Man Admits Having Sex With A 14-Year-Old

November 29, 2012

[Updated after second Court appearance] In Magistrates Court this morning [Nov 28] a 21-year-old man pleaded guilty to three counts of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge of a 14-year-old female.

The first charge related to an encounter in April 2012, the second and third occurred in August 2012. Crown Prosecutor Susan Mulligan told the Senior Magistrate that the matter came to light after the girl and her mother had a conversation where the girl admitted having had sex and identified the man.

The Magistrate was told that the man was aware she was only 14.  On three occasions he had gone to her home when her parents were out and engaged in sex. Some details surrounding the actual sex were brought up in Court, and the Prosecutor said that there was no evidence that force had ever been used.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner ordered the man held in custody overnight and he will re-appear tomorrow morning when arrangements will be made for his sentencing.

Update: The man’s name is Ajani Albouy-Lovell, and the Court heard he lives in the Emergency Housing Shelter in St George’s. He has previously been before the Courts on other matters.

Update Nov 29, 11.05am: Mr Albouy-Lovell re-appeared in Court this morning and has been granted bail of $10,000 with one surety. The Court ordered that he must not contact or interfere in any way with the victim. A social enquiry report was ordered, and his sentencing was set for January 2013.

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  1. WhistleBlower says:

    Castrate him!

    • Skink says:

      It was mutual. Why would you do such a thing?

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        He had sex with a child.

        • Just Us says:

          Do children ever listen? Who doesn’t teach their children about the birds and the bees and all the sexual diseases? I guess my comment earlier hit a nerve for bernews to delete… No one likes the truth.

      • Knobby says:

        Because he’s a pervert.

      • 80's baby.... says:

        he knew she was 14 though WTF!!! who cares if it was mutual he knows better!!

      • Free says:

        14 year olds can’t consent to sex, it’s the law which is why he’s being charged. Therefore whether it was “mutual” or not is irrelevant and some would say it isn’t based on her age. He’s a pervert. He seems to have a lot of extra time on his hands, sleeping with children. He needs to find a job and a girl his own age. He’s pathetic.

      • Just One says:

        We have to protect our young women from these predators, blah blah, because she’s completely innocent, blah blah, etc etc.

        She needs to be held accountable. I’m not saying the guy isn’t at fault, just saying that a 14-year old girl DOES know better… when I was 16 girls were having sex at 13 with guys older than me! That was over 20 years ago, I’m sure it’s much worse now!

        • Mayan says:

          @Just One: My god, I thought Skink was bad and then I see your comment. Yes, her mom needs to have a good talk with her about pervs like this guy but the blame rests solely on him. Like I said in my other post, a girl this age will cave to pressure more than an older woman would. A girl this age isn’t ready emotionally for sex. The guy KNEW how old she was-he should be ashamed!!!

          What is it with some of you men? Are you REALLY that horny that you can’t resist the temptation to have sex with a minor? What does an older guy have in common with a girl that young? What do they have to talk about? NOTHING…so clearly the guy will only be using her for sex without any type of commitment that an older woman might expect.

          You really disgust me the way you see nothing wrong with this and don’t acknowledge that this girl is a VICTIM. She was taken advantage of by this guy! You’re really perverted yourself to defend this. Any way you look like it, this is just plain wrong. If you horny bastards can’t control yourselves and insist on thinking with your juniors, if it involves young girls then you deserve no mercy!!!

          BTW: How young is too young for you? What if this girl was ten? A ten-year-old can reason pretty well…do you think it’s o.k. for a grown man to be with a ten-year-old as well? Just trying to see how that perverted brain of yours works!

          • Just One says:

            Ummm, when did I say I saw nothing wrong with this? The guy was wrong. He should have known better. But are you saying she wasn’t horny as well? For the record I prefer older women if you want to attack me personally AND I have turned down two GIRLS under 16 when I was in my twenties, as I know I should have!

            You must realize that some of these girls are the ones that seek out older men and that it’s not ALWAYS the other way around? Of course it’s up to the man to resist their advances, just as I did, but not every man is that strong. Otherwise I could have been the victim, the one in court, the one in jail…

        • SMDH says:

          No she doesn’t. She told him upfront that she was 14, she did not lie about it. He made the decision to have sex with a child and needs to face the consequences of his actions. Simple as.

      • Mayan says:

        @Skink: ‘It was mutual?’ Are you for f**king real???

        This was a 14-YEAR-OLD CHILD! She could not ‘mutually agree’ to having sex with an adult! Girls that age need protecting from themselves. A girl that young will cave to pressure easier than a mature woman and she is not emotionally ready for a sexual relationship even if she is physically able.

        This man is a child molester. How would you feel if that was YOUR daughter or are you some kind of perv yourself???

        I hope they throw the book at this creep and yeah, they should cut his balls off while they’re at it!

        • (0.0) says:

          Yes, he is wrong for his part and should face his punishment. But, at 14 you still know right from wrong!! You are able to think and make sensible decisions. The little girl is just fast! Get over it.

          • boss says:

            Yes at 14 you can make most proper decisions but from a young girls point of view this man could have sweet talked her any sort of way to get her to say yes it was the same way with me i was her age and i didnt want to but he convinced me that it woulc be a good idea plusi had selfesteem problems that played apart but i am not fast for it and neither is she

        • B2B says:

          It’s very interesting that it is believed that a 14 year old cant consent to sex, but a 14 yr old can consent to murder, robbery, assault etc and be charged as an adult for these crimes. In my opinion, if 14yr old can consent to and be charged as an adult for the aforementioned crimes, isn’t it logical that they CAN consent to sex? I’m just saying. For the record I do not support or approve of 14 yr old having sex w anyone more than 3 yrs their senior. But let’s be real here– should the older really have to pay for this for the rest if or for most of their lives? Shouk a 19 yr old boy have to register as a sex offender for 20 yrs? Is this justice? Should he be prisoned for 10 yrs for consensual sex w a 15 yr old? What if it were your son? I’m just saying

    • Judge Dredd says:

      The age of consent is a heuristic. A 15 year old at 11:59 and 59 seconds pm the day before her 16th birthday is a “child” incapable of consenting or psychological accountability, then miraculously one second later “BAM” the powers that be have endowed her with the Aristotelian practical wisdom and judgement of a seasoned adult. She’s no longer innocent and no longer requires protection from an experienced man. Do you accept that? Do you really want to leave it to a heuristic which varies from country to country? The age in Spain is 13, other countries even lower. Hey, I know one thing, you either Marry my daughter or I’ll castrate you. It’s time for us to return to real values. Heuristics won’t protect us, the only truly healthy institution is a healthy committed relationship. A home that is as safe and nurturing as the parental home. If you think your little 14 year old “children”don’t want to have sex then you are as dumb and nearly as criminal as the dead beats who exploit them for sex and no commitment. Slap yourselves.

