Thunderstorm Advisory Issued For This Morning

November 2, 2012

The Bermuda Weather Service has issued a Thunderstorm Advisory valid for this morning [Nov 2].

Today’s forecast says: “A large, complex area of low pressure to our distant north will move eastward across the Canadian Maritimes. An associated frontal trough will move through this morning with showers and possibly thunderstorms as well as strong winds.

“Showers, risk thunder this morning, sunny periods later… Winds southwesterly moderate to strong, increasing strong this morning, then veering westerly by afternoon… High near 25°C/77°F.”

The Convening of Parliament ceremony and reading of the Throne Speech is scheduled to take place on the grounds of the Cabinet Office this morning, and it is unclear what impact — if any — the weather may have on the event.

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Hmm the BWS couldnt predict what day it will be tomorrow, ill go outside and “observe” for myself, up your game BWS it is becoming harder to rely on you

    • cool... says:

      hahahahahaahem…the BWS could up their game by giving us weather forecast for each parish because in my neck of the woods I haven’t seen a hurricane, tropical storm, ect since last year! that freak Tornado was unpredictable so didn’t classify as part of that warning the other day..also when you drive through certain parishes you can drive through a torrential downpour, and the very next parish it is dry and sunny!I have always found that incredible about Bermuda, it is something that continues to amaze me cos I do know some people carry rain gear everyday for this reason, so BWS you really want a challenge? instead of just predicting Hamilton and St.Georges weather , try islandwide!

  2. Highly Concerned2 says:

    What you didn’t get blown away well on the east end of hamilton we were holding on for dear life LMAO!!!! BWS is a joke! Never rains when they say it is going to rain so I just toss a coin!!!

  3. Y-Gurl says:

    OK BWS or SERCO I predicted your prediction would be wrong again and I won, if this is all you do and are so bad at it don’t you think you should be looking for something else to do?