Kim Swan Congratulates Nandi Davis, OBA

December 18, 2012

Independent candidate Kim Swan has congratulated his opponent Nandi Davis on her win, and congratulated the OBA on their overall victory.

Mr Swan, who was the incumbent, ran in C#2 St. George’s West in a three way battle which saw the OBA win by by 4 votes. Nandi Davis [OBA] received 359 votes, Renee Ming [PLP] received 355, while Mr Swan received 214 votes.

Mr Swan said: “First, I give thanks to the Almighty for having afforded me the opportunity to have served the good people of St. George’s West #2 in the House of Assembly for the past 5 years.

“Congratulations to Ms. Nandi Davis on her victory in St. George’s West #2 and condolences to Mrs. Renee Ming on her unsuccessful campaign.

“Strategically, a three way race against the machineries of the two major parties always made this contest extremely difficult for an Independent.

“Personally, I have no regrets and would like to thank my family, friends and supporters for their support, sacrifice and hard work. The people have spoken and I respect their judgment.

“A huge thank you to the people of St. George’s West #2, it has been an honour for me to represent the great people of St. George’s West over the past 5 years as their Member of Parliament.

“Congratulations to the One Bermuda Alliance on winning the government,” concluded Mr Swan.

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  1. 32n64w says:

    Stay classy Kim.

    • SMH2 says:

      I live in constituency #2 and I am dissapointed an discouraged with politics in Bermuda. I understand that people didn’t vote specifically for her they voted for the OBA but still. That thought doesn’t sit well with me very well. We know who she really is…

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Goodbye Kim Swan. You had your chance. The seat would have been yours for the taking. Instead you almost cost the OBA the seat.

    I don’t know Nandi Davis. She may be young, but she is educated & she is on an educated team well mixed with experience & youthful energy.

    Bermuda is still a train wreck about to happen but at least the brakes have been applied & there is a chance of stopping before we run out of track.

    • SMH2 says:

      FYI. Kim Swan is a very humble and sociable person. He is a very prominent figure in St. George’s. I wish he would have been voted in. You are the clear “Drifter” and you clearly don’t know Nandi Davis.

  3. SMH says:

    Nandi Davis?
    this is a sad day for bermuda, when a person like Nandi Davis is in office!!!! i know her personally, she couldn’t lead a dog on a leash let alone a country!

    • Kathy says:

      If you have nothing good to say say nothing at all.This is whats wrong everyone is so negative.Less is best.

      • SMH says:


        • Sore Loser Much? says:

          Such a klassy lady. You kiss your Granny with that nasty mouth? You should “shake your head” alright – in “SHAME!”

      • born st. georgian says:

        We know Nandi, she has no klass! time will prove us right, Kathy.

        • The Truthsayer says:

          Stop being haters because ya person didn’t get in. Go suck on a PLP lemon

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          At least she can spell class.

          And I bet fools like you consider that Burgess and Commissiong have all the class in the world.

          Zealots are funy…

          • SMH2 says:

            You are the zealot. Stay on topic we are talking about Constituency #2.

    • navin johnson says:

      at least she will have an opportunity to learn just like all of the other inexperienced former mp’s did……Kim can look on the bright side that maybe something positive will happen in St. George to wake up the old town and he can help revitalize the golf course which is something he loves…

    • born st. georgian says:

      The white people supported this candidate. No one knew her but it was all about buying votes and the silly black people thinking the spurlings, stallards and haywards were their friends, taking them into speakers row homes. Renee Ming is a good candidate, and will beat out kenny bascome next time. Kim Swan is an honourable man. He will go down in history as the man with integrity. He should of cost them the seat. We have a colt running the country and greedy white people.

  4. Somerset OBA Voter says:

    Well Done Nandi

    It’s about time the Younger Generation starts winning SEATS

    Don’t let any negativity get you down. There is alot out there.

    Prove them wrong and make a difference. Stay STRONG and help move my Island in the right direction.

  5. BERR says:

    I understand that Kim Swan was trying to make a stand here, but he almost cost the OBA this seat. I think it was a selfish move on his part and he did not put his country first. In the end, the OBA still won which is great. But very disappointed that Kim Swan chose this path.

    and to SMH, Nandi did extremely well for a young adult, it is rough canvassing but she obviously is a well spoken individual as she gained the votes up against the wall. She won a tremendous battle!

    • SMH says:


      i can comment on the person i have know since primary school!!! she is a oba puppet!!! i know it, her friends know it and her family knows it!!!!
      stay in your lane

      • Just One says:

        It’s this negative militant attitude that cost the PLP and their supporters the election. Keep on doing what your doing and thanks!

      • Let me get this str8 says:

        So bitter…

      • Nanny Pat says:

        Hmm…clearly you dropped out of school after primary. My 5 year old dog can communicate better than you. And he has much better manners than you too. You bark much louder than him too.

        Now go! Sit! Stay!

        • SMH says:

          SWEET HEART!!!

          • Let me get this str8 says:

            And you have a PHD in a**holeness and racism…sweet heart

          • LOFL... says:


            I can’t agree with you more when it comes to your comments about Nandi…. LOL, she worst then a puppet on Sesame Street. I guess now days if your spoon fed a speech then you to can run for office and WIN.

            Anyways I hope when she gets sworn in she knows which hand to raise since she can’t tell her right from her left…

            Sad Days Ahead for this island….

            • SMH says:

              SAD DAYS FOR SURE!