    • swing voter says:

      yeah there’s something wrong with him. But what the hell is wrong with her. And I dont’ want to hear anyone sayin that she is incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong

    • Myzterri says:

      I have a 14 year old daughter, so let this be a warning to anyone who even entertains the thought of getting with her, I WILL SET YOU ON FIRE AND BRING EXTRA FUEL TO KEEP YOU LIT!!!!!! So, stay away from my little girl!!

      • Kofee says:

        make sure your daughter has a high self esteem and knows her worth and you won’t have to worry about a 21 year old trying to make her feel loved. Save yourself the trouble..

  2. Dante's Inferno says:

    Yeah castrate him, then we can adopt sharia law and kill people for all sorts of entertainment..

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Given the judges we’ve got we’re lucky if they even apply the laws we currently have.

    • LaughOrCry says:

      No, its much better to just allow everything, don’t u think Dante? U obviously don’t have kids, because I can guarantee you’d be singing a different tune if it was your 14 year old child. With the amount of sexual crimes that occur in this country, maybe castration is something we need to look at. Pedophilia is a disease, and we need to cut it out of our society. We as a community must stand up and protect our children! Kill them, castrate them, I don’t care as long as these sickos are nowhere near any child.

      • Jus Sayin says:

        This cry full brutal acts reminds me of Roman Era gladiatorism. Let’s learn from history folks. smh

        • Cabbage says:

          Truth is we are all living beings dealing with emotions we barely undetstand 21is young also peeps cry for blood of this man whom followed his d%^k but he is no murderer, re

  3. YELLA says:


    • being mindfull says:

      are u serious yella, u are deranged. She is a minor, regardless of how she may flaunt herself, adults are suppose to know better and make proper decisions.

    • Mayan says:

      @Yella: It’s really starting to scare me looking at all these comments from a bunch of perverted, horny men. You said it-she is a LITTLE GIRL! How do you know she knew what she was doing? He probably pressured her and even if he didn’t-he is GROWN…she IS NOT! What does a 21-yr-old have in common with a girl that age? NOTHING. He was just using her. People like you are just plain sick, sick, sick. The guy should have stepped back and realized this was WRONG! Now he is going to prison where he belongs!!!

    • Just One says:

      Obviously adults are supposed to be wiser and make smarter decisions. Obviously this wasn’t a wise decision on the 21-year old’s part. But parents/the community also need to educate these young girls and identify the ones who may be prone to getting involved in these situations. I think this is what some of the men here are trying to say, even though we are being attacked by @Mayan and others for trying to have an open and frank conversation about it.

      No one should be having sex unless they are married, but society has gone way past that, and so these man-made laws are supposed to fix everything right? If some of you would just try to listen and learn from an honest perspective, instead of shooting down people because they speak their mind, we might actually be able to come up with solutions before it gets to the bedroom and then the courtroom!!! Calling judges “your worship”? Not me…

  4. dinosaurmedia says:

    When I need to feel better about myself I look at the “news”… some seriously “farked” individuals on this island…

  5. terry says:

    Irony is he cannot relate to his peers.
    He needs help.
    Get it?

  6. tricks are for kids.. says:

    Parents need to educate BOTH their sons and daughters while they are young…..indulging KNOWLINGLY in adult behaviors causes nothing but trouble……

    • This was a 14 year old CHILD. I don’t care if she threw herself naked at him, HE was the adult. This was RAPE of a CHILD.

  7. BlueMoon says:

    What it seems like, the 14yr old thought she was grown enough and wanted to play “woman”. Nowadays, this is the norm. Little girls wanting to grow up so fast. They should both be punished cuz it was consensual. Trust me, she knew exactly wat decision she was making!!!

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      No. It’s the adult’s repsonsibility to make sure it doesn’t happen. It’s not the child’s responsibility to prevent it. It doesn’t matter if the girl looks pretty, or dresses provocatively. None of that is any excuse at all. There is no excuse whatsoever for having sex with a child. Children cannot consent to sex.

      If there were excuses (“she wanted it” “she consented” “she thought I was handsome”) that would be a pervert pedophile’s dream. Pedophiles would have an excuse every single time.

    • being mindfull says:

      ur an idiot too blue moon, the child is a minor, regardless of her wants, SHE IS A MINOR!! An adult has to know better. Thats why children are children becaus they are not deemed to be mature enough to make such decions. Whether they act mature or not, the law states they are MINORS!!

    • j says:

      I agree 100%.

  8. SMT says:


  9. Amia says:

    and before someone decides I am siding with this pervert trust me I am not but this happens alot and these men are just idiots for going along with it, but these little girls need their parents to really have a good sit down with them. Cause if it happened once who’s to say it won’t happen again.

    • tricks are for kids.. says:


    • being mindfull says:

      doesnt matter how often anything happens, she’s a minor, end of story.

      • Skink says:

        A minor based on man-made laws, no? Who are we to say that all ‘minors’ are not of competent mindsets? Can you guarantee me that somebody 15 years 364 days old is less competent than somebody who is 16 years 0 days old? Arbitrarily assigning what a minor is ludicrous. Yes, this guy broke the current law and for that he should be punished. But is the current law a fair and just one?

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          Yes, the law is fair and just. We don’t want a law that would protect any smooth-talking pervert who gives a girl video games, jewellery, candies, money, whatever, and talks her into having sex.

          And if the girl is 15 years and 364 days old, she is a minor. The adult has to wait a couple of days.

          The reason minors can’t consent is to protect them from adults who would otherwise use any smooth-talking means to get them to “consent”.

          What happens in many cases is the girl ‘consents’ and then regrets it. Because she is a child.

        • Free says:

          There has to be a limit and you know that. Should there be no age of consent and 10 years should be fair game? How about 8 year olds? What’s your limit?

