Kim Swan, Charles Swan To Run As Independents

November 13, 2012

[Updated] The last two remaining United Bermuda Party MPs —  Kim Swan & Charles Swan –  will be contesting the upcoming General Election as Independents, not under the UBP banner.

Kim Swan is running in C#2 St. George’s West, where he will match up against Nandi Davis [OBA] and John Gibbons [PLP]. Charles Swan is running in C#31 Southampton West Central against Shawn Crockwell [OBA] and Scott Simmons [PLP].

The UBP won eight back-to-back General Elections between 1968 and 1993, and this will be the first election in decades the party —  which has been disintegrating for the past few years – will not field a candidate.

In the beginning of 2008, the UBP held 14 seats in the House of Assembly, and by late 2009, they were down to nine seats – having lost five. Three MPs split to form the Bermuda Democratic Alliance, while two sat as Independents and later joined the PLP.

In May 2011, seven of the nine remaining UBP MPs quit the party to join with the BDA to form the One Bermuda Alliance, leaving Charles Swan and Kim Swan as the last two remaining UBP MPs.

Both Swans will join other Independents in the race who, at this stage, include David Tavares in C#8 Smiths South, Phil Perinchief in C#18 Pembroke West Central, Erwin Adderley in C#19 Pembroke West, and Tillman Darrell in C#21 Pembroke South East.

The last time an Independent won a seat was 23 years ago, when Stuart Hayward picked up the Pembroke West Central seat in the 1989 General Election. Since that time Independent candidates have contested every General Election [and some bye-elections] without success.

Kim Swan and Charles Swan have not officially announced their decision as of yet, but are expected to release a statement on the matter in the coming hours/days.

Update 10.11am: An official statement has been issued, it follows in full below.

This notice will serve to advise all persons in Bermuda that Charlie Swan JP in Southampton West Central constituency #31 and Kim Swan JP in St. George’s West constituency #2 will both run as independent candidates in the upcoming General Election.

The announcement of the election brought to an end the Parliament elected in 2007 and has set the stage for an important general election on December 17th 2012.

The Swans were both steadfast in their commitment to the principles and ideals of the United Bermuda Party that they were elected under in 2007 and 2008 respectively and during that time have represented the issues of Bermuda admirably. Today they move forward respecting the contribution made by the United Bermuda Party but knowing Bermuda’s problems transcend partisan politics.

Both incumbents are upbeat and looking forward confidently to Election Day on Monday December 17, 2012.

Charlie Swan stated, “Bermuda’s issues today herald a call to be addressed in a non-partisan way. A way that respects as many views as possible with fairness and equity.

“My colleague and I respect and represent all people, of all political persuasions, of all races and creeds. We do this from a basis of principle. Our people will be voting for a better Bermuda …with foundations we can all build on”.

Kim Swan stated: “We continue to respect the service of our forefathers – former MPs, Senators, Officers, Members, Staff and volunteers – the Bermuda that they built was one that we all are proud of and the world envied.

“We recognize that the UBP was not perfect and even apologized on the floor of the House of Assembly for any shortcomings of those before us or that we may have made during our tenure.

“Notwithstanding, we now move forward appreciating the United Bermuda Party and with a clear conscience knowing that we have served the people of Bermuda to the best of our ability and with integrity under the United Bermuda Party.”

Kim Swan concluded, “The issues of Bermuda are serious and require measured leadership. We will continue to use our experience and commitment to provide the best public service for the people of Bermuda and our valued constituents.

A vote for Charlie Swan and Kim Swan is a vote for a better Bermuda, a Bermuda where Democracy, Fairness, Transparency, Honesty and Truth are the norm.

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  1. Kim Swan, Charles Swan To Stay Independent | | December 6, 2012
  1. Black Soil says:

    Ones who flew over the kuku’s nest…

    • Voting 4 Independents C31 says:

      I 4 1 give high props to the Swans. They are the ONLY ones that stayed true to their elections platforms.

      When thinking of voting for Integrity and Honesty and Bermuda 1st if you are lucky as I am in C31, I will be voting for the Independent candidate. My family in C2 think of no other name than Swan and we are all eeeeeelated with their decision. They did not abandon us like the UBP/OBA did. Now there’s only one UBP/OBA party and its ran by the old 40 theives.

      An independent is needed in C4 any takers. There’s a request for you.

      @yes aye. I & I agree with you.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        The Old 40 Thieves?? We are now run by the new 36 Thieves…how’s that working for you joker?

