Video: New Slanger Song ‘Bermuda Get Wise’

December 18, 2012

Bermudian singer Ronae Burgess — who performs under the name Slanger — has released his latest song ‘Bermuda Get Wise.’ The song and video was produced by Detrimental for Near Future Records

Mr. Burgess served a number of years in jail after fatally stabbing a man in the 1990s, and began singing while in prison, performing for other inmates and taking part in performances held in the chapel.

He received permission to record while incarcerated and his music was receiving local radio airplay even before he was released. Now released from prison, Ronae Burgess has turned his life around and — through his example and his music — he is attempting to ensure others do not make the same mistakes he did.

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  1. Just One says:

    Really like the Cabinet Building and Supreme Court settings ;) Not sure about decriminalizing or legalizing Canabis under either Goverment. Good luck to all you daily weed smokers…

  2. Unjust Realities!!!! says:

    Well i guess anything is possible . . .we have a former thief, convicted felon as an MP so who knows!!!! Oh I’m sorry, that wasn’t a real crime . . .it was a white collar crime!!!

  3. Blurt says:

    Not my style, but all credit for putting the effort and time to do this. Not everyone can do it, or will ever do it, so be proud of what you’ve achieved with this. Keep it up and never give up on your dream, especially when it gets tough!

  4. Good turnaround, especially if it has an effect on the wannabees.

  5. jim brown says:

    as hard as bermudians try ,, they just dont, and wont ever have it,
    not an entertaining nation, dont have the voice for it…

    • smh says:

      @ Jim Brown aka “The Idiot King of Hater Nation” – your statement has got to be the most ignorant, ill-informed, bigoted piece of hate I have ever heard! Your pathetic small mind probably is overloaded with jealousy wishing u possessed an iota of the talent displayed here that so many other Bermudians possess and have demonstrated on a global level. How much crack do u really smoke?

  6. poochie says:

    yes I : Positive Vibrationz

  7. Richie says:

    Stay positive and keep on doing what your doing. So proud of how far you have come.