aka oba makes this move. They’re constantly looking for a John Swan part 2. LMAO

  2. watching says:

    Can’t wait for this to get into development phase and for the employment and economic stimulus it will be present.

    • hey says:

      Won’t be economic stimulus. It will not generate investment into our economy from outside Bermuda. It will be an additional weight on the Bermudian taxpayer.

  3. a p says:

    Have to say this could be a wonderfully desirable new neighborhood…and there is ferry service for Hami commuters. The land is excellently situated for stunning views and an environment of nature. The developer here can earn return on apartment rentals. Add in grocery store, dry cleaner, bank, restaurant, sundry shops and you have the makings of a great place to reside and be surrounded by peaceful beauty. Maybe tours of the land could be offered to get ppl excited, bec once you’ve seen the setting by standing on the land, it’s hard not to like it imv…

  4. Guy Carri says:

    Give it to Gencom. We’re already giving them everything.

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    Oh, good grief. The PLP Government is trying to be a land developer again.

    Hasn’t the PLP Government learned from the Grand Atlantic fiasco?

    *waves goodbye to hundreds more millions of taxpayer dollars*

  6. Ringmaster says:

    If the PLP Government have any input into this, Bermuda is finally finished. They have proven themselves incompetent and totally out of their depth when it comes to any real estate matters time and again. Worse is Burt thinks he is an expert negotiator and deal maker, and Burch is delusional. Save everyone money and sell it to a private developer for whatever they will pay and let then develop it with no tax and duty breaks. It’s the only way forward.

    • 365 says:

      C’mon man …the PLP have always come up with great ideas and delivered on time and on budget and always manage to deliver more for less not to mention that they handle the public purse well when it comes to government projects. Examples include:

      Berkely / ProActive
      Port Royal Golf Course Renovation
      BLBE Building
      Emissions Centre
      Dockyard Cruise ship Pier
      Grand Atlantic
      Faith Based Tourism Contract
      GlobalHue Tourism Contract
      Savvy Entertainment Recording Studio Contract
      Sandys 365
      Bermuda Hospital / Lambe Foggo
      Electric Buses
      Casino Gaming Commission
      Shelley Bay Beach Renovation
      Covid-19 Travel Authorization Contract & Commission
      Southampton Princess
      Bermuda National Stadium Solar panel project

      The list goes on and on. How can you all be concerned? Why are so many unfairly complaining. If there was anything to be concerned about the non-political group called the Peoples Campaign would be on it and calling for a march. So relax, all is good.

      • Ringmaster says:

        How could I have been so forgetful. Thanks for showing the list of accomplishments, so no need to worry, taxpayers money will be well looked after and invested wisely, usually abroad.

      • hey says:

        Sarcasm is lost on a message board. Better off just stating the fiascos as fiascos.

  7. Where is the money says:

    Coming from. You have an ageing population with little growth of newborns who will carry this burden. Bet there will be no takers unless considerable discounts are offered.Just restarting an idle project will come at a cost to repair or remediate rust or broken items already installed etc. Get ready to borrow Bermuda.