Butterfield Hired For One Year, $120,000 Contract

January 17, 2013

Corey Butterfield has been hired for one year and will be paid $120,000 in his role as ‘Policy Analyst and Special Advisor’, Minister of Tourism Development & Transport Shawn Crockwell said today [Jan 17].

The circumstances surrounding the hiring of Mr Butterfield, a former PLP Public Relations Officer, had drawn concern in some circles, including from former One Bermuda Alliance Senator Toni Daniels who said she “wholeheartedly” shares the concerns about the “apparent lack of transparency & accountability.”

Minister Crockwell said that during a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, January 3rd he advised his colleagues of his intention to engage Mr. Butterfield and received approval from the Premier and Cabinet Secretary.

Minister Crockwell said: “I accept that certain procedures had not been completed before the engagement was made public. However, the press received a tip concerning Mr. Butterfield and I confirmed the engagement.”

“This is a very important and large Ministry that combines tourism and transport and, recognising the importance of tourism, we have been working non-stop to create new product and jobs,” said the Minister.

“Indeed we have already had several stakeholders approach us with a view to creating new tourism products in order to revitalise the industry and bring more visitors and jobs to our shores.

“We are dedicated to carrying out our election promise of creating a Tourism Authority and have set an aggressive timeline of six months to do so.”

Minister Crockwell added: “Mr. Butterfield is well qualified for this post and I have every confidence that the public will soon see that our hard work will ensure the revitalisation of Tourism and the creation of new jobs to help boost our economy. That will continue to be our focus.”

A statement from the Ministry said that Mr. Butterfield has been tasked with researching Tourism Authorities in other jurisdictions and their enabling legislation and advising in the establishment of a Tourism Authority for Bermuda.

Mr Butterfield is also scheduled to work on the recently released Tourism Plan, explore gaming in Bermuda, and will work with stakeholders to develop new tourism products for Bermuda and proposing improvements and solutions for local transportation issues.

The Cabinet Office recently said that Ministers can engage up to two consultants, and they must first seek the written consent of Premier Craig Cannonier. There have been two requests put forward by Ministers to date, according to the Cabinet Office.

Part of the One Bermuda Alliance’s election platform called for Government to reduce the use/cost of consultants.

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  1. ” Never go in the enemy’s camp or bring them home. As we know that an apple will always be an apple, even when u paint it orange, it does not become an orange but remains an apple. Despite the fact they both represent the fruit family, they don’t come of the same tree. So! Watch ye therefore as you know not the day, when ur plans n visions shall be taken away. Not a good move at all. But a nice shot to see the world on the taxpayers pocket CB. “.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a apple or orange … It’s systematically rotten from the root to the fruit .

    • Sour Eggnog says:

      Give things a chance.

      • Out of flight says:

        Yea. Right Hypocrite.
        when it was PLP you were all over them and now you say let the OBA break their promises.

        • rock says:

          It has only been about 1 month, the PLP had far longer, Sir. Be patient. No-one can revive a country in 1 month. Give things a chance.

          • u no a lot says:

            This isn’t about reviving, this is about whether or not this is good spending on gov funds!

    • Out of flight says:

      What a waste of money. The OBA could have saved lots of funds by using in house experts. Now they are doing what they accused the PLP of doing.
      This is clearly family and friends.

      So it is animal farm all over again. All animals are created equal but some are created more equal than others. Shameful that Corey would sit at the top of the PLP and abandon them.
      Bet he will be gone in 4 months….lack of substance and productivity like all of his other jobs.
      What a disappointment about such an appointment.

      • m3ke says:

        “Mr Butterfield is also scheduled to work on the recently released Tourism Plan, explore gaming in Bermuda, and will work with stakeholders to develop new tourism products for Bermuda and proposing improvements and solutions for local transportation issues”.

        Didn’t premier Dr. Ewart Brown propose gambling for Bermuda back in like 2008? They even did a green paper on Gambling. Now the government will spend even more money on studying the feasibility gambling? Seriously, this is nonsense. The work has already been done. OBA’s plan — spend more money before implementing any change and when they fail they will remind us that the PLP were in office for 14years.

