Live Blog: Term Limits March & Demonstration

March 1, 2013

[Updated] The first of today’s [Mar 1] marches and demonstrations is underway, with a less than impressive turnout for the first march, while considerably more people showed up for the second event.

What appeared to be one person started off the ‘March on Parliament’ that was scheduled to leave from Union Square at 10:30am. He was joined by one person along his walk, a third person later on and the ‘group’ is now outside the House of Assembly.

There is another demonstration organized by “Concerned Bermudians” which is scheduled to begin at 12 noon today on the grounds of the House of Assembly.

The “Concerned Bermudians” group is calling for 4 things: Term Limits to be reinstated, a three month extension of of the Work Permit Policy Review, a public apology from the Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy for his “deception and condescending attitude,” as well as requesting that OBA officials “cease and desist calling Bermudians xenophobic.”

Update: The live coverage has ended, the updates are below starting from the beginning:

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    One marcher..bbwwahahahaha….where was the concern over hte last 14 years of failure?

    • Reality says:

      Take a good look at this group of people – each and every one of them should be holding a sign that says: “I am not very intelligent. I have no idea why I am even here. I do not understand the concept of Term limits vs. Work Permit and I am not smart enough to do any research so I will just follow the crowd.”

      Educate yourself people! You are making total fools of yourselves. Pathetic and sad.

      • Black Soil says:

        Too many PLP/BIU supporters rejected education since it was deemed to be a form of colonialization. PLP/BIU elite have been exploiting this.

    • Black Soil says:

      School children were used by the PLP/BIU to act a props. The Principle needs to be fired for allowing this.

      • BendEm Like Beckam says:

        Children out of school for this???? And we wonder why we have a failing education system. What principal,teacher or parent would think this is a good idea. I would have thought ONE of them would have said NO to this fild trip.

        Many marches have broken out in voience before.

    • Anon Ymous says:

      Consent forms from the parents?

    • O.B. says:

      What happened to the hundred they were expecting?! Lol. You’re always going to have a handful of people who just don’t get it or are motivated by other factors. Fact remains, 100 people is absolutely nothing and the vast majority (almost everybody) stayed away from the march. OBA, keep doing your thing.

    • Plato says:

      Lol Fahy gets no respect.

    • Let's move on please says:

      …nothing to see here.

      Really, a few gristled old PLP stalwarts, it needs to be thousands marching to be worth talking about, this represents a fraction of the country, disenfranchised PLPers who can’t quite believe how royally they screwed it up. Well you did, that’s tough, move on.

      THIS IS NOT ABOUT TERM LIMITS OR FAHY, this is about a party that can’t quite believe they aren’t center stage any more.

      Tired old PLP, god you messed it up!!

  2. Deliverance says:

    Has the new Pope been elected already?

  3. Bobmarlin says:

    OBA,Bermuda is in challenging times.Many of us are working with you to help turn Bermuda around.Many are trying to make ends meet as job losses mount.With the abolishment of The Work Term Limit Policy,hopefully International Business will be encouraged to stay,and new Business come to our shores.With that,we will all prosper.Good luck in your efforts!

    • #ThatIsAll says:

      This was about politics. Not about term limits and the youth of Bermuda as they claimed. Hence the OBA Lies sign.

      What a waste of time. You cannot argue with ignorance. The fact is even if we spelled it out for these bunch, they will REFUSE to understand and accept it. Because it was not proposed by their beloved PLP.

      If they cared about the youth of Bermuda they would understand that term limits need to go and IB needs to come back. Because IB provides scholarships to our youth to get an education, and IB will employ our youth after Uni. And ex pats are direct investment into our community though rents, groceries, bills, cars, gas, school tuition, housekeepers, gardeners, the list goes on.


      • Autumn Fire says:

        Bermudians and ex-pats employ both, Bermudians and ex-pats…

      • Realist says:

        Thatisall..we all have to give direct investment into our community though rents, groceries, bills, cars, gas, school tuition..Not just expats live here

        • #ThatIsAll says:

          Bermudians spending money in Bermuda is recycling money if you will. It goes out of my pocket at the grocery store and into the pockets of the local cashiers through wages.

          An Expat on the other hand makes their salary from an International company- who makes their money elsewhere in the world. That money is spent at a grocery store and goes into the pockets of the cashiers through wages. Yes, this is also the case if a Bermudian is working in IB.