          No one is forcing any MAN to have sex with a 14 year old. If it’s not that big a difference wait until they are 16 then or 18. He’s 21 what is he doing with a 14 year old? Women outnumber men almost everywhere, he can’t get a girl his age?

        • Mayan says:

          Skink, you clearly have a thing for young girls and will defend this perversion with your dying breath. People like you need your azzes stoned…

      • Amia says:

        I understand that she is a minor but she also needs to understand the consquences of her actions as well. Like I said she did it with him she can do it with others and most times when little girls turn to these older men it is because they are looking for love.

        Yes she is just a child, but her actions and her wants and desire also contributed to this situation. No he should not be let off that is not what I am saying but everyone is focused on the fact that she is just 14 ok BUT why is this 14 year old girl having sex with a 21 year old man.

      • Amia says:

        it does matter if she continues to do it and thinks its ok. She knows she is 14 so why does she feel it is ok to open her legs. The law says its wrong and I agree BUT she still did it more than once and more little girls are doing it WHY is the question.

        And question remains was this her first and will it be her last while she is still a minor.

  10. Mindsyobusiness says:

    I’m not understanding why it’s such a big deal ph$%k his age if she can lay down and open her legs willingly then he should not be penalized. These — girls now days need to get a hold of themselves and the parents should have more consent over what there child is doing

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Frankly, the law is designed to protect girls from idiots like you.

      • Pokey Bermudians says:

        @zombie Apocalyse the law isnt here to protect anyone because if you are found with drugs ya doing more time than a murderer. Technically the law isnt protecting the little girl because it already happened. —————-.dont talk no ish…the little girl is too full of herself..she wants to act like a woman than she should be punished like one

  11. Malachi says:

    If one has sex with someone under-age with or without their consent it’s rape.

    If one has sex with someone of age without their consent, it’s rape.

    If one has sex with someone of age and with their consent, then Merry Christmas!

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      Addendum to Malachi: if you coerce them (force them, fool them, lie to them, blackmail them or use any other method to make them say yes) it is still rape. If the sex isn’t freely consensual, even if you are married, it is rape.

  12. j says:

    I agree 100% that the girl should be held accountable as well. She said yes for the 3 times and then when she told her parents a complaint was filed. Yes the boy should be charged but she needs counselling and put on home curfew and have to answer to her whereabouts every two hours. These lil girls lie about their age and they look like grown women with all their makeup and outfits. To all lil girls just wait to grow up and get an education.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Classic blaming the victim.

      A girl gets raped, and you blame her and want to punish her.

      • Just One says:

        Rape? That’s just not the right word for this, no matter what the LAW calls it! Some of these girls are attracted to older men for various reasons. Daddy issues, money, popularity, etc etc. She’s not an innocent victim of rape here, please open your eyes just a little bit!

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          How do you know she wasn’t suckered in by the smooth talking adult? An underage girl is unable to consent. It’s always rape.

          If an adult sees a vulnerable girl with – to use your examples – daddy issues, wants money, wants to be popular – a scheming conniving pedophile will seek out girls with vulnerabilities, who might be easily persuaded. That’s exactly why it’s rape.

        • Free says:

          No they are talking about people like “j” who would blame a woman for wearing a short skirt after being raped. Which is exactly what they did.

          Aren’t sure of her age(classic lie/excuse) well as ridiculous as it is – ask for I.D. if you are that into the girl. Most adults have them, it will save you a lot of heartache and potential jail time if these girls are tricking men that easily(again a lie). Lucky for him and others like him, we live in Bermuda because in the States you’d be branded as a child molester for the rest of your life.

          What does girls being attracted to older men have to do with it? Does that mean you have to go out with them because they like you? Ever heard of self control? A 14 year old would be an immediate turn off to almost all women. I guess you men are different.

        • Mayan says:

          @Just One: It IS rape, idiot. A child cannot consent to sex…this is statutory rape. Please read this and educate that sick brain of yours:

        • Common sense isn't so common says:


      • Amia says:

        I don’t think anyone is blaming her but she is not a victim (in so many words) this is what she wanted if she can agreed to it wrong decision, stupid and foolish on his behalf but she wanted it. He didn’t force himself and she knew when to invite him over when her parents where not there so clearly she knew what she was doing.

        Someone asked me if this was my child would I still feel the same way. Well I tell you what I won’t say yes and I won’t say no I will just be honest how I feel now because I do have a child I would be upset and want this man to pay, but as a parent I would also be upset with my 14 year old who was doing this knowing that it was wrong.

    • SMDH says:

      The point is she didn’t lie about her age. When he said he thought she was sixteen she corrected him. He knew exactly wat he was getting into.

      • Amia says:

        And so did she….

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          In fact, she did not lie about her age. He knew she was under age. It was therefore his responsibility refrain from sex. As SMDH correctly says, he knew exactly what he was doing.

  13. JOE says:

    Not sure if it is ever applicable to real life but could the girl be held accountable for ‘participating in a crime’ if it was in fact consensual?

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      No. She is legally unable to consent, so that issue never arises. It is the adult’s responsibility, not the child’s.

      • JOE says:

        Ok. Was just thinking out loud… What happens when a 14 year old steals a bike?

        • Mayan says:

          @Joe: If a 14-yr-old steals a bike on their own, then they are held accountable but that scenario doesn’t compare to this one. A better example would be if a 14-yr-old was ordered to steal a bike by an adult-the adult would be held accountable for the crime of ‘contributing to the delinquency of a minor’…so the adult would still be held accountable to a greater degree than the child!!!

        • Mad Dawg says:

          It’s hardly the same is it.

          • mufc says:

            If a 14 year old can be charged for stealing a bike (is competent to do so) why can’t that same 14 year old be competent enough to agree to have sex?

            • Mad Dawg says:

              The two aren’t the same are they. You are suggesting the adult and the child are equal in the relationship. But they are not equal – she is a child and he is an adult. The adult is often going to be able to lead and influence the child, particularly if the child is vulnerable and impressionable, and if the adult is persistent and highly motivated. That is why the child needs to be protected by the law.

              It is not the same as a child who steals a bike, but in any case children who commit crimes are not treated the same as adults.