        @ Out of Flight — You are right they could use in house experts we have a ton of smart people in Bermuda.

  2. mixitup says:

    I’ll go first….WTF!!! Let’s go down the list. Ministers Salary (140K?), PS salary (200K?), Tourism Authority Chairman Salary (100k), Director of Tourism (170K), Assistant, Director (150k), Director of North America (140K), the Regional Directors for N.America (2) (100K) , the Business Development Managers for Tourism (4)70K Staff in NY and BDA (500k) And you now need a consultant for another 120K???!! Well what the hell are all these other people doing?! If they can’t figure out how to get tourist here then why are they all still on payroll?

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Get real. That’s less than Rolfe was getting for years for doing nothing.

      The job has to get done. Don’t you get it?

      • Pooch says:

        Rolfe wasn’t ‘doing nothing’. He was paid to spread racism and complain about Whitey at every possible point. He was the source of the racism engine that drove the PLP engine. This racism engine was vital to the PLP’s survival because it was the only thing they had. Their whole platform was to f***ing moan about whites and divide the races. Pity that it finally dug them a hole – which they now live in. F*** the PLP. ****ing racist ****s. Good ***ing riddance to you ****s.

      • 100% says:

        So why are we paying Sean? I question any government to hold them accountable whether OBA or the PLP. But isn’t it funny how OBA supports are now defending any and everything the OBA does just like the hardcore PLP supporters did when the PLP was in power.

        This is why governments do whatever they want. LOL.

        • Truth (Original) says:

          Dude, the PLP established a track record on NON TRANSPARENCY over their 14 year term. The OBA only won the election 1 month and 1 day ago !

          Calm down and give them a chance to fulfill their promise to get an Independent Tourism Authority off the ground.


          • blah blah says:

            @ Truth

            You support hypocrisy? If this were the PLP you’d be jumping up and down at this wastefulness of this clueless MP. If he is so inept not to be able to do his job without having his hand held, your fearless leader should remove his portfolio. It does not matter if it is a day, a month or a decade wasteful ineptitude it will always be.
            So you clam down, be real and equally critical of everyone holding the public purse.

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          Why are we paying Shawn you ask ? Well ,, if we don’t pay him , he’ll just steal from us in the dark .
          Oh wait , he stole anyway even-though he was getting paid .. Expect much of the same .

          • street wise says:

            You’ll never let that go, will you? It is SO old, surely you can dig up some more, different dirt on the guy. After all the plp were so “clean.” IE: PLP resident racist Commisong’s bank heist where he fired a gun inside the bank. I only bring this up to demonstrate you how silly you look. SMH

            • Bermuda Cat says:

              @ Street wise,

              So how does it feel to be just as silly as you put it?

            • blah blah says:

              No one should ever let it go. You fools voted him in. Don’t be surprised anything that he does. No telling what will be next…

              • Bermy Gooner says:

                And yet still that much better than 98% of the PLP MPs….

                • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

                  The Truth about Minister Crookwell maybe inconvienent ; however it is the absolute Truth .

  3. Webster says:

    Same old crap…Where the hell did Corey work before ? and now he has a real job …. We Bermudians are fed up with this BS…..

    • Out of flight says:

      Exactly. We were promised it would not happen and in less than 5 weeks or 5 days it did. Wow. The OBA moved fast to deceive us.

  4. Disgusted says:

    Interesting!! PLP kicked him out and he couldn’t find a job for a long time. His last job fired him Crockwell hires him! If Shawn does not know what he is doing then he should stick to what he knows.. *sad some people want to be something there NOT*!

  5. Kentan says:


    • Richard says:

      Well said 100% well said. So therefore there was no plan to set up by some they came in empty handed to pay some to do the work for them. Here we go again.

    • Richard says:

      That is because we where force to vote this way Kentan let be real So we have to see how this game plays out I don’t know Shawn Crockwel but I thing him and Miniers are pretty much the same let see where they move him next.

  6. swing voter says:

    Cory, Crockwell and Craig better bring home the bacon, or else I’ll be one of many loud mouth bastids at the next OBA leader election. Pamplin, Dunkley, Richards don’t need no more than what they already have in place. What can a consultant bring to the table that Billy Griffiths can’t bring. Duplication without results is what killed my support for the previous government….Richards do something!