          The difference is the direct foreign investment. We need IB and with IB comes expats..

          I don’t understand what everyone is afraid of. The company still has to hire a Bermudian over and ex pat and advertise the job.

  4. G says:

    It is a beautiful day today – glad it wasn’t raining so an excuse for the low turn out could be made.

  5. someone says:

    In what way do term limits affect the separate issue of work permit policies? Oh yeah, they don’t. These bumbling — are confused.

    • my2cents says:

      I completely agree!! If they would have bothered to do the most basic research before this “protest” they would have found out the difference between the two. Ignorance is NOT bliss! Get it together people!

  6. Bieber says:

    LOL! Nuff said!

  7. Um Um Like says:

    Tough crowd!

  8. sonoso says:

    lol wheres laverne to?

    • Blu_topaz says:

      Probs at 12.00 when the union does their thing

  9. Bird says:

    I second that well said.

  10. I jus don't understand says:

    Why aren’t they listening to the reply to the budget? oh yeah, I forgot, they’re more interested in an obselete failed policy that expert advisors reviewed a few years ago and found it to be an obstacle to progress….hummmm rebels without a cause….saddening

  11. WTA says:

    Massive turnout.

  12. yay! says:

    wow good luck on that ppl, love how the media makes it seem like a big protest and its all of 3 ppl lol, we need foreigners here to keep our economy going, we dont have enough qualified bermudians to fill many of the fields required for international business in this country. i feel govt should groom our next working generation to be qualified enough to obtain these jobs.

  13. So tired says:

    You’re late with that sign. That proposal has already been retracted. Read the paper!

  14. Familiar says:

    In what other country in the world would a march of three people be met by the leader of the country.

    I give those three credit for standing by their convictions, and Premier Cannonier for acknowledging them.

  15. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Some one needs to start a Harlem Shake at this march……………………….

    LOL post that bet BIG viral hit

  16. enough says:

    This is just too funny. No political bias of course, just ‘Concerned Bermudians’. Leaving from Union Square simply because it’s central, don’t read anything else into that.
    I’m glad the first guy found a stray friend en route, or he would have had to change the organisation name to ‘Concerned Bermudian’.

  17. check again says:

    What an amazing turnout – go Bermuda! :)

  18. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    I thought Coco the Clown had been re incarnated!

  19. Chris P Bacon says:

    The organizer is pleased since the turnout was about three times the original estimate.

  20. Douglas says:

    Democracy has spoken, lets move on from this nonsense!

  21. Serious Though says:

    where were these people when PLP blew up 1.4 Billion $$$$$$$$$$$$
    They should take that sign and place it at PLP HQ on court street, where they just came from!
    just saying…

    • Dark says:

      At least they are out since OBA plans to spend another billion

  22. Joe says:

    Today is one for the history books, The Three Person March. Every other Bermudian is working or looking for work.

    • Cleancut says:

      I think those 3 people were LaVerne Furberts votes!in the primary.

  23. Gov't of the people says:

    The Premier would have met with 1 protester. Congratulations Sir.

    • Argosy says:

      More than Ewart did. He sent lackeys out….

      • Cleancut says:

        Yes, but Ewart had earned $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  24. Y-Gurl says:

    They are due to come up Victoria Street shortly, theres a cop on each corner to help with crowd control

    • enough says:

      Cops taken away from solving murders to police this nonsense. Is that what you’re saying???

  25. Go Bermuda! says:

    Classic.. show up late to your own march.

  26. Thankful says:

    Thank you Bernews for coverage big or small.

  27. Ben Dover says:

    If they marched down by the ferry docks, they could include the sleeping vagrants in the turnout numbers.

  28. Sandgrownan says:

    . So much ignorance concentrated in such a small place.

  29. Who Done It says:

    Hmmm… were these not the same saying we should respect the leader of the country when the PLP was in power and there were demonstrations… SMH… Some of those banners are really confusing…

  30. oba lies says:

    stop the lies, be true, oba(overly bi@#hy a$$ess) hand over the power back to the plp, i can see things are just going to get way worse. #riotsuponriots

  31. ... says:

    Congrats OBA for making an appearance and not calling the crowd a lynching party as the former government did when the last rally was held.