    • Sleepless in Bermuda says:

      Well, the Premier seems to have her head down in the sand and the UBP/OBA head doesn’t answer phone calls. Oh and neither rep for our area has turned up on the doors step. Charlie and Kim, can we please transfer our vote. Be great if the slate could be wiped clean. A strong representation of independents working together sounds good to me. To hell with Partay (yes that’s right Part ay Politrics)

  2. Yes Aye says:

    C’mon Bernews!

    The UBP is fielding 36 candidates! They are just doing it under the banner of the OBA.

    Even the blind can see that.

    • To Yes Aye: So the PLP are fielding all authentic PLP candidates I suppose. Why don’t some of you get real. The same way you can call the OBA the UBP/OBA, you have enough former UBP people in the PLP so you can call the PLP the PLP/UBP. Your comment is sheer ignorance.

      And to the two Swans, it looks like you have abandoned the UBP ship also now that you are running as independents. What a waste of time and how selfish can you be.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Hi PAT , I have it on great authority that you were in attendance at the original ribbon cutting ceremony at Stonehenge . Be that as it may , you will well understand and remember that from the foundation the PLP , we were always inclusive out of PRINCIPLE , unlike the UBP of old , and the UBP/OBA of today whose inclusivity is born out of the selfish will to SURVIVE at all cost . BIG UNBRIDGEBLE DIFFERENCE .

        • argosy says:

          Hey, MP Battenburg or whatever your silly handle is.
          There’s no need to be personally insulting to the lady. Shows how classless you are.
          “..we (plp)were always inclusive out of PRINCIPLE.” Are you perhaps thinking of a certain Doctor, party leader?
          “….the selfish will to SURVIVE at all cost.” The same Doc, perhaps?
          Unbridgeable indeed!!

          • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

            YUUUP , ARGROSS I will agree that the OL’Doc was a class act and to be real I believe your right up there with him . Respect for Pat ? .. I don’t bloody think so .

            • The nitty gritty says:

              Put this government back in and you will get to see another ribbon cutting of something from the stoneage…our economy!
              Another 4 years of this mismanagement to look forward to will create the greatest withdrawal of capital we’ve ever seen, overnight. Unemployment will double in the first 3 months. In fact just the uncertainty now will see off a hundred jobs by Jan 1st. That’s a hundred with no prospect of an alternative.
              You will wish for the days of the UBP, your M.P.s wont cuz they are comfy enough.

              • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

                Finally you’ve got my full attention , but not for long so make good . Please tell me , who/ what’s the alternative and why ? How will these super-humans stave of and save Bermuda from the funk that the rest of the civilized world ( fiscal cliff ) is going through . Convince me and I will follow . Oh , and don’t forget to tell President Obama and the other leaders of the world how we in Bermuda plan to siphon billions of dollars out of their collective economies to satisfy our needs .

      • Voting 4 Independents C31 says:

        @Pat, you can add can’t you? 2 +2 don’t equal 5.
        The few that joined the PLP from UBP would be a correct statement. Dear check you math.
        How selfish of the BDA/OBA that left them by writing an email to Mr. Swan the day after he burried his father in law in US?

        The law abiding UBP MPs that to avoid a court order jump ship? You all support that bad behavior, if don’t get you way in court take the highway?

        But in your book the OBA dishes out chocolate ice cream even when it stinks of waste. SELFISH LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND THE OBA flyers they are the selfish ones.

        • Wanted: Independent MP says:

          We Bermudians are tried of the party politricks. Towing party lines. Keeping quiet because you are told to do so to win an election. I have been canvassing and the people are crying out for Indpendent thinkers who will put Bermuda 1st 2nd and 3rd.
          IMO, no other than Kim Swan and Charlie Swan have put Bermuda 1st before politricks. I can’t vote for them but will be supporting them all the way back to the House of Assembly.


      • Wanted: Independent MP says:

        We Bermudians are tried of the party politricks. Towing party lines. Keeping quiet because you are told to do so to win an election. I have been canvassing and the people are crying out for Indpendent thinkers who will pub Bermuda 1st 2nd and 3rd.
        IMO, no other than Kim Swan and Charlie Swan have put Bermuda 1st before politricks. I can’t vote for them but will be supporting them all the way back to the House of Assembly.

      • V4I says:

        To me selfish is the OBA rejecting the court injunction and forming a new party. My stance remains If the OBA do not respect the law and ignore the law of the land and their own constitution, they can not be trusted. What else would they ignore for power gain. We hear of allegations of government funds being used for personal gain and OBA mp gain from drug money. Why not vote for independent clean candidates?