    • Truth (Original) says:

      You need to calm down.

      • u no a lot says:

        Nah, you need to face the facts. This is a poltiical payoff. All that stuff that he’s supposed to be doing is done by civil servants that are already paid.

    • here to help says:

      Sorry, Billy Griffith is a waste of time along with several others that need to be released, clean up shop and bring in new, young and vibrant persons with fresh new and creative ideas. Lees spending abroad, create a dynamic Bermuda website and spend some of the advertising money on subsidizing local entertainment and tourist vouchers to be spent locally. Keep the money inhouse!

    • m3ke says:

      That’s the truth!

  7. tricks are for kids says:

    Wow….twice as much as I make and I”ve been at the same job for 14 years….maybe I should have applied either that or I need to make friends with somebody in that camp…

    • u no a lot says:

      Just work on their campaign. Like Dale Jackson or Corey Butterfield. You’ll get a 120k job and won’t even have to apply.

  8. o says:

    Why is everyone saying that corey worked for the PLP in 1998-2001. And no-one else is talking about how Corey was one of the main consultants for the OBA!

    He was plp 11 years ago! This is a campaign payoff.

    • ismellarat says:

      Why isn’t anyone saying Mr. Butterfield was working with Mr. Darrell and Mr. Lines et al on the new UBP and then with indpendent candidate Mr. Swan in southampton along with OBA on campaign 2012????????

  9. J says:

    Minister Crockwell said: “I accept that certain procedures had not been completed before the engagement was made public.”

    Thank you for committing to transparency…

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Well it has taken awhile to fess up but at least they did it. Will Corey Butterfield produce? Lets just see. No matter what, he will be more productive than Rolfe who did nothing but beat the hate drum & cost us more while he did it.

    Stumbles from the OBA are expected. Perfection is expected of them, especially from PLP supporters who must also be very tired of the failure that the PLP was.

    After 30 years of barking at the Bermuda car being driven by the UBP the PLP jumped into the drivers seat of a machine that was running pretty good. 14 years later the OBA has taken over the driving but the Bermuda car is barely running & it is headed for a cliff.

    This is not really the time to nit pick & distract the driver.

    • o says:


      This is a payoff for Corey working for the OBA Campaign. Plain and Simple.

    • 100% says:

      The problem is that they are continuing to drive the same car that is “headed for a cliff”. It’s time to get a new car and do things differently from the beginning. They have the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

      While it is okay to support the OBA, you must hold them and any government office accountable. This is what I hope we can all do no matter who you support.

  11. St.D says:

    Mr. Butterfield, please prove yourself worthy because many of us in the east are scratching our heads as we reflect on your track record. Specifically, we want to see positive, constructive and productive action.

    And to the present government, please do NOT rationalize your actions by explaining what you are permitted to do thanks to legislature and policies put in place by the past government. That does not cut it.

    • Out of flight says:

      He batted poorly in Warwick with the Rubber Tree initiative and even worse in the West and now we see he did the same thing in the East. He is consistent. Lots in and nothing comes out. Give him 3 months.

  12. Rock Watcher says:

    @Tricks are for kids, no you should have continued your education if you wanted to double your salary. lol And by the way a Consultant does not get any benefits, health insurance etc, and they must pay their own salary levies!…

    • u no a lot says:

      You sound like you may be the one. How do you know so much about what the consultant gets or doesn’t get?

      Is that you Corey?

    • Unjrust Realities says:

      @ Rock Watcher . . .I furthered my education to a masters degree and been on my job for 19 years . . .and his consultancy fee is still damn near a third more than what I make . . .how does this work???

      It appears that he has rubbed noses with everybody and evry group to get what he wants!!!!

      • u no a lot says:

        Just work for the OBA campaign soon enough you’ll land a 120K a year job.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      @ Rock Watcher….thanks for commenting. …let me start by saying its amazing of ones PERCEPTION by just reading something……..I do actually make a bit more …..I have an Associate Degree, Bachelors Degree AND Masters Degree. I am also certified in Theraputic Crisis Intervention, work as a Behavioral Therapist, design Behavioral Intervention Plans for young people etc….my point was the fact that he could just be “handed” a job for that amount to do what? look at his track record….friends and family package for sure….so be careful the next time that you want to ASSume and ‘lol’ at a few words that you see in print…….