    Pure CLASS!

  32. reader says:

    Children???? Really??? How pathetic to drag children out to boost your numbers.

    • longtail says:

      The children are very important in all this… after all they are the ones that will be paying of the debt accumulated by the PLP/BIU partnership. And their children and their children’s children….

  33. Rich says:

    You know, I’m not in favour of what these protests are about and am glad to see term limits done away with.

    But at the same time, you all shouldn’t be so dismissive of these individuals – they have their right to express their view, just as the rest of us have the right to remind these individuals that democracy works a certain way.

    In addition, you were all so quick to critique these protesters when it was early on in the day. Of course it would have started as a trickle! If any of you had any grasp of how these things unfold, demonstrations in Bermuda always pick up steam around lunch time. And now every single one of you guffawing the lone three protesters can walk away with massive amounts of egg on your face.

    • Hey says:

      That’s the thing the OBA are not dismissive of them.

  34. tricks are for kids.. says:

    So much unecessary negativity………

  35. Family Man says:

    School children? WTF?

    Take ‘em out of school. Keep ‘em dumb. Then demand IB hire them because they’re Bermudian. That’s sure to work.

    • mixitup says:

      I only wish I had the opportunity to have a LIVE civics lesson. Get a life, this is as great a lesson as a Kid can get!

      • Cleancut says:

        No its not, it was too obvious. What school was this? i would take a guess and say Purvis, Col. Burch’s adopted school to try and sneak his way into parliament.

  36. Bermy Gooner says:

    Using school children for your political views.

    How cheap and pathetic

  37. Islander says:

    I wonder if any of these protestors even bothered to look up the meaning of the word “xenophobia”, if they did, they would not have bothered to show up I am sure…. because the use of the word was correct – they are afraid of foreigners – feel threatened in all manner of ways. Get over it and work to create relationships that will help US as an Island, Community and home. Sick of you lot

  38. Familiar says:

    The behaviour of some of the demonstrators is appalling.

    • Reality says:

      I agree – this was a disgusting display by Bermudians. Have we no class whatsoever? You have made us all look like a bunch of people trying out for the Jerry Springer show. What a bunch of low-life scum. So embarrassed to be Bermudian right now. So embarrassed.

  39. tim says:

    why are there children there? why are they not in school?

    • Because my kids went to see how parliament is run. They were not involved in any march dumbo. Trip was planned weeks ago so get a life idiotBecause my kids are on an educational tour of Hamilton that was planned weeks ago. Get a damn life idiot.

    • longtail says:

      They need to understand why they will be paying for PLP/BIU for the rest of their lives….

  40. Clive Spate says:

    What concerns me most is the group of children in blue. Why aren’t they in school?

  41. Sensitive Guy says:

    wow ….. funny now inna ….. early posters suddently stopped… after they saw the second group of marchers. hmmm i guess you all got to posting too fast inna.

    • sensitive P**** says:

      alright funny man.

      Can’t call em a lynch mob since it’s majority black, right?!!?!

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Hardly. So much stupid in one place.

  42. navin johnson says:

    what a total waste of time….hope they watch themselves on the news tonight to see how ridiculous they look sound and act…

  43. dumbfounded says:

    Shows that good or bad they went for what ever the plp did with out question. Now the government is righting wrongs and getting Bermudian jobs back. They want to march!!!! What the f%$# bermuda !!!!!!!! Really!!!!!! Where the f$%%# where you guys for the past 14 years!

  44. Sorry Sir says:

    looks like the PLP sore-losers march.

  45. Who Done It says:

    And in front of children demonstrating how to respect one another, excellent work. I glad the PLP Zane stepped in to control the crowd and ask for the respect he requested… oh well… they are certainly with in their right to protest and at least the OBA is showing them the respect they are not showing and unlike the respect the PLP showed to protesters…

  46. Bermy Gooner says:

    So hold on the House MPs who oversaw the demise of Bermuda (PLPers) received applause when they stepped outside? You know the ones that just apologized in their budget reply to their past financial misdealings that led to our debt and subsquent demise of the private sector. And this so called “march” isn’t politically motivated(despite all the green PLP shirts inteh crowd)?

    Only fooling yourselves my friends. Education should be the first priority of this new Government as it is sorely needed in this little island apparently.