  14. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    Interesting. He was sent to prison in Feb 2011 for 18 months, but was out having illegal sex by April 2012.

    Looks like another collossal fail for our wonderful Parole Board.

    • Free says:

      He was also arrested earlier this year but got a suspended sentence for 24 months. Which this clearly violates. Wonder why Bernews posted your comment about his previous convictions but edited mines.

      • Bernews says:

        Sorry about that, sounds like it was our error. Please feel free to repost! All the comments “mash” together in the backend, so we might have confused it with the other story, where there isn’t a conviction hence certain things can’t be said. This guy pleaded guilty, so all his past bad acts can come up at this stage. Sorry again.

  15. SMT says:

    It doesn’t matter if she is “fast” or whatever, she’s 14, he knew’s illegal. And I don’t care how much makeup and/or weave she has..she clearly goes to a high school and people have seen her in school clothes. GROSS!

  16. Smh says:

    After seeing this guys name posted, I’m not surprised. Anyone his age (my age) would know that this boy is not all there and I’ve known that since my middle school days. He needs help.

    Now as for this little girl, engaging in sex is very normal for teens under 16, so that part don’t shock me. But it’s pretty clear that this little girl has low self-esteem, not only because she had sex with a 21 year old but him of all people! OH MY DEAR! I mean ew, ew, and ew, GROSS is an understatement.

    In my opinion both sides are wrong here. If it had happened once I would have sided more with the girl, but it happened 3 times (so she claims, it could have been more). She had more than enough time to think about the first time but no, she wanted more sex from him.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      It always amazes me when people come out of the woodwork to defend pedophiles.

      Bermuda is full of perverst and creeps, apparently.

      • Smh says:

        Who is defending pedophiles? I’m not defending him. I clearly stated that I think that both sides are wrong

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Both sides are wrong? You attach blame to the girl, which is completely wrong. She is not to blame at all. She is the victim of a crime.

          By apportioning some blame to her, you are saying the adult wasn’t entirely at fault. So you are defending a pedophile, an adult who illegally had sex with a child.

          • Smh says:

            N I said that he has issues! Don’t try and put words in my mouth. Because yes they are both wrong! You adults need to step it up and think like young people. Majority of the children have been having sex since they were like 12. And you may think that I am exaggerating but it’s a fact. When I was that age you think my friends were not having sex on a regular? Luckily I had the common sense to stick to what my parents taught me. Yes this girl is victim, but she is also at fault because she opened her legs not only once but 3 times and she invited him into her home, which proves how comfortable she was with it. it.

          • Amia says:

            I feel you but she was wrong dear. She knew she was 14 and she did it more than once. She had this man over when her parents where out so you want to call a spade a spade than do just that.

            He is the ‘adult’ if we can call him that and shouldn’t have proceeded to have sex with her, BUT she also wanted it and did not tell him no. So she is wrong because she knew it was wrong.

            These children these days at young ages know all about everything out there, they know what is right and what is wrong yet they still do what they want because they think they are grown.

  17. disappointed... says:

    The idea that so many people can be blind to the reality around them is sad. This individual is ACCUSED of knowingly having sex with a 14 year old child. The focus should be on getting the best help for both of those involved. The young man needs to be held accountable for his actions, IF he is found to have known that she was a minor, and treated in a way so that he does not repeat these acts. The child involved obviously needs better counselling on the decisions that she has made that left her in this position. Labelling one or the other as a victim does NOTHING to help our society as a whole.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      The child was the victim. It’s not a label. She is not to blame for it. He is.

  18. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    He sure is one sneaky sonofa#@&$ . That creep ,’cause that’s what he is,’waited until the coast was clear before he molested that damn child . Not once , but , multiple times . Three years , no parole , no visits , no t.v. Sneaky Bast..d .

  19. Kathy says:

    Big dummy!!! What was he thinking? Sounds like he likes to get the virgins before the other guys do. He obviously likes ‘em VERY young. Girls do look older than they should today but boys, before you get your big guns out – ask them how old they are and if their age is under 16 – take a cold shower!!!

  20. RawOnion says:

    I remember when I was 14 yrs old and myself and a girl (13yrs) old met up at a friends house and started to ‘get busy’. We kissed and fumbled, grinded or dry banged (whatever its called) but never really engaged in actual sex. Had we gotten caught, it would have been seen as youthful indiscretion. Thats what 13/14yr olds do. A 21yr old male knows what he’s doing and is taking advantage of a 14yr olds inexperience and lack of maturity even if she is a willing participant. Shame on him and I hope the young girl gets the necessary intervention that she needs.

  21. Daughter is most of the blame says:

    if she consent…than there shall be no case to answer for. But im assuming the mother went full fullish about it and is doing out of sptite. She should have called his parents, or sat down with both of them and had a conversation. All the court is going to do is lock him up. For what! Cause her daugher spread eagle and allowed it. She is just as to blame as he is. Lock them both up and throw away the key. She has no morals, and he was just doing what any young man would do, if it was given to them. Take it

    • Free says:

      No because he is a grown man and knows having sex with a 14 year old is illegal! Good if she did it out of spite, maybe next time he’ll think twice and keep his parts in his pants and away from children. Your last sentence is the most disgusting. I can tell you hang around playgrounds. If a 10 year old gave it to you would you take it? Never mind. I don’t even want to know the answer. Sicko.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      She cannot consent. She is a child, and he is a full grown adult.

      You sound like a creep. I hope you never get near any kids.

      • Amia says:

        Ok by law she cannot consent but she herself did consent and I am a mother so I feel what you are saying had a situation that a family member had to deal with but she did unlawfully consent the first, second and third time.

        If she didn’t tell her mother it could have been more times.

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          Pedophiles love people like you. If they get the child to agree to sex they’re off the hook in your mind.

      • StopBeingIgnorant says:

        @mad dawg I don’t know if you are related to this child but I agree with alot you are saying and I also agree that though she cannot consent under the law she did consent with this 21 year old idiot and have sex on a few occassions. So do you suggest that she just not be dealt with at all from her parents especially when she knew it was wrong as well. They should cut his balls off yes but because she is a child yet was being sneaky by inviting this man over when her parents weren’t home I feel she should be dealt with. That is just my opinion.

    • Leo says:

      There are some really sick dudes in this country if this forum is any indication. How can you say she ‘has no morals’? Because some dude pressured her and she gave in? He should have have known better!