        • Come Correct says:

          Like Zane ignores the fact that providing the public with information concerning the BHB by law? Like Ewart Brown was never brought in for questioning for the BHC scandal? Is that the sort of mistrust you are refering to? The oba benefit from drug money? Well as a marijuana smoker of many years I know for a fact that every year after the cruise ships stop coming in there is a drought of marijuana…except for 2007…do you know what cars arrived here in 2007 that are and have barely been used since? Lexus I belive was the make. I’ll let you put your own puzzle together if not I have to add a spoiler alert. V4I, is that the plps new tactic? Encourage voted for independants to split the vote and ensure a plp win?

          • Real Deal says:

            come correct if drugs came in the government cars in 2007 – check the gibbons last I check they owned bermuda motors. same way drugs came in the milkman cargo which was proven in court.

    • Come Correct says:

      Wow I had no idea Jeff Baron was in the ubp…or Nandi Davis…or Alexis Swan…or Nicholas Kempe…or Andrew Simmons…or Toni Spring…or Nadia Hamza…oh no wait, you just typed a pack of lies.

      • December 17th says:

        All the candidates that you just named were ubp before. Kempe and Baron still have the old ubp smell on them sniff sniff!

        • Come Correct says:

          More lies…

        • Come Correct says:

          Also IMO Baron probably has more potential to do good things for this island than ANY candidate put out so far, and I used to hate the way he use to look at me. If the oba by some glimmer of hope do get in power and they push him to the side, I’ll be one pissed off mofo.

  3. Like It Is says:

    Can we really take these two seriously, it seems as if they are playing with the people! Why didnt you two just run with the OBA? All this time you have been UBP, and now the election has been called you are running as Independents? You two are jokers,and are trying to fool the people!


  4. C31 says:

    Still doesn’t matter. They will end up splitting the vote and the PLP will comfortably slide into two spots they might otherwise not have gotten at all.
    Step out of it guys. Or alternatively, have the OBA step out of those two constituencies.

    The two of you are potentially delaying our road to recovery by ten years .

    Three does not go into two !

    • The BIG Picture! says:

      The PLP candidates are VERY apreciative that you two are running as you are guaranteed to split the oppostion vote making it easy for the PLP to take these two seats.
      I hope that the voters will see that a vote for the Swans, only helps the PLP.

      • Amazed says:

        You assume that you know how people will vote. For all you know these two might take all the votes! People are tired of both parties!!

  5. Soooo says:

    And how many under the banner of the PLP?

  6. pebblebeach says:

    What a waste as even if they were successful, it isn’t a darn thing they could do for the people they seemingly represent…

  7. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Bless you two fine gentlemen . You both know that there is a place for either or both of you at Alaska Hall . I for one appreciate the fact that you are men of integrity who refused to go along with that phony clique of loser’s in the NEW UBP .
    Make no mistake , we in the PLP will never hold it against you for falling for the charms of the other Swan guy who was flying high on the wings of the downtrodden of this beautiful country .

    • navin johnson says:

      so Mountbatten are you saying they would have been better off under the OLD UBP?

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Hey Navin , I’m inclined to extend the old olive branch to you man , but you’ll just take it and stick it up your butt . So no , I’ll take a pass on making you happy .

  8. Bermuda Politics says:

    Dear Bermuda and Hon Governor,

    It is 2012 and the property vote and dual seat constituencies are behind us.

    With some dispatch could we now amend the constitution so that ‘flip-flop’ candidates who decieve our voters MUST have a BYE-ELECTION when they move as follows after being elected:

    1) From PLP to OBA
    2) From UBP to PLP
    3) From Independent to PLP
    4) From Independent to OBA

    it is also full time for Voters to become much more spohisticated and stop supporting the bunch of under achieving clowns who run for the OBA, PLP and Independents are by and large they never end up representing the interests of the people electing them and NO i dont want to hear about speed bumps and paving roads and street lights as thats your JOB and why we pay TAXES

    its full time for our elected officials to stop trying to look for a minority equity interest in the next big thing and genuinely serve the people they beg to elect them

    • Union Member says:

      I agree. For a candidate to be elected under based on a particular platform and then move to another party without consulting their constituents is a big slap in the face to the voting public. What’s even more mind boggling is that the Bermudian public didn’t outcry. A by election will force candidates to reveal the platform that they are deserting to. It will allow the people to make the choice. MPs shouldn’t be so prideful that they assume their voters will go with them whereever they go. And if we (the public) don’t make them accountable for desertion this practice will continue as long as it is personally gainful to the MPs.