  47. jt says:

    I make that to be 150 people – next issue please. Clearly the vast majority of Bermmudians agree with this decision. Carry on OBA.

  48. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    It is important to understand

    1) that people are extremely concerned about not having work, about losing their jobs to non-Bermudians (as has been the case in the last 5 or so years when previously protected, semi-skilled jobs were opened up to non-Bermudians, primarily Filipinos and East Indians), and about losing precious land to non-Bermudians (which has happened in the past as well

    2)people are very sensitive to the possibility that they might be looked-down-upon. Our history is such that this is not an irrational fear, and insults like “idiots”, “baboons” and “ignorant” found on this and other threads just act as proof. This fear is also being manipulated by some unscrupulous people. One lady told me that she would be attending this march because of Minister Fahy’s negative remarks about black people. She was unable to tell me exactly what was said, but believed it had been reported in the paper. She hadn’t seen it for herself, though.

    3) There is an element in our community that does not want us to succeed, for whatever reason. We must be very careful we do not play into their hands.

    • Hey says:

      Point number 3) are the PLP….the PLP will only prosper if the people fail and are desperate! So who’s interest is it in to make sure that Bermudians do NOT fail????? The OBA.

      These people are protesting against the wrong group of people !

    • Portia says:

      Pastor Syl,

      Yes, people are concerned about not finding work – my husband, who has been out of work for 14 months, is one of them – however, the issues you mentioned, losing semi-skilled jobs and land to non-Bermudians, were due to the policies of the PLP, not the OBA. It seems the marchers do not understand that. If they did, they would have marched against the PLP long ago.

      The fact that they are marching today, against the OBA, tells me and others that they are PLP supporters who are doing whatever they can to undermine the OBA. They would have marched against ANY issue to show their disapproval of Fahy and the OBA, term limits was just a convenient excuse. Yet they refuse to understand what term limits are about. It is this behaviour that has fueled the negative comments you are seeing here. If these marchers have the right to march on Parliament and yell insults at Fahy and the Premier, then surely posters on a blog have the right to refer to them in less than complimentary terms, if they feel they are indeed being ignorant and stupid.

    • Concerned says:

      Sister Sylvia – nobody looks down on Bermudians more than their own. If Bermudians were to accept jobs no matter how menial, save as they go – sacrifice – stop being so materialistic – stop griping at every little thing. Their situations would be different and more people would not need to be on Financial assitance and still grumble about that cuz they can’t buy cigarettes and liquor. PAH LEEZE!!!

  49. Moonbeam says:

    no wonder children join gangs – many of them don’t have proper examples set by their parents/elders (as indicated by them being pulled out of school to demonstrate today! how degrading and frightening for those poor kids.

  50. Serious Though says:

    PLP Tea Party Movement!!!????

  51. Loquatz says:

    PLP are reaching back to their mid 80′s mode of trying to poison the well.

  52. Who Done It says:

    I am confused as to what they are protesting? Gus and violence, Term limits, Jobs, all three?

  53. 1minute says:

    My fahy, stand strong, you are doing a good job. Term limits hurt Bermuda

  54. Lets Hope says:

    What amazes me the most about this is that under the last Government more work permits were issued then ever before. Also putting the band on term limits did nothing to help Bermudians get jobs, in fact it did more harm. More Bermudians out of work.

    These fools keep biting the hand that feed them.

  55. Concerned says:

    Did anyone notice the seniors in the pictures, quite a number of them and green green green… Don’t they understand it doesnt represent prosperity but depression and recession – bless them Lord!

  56. WTA says:

    Even with school children and BIU ranks 100-150 people.

  57. Sorry Sir says:

    Any person who critiques Bermuda’s old PLP government is always referred to as “Anti-Bermudian”.

    Well, no, that doesn’t mean their anti-Bermudian. It means that they’re passionate about this island to look beyond the politics and speak immensely about how much they love this island and don’t want to see it go to crap.

  58. frogster says:

    Would this happen anywhere else in the world after just 2 months in office. Any body watching overseas must be laughing there heads off. Wow!…

  59. WTA says:

    Other than the school children who protesting is under the age of 40-50?

  60. Bobmarlin says:

    Approx. one 5th of one percent of the Population showed up for this march.That speaks volumes.The govt has its mandate!