      This kind of situation is wrong if the victim is a minor and the perp is an adult, or if there are more than five years age difference between the victim and the perp. For example, if a 15-year-old has sex with a 9 year old, it is a problem even though the boy is a minor because of the age difference and that 15-year-old needs help. If a 15- year-old is with another 15-year-old, it is not as much of a cause for concern. There are all kinds of variables with this but that is the basic rule-generally people should be with their own age groups until they become adults. For someone to be with someone so less emotionally mature than them indicates a problem.

      With that aside, I have a four-year-old girl and if any guy tries this crap with her, they don’t have to worry about the police getting involved-I’ve got a baseball bat with his name on it and the undertaker on speed-dial.

  22. Tricks are For Kids says:

    Can anyone answer WHY the age for consenting is lower for boys than girls?

    Would you all have the same reaction if the boy was 14 and the girl was 20?

    • Free says:

      Find me a 20 year old woman who would sleep with a 14 year old then I’ll give you an answer.

      • tricks are for kids.. says:

        Don’t act like this has never happened…teachers overseas ALWAYS in the news for sleeping with their students..One case the child was 11…so yeah there you go!!!

        • Free says:

          Overseas, key word and most of the time the boys are 16-not 11. So try again. Women don’t do this. Argue all you want but the facts prove this.

          • Mayan says:

            @Free: I agree…it is VERY rare for women to do this and I’ve NEVER heard of a case like this in Bermuda. I can also say that I’m sure hell will freeze over before we see a female teacher in Bermuda engaging in sexual activities with a student…I don’t see that happening in my lifetime!

            I remember once seeing an expert on Oprah who was giving out tips to protect kids from kidnapping pervs. He said to teach kids that if they’re lost, not to look for a ‘policeman’ as they used to instruct kids before. First of all, kids can’t always tell the difference between a police officer’s uniform and say, a courier’s uniform. Also, these days even police officers do things they shouldn’t and some even deliberately enter the police force as an opportunistic thing….

            This expert said to tell kids if they’re lost to ALWAYS go to a woman-especially an older woman. He said tell them to go to an older lady ‘like grandma.’ Very, very, very rarely will a female abduct, sexually abuse and kill a child-like less than 1%. Most women who kidnap kids do it because they want a child and won’t harm it. The rare times a woman IS involved in kidnapping and abusing a child, it is at the direction of a male-like to help satisfy a boyfriend’s perversion, for example. Even that is really, really rare.

            Sad to say, but when it comes to this stuff it is usually the male of the species who do these horrible things. Women by nature are nurturers and don’t harm children. In the instances when women DO harm/kill a child, it is her own child(think Casey Anthony), not someone else’s so for the most part kids are safe with women.

            BTW: Before the men get upset at what I’ve written, notice that the posts here defending this nasty creep seem to all be coming from men…THAT alone tells you a lot!!!

      • boss says:

        You can find that on maury luckly he wasnt the father but shamefully she wasnt in jail

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Yes, I’d have the exact same reaction.

  23. Get Real People! says:

    Listen, in no way shape or form is this man right for what he’s been doing whether it was consentual or not. And yes he needs severe punishing especially for being aware of the females age. BUT, in this case I believe the female should be punished as well. Has anyone taken a look at society lately? These youngsters WANT to be grown. If you all think this is the first case, think again. These lil girls are not innocent. The way they carry themselves is very enticing and screams disrespect. I don’t care what anyone says, she’s wrong too!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      The child needs to be punished too, eh?


      • Get Real People! says:

        Yes! She does! I don’t know why you’re taking this so personal and I really could care less. My opinion is mine and I feel as though she should also be held accountable. You wanna be named “Woman” so bad, well lets use you as an example to other young females who feel it’s ok to sleep with older men. Say what you like. Now go “Creep” that…

        • Free says:

          Why can’t people like you understand that IT DOES NOT MATTER IF SHE SAID LET’S DO IT! He is the ADULT! Okay? Do you get that? HE will be held responsible and HE should control himself and realize she is UNDERAGE and it’s ILLEGAL!!! If a 10 year old consented to it would you be fine with that? Ultimately he is the adult and should know better, what the girl did or didn’t do does not damn well matter because she’s a child! Understand?

          How should she be held responsible? What law did she break? How do you know that her parents didn’t deal with her? You seem to care a lot and seem to place all the blame on the girl, which is what people find issue with. If you want to tell her it’s not ok to sleep with older men you should be shouting even LOUDER that it’s not ok for older men to be sleeping with CHILDREN. As a child she may not know any better but as an adult you are held to a higher standard because you should know better. Clearly you aren’t a mentally or emotionally mature adult because you sound idiotic.

          • Just One says:

            It amazes me all the name-calling on here… now that is what is immature!

            Okay so let me get this straight? We are supposed to let our young teenage daughters do whatever they want because we should be able to count on male adults to do the right thing? Do you really want to give that responsibility to someone else? Or should parents be ensuring that their young daughters are not even in a position for it to get that far?

            Maybe we should punish the parents to, yeah I said it. Our neglected teenage boys are getting into mischief and our teenage girls as well. Child neglect. With proper parental supervision this could have all been avoided. Go ahead and say “the law” says it’s okay to leave children over the age of thirteen home alone without parental supervision. Not this parent! Were you ever a teenager?

            • Free says:

              If anyone follows my comments I rarely, if ever name call and calling someone’s comment “idiotic” is hardly name calling. You need to grow up, now that is immature! You probably say worse in your everyday life. Find something else to pick you because you don’t have a solid opinion to stand on.

              If you think 14 year olds are fair game then be prepared to face the consequences. Where did I say that teenagers should be able to do anything that they want. Where?! I said you all need to stop blaming the girl 100%. It’s reprehensible, especially when she is the younger party. If you cannot understand such a simple consent after I’ve written it a hundred times then that too is idiotic.

              Teenagers are not mentally mature, that’s why it’s illegal. They are learning and growing and making foolish decisions all the time. AGAIN ADULTS as is the case with this “man” have gone through that and know better. Teenagers make impulsive decisions constantly but what does that have to do with anything? So does that mean she should take all the blame which people like you are doing? What should happen here since you know it all and teenagers are fair game? Let this guy off the hook and tell the girl stop being a slut? That’s real wisdom right there! Good thing the laws weren’t written by you!