  9. Les B. Frank says:

    These are two guys who have stood up for what is right for our country.
    They are true leaders with integrity and honesty. Bermuda politics is sorely in need of more persons like the Swans. No one ‘Party’ has all of the answers and there are good leaders in both the PLP and OBA. The ideal would be for more ‘good men (women)’ like Charlie and Kim to stand up and be counted to represent the interests of their constituents and our country. I would like to see the likes of these guys in each constituency working together to fix our broken country.
    The politics of the past has not worked. The politics of division has not worked. The politics of self serving agendas has not worked.
    I wish you guys the best of luck.
    My country needs you.

  10. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    The OBA/UBP won eight back-to-back General Elections between 1968 and 1993……1968 hmmm why is that date so familiar….ohh thats right The Civil Rights Act was in 1964 and in 1968 is when Martin Luther King Jr was killed, so if in 1968 King was killed and in 1968 is when the OBA/UBP held power how much of that segregated mindset has changed since 1968, I see that the executive team of the OBA is majority white

    Lets look at the MP’s AND SEE HOW THEY STAND UP
    1)Craig Cannonier, JP MP
    What qualifications does Craig have to honestly put him as a minister of National Security other than he says that he can Make Bermuda safe??

    2)Everard T. (Bob) Richard
    J P, MP

    This Minister is a lil sour because when his company BAM became affiliated with INVESCO, they believed that the UBP would hold more power in the island, however when the PLP won in 1998 INVESCO pulled out in 1999 to try to hurt Bermudas economy by withdrawing their funds from circulation which left Bob Richards holding the fort with his original company BAM…and compared to Pala Cox Mr Richards is NOT as qualified as Ms Cox when it comes to Bermudas finance

    Dr. the Hon. E. Grant
    Gibbons, JP, MP
    Ok why is he the only male that has nothing written on him with the shadow cabinet on the OBA’s web page…… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nevertheless he was responsible along with others for helping to create the mega school system in Bermuda which has affected Bermudas young men and women making bigger classrooms so that only a few would succeed and now he is on the helm of being an education minister…

    Trevor Moniz
    He has been with the UBP/OBA since 1968 (hmmmmmmm remember this date) He was also responsible for the bill of decriminalising homosexual behaviour also was a drafter and promoter with four other MPs of the Prohibited Restaurants Act 1997, outlawing fast food franchises preventing Bermudians from owning a McDonalds or an Ihop or any fast food franchises….. campaigned against independence for Bermuda…and this would be our attorney general and minister of justice??

    Shawn Crockwell, JP, MP
    Well lets just leave this one alone for now im sure we are all familiar with this one, well maybe not lets just say this guy has helped to cycle a large quantity of heroine into Bermuda that has doubled tripled and quadrupled in Bermuda which has led to Bermuda’s crime and drug problem, gun problem today, and this is supposed to be our minister of business and tourism??
    this gets more embarrassing if I was to continue or if I was to fully express more which I wont

    • Come Correct says:

      Now let’s see how our current leaders stand up, or do you need help with that?

      • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

        I dont need any help from you at all, however why dont you go ahead and stand on your own two feet post how they stand

        • Come Correct says:


          First of all lets address some of your points. “compared to Pala Cox Mr Richards is NOT as qualified as Ms Cox when it comes to Bermudas finance”… I have to disagree because if Mr. Richards tried,(im pretty sure even i could do it) he could run up 1.5billion in debt, but i think Bob and myself would agree its not a smart idea(i dont want to hear anything about investing in infrastructure because that started falling apart shortly after they attempted to lay claim to it).

          In regards to Trever Moniz, according to what you said, you would obviously like Bermuda to be more Americanized with fast food chains rather than have our own individual identity. Youtube McDonalds burgers and tell me if you’ll still eat them. Also, just like the plp you dont want homosexuals to have any rights, or you wouldnt have complained about what he did there.

          Now for the other lineup…

          Zane DeSilva: Honestly have no physical evidence but people that know him will know what i mean when i say hes far from ethical and fits right in with the rest of the unethical but not illegal bunch. He clearly doesnt care about —- and you think he has our interests in his heart? if he has a heart.

          Jonathan Smith: Former police commissioner and has done basically nothing besides collect money from the government paper contract. Must be alot of paper with all the ammendments going on in the immigration department. The public can see the contract correct?

          LT/Col. David Burch: Almost single handedly (definitely had help)oversaw the exodus of IB which we are now starting to feel the effects of through less retail sales, less visitors, less people eating out and so on. Now we’re extending a broken olive branch to say hey come back.