      • Watching says:

        Trick are for kids, I often read your comments and can tell that you are educated (and have common sense)….unlike Rockwatcher who can barely string two sentences together!!!

        • tricks are for kids says:

          Thank you for that “Watching”……You just made my morning :-)

  13. Aliker says:

    Not sure why we have hired someone at such a ridiculous salary to do what Mr. Dodwell has already done. The tourism authority was HIS idea originally. I am sure he has done the research – go ask him! Why do we need someone to do the same thing – talk about redundant!

    • u no a lot says:

      The reason why is that the OBA just made up some BS to sell as they have to payoff Corey for working on the OBA Campaign.

  14. Walter says:

    Clearly people need to get their facts straight before making statements to the press or on social media sites. We need to stop the nitpicking and allow the government time to clean up the mess that the PLP has left us with.

    • u no a lot says:

      What mess exactly? Super High GDP and international business?

  15. WHAT!!! says:

    $120,000 WTF That’s not even correct. I had to read it twice. DOES THAT INCLUDE A 10% pay cut, so really he would be paid $132,000. People are saying that the only reason he got hired is because he use to visit you you at West Gate. Is that correct? Did he visit you now we are setting up ace boys?

    I better start going up there and visiting my family more. I’m looking at future MPs. If this was 14 years ago when the UBP was in charge before the PLP freak it up then fine.

    Here I’m getting mad at the PLP for giving all the money away free bus rides, free day care. Free everything. I’m here busting my a$s every day trying to live a productive life and don’t get to even smell the money pie let alone see it!!! Didn’t he fail at some screw up business he had with the PLP so he jumped ship. Toss his a$s back in the water. Minister Bob Richards you know this is so wrong.

  16. Seriously? says:

    Are you people serious!? Who cares who Mr. Butterfield has worked for/with in the past? He is one of the smartest political minds around (and as all of you seem to already know and like to point out, he has years of experience in the political arena). To top it off, he is Bermudian!! Let’s give our own a chance!!

    • Ole says:

      Seriously? It is BS political payback. Seriously!!!

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @ Seriously,

      I agree that he has been in politics for some time, but what does that have to do with Tourism? What qualifies him to be a consultant for Tourism?

  17. tell the truth says:

    lets be real about it,,,its not about cory working for either party,,,,its about the MONEY,,damn if you do DAMN if you dont,,this is Bermuda,,we dont want oversea consultants,,but we really dont want some we know getting something more than us,,,

  18. Foxy says:

    It is so funny to see how people get angry because this young black man is getting a salary. Very few have addressed the work. The question should be: Is that a justified salary for the work he has to do? What tangible results can we say we will have from his work? DOnt be jealous …think!

  19. M.R. says:

    No one here knows the real reason for this hiring. Maybe the folks at BDOT are all tapped out and they can’t add anymore to the civil service. Maybe Billy Griffiths can’t do anymore than he has been tasked with.

    Let’s give this process a chance. If at the next election we still don’t have decent results then ok, let’s ask some serious questions about the effectiveness of hiring a consultant.

    Remember the PLP came in in 1998 and EVERYONE was up in arms about how they were changing things? Well we had 30 odd years of the UBP. Now we’ve just had 14 years of the PLP. That’s still a very long time and some ppl actually don’t remember or even know anything else but a PLP Govt.

    I’m keeping my eye on this story too but give this a chance.

  20. Smh says:

    There is NO Loyalty in politics it’s all about PERSONAL gain. As long as there are Human Beings there will ALWAYS be Corruption!!!

  21. C.B.A. says:

    He’s an advisor to a minister, not even the Premier! $120,000?!?!

    I voted OBA and this doesn’t make me happy. Be very careful OBA…if you make the same mistakes as the PLP you’ll find yourself out of government just like them!