              As for you last paragraoh rant that has nothing to do with this topic and you should stop assuming what my opinion on that would be. Not to mention it’s apples to oranges.

              Just reading your nonsense is annoying me. Yes I was a teenager-what’s your point because you aren’t making one. Teenagers do dumb things, doesn’t mean a grown adult should take advantage of their naivety. Even if she was having sex with another 14 year old or 15 year old I could understand and be fine with it but this? Um no! Do you have a daughter?

              • Get Real People! says:

                STFU!! I did not place all the blame on the female! It’s quite apparent that you have a hard time reading. I didn’t even bother reading your whole essay because I don’t give a sh*t what you’re saying. My opinion stands. Laws or no laws, idiotic or no idiotic, the girl was wrong too. We can sit here until eternity expressing how wrong dude is but due to the circumstances, he was not the only one at fault! If you can’t open your mind to that then it makes no sense keep trying to explain anything to anybody and I’m not going to keep up this debate. You don’t like my views, too flippin bad! UNDERSTAND??!!

                • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                  So you said: “STFU!! I did not place all the blame on the female!”

                  But you also said: “I believe the female should be punished as well. The way they carry themselves is very enticing and screams disrespect. I don’t care what anyone says, she’s wrong too!”

                  Blaming the victim, pure and simple.

                • Free says:

                  As Zombie pointed out you did blame the victim. I know reading is probably hard for you but my “essay” wasn’t in reply to you but to “Just One”. Now you if you don’t want to keep debating-stop replying, simple. Now shut up and have a seat, child molester. I don’t just blame him but people like you are blaming the girl more then him. Can you not comprehend? You don’t like my views, too bad for you as well. You can stay mad. Got it?

                  • Get Real People! says:

                    Mad for what? Lol. You’re the one who’s mad! You’ve sat up and replied to every last comment as if people don’t have a freedom of opinion and speech. Go do something with yourself. I’m sure Bernews isn’t paying you to sit up and preach your views all day, everyday. For the very last time, I never placed blame on the female solely. I said I believe she too should be penalised. When I say penalised, I mean just like dude has been publicized, so should she and her parents. Hope you got it this time slowy…Carry on

                    • Free says:

                      I thought you were tried of “debating”? Not only can you not read but you can’t count either. I don’t sit up on Bernews all day and if I did that’s means so do you. But whatever you – child molester. Enjoy your little girls then enjoy prison. Oh and stay mad. :)

              • Just One says:

                I said nothing about letting the guy off the hook! I’m just saying that you can’t trust some men to do the right thing. I’m not attracted young girls so please don’t attempt to put me in that category. I am merely pointing out the fact that the girl needs to be corrected also. I’m not saying lock her up; how about counseling and careful supervision (you called this part oranges)? Okay now I am so done with this whole story. I’m getting attacked like I committed the bloody crime! Like I actually think it’s okay what this guy did, I DON’T! Some of you “attackers” are seriously twisting words…

  24. This crazy little world says:

    Comparison….. I’m an adult minding my own business and another person told me that if I rob this particular bank I can be a millionaire. I contemplate it and the temptation is too great to pass up. I rob the bank and am caught later. Who is the guilty party? The bank? The person who tempted me? Me? In this case he is an adult. If he was tempted by what this girl was doing then he could have brought it to her parent/s attention not take advantage of her. We all know that young girls are impressionable and can be swayed just by an older mans attention but we as adults must know what is off limits and suffer the consequences if we choose to go against the not only moral limitations but most importantly the legal limitations. I am really appalled to read above the writers who feel this child was some how at fault for being preyed upon. I child has no real right to make an important decision about her body at that age that right is reserved by the courts. Until she is old enough she to consent then she is off limits point blank.

  25. Judge Dredd says:

    If he moves to Vatican or Spain he’d be in the clear. All their 13 year olds are adults. Age of consent is needed but very inadequate. Some women need support and protection long after their 16th bday but society throws them to the dogs. Face it, the problem is that we live in a free sex culture and the true protective institution of MARRIAGE is not practiced. So many women and men consent to being used emotionally, physically, etc. The origin of the free sex culture behind at that very young age when children are inadvertently told that sex is taboo and that they should feel very very VERY ashamed if they are having sexual urges before the age of consent. This automatically removes adults from the pool of people they can talk to about their new bodily and mental developments and gain instruction on relationships and the true situation that sex should occur in which is a committed relationship before God, NOT when they simply reach an age. These adults were made to feel ashamed of something beautiful and when they reach adulthood they discover the power of sex and they go buck wild to defy the guilt ridden taboo tag on their sexuality. It is a horrible torture for adolescents. The laws of nature are more powerful than your laws. If you tel someone there is a bathroom around the corner they’ll hold their pee and work to get there. If you tell them it’s days away they’ll pee anywhere because you set an impossible for them. Some will do well but others will get lost along the way. Tell your children the true suitable outlet for sex. MARRIAGE not age. And they’ll have values and they won’t be sex starved monkeys when they grow up. All of you who condemn the perverts and disagree with me, condemn yourself now also because you are also a pervert if you promote the free sex culture and hence the consequences.

    • Bullseye says:

      A 21 yr old with a 14 yr old is not right. Don’t act like it is because our sexual desires are so strong. Like the desire to smoke weed is so strong so instead of asking for a little willpower, just legalise weed. Maybe a 50 year old man with a 13 year old girl is a good idea to you? Grown men should be hanging out at the bus stops trying to pick up school girls because after all we can’t fight what is natural?