          Marc Bean: Our Minister of Environment. What exactly has he done for the environment? I can name one thing off hand, not letting Zane build his warehouses on protected marsh land, but last i checked long lining wasnt good for maintaining fish populations or the turtles we’re trying to bring back (successfully I should add). He actually reminds me of a younger Brown, lets not forget him having to be told to calm down after hurling insults across the floor at Mr. Cannonier, what a wonderful example.

          Rolf Commissiong: Well if your going to rant about Crockwell, heres your glass house, we all know that story. JP? haha right, the most divisive of them all if you ask me.

          Walton Brown: Would rather give convicted criminals the right to vote while the last 2 elections have been called during crucial exam times for overseas students. Are you even allowed a pen in westgate?

          Wayne Furbert: Well this one sings for itself…former ubp leader and plp trash talker. Making allegations of secret troops while plp bloggers hurl their racism and hate across the blogs just the same if not worse. What a success he’s been with our tourism industry, right?

          Derrick Burgess:….i dont feel like being punched in the face…

          Pastor(?) Leroy bean: I have to say this one digs under my skin the most. How can you call yourself a man of God and still accept $160,000 to talk to yourself? Arent religious people supposed to resist worldly temptations? Then of course theres the Island lease for 20 years and 364 days, what was wrong with an even 21? Then when he has a lease to an island free of charge decides to charge other programs that have operated there for years giving children something to do. Thats what religious people do? Thats why i left church and never looked back.

          now although hes not running, it just wouldnt be right if i left out the Dishonerable Dr. E. Brown.

          Dr. Ewart Brown: There is absolutely no way anyone can convince me that this man tried to unite this island and its people, a known memeber of the black beret cadre and black panther supporter who gave speaches along side black panther activists, how much of that mentality died out? It was during his time in office when Bermuda saw the historical rise in debt, may have something to do with donation from the department of tourism to the playboy mansion…or maybe this

          Always happy to help out, i know thats a lot of typing you didnt want to do.

          • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

            Watch How Mr. Richards praises Ms Cox and furthermore she is more qualified than Mr Richards your disagreement is based off of ignorance when it come to understanding debt,(you fail)

            Trever Moniz in 1997 knowing that the UBP was not going to win the next election put into law an execution of a possibility of having Bermudians own a franchise, then in 1998 the PLP is in..a franchise however how small would help to circulate money in BDA however this was strategically stopped, homosexuals have rights last time I checked they was human beings and we all fall under the human rights act,( you fail)

            Zane Desilver you said and I quote “: Honestly have no physical evidence”…no evidence then shut fail again

            Jonathan Smith He joined the PLP in 2009 and has served as Chairman of the Research and Platform Committee. Do you even know what that is???? You fail again

            LT/Col. David Burch
            Burch had no hand in the decline of International Business, again the world came into a recession, now in 2001 2 years after the PLP came into government Bush had his war and served 2 terms(8 years) which led the world to a global recession which Bermuda has done quite well I must again you fail

            Marc Bean 2008, was appointed to the Senate as the Junior Minister of Tourism, Transport, Environment, and Sport, and later, the Ministry of Telecommunications, E-Commerce and Energy. So its safe to say that he knows about fail again

            Rolf Commissiong is in no way a comparison to Crockwell..for 1 Comission went to a neighborhood and threw the money in the air..basically a modern day robin hood, not to glorify robbery however the nature of the crime and where and when it took place and what blacks was going through with a white oppressive leadership, brought about a lot of what is deemed today as wrong behavior….Mr Crockwell on the other hand was in a position of trust and stole heroine…drugs..and put it back into the island/…..nice try but you fail again

            Walton Brown
            What you have said about Mr Brown is false …again you fail…come on man bring some evidence

            Wayne Furbert
            LOL ok ill give you this one however he has had success with tourism he has been doing allright.. when he jumped ship it did surprise me but that’s politics….

            Derrick Burgess
            Again you have nothing to say about Burgess his reputation is fail again

            Pastor(?) Leroy bean 160 k to talk to yourself …explain this makes no sense you fail

            You called Dr. Brown the Dishonerable Dr. E. Brown.
            This shows you lack of respect for an honorable leader, his history of being a civil rights activist is right along side with Dr E F Gordan who was highly disrespected as well by others, they called him all names as well as dishonorable yet you have no proof of dishonesty… fail again

            You done a lot of pointless typing with no proof, at least with mine you can verify it.