  22. Bobmarlin says:

    How much did Dr.Thomas get paid? Word is $750,000 per annum,and he got fired.He also took first class trips to the USA paid by us.
    My point is, all of the OBA consultants,do not get paid collectively what Dr.Thomas got paid!

  23. OZ says:

    There is a Policy Team in the cabinet office that are there to provide the research assistance and there is no need at all for this appointment. hebrings no expertise to this appointment.

    • Cinderella says:

      Finally, we get someone who knows what civil servants are already doing the ‘job’ he was assigned. OBA, stop please and understand the job descriptions and protocols already in place in our country. Your ignorance is showing.

  24. There have been two requests put forward by Ministers to date, according to the Cabinet Office.

    Give the OBA a chance, they have only had ‘two’ request for consultants so far…there are way too many negative people in this island. All you do is moan and complain. He is Bermudian, he is intelligent, he has respect in the community at large of his political knowledge. $120k a year isn’t going to break the bank. If he isn’t doing his job, i’m sure he can/will be dismissed. What is really wrong with you people out there…get a life will you.

    • Watching says:

      Eugene Smith, are you serious? 10 grand a month to do what?!!! What expertise does he have to command such a ridiculous salary? You say it won’t break the bank, but what happens if the other ministers hire consultants? That will quickly add up. Furthermore, it would appear that this deal was made long before the OBA even came into power. Why him and why wasn’t the post advertised? I am sure that there are people that actually work in the hospitality/tourism field that have waaay more knowledge than this guy does. I also voted OBA and I am not impressed at all!!!

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      27 Consultants @ $120,000 each for 5 years = $16,200,000

      And I’m pretty sure the premier’s are going to paid much much more.

  25. u no a lot says:

    We care becuase the OBA said they were going to cut down on consultants. Nothing in the above is something that the civil servants cannot do.

    1) Tourism Authority is being done by Tourism Board
    2) Bermuda already has a green paper on gaming what research is he doing

    This is a political payoff pure and simple

  26. Yng Black Mind says:

    I read the article and this is my assessment:

    One point to make:

    According to the Ministry, Mr. Butterfield is “researching Tourism Authorities in other jurisdictions and their enabling legislation and advising in the establishment of a Tourism Authority for Bermuda.

    Mr Butterfield is also scheduled to work on the recently released Tourism Plan, explore gaming in Bermuda, and will work with stakeholders to develop new tourism products for Bermuda and proposing improvements and solutions for local transportation issues”- – - right? (all in agreement, so far?)


    Think on that for a second . . .

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)

  27. bermuda boy says:

    I know it’s not your money, but did you even try to see if he would do it for less, just sayin.

  28. Aliker says:

    @ Yng Black Mind ~ you ask why do we need Mr. Dodwell? The Tourism Authority IS HIS IDEA ORIGINALLY! Still do not get it that we are paying someone else to “research” what information we already have…..gaming reports? Hasn’t that been researched to death? Give me a break! The BDOT is FULL of civil servants………..have them do any “additional” research. That is what they are there for!

    • Yng Black Mind says:


      You make my point. I don’t care if it was his idea or not – - if Dodwell is suppose to create, develop and run the proposed Tourism Authority, then why do we need Mr. Butterfield to reserach and find information on the same proposed Tourism Authority?

      I charge anyone of the OBA members or supporters who post on this site to answer my question.

      Yng Black Mind

      • Who wrote the report? says:

        At least Dodwell isn’t getting paid….

  29. Joonya says:

    We need a casino/gaming. Where’s my $120k?

  30. Amazed says:

    People are being too soft on the new government and some OBA supporters seem willing to accept anything.
    The OBA is the government of everyone and it does not matter who people supported in the election. Therefore everyone has a right to hold them accountable for what they do.
    During the election the OBA were critical of the structure of the Tourism Board, and were advocating for a Tourism Authority and now we have them admitting that they have not done any research on the topic! We know that it was an old proposal of the former UBP and we know that Mr. Dodwell is well respected and would not have proposed it without having done his homework. We also know that Mr. Butterfield has NO expertise in this area so the rationale for his hiring does not add up. There are policy research people in the policy department of the civil service who are more than capable of doing the suggested research so I do not believe any thing that Mr. Crockwell says about this appointment.