      Why are you fighting for this guy? Maybe you just feel he is being overly despised and there is some truth to that, but he shouldnt have been near this girl for sex. He should have walked away.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        I’ve never seen a spliff that asked to be smoked. Your reply is probably better suited for a different argument because I’m not seeing the relevance to my comments. I am advocating that there is a serious problem when we inadvertently or ecologist teach children that sex is for “grown” ppl rather than MARRIED and COMMITTED people. EVERY young adolescent wants to be grown and mature and what our culture has done is wreaked havoc on their emotions and hormones. By leaving it to only an age of consent we have created an abyss in between the onset of raging hormones and that age. We have failed themand taught them that sex is free and based on your age instead of your moral commitment and love for God. We’ve taught them that if they have sexual urges before the age of consent then they are immoral, “dirty” shameful etc. This makes sex a radio for them to talk about to an “adult” who perpetuates that fallacy. Face it. Our youth are capable of the physical act of sex long before that age of consent and a long as we ignore that and deceive ourselves with a heuristic that varies from country to country and state to state we are part of the perversion. No where did I mention the things you made up on your own. What I’m saying is clear, Clean up our act or simmer in our soup. There is a better way and a better education. Stop focusing on one individuals crime and focus on our collective crime of promoting free sex. You just need a scapegoat to project your own unwanted sexual deviance onto so you can feel good and moral meanwhile you promote the free sex culture. You are all perverts and worthy of divine reprimand. Do you promote marriage or not? If not, you are perverted. Period!

        • Judge Dredd says:

          *when we inadvertently or “explicitly” not ecologist
          *Makes sex a “taboo” not radio

        • Bullseye says:

          “You are all perverts and worthy of divine reprimand.”

          My morality does not come from a being in the sky, whichever one you might refer to as divine, so I cannot be pigeon-holed as a pervert in this way.

          • Judge Dredd says:

            I KNEW you’d seize upon that instead of actually stating what your morals are. Yeah but you didn’t object to being a pervert. And don’t worry I am absolutely certain that your morals didn’t come from The Creator. Where exactly do your morals come from? What’s your moral barometer and how can we know what your “morals” are? How exactly can you be “pigeonholed aa pervert” Oooh I see….the law tells you what is moral eh? So when you take your 13year old “child” to Spain for vacation he or she becomes fair game and you are ok with that? All of a sudden it’s morally ok for your child to have sex and be considered an adult because the law says it’s ok and when you come back to Bermuda your morals switcheroo to 16 again? What happens when the law changes? Bie get the heck outta here with your pseudo lukewarm morality. I’m going to keep protecting my children with the divine guidance of the Creator through promoting MARRIAGE! You can keep your filthy free sex culture and wallow in the consequences in ignominy and sub humanity. We have to accept that this evil philosophy is the cause of our problems.

            • Bullseye says:

              lol. I define my own morals. I still don’t believe you have labelled me a pervert so I didnt answer to it. There are laws I do not agree with so no that is not my guidance. I was given a strong foundation from my family and I will pass that to my children. I treat others how I would like to be treated. If you need the Creator to give you rules to live by then so be it.

  26. julie daniels says:

    I think it is really silly to consider her a victim. Sure she is 14 and legally the act was against the law but it doesn’t seem that she was forced. Look at the facts, he was at the house on more then one occasion. He had to have been invited. This young lady was very well aware of what was going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if she bragged to her friends the next day that her older boyfriend took her virginity. The truth is any one can be taken advantage of… a 14 year old male can take advantage of another 14year old sexually…But in the same instance A 30yr old male can take advantage of a 29yr old females feelings and use them to have sex. Although an older person may make better choices and be able to cope with mistakes at the end of the day age isn’t a shield from being minipulated.

    What should be in question when these cases come up: MOTIVES should. What was her motive when she continued talking to him when SHE FOUND OUT HIS AGE? Why didn’t she end communication and say he is to old for me, the same way he should’ve said she is too young for me? IS it because she is only 14 and not capable of making that decision? Well..

    14 year old was forward enough to know mom and daddy was gone and invite him over, 14 year old was forward enough to spend time with him,and conversate via phone,? 14 was forward enough to carry out a minimum of a 4mth courtship.. Yet she is the victim when sex comes into place?

    14 isn’t the same 14 when we were younger. THE outfits and attitudes I saw at the Xmas parade, a family event could have easily been worn to the club.

    This is not to say that the 21yr old is innocent, he is not. But we need to focus on the 14 year Olds walking around like 20yr olds.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Oh, so it’s all her fault is it? She, the 14 year old child, is supposed to take responsibility for this? When a child is manipulated into having sex by a much older adult, it’s the fault of the 14 year old child. And you think that’s the same as a 30 year old male convincing a 29 year old female to have sex.

      I guess when a woman gets raped on her way home from a night out, it’s her fault as well because she wears a short skirt and looks pretty.

      And if someone gets mugged for their wallet it’s because they were well dressed and wore a nice watch.

      Always easy to blame the victim I guess. A typical Bermudian response, actually, I ashamed to say.

      She was a CHILD. He was an ADULT. It makes no difference that it happened multiple times. What about if an 8 year old is repeatedly raped by someone. Is the 8 year old at fault because it happened more than once? If it’s different for the 8 year old, where is the cutoff in your mind? 11? 12? 13? Somewhere below 14, presumably.

      • julie daniels says:

        I am not saying she is to be blamed and he is innocent. The ffirst thing I said is that I think she shouldn’t be considered a victim. I feel as if she knew what she was doing and should hold some responsibility. It is ridiculous to labeled as innocent little 14 year old when she also carried out some acts of dishonesty… like sneaking him in the house.

        I made reference to 29 and 30 year olds to address the point that she was manipulated. Regardless of how old one may be they are still capable of being manipulated.

        It is disgusting yes that a 21 year old would stoop so low, however this young girl was not raped.. it seems as if she wanted some sort of relationship with the guy.

    • I agreee says:

      I agree with you julie daniels… I saw many children dressed like they should be at a function other thent he christmas parade. Let children be children. as my mother told me ” its a time a place for everything” You dont have to be glammed up for ALL things. I believe that both the 14 yr old girl and the 21 yr old guy is wrong. She knew what she was doing. she could have went to her parents to say their is a guy pressuring me. She had many avenues to approach her parents to let them know whats going on. im not taking sides. Its ashame that girls see girls with babies and the babies or children are over dressed. I amy be old school but the older generation needs to put a stop to somethings their OWN children are doing with their grandchildren.. Step in and just give advice. Let children be children, their is a time and place for EVERYTHING !!!!!!

    • Mayan says:

      ‘Julie Daniels’? Bogus, bogus, bogus. That comment wasn’t posted by a woman and it certainly wasn’t posted by anyone really named Julie Daniels so nice try!

    • Mayan says:

      ‘Julie Daniels’ or whatever your name is: You are an IDIOT. How can you compare a 14-yr-old with a 29-yr-old? WTF??? So you think a 14-yr-old girl is at the same level of emotional maturity as a 29-yr-old? Are you kidding me?