              • here to help says:

                We all have a past, but she is a hard worker, two jobs as a matter of fact. She has a great husband to be, that is a humble and great person. And if she pays attention, is honest and shows integrety as an MP, mother and soon to be wife she will have a great future. Keep your head up Nandi, continue to work hard and do what is right.

                • JustMe says:

                  yes we all have a past but when you are running in an election you must make sure that you always carry yourself in such a manner which according to those who know her she has and still is not.. I do not know her personally but I hope she does St. Geo proud has nothing to do with how many jobs she has and that she’ll be getting married soon it is how she carries herself from now on.

                  I voted OBA so my opinion matters!!!

              • Let me get this str8 says:

                So the PLP’s graft and destruction of the private sector and middle class were happy days?

                You zealots are funny!!

                • Don Schubb says:

                  I do believe justme said she voted OBA not PLP but I forgot in Bermuda when someone points something out they have to reflect on what someone else did.

                  Kim or Renee would have been a better pick from experience alone has nothing to do with what party they represent.

                  JustMe you voted OBA I feel sorry for you!

          • SMH2 says:

            I agree. People know who Nandi is. Not everybody that is black is racist just because they support PLP and there’s evidence with black voting statistics. I don’t support Nandi and I have a Masters in Business. I would have felt much better if someone else was elected.

            • Let me get this str8 says:

              No but telling someone to sit down their Lilly (white) ass is…

              If a white person told a black Bermudian to sit their black ass down there would be much anger, and rightfully so…

              Some supporters of the PLP might not be racist, but the PLP is (at least a very large segment of the Party) as evidenced in their rhetoric, actions and campaigns…

  6. JustMe says:

    Sorry something is very wrong with this picture. Nothing personal Nandi but many people don’t even know this young lady as she does not know them, Renee is St. Georges and Kim would have even been a better choice. Many people were voting for the party not the person and that is were it all went wrong, however, good luck to you Nandi I hope you represent St. Georges to the best of your ability.

  7. navin johnson says:

    the individual is about pot holes and street lights and the party is about the entire island….until we end party politics that is the way it has to be….

  8. Concerned says:

    Congratulations to Nandi and Renee – I wish you both the best of all that is due to come your way. Renee, I would love to see you run for Mayor of St. George’s – fire up their spirits with new and brilliant ideas. Continue to walk tall and bright both you young talented young ladies, accept no negative talk or gestures but know that the Lord is on your side.

  9. Kim Swan says:

    To ALL Bloggers:

    I Kim Swan accept the result and collective wisdom of the people that voted me out of office last night.

    Bermuda as a people must do likewise.

    Let us not disrespect the wisdom of the voter by negating the fact that those persons who voted for me as an Independent, did so because my candidacy provided them a choice consistent with their politics and belief system.

    It is important to note – that in first past the post – more persons voted against Ms.Nandi Davis than for her in this constituency. Notwithstanding, Ms. Davis is rightfully the choice of the people of St. George’s West #2.

    The Plp will argue that Kim Swan took votes from them – the OBA will claim that Kim Swan nearly cost them a seat. But I (Kim Swan) contend that my candidacy proves that Bermuda’s democracy is alive and healthy.

    Once again, I congratulate Ms.Nandi Davis MP and the OBA on their victory and offer condolences to Ms. Renee Ming on their nail biting conclusion.

    Personally, I vow to continue to be a voice for the St. George’s community and the people of Bermuda.


    Kim Swan

  10. A win win would be for both Nandi & Kim Swan to commit to work TOGETHER for the betterment of St Georges. How about that!!

  11. Kiskadee says:

    Kim we admire and respect you. You are a good person and hard working but you should not have run as an Independant . You should have stayed with the OBA and you would have won the seat. We had to vote for the party..
    Keep working for the town of St George.

    • LAMO @OBA says:

      bull$hit Kiskadee – Kim never go back to those snakes. Work hard for your family. You have made too many sacrifice for those users.

  12. JustMe says:

    You can’t fault people for their opinions about someone that they know (currently) and grew up with. So yes congrats to her however now she needs to be the person she claims she will and do St. Georges proud but everyone has the right to freedom of speech

  13. Don Schubb says:

    These comments

  14. Don Schubb says:

    Most people voted for the Party not the person which is why most choices were wrong

  15. Bermudian Mom says:

    The OBA candidate won – however – whether or not she “canvassed hard” is debatable. Those of us at the polling station, constantly heard “Have you met Nadia Davis? No, okay, she’s our candidate.” So, pick the bones out of that. On a more important note – please someone educate her – last night her response to the question regarding a possible Ministry was laughable if it had not been so pathetic – would like to stay in the background – maybe a Junior Minister (member of Senate sweetie) or shadow Minister (Opposition dear).

    I was always told – when you open your mouth you remove all doubt as to whether or not you’re intelligent or ignorant about the topic. So when in doubt keep the mouth shut or in this case she should have stopped at would like to stay in the background.

    Mr. Swan, best wishes with your future endeavours.

    Mrs. Ming, you are the type of person this Island needs – not just St. Georges. A person of integrity as demonstrated when you resigned from your position as Alderman of the Corporate of St. George’s when you accepted the challenge of becoming the PLP candidate from Constituency 2 on such short notice – unlike the other OBA candidate who chose to hedge his bets and resigned after he won Constituency 1. With his comments regarding – there was no money in the Corporation of St. George’s position makes you wonder about his motives.

    To the Spurlings, congratulations on your win!