  61. O.B. says:

    LOL Ghetto!

    • Deliverance says:

      OMG you said it! GHETTO! and school children standing there? WTF? I thought I couldn’t get more embarrassed to be Bermudian than when Dr Evil was spouting of his racist crap… but I am embarrassed by these lot today. God help us.

  62. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    what a farce!…
    but sickening to see school children being brought out.
    The principal should be FIRED for this and any teacher that didnt try to stop this.

    The plp and the biu are finished,any respect you may have had has gone after this stupidity!

  63. Victor says:

    Here’s an interesting contrast:

    Remember the march against Ewart and the Uighur situation which was far more well attended than this one – At that event, the protesters had the courtesy to let Ewart speak (and speak he did, very well in fact), as opposed to this group which have no interest whatsoever in hearing what Minister Fahy has to say. This pretty much sums up the problem we face in Bermuda – the educated are able to express, organize and get ahead, the uneducated (rightly) feel betrayed but are unable to pinpoint who it is who are in fact responsible for this and keep allowing themselves to be pushed backwards into old. worn out, irrelevant cliches such as those expressed by this march.

    • Argosy says:

      …lead backwards by the likes of Chris Furbert!

    • Hmmmmm says:

      You must have been at a different march in 2009. There was nothing courteous about it.

  64. Serious Though says:

    Please go to PLP HQ and protest too!!! 1.4 Billion your grand Children will be paying for along time!!!!

  65. Xenophobia – alive & thriving in Bermuda. PLP didn’t put it in their Election Platform that they were going to put us in $1.5B in debt so why aren’t these CONCERNED BERMUDIANS demonstrating against PLP for doing that????

  66. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Looking at the pics and videos it as everyone said just the PLP/biu protesting where are the other they said would be out. Right as stated protesting the wrong thing and they lacked the restraint that the “lynch mob” showed after all they actually let dr Brown speak………..

    LOL what a joke this was

  67. Who Done It says:

    If i was the Premier I would first organise them into the groups, Anti-vilonce over her, anti Termlimits over there and concern about jobs in the middle, then we would be able to speak to each group with a final message to the kids, work hard in school sta out of gangs and the world is your oyster….


    Cow Bell to rinnnnngggg-onnn in the sheeple!

  69. Juli says:

    Come on my fellow Bermudians!

    When Foreigners were here our houses were rented for more than it’s worth and everybody was working and we could take a lot of trips etc.

    Don’t you see that with the Foreigners gone we don’t have no jobs, have to sell our houses etc…

    Foreigners are needed to make Bermuda flourish!
    We can not do it independently! When we can’t get the right people with the right work ethics to do the job and are forced to take whoever will, then we rather go out of business because soner or later we will!

    The Best years for Bermuda financially were when the foreigners were here!

  70. Orbit says:

    Where the f**k were you lot these past 14 years?!?! More expat workers were given opportunities to work more so then rather than currently! Get the f**k out of here with that hypocritical BS!!

  71. Concerned says:

    If this was not a BIU something, why is GLEN stirring up the crowd, being so disrespectful (he really doesn’t need to have cameras to be like that)and rude and others were following his lead. In all honesty, he is one that turns my gut – he really does.

  72. Frances says:

    The school children were not being used at all. Their Social Studies teacher brought them on her own initiative to see democracy at work.
    None of you know the reasons that individuals were present except for those
    who spoke. There were approximately 200 people there, some of whom were close to the entrance to the House of Parliament, the majority stood along the road leading to the House. There were also a number of people standing along Parliament street.

    • WTA says:

      Yep, 200 people I’m sure, now the government has it’s mandate.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      They were being used to bolster numbers. Watching a bunch of loud-mouths shout at politicians is not “democracy at work”. The children were used by adults.

      • Idiot. Children were in Hamilton on an educational tour .It was organized weeks ago and not because of any march.get ya facts straight dumby

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          Oh, so what about the story about their Social Studies teacher bringing them in to “see democracy at work”? That was just another f$#@#@$ PLP lie was it?

          You and your other PLP mates need to get your lies straight. You’re all contradicting each other.

    • 1minute says:

      The people on Parliment St & in the Entrance weren’t in the protest, they were spectators… There was plenty of room up at the protest…
      I hope the teacher had parental consent for each child…

    • Portia says:

      Frances – taking a bunch of children to a protest is just plain irresponsible. Who knows what could have happened – and that teacher/ school would have been responsible.