      By the time a woman gets that age, she should have some sense in her head and her judgment will be more advanced than a teenage girl’s! Do you rationalize the same way now as you did when you were 14? I’d hope not! There is NO comparing the two. You’re a moron if you can’t see that. It sounds like you have a lot of maturing to do yourself.

  27. StopBeingIgnorant says:


  28. Real Talk says:

    @JudgeDredd Your comment was like a breath of fresh air, I agree fully reading these comments all i could think is these people like most have been brain washed by society rules, mostly everyone of them have been used and abused and because society thinks they should be able to protect themselves like you said they are thrown out to the wolves! These people are using this girl to distract themselves from there own pessimistic lives.

    • Free says:

      It’s okay kiddie lover, the only person you have to defend yourself to is the judge. Don’t mind us moral people on here.

  29. um just saying says:

    I am not sayin that the young man in tis situation made the best decision but the little girl is not innocent. She knew excatly what she was doing when she invited him over. I say the story would have been different if while they were watching tv and he put his hand in her pants SHE SAID NO and the case begun there BUT IT DIDN’T. ? number one is where were her parents when all of this took place? (more than once)
    The little girl was comfortable enough to invite him over watch tv have sex and fall asleep… PERFECT PERENTING- give them all the free time in the world and complain when they become victims to society. I personally think that calling the police was wrong in this situation. 14 year olds are capable of making smart decisions on their own but in this case the girl wasnt too smart was she. She may not be legally old enough to consent but its CLEAR THAT HE DID NOT RAPE HER. She knew she wanted sex and got it. I think the appropriate steps should have been as followed: STEP 1: find out if the sex was consentual. STEP 2:ask if the child plans to continue to be sexually active. STEP 3: make sure your child knows the consequences of their actions. STEP 4: make sure your child gets all the knowledge and protection that they need so that they can PROTECT THEMSELVES… MOTHERS STOP BEING IN DENIAL and thinking not your daughter. IT IS NOW NORMAL TO BE SEXUALLY ACTIVE AT THE AGE OF 14 (not saying its right but such as life) EITHER YOU TALK TO THEM, GUIDE THEM AND LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A TRUST RELATIONSHIP AND DONT BE AFRAID TO COME TO ME…….OR THEY WILL DO IT ANYWAY AND HIDE IT. At the end of the day it all boils down to what we ALLOW our children to be subjected to. HELP THEM PROTECT THEMSELVES or dont complain when they are pregnant or have STD’s at this age. 90% of them are sexually active SO GET OVER IT

  30. Lorelei says:

    Can someone please explain how this works? The guy gets bail–$10K—if he lives in a shelter, has no job, has already got a record for theft–look it up (this guy ain’t wrapped too tight!)—how does he pay for bail? Someone please fill me in. Thanks.

  31. The child is starved for love, and confused sex with love, as children and teens often do. The 21 year old child molester took advantage of this, as molesters do. She was raped.

    • Common sense isn't so common says:

      She was not raped. Look at the facts; she had sex with him three times, not just once. So please tell me how she was raped. Nowadays these little girls are dressing like hoes, tramps etc. You cannot blame it all on men. I’m not saying the male was right, but it is what it is. She is not a retard; therefore she knew what she was doing. Girls this age do have hormones and I am sure you did when you were that age but maybe not as high. This is what’s wrong with “you” dense Bermudians. STOP being in denial and recognize that some of you all’s children are these kids who are growing up way before their time, and participating in these actions. We need to go back to corporal punishment. I am not sorry to say but in the 21st century these kids nowadays are running you all as parents. And parents are the only ones to blame for it. How about you all stop trying to be your child/children’s friend and start discipline your children and teach them a thing or two, instead of giving them everything they want and allowing them to talk to you how they want. I strongly believe that they should both be held accountable of their actions. It takes two to tango. This is not the first incident that has happen, but probably the first one that has been mentioned to authority. But please stop being in denial and WAKE UP!

  32. Cranberry says:

    Suspended sentence…??

  33. GROWN WOMAN says:

    In NO way shape or form do i believe the male or female should be the only ones held accountable for this. HER MOTHER AND/OR FATHER were the ones who brought her the cellphone i know she has to contact this guy when her parents were not at home. They brought the clothes she wears to entice a man older than her. They left her home alone on all times she was able to invite this guy over! THEY ARE ALL TO BLAME AS WELL!

    She was more than capable of knowing that what she was doing was wrong because she WAITED FOR HER PARENTS TO LEAVE before she invited him over. This is society these days. Its time for the naive to OPEN THEIR EYES!

    Like i said im not saying the guy or girl were right because it IS wrong. But who is to say this is the ONLY guy over 16 to have sex with her! This was probably just the only one caught. 9 times out of 10 these little girls have been having sex with multiple boys already! especially to feel comfortable with inviting one to their house. Im just saying.

  34. YouGonBeREALLYMADNA' says:

    She unassed the monkey cause the monkey has needs.

  35. susie says:

    @ Grown Woman, you hit the nail on the head. A lot of these young girls purposely look for “older” guys,I’ve heard comments that “boys my age are boring” WTF?? 14 or 21, she knew exactly what she was doing, wrong on the guys part because she is under age.So, when we see (some) these under aged girls pregant, do we really think that in most cases that they are pregnant for a boy their age, NO WAY. I know a case were the girl was 14 when she got pregant the guy was 22, nothing has been done to him NOTHIN, and he knocked 2 more out of her and now she’s 19 with 3 kids and no daddy around. I can only pray for my daughter, beacause when you talk it sometimes goes out the door, they ‘re gonna do what they want to do whether the guy is too old or too young.

  36. blazer says:

    Yes for Julie Daniels!

  37. Kofee says:

    Why are people acting like he rapped her? She obviously communicated with the boy to come to her house and have sex with her so please don’t act like she’s some innocent ignorant child. Of course he is an adult and should be held accountable, but don’t be ignorant

  38. Laura says:

    It’s this island’s society. When I was her age, we didn’t want older d*%^ and looked up to the younger generation. I wish the people screaming bloody murder would take a step back and realize that the girl, no, every girl on this island needs to be properly supervised and disciplined. Too many “princesses” on this island currently.