            • Come Correct says:

              Lol just because you type ypu fail at the end of everything means nothing, people who know Zane, know what I’m talking about, I said I have no physical evidence, I personally, meaning its out there I just don’t have it. J. Smith, WTF has he done?! Nothing besides collect a check. If Burch had nothing to do with the decline in IB then you are on rocks buddy, its well documented. Did Crockwell shoot all the heron to himself? So according to your logic he must be some kind heroin robin hood. I dont give a f$%k if Rolfe ate the money and s$%t out gold bricks, he shot up a bank, he’s just as much a criminal as crockwell. What I said about Walton Brown is false?! Again well documented, your on rocks. Derrick Bugess, I said all that needed to be said, a great example to our youth. Pasta bean, being paid to consult yourself/talk to yourself, no explaination required and you refuted nothing else about him. Lastly that man (for lack of a better word) will never have my respect and you say I have no proof…I downloaded the files on wikileaks, you know, just incase they lose them. The photocopied checks and all, but yet I have no proof. Sorry killa, your arguments are weak at best and the only fail is the abismal leadership of the last 8 years financed by none other than Mrs. Icouldntsaynototheman herself…the truth f$%%in sucks don’t it, too bad we all have to live it even though we all didn’t vote for it. The party you support is no different from the elitist they trash talk. Keep spinning mate, round and round we go, where it stops no one knows.

              • Truth is f$%% killing you says:

                @Come correct
                You’ll be cursing (f$%%) more after the election girl.

                • Come Correct says:

                  Great response! Very informative, but…

                  Whos the election girl?

                  p.s. You dont have to put @ when you hit reply, I know your talking to me.

            • bermy$hotta says:

              Cheekums – u r a dumba$$ an guess wha….all ya “facts” are just ya silly OPINIONS! You can’t verify them eitha. oh an guess wha…Bermudians can’t “own” a monopoly sorry to burst ya bubble.(Manage maybe). I would reply to all ya arguments but dat would be wastin my time cuz u would jus say de same $%it back as ya replys so far. you FAIL again! $top bein jealous and envious bra. aink a good look!

              • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

                Oh man lol where do I begin with this response? I will try to overlook the evident lack of using simple high school and primary school grammar, and try to relate to you in your language……here goes…
                Look hair by, ya gatta be di dumbest flipping bie out der, deez aint just my opinions, deez is facts and you can gwan and go get on dat der OBA website and see da facts dun.
                Bermudians cant own a monopoly but they can manage it…what the faaack are you talking bout…have you ever heard of corporations or limited liability companies or………oh my bad I almost started to make sense….……
                dun ya stoopid we can own a monopoly bie.. da bobby lon system allows I mon to own a monopoly and I mon can have 60 percent of the monopoly and sell di 40 percent to di ameracons dun. Me nah jelly bra an me nah envious bra, what the flip ya talking bout dun, im just being real stop di hating yo..ya whole argument is waff less …cheekums bie…come on family come better dan dat der

    • BSDetecta says:

      Cheekums – Ya a f#$kin idiot bra. Jus conspiracies and bu#l$hit comin out ya mouth!!!

      • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

        BS all of that info is on UBP/OBA website go look it up, and for the record if your going to call a person an idiot make sure you dont end up looking like one,
        Do you not realize that we are typing and not talking, furthermore go and disprove what i wrote otherwise you look like the idiot.

  11. swing voter says:

    Hackle and Jackle don’t have a chance on their own.

  12. Charlie Swan MP says:

    For the avoidance of doubt, Kim Swan and Charlie Swan have served out the 2007 electoral term under the UBP party banner they were elected under (Kim in 2007, and Charlie in 2008). We believe that the R E S P E C T due to the UBP has been adequately shown by its last two remaining MP’s.
    With the calling of the 2012 election, and prorogueing (closure) of Parliament….effectively there are no Members of Parliament….we are all candidates (and more may enter the fray).
    We are moving forward…continuing to deal with the issues of the day, and our respective candidacies.

  13. Vote for Me says:

    Messrs Swan,
    This is an interesting move. They are effectively putting the final nail in the proverbial coffin of the UBP. Whilst some may not appreciate the thought, it is ironic that 2 working class males are symbolically putting a party that was established to preserve the interests of Bermuda’s business in its final resting place.

    For the cynics amongst us, ‘the Swan declaration’ is further evidence of the grand UBP plan. They knew it was time to set up a new party if there is any real hope of regaining political power. They then go through at least 2 iterations (BDA and OBA) and finally (and formally) kill the UBP prior to the 2012 election and still claim the OBA is not a reformed UBP!! Remember that 9 of their 10 sitting MPs were voted in under the UBP banner. And yes… 2 of the 24 sitting PLP MPs were voted in under the UBP. It is noteworthy that only Cannonier of the original BDA founders seems to have survived with a winnable seat under the OBA.

