Kim Swan, Charles Swan To Stay Independent

December 6, 2012

Both Kim Swan and Charles Swan have said that if they are re-elected in the upcoming election they will remain as Independents for the duration of that term of office.

The Swans were the last two remaining United Bermuda Party MPs, and announced last month they will be contesting the upcoming General Election as Independents, not under the UBP banner.

Charles Swan said: “Let me state for the record that, following this election as an Independent Candidate, I will remain an Independent Candidate throughout the duration of my term.

“In that capacity as an Independent, I would be willing to considera role of Speaker, Deputy Speaker, or in a Coalition depending on theoutcome or, as can be, in remain in Opposition. In all cases I am here toserve the people as I have done to date. Kim Swan and I both agree with these sentiments.

“Our record demonstrates that both Kim and I have held the PLP government accountable, all the while having respect for the voters of Bermuda irrespective of their political allegiance. In that regard, we both have pledged and have always represented all people. I will continue in that regard.”

Kim Swan concurred saying “If elected I will remain an Independent MP for the duration of that term of office.”

Kim Swan is running in C#2 St. George’s West, where he will match up against Nandi Davis [OBA] and Renee Ming [PLP]. Charles Swan is running in C#31 Southampton West Central against Shawn Crockwell [OBA] and Scott Simmons [PLP].

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Comments (17)

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  1. Liars says:

    a vote for these two Clowns is a vote for PLP (which they are probably already members of…)

    Three months after the election, the PLP lead by Burgess and the secret guy in Martha’s Vineyard, will oust the Dame again, get rid of Robain and blakeney- then they will have the core guys in power, look out.

    • A Bermudian says:


      I am not for or against the Swan brothers, but what are they a joke?

    • I Trust Swan says:

      Who can we trust? 2 men that stood up and refused to be part of the BDA/OBA plan to win government and power or the BDA/OBA candidates including Craig C – let him put hand on bible that he was not part of the secret plan. Let Crockwell, Pettingill and Fahy put hand on bible to say they didn’t steal the plan and UBP records when they left the UBP. Voters don’t be fooled. If you can support Charlie Swan and Kim Swan.

    • I do think you may have a point about those that was behind close doors waiting to overthrow Premier Cox after the next election, but let me assure you that steps have been taken so those jokers cant do what the former administration did,but now to call the two Swans clowns is not something I sit well with. as I do believe Mr Kim Swan has what it takes to win his seat in St.Georges as most in that constituency will agree that he is a very hard working individual.

      Mr Kim Swan has always put his constituency first and has his feet in the street and in their faces and not just election time and the same can be said for Mr Kenny Bascome.if it had not been for these two gentleman I think that the parish of St.George would have been over looked more then it has and it is because of people like them that the government has to contend with them and do something about that part of the Island,especially after Dr Brown tried to sell us off like me were trash.

  2. Vote for Me says:

    … the Swan song,
    I guess we already have the nominees for Speaker and Deputy. Good timing, I think nominees for teh Grammys have also been released!

  3. Argosy says:


  4. swing voter says:

    I like both Swans but dislike their decision to keep the UBP on life support knowing that it was a lost cause. Even rats know when its time to jump ship Swanny

  5. Impressive says:

    I have never been a UBP supporter, but to be honest,, I have more respect for these two gentlemen then the entire OBA Party.. Go Figure,,

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    These two used to have alot of respect. Now they are just a sideshow. Sad, considering what both had to offer.

  7. The Truth! says:

    What have the PLP promised these two (after the election) to split the vote? Senate seats?

  8. So Charlie is already anticipating the position of Speaker or Deputy Speaker. So much for doing what’s best for his constituents.

    And if he really intends to remain as an independent let him promise to resign if he goes back on his word.

  9. Charlie Swan MP says:

    Your Vote is YOURS – it doesn’t BELONG to Charlie Swan (or Kim Swan or any one person, group or party). We don’t subscribe to OWN your vote, we believe we EARN it…and thus we also RESPECT it. No politician before has made a commitment to respect the reason(s) they’re voted in – and one of those reasons is the party one is a member of. That is why we remained as UBP until this election.
    Imagine if ALL politicians committed to that…. we would not have witnessed the musical parties we’ve seen over the past 3 years.
    Impartiality defines the positions of Deputy Speaker and Speaker – no ties or sympathies to any one person, group or party – ties only to the Bermudian public, the electorate and citizens.
    We believe that will enable the House of Assembly to function more productively and effectively….we believe that would benefit Bermuda, and Bermudians, too.

  10. Charlie Swan MP says:

    @Ain’t It Funny…..I seek no high office at all. The point I’m trying to make is that the positions of Deputy Speaker and Speaker are ideally suited to an MP who is Independent (i.e. not a member of any party).

    • Correct me if I am wrong Bernews but is it not illegal for someone running for office to make comments on the blogs after the election is called,I only make that comment because I know several years ago all candidates where banned from calling the talk shows once an election was called,so help me understand if the ruling by the broadcasting commission does not stand here also.

      If it is not for the electronic media also,that would be interesting,maybe I can get a few hits against Rodney Smith after all before going to the polls.

      • Bernews says:

        The Broadcasting Commission only applies to radio – not the internet.

        On that note, we rather like when candidates come and “mix it up” with everyone, it’s a way for them to speak unfiltered and directly.

        • Thanks for the clarification.Now I hope my friend can come on here so we can exchange some pleasantries since I consider him a big looser and will watch Mr Randy Horton stamp all over him.

  11. Linda Linda says:

    If an constitudent is worried about the Swans switching and joining PLP or OBA, get them to put it in writing. But knowing them both personally, they are MEN of integrity and honesty and their word is good enough for me.