  31. Y-Gurl says:

    Butterfield..Really?? this is better use of our money, surely when the PLP fired his A$$ the OBA saw a red flag

  32. Play Ground says:

    People get what you voted for

  33. Empathy says:

    Not surprised at all the negative comments, can we trust the judgment of any of the parties? PLP, NLP, OBA, UBP, TCD lol. Why are we so ready to sink the life raft that’s being used to save us because it’s blue and not red?
    Note: education is good, but we need common sense to go along with it you think?
    But then again, common sense is not common now a days is it? Tsk! Tsk!
    Cant please all the people all the time.Guess some would say prevention is better than the cure, so where do we turn next?

  34. Kim Smith says:

    Is it correct that Renee Webb was engaged by the PLP as an advisor to China… making at least $100k?

    • Amazed says:

      Exactly what is your point?

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        The point is that the PLP ran up so called “consultancy” fees to the tune of approximately $100 million in the 2010/11 budget and not a peep was made from the PLP camp as to this astronomical figure. As of now, due to the PLP’s failure to table the 2011/12 audited financials (as required by law) and/or provide a mid-year update on the 2012/13 budget (thank you Min. Richards) the public has no idea how much was paid to these so called “consultants” for the previous fiscal year or for the fiscal year about to end.

        The OBA has hired a single consultant and you guys are calling for heads and a cghange back to a Government whose consulantcy fees were costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars on a daily basis. Where is the logic as the OBA never said it would scrap the use of consultants in their entirety? If it can half this bill (would prefer much more than that) then they can be considered a succeess in relation to tehir campaign pledge.

        • Yng Black Mind says:

          No – - – it can’t be considered a success if they are using the PLP as a measuring stick.

          I have waiting all day and not one OBA supporter has even attempted to answer my question from earlier today – -

          “If Butterfield is doing all the research and work for the Tourism Authority, why do we need Dodwell?”

          That’s part of the reason people are questioning this appointment – - say what you mean and mean what you say – - couldn’t rely on the PLP – what makes the OBA any different? – ANSWER – nothing.

          Yng Black Mind

          • Bermy Gooner says:

            That’s you opinion and you are entitled to it.

            But I have to say that it amazes the outrage all of a sudden has come to fruition over one appontment, when you all had ample time to make the same amout of niose when the PLP was spending $100 million to consultants.

            And as much as I appreciate your posts, you are definitely not an independent as you claim. And that is alright, of course. But just stay true to who you are and what you believe.

  35. Kim Smith says:

    sorry… should be … as an advisor ON China

  36. Kiskadee says:

    We voted OBA and wonder now if we did the right thing. We can not afford these consultants. David Dodwell will do a good job as he knows what he is doing. We don’t need Corey Butterfield. What a waste of our money.

  37. Same Crap ..... says:

    I really don’t understand why Mr Butterfield is needed!! There is a whole office of qualified persons that can do this job!!! Mr Crockwell has created a job for his boy..it is what it is. Same old crap, new face!

    OBA will be no different from the PLP, all politicians are liars.

  38. Aliker says:

    @mixitup – I am not certain where you obtained the salary figures. They may be accurate but there is one thing for sure is that mr. Dodwell is not being paid one cent to be the head of the Tourism Authority. That is FACT!

  39. Pastor Syl says:

    I can’t say I am happy about the salary being paid this consultant. If parliamentarian salaries have been cut 10%, it seems to me more appropriate to cut other salaries too…unless he is paying his own travel expenses, in which case, I will close my mouth.

    I am very glad the research on casinos is being reopened. The study undertaken during Dr. Brown’s premiership was suspect, because some of the people who were doing the study had a vested interest in casino gambling being introduced to the island.

    We need an impartial and non-partisan group of researchers to do an in-depth look at how gambling and casinos have impacted other communities, particularly the Native American tribes who have implemented it; who will look at Bermuda’s unique and susceptible population and our very real present-day challenges (addiction, crime, unemployment, growing lawlessness, etc.), and put together an unbiased cost and benefit analysis of the value of adding one or more casinos to the gambling people say is already present.