    We will see what December 17 holds for each of them but I must admit that I am surprised that they have not joined the PLP or OBA.

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      They will join OBA after they win their seats as independents…

    • Phillip Wells says:

      It’s an odd “grand UBP plan” that is going to see the Swans run against OBA candidates, in all probability splitting the anti-PLP vote and giving the PLP two seats they would otherwise not have had.

      • Vote for Me says:

        There are yet a few days to nominaton day. Perhaps Ms. Davis and Mr. Crockwell will stand down.

        You must admit that it is very odd that the last remaining hold outs in support of the UBP are teh two Swans.

        • terry says:

          Can’t beat em?
          Screw it all up.
          This is gonna be one hell a messed up election.

        • Les B. Frank says:

          I agree VfM … I think the Swans were voted in on their merits as strong honest people. They are very hard working and stand up for us and the people of their constituencies. They are the current elected reps for #2 and #31. Crockwell and Davis should step down. They are the ones who will be splitting the vote.

      • Les B. Frank says:

        Hey Phil. I see and understand your viewpoint but another option is that the Swans will actually attract a large number of the dissafected PLP voters who still view the OBA as a ramade UBP.
        As opposed to not voting as is generally the case, unhappy PLP supporters now have an option that is very palatable.
        The Swans seem to always stand up for what is right and they have been able to bring to light important issues that were hidden within Party agendas. They make a good balance.

      • Voter says:

        Phillip and your point is? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You complained when they were UBP and now still not happy> water therapy can help

  14. Jim Bean says:

    Hey Charlie – you and Kim are laughable. Standing up for the white oligarghy of the UBP. You abandoned those principles now that an election is called! GET A LIFE!!

  15. terry says:

    And we wonder why we are where we are.
    Dark days ahead.

  16. Hmmmmm says:

    I think the announcement is missing one key element: the UBP is dead, defunct, done, kaput, finito. Maybe these two clowns looked in the mirror and saw how ridiculous they looked arriving at Friday’s Throne Speech in Morning Suits (one with no socks and shades atop his head). Their hanging on to this point symbolized the worst of what we despised about the UBP. Just like days of old, when the slave master died, the slaves were more upset than the man’s family. They have every right to run as independents but the last two years have tarnished their credibility. Even Grant Gibbons figured out that the UBP brand was dead. Just let me know when the funeral is because like Dr. Gordon, I’d like to be there to make sure its the UBP in that hole.

    • December 17th says:

      Ok that’s funny.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      It’s funny to read the vindictive rants against all that obviously was WHITE to some.
      This uncloaked hate dribbling out from persons soon to face mass unemployment
      is ironic considering you live in an essentially problem free idyllic life compared to
      the rest of this world!
      The governing party has in all likelihood destroyed the future prospects for our young
      who already are opting to stay in the U.K. and U.S.A. so with a brain drain there and
      another in Parliament where do you see us Jan 1st 2013? with thePLP back in?
      The Golden Goose is dead! Your silence over the last 8 years was accessory. With the
      re election of what caused this economic depression looming, do you think anyone with
      capital (money to you) will ever release it into circulation here?? Even the Banks aren’t now!
      Go try and get a loan for anything above a car.
      You will disparage the Gibbons family while lining up to deposit your money at Capital G because you know they will be prudent and protect it. Sir David did that with Bermuda’s budget back when you
      had a safe job (or two!), a mortgage, a loan, dividends, trips galore, and…hope.
      You will slam all that ‘worked’ once only to trade THE 40 Thieves with little or no national debt for
      The 36 Thieves with $1,450,000,00 of crippling mismanagement. You get what you voted for.

  17. Concerned Citizen says:

    Phil perinchief becomes an independent, and all the usual suspects give praise, even after they admitt that they totally disagree with his vision and proposed policies, but the Swans are attacked for becoming independents. Is it that they are men of honor and integrity and refused to join the Oba to further their “zero sum game” of fooling the swing voter(read black voter”‘ in order to win the next election? How can I trust the Oba, who constantly talk about debt, but these same MPs and entire support base left the Swans with the ubp debt intact? And don’t compare darius and Wayne F to the rest, as they actually crossed the floor for all to see, while the Oba MPs just gave themselves a new brand and new name. There is a difference, integrity or the lack thereof!