      Since they were there, I do hope the teacher took the time to explain what is going on, what term limits are, and why they were axed; otherwise, the expereince is lost on the children who only see a bunch of yelling angry adults.

      P.S. If a teacher wants a class to “see democracry at work” then the most sensible thing would have been to take them upstairs to the public gallery of the House to watch the budget debate. That’s what it’s there for.

  73. 32n64w says:

    Sadly ironic and symbolic that when Minister Fahy talks the crowd attempts to drown out his comments.

    Their refusal to listen to him today is exactly the reason why they have no interest in understanding the reasoning behind the Term Limits process.

    • street wise says:

      The mob wouldn’t have known if Fahy did apologise, or not, cuz you couldn’t hear him when he was speaking, as he was rudely shouted down by the RIPplp mob! Nuf respect. Unfec%^ngbelievable how rude and crass some people can be. I’m sorry for saying that but it’s true.

  74. HyeBye says:

    The sad thing is,they have no clue that they have been manipulated into this demonstration and have been used over the years for their votes to the detriment of Bda.

    • Frances says:

      A PR person is on talk show right now who pointed out that the response to the crowd by Cannonier and Fahy was off base by not immediately speaking to the stated concerns of the people. The opportunity was missed and that is the reason for the crowd loud response. By the way, it is the democratic right of people to demonstrate and express their views.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Thats what the “lynch mob” said and look what the PLP/BIU called them at lest they listened………

        LOL You lot didn’t even get any answers as no one knew the question…………what did you in fact accomplish.

  75. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    100 die-hard morons with green t-shirts who think the world would be a better place if only there were no foreigners.

  76. Redman says:

    Lots of respect shown to the Minister and Premiere I see, nice. Good thing these folks aren’t mostly white as they would then be called a lynch mob. LOL

    Ok Ok, Let me get this right!! Despite an election promise to suspend the Term Limit Policy for two years and review it, the OBA looked at the information available and quite rightly removed it instead. The OBA have removed another poorly thought out PLP policy that had nothing to do with protecting Bermudian Jobs and has been touted as a major reason for IB leaving in droves. As a result of those departures Bermudians are being made jobless, some homeless, countless local business’ are closing across all job spheres NEARLY EVERYDAY and what do we have?? A Protest March against the OBA for removing this failed policy oh yeah and for supposedly calling some Bermudians Xenophobic??!! SMDH

    This is like being on a sinking boat far from shore and some ‘survivors’ are angry because persons are bailing to keep the craft afloat!! – What else can be said other than Duhhh!!!!

    Kudos to Minister Fahy and the OBA for being proactive and doing away with a policy that would surely continue to stifle job growth and continue costing Bermudians jobs for …. you guessed it at least two more years if it had only been suspended and not removed completely.

    Also some Bermudians are demanding an apology from the Minister for calling some Bermudians xenophobic when by their very actions and comments they appear, wait for it …. Xenophobic. LOL you can’t make this stuff up can you?!

  77. WTA says:

    Any Laverne sightings?

    • Navin Johnson says:

      Right up front next to the microphone

  78. Frances says:

    By the way, the views of many of the bloggers here are proof positive that the marchers have a very good reason to be angry.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      How so don’t people have a democratic right to speak (type) thier mind? With in the law of course. Guess it’s who is saying what to you then!………………..


    • jt says:

      If that were correct there would have been more than a handful in attendance. Perhaps (like the election) most just quietly realize how badly the PLP managed Bermuda and prefer to quietly give the OBA the opportunity to fix the mess.

    • PLP/BIU supporters yelling at Bermudian Min. Fahy demanding an apology during his speech is outright rude and disrespectful. In my humble opinion this is not the way to get a message across. Anger should be directed towards PLP who drove thounsands of Bermudian jobs out of Bermuda with their anti-foreigner policies, attitudes and behaviours during last 14 years. If PLP had not done these things there would be no demonstrations as all Bermudians would be fully employed.

      • Johnny says:

        You say that the PLP had anti foreign policies and your friends cry that the PLP has allowed more foreigners ever to obtain work permits.

    • Edmund Wells says:


      I think you’ve got it backwards.