    • Les B. Frank says:

      I agree Citizen. I personally would like to see more independents of sound character standing up to give a more rounded input into the ‘Party Line’ scenario that has gotten us into the mess we are in right now. We need more men and women of integrity who can think outside the box and not be enslaved by the Party Doctrine, to help in directing us positiely forward. The previous party leader of our Govt wanted to take us to ‘The Next Level’. He succeded. The ‘Next Level’ was unfortunately the level below. The ‘party’ followed him and we are now were we are. I am sure there were many in the Govt who thought and wanted to act different but they could not.
      I hope ‘The Party’ is over come Dec 17th.

    • snakes says:

      reptiles only change their skin

    • mixitup says:

      Ding Ding Ding!!! Exactly. My mama aint raised no fool!

  18. Jim Bean says:

    Hey Vote for Me is back – guess you collected your blog cheque! I wanna know something – are you based in the US working for the PLP capmpaign consultant?

  19. Jim Bean says:

    FOMER UBP who are NOW PLP
    Zane Desilva – yes he was a card caryying member!
    Anthony Santucci – ran once for ubp
    Maxwell Burgess – total opportuntist – best buddies with John Swan
    Jonathan Smith – he wanted safe ubp seat in 2007. I heard he wrote the UBP crime platform in 2007 – three strikes and you are out!
    Darius Tucker – strange how he seems to be working around parliament getting contracts
    Larry Scott – yup! Senator!
    Lou Peniston – yup – Senator!
    Wayne Furbert – ex leader now tourism
    Jamhal Simmons – MP
    Julian Hall
    Vince Ingham – member and was head of one of Bermuda’s biggest white oligarchy symbols!

    Not UBP – Odd one – stephen todd – ex head of chamber of commerce that citicised cox now sings her praises.

    • Freak OBA says:

      So all the blacks and 2 white guys left. The blacks were treated like $#it in the UBP, must be a reason they all left. Now you want me to trust you because you changed the colour on the shirts. Fat chance in HELL. Tell you what keep on printing this and tell everyone on here how many black man jump off the white ____ boat.

    • Come Correct says:

      I believe Stepen Todd is a good man, one of the best on the plp, only thing is, as I left his house after doing a job he said he would make that call (to my boss to commend a job well done)…never did. People have busy lives so I don’t hold it against him, I got a really good vibe talking to him, that means more to me, my country and its people come before the job I no longer have.

    • Stephen Todd was actually an adopted candidate of the UBP and later caucused with the BDA as a member of that party and was vociferous in his criticism of the Government!

      • LieByes says:

        Pettingill you got some crust – you the turn coat of the law-mps. elected UPP turn BDA turn once again to OBA. Ask Jeff Sousa he was your worst critic. He demanded that you resign and call a by election. but did you do the honourable thing, NO. You all decided that hookwinking the electorate with the defecting and rejoining. Mr. Todd is a saint compared to you byes. Jeff you need to ask what would Jefferson do?

        • LieByes says:


          • Judas says:

            After dealing with unscrupulous men like those in the UBP/OBA any one can understand the homecoming reception of the PLP. They look out for each other and fight hard but in the end realize that the family bond is more important than money. OBA is only interested in the bottom lines of Gibbons and Dunkleys and if you tow the line you are in like flin.

            • Come Correct says:

              Well that’s a lie because I know someone who’s is very involved in the plp and now when she needs help they say they have no money, go stand in line for financial assistance…where they have no money either. The plp is no better than the ubp. Elitists are elitists and only care about the little people when they need a majority vote. Politics are no different throughout the world.

  20. Thomas Jefferson says:

    We will be voting for this independent candidate, we trust him!

  21. street wise says:

    Independents have no real power in the House… they split the Vote… and have problems helping Constituents because they lack political clout. Better if they picked a Party and joined. The sooner the better!

  22. tidbit says:

    If Parliament has been dissolved…they need to park those GP cars and not be going around their constituencies campaigning in them.

  23. Victor says:

    Agree or disagree with them, both Kim and Charles Swan have integrity which is a lot more than can be said for many of the blatant opportunists running for both the PLP and OBA. It would be a good thing (however unlikely, though miracles do happen) if they held the balance of power in the next Parliament.

  24. Swans all the Way says:

    Mircales have happened before. Stewart Hayward is a prime example. He got elected when Bermuda was in a much better position fiscally.

    On the streets, in our clubs,in the church, on the doorsteps we all hear “we are tired of party politics” – what on earth do you think they mean? I take it Bermuda is ready for independent representation. Good luck Mr.Swans, I will be voting and it will be for you in C2 and my mother will be voting for Charlie out in Southampton.