      The small number of protesters is proof positive that there are fewer and fewer people on the Island that can be manipulated for political purposes.

      It’s a good sign for Bermuda.


    • street wise says:

      What, they are angry because most of the Country do not agree with them? Get serious, grow up and get an education!

      • Edmund Wells says:


        No, that’s not it.

        Read it again slowly, and think about the words.


  79. 1minute says:

    First the company my friend works for had problems with the term limit policy. So as no Bermudian could do the job, instead of brining in another foreigher, they outsourced the job. Then the outsource company said, hey we can do these other jobs cheaper for you. So my Bermudian friend and his Bermudian work mates were made redundant and the work left Bermuda forever…
    So the landlord, shopkeepers, utilities that made money from the foreigners, lost that money. Some of my friend old work mates are still out of work, now getting Governmnet financial assistance (paid by us).
    My friend found another job, in the USA. So there starts the Bermuda brain-drain.
    When things turn around and companies start to hire, due to the brain-drain we will not had enough qualified Bermudian workers

  80. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Is the PLP new thing this……….

    PLP tyring to insight roits since Dec 17th 2012…….


    • Speak what you know says:

      @ LOL (Original),People like you and others posting on here make protest such as this one necessary, with the hate you show others whom have a different view then yours. You laugh and mock people as if you are superior. The reality is you are a sad person who obviously has no life. Almost every story finds you attacking people and putting them down, and its always black people you target. (call it pulling the race card if you will but its truth) The only thing funny “lol original” is you, one has to laugh at you otherwise they would feel sad for you, and you’re not worthy of that emotion.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Shakes my head laughs as the though “prove it” comes to mind. Oh right you can’t cause it ain’t true. I go after propagandists cause I know the truth behind the lies they speak as I have experienced the PLP first hand and if my experience of the older members is a reflection of the party as seen in statements like “all white people have a genetic predisposition…” then it’s the PLP thats sad. SMH you don’t like what I write don’t read it simple. Its my opinion and I have a right to it. So you can try and put it or me down all you like won’t change unless the attitudes of the people in this case you and your PLP mega phones that spit real hate change to a more inclusive message and can demonstrate it in earnest. I see you have never made any comments on anything that I have proposed a solution such as gang violence, protection of the neighborhoods involved but I guess your more interested in trying to put someone down on here than solutions for your country men to stop killing each other and the protection of the community at large (means the whole community after all you are for the PLP right gotta make sure you understand what the whole community means)…………….

        LOL (I always sign off my contributions)

  81. aint shore says:

    Bermudians take ignorance to a whole nother level the people who showed up to this are a disgrace i cant believe i have to associate myself as a Bermudian with these same people you buis are to ignorant and dont look at the facts how about you stop protesting and go and try and find a job?

  82. Bobmarlin says:

    The OBA are doing the business of the people.Keep it up!

  83. Really Concerned says:

    So tell me this….We squash term limits…how many people in that crowd can hold the position of CEO of an AMERICAN company. Lord…..Im alsmost ashamed to be Bermudian!!! In my grandma’s voice…..”NOTHING BUT AUNT AGGIES CHILDREN”. LOL!!!

  84. Jim Bean says:

    Definition of Irony : Dont call us xenophobic – but then let us hold up signs saying foreigners out, and scream kick guest workers off the island and send them all on a boat to china…..WOW!!! I am ashamed to be Bermudian when I see stuff like that.

    • here's a thought.... says:

      totally. what a bunch of morons. can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain to them how detrimental term limits were and WHY they were?? PLEASE!!!!!!

  85. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    OMG! NOw, they are complaining that no white people showed up! “White people never support anything black people do.”

    How about white people, and many black people, didn’t agree with the protest. They didn’t think it had validity and they did not want an apology from Minister Fahy because they really thought he did the right thing and they understood why he might have lost patience after answering the same dang question over and over. At least he was polite about it. One of “us” might have said something like “are you deaf or something? What is it about….didn’t you understand?!?” Actually, come to think of it, we might have accepted that better, since that is the way we have become accustomed to speaking to one another.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Pastor Syl, I love your use of “they”. Who are “they”?

      • Curious says:

        Pretty sure that is explained by the English language grammar rules.
        “…white people, and [many] black people,…”

        Those are the ‘they’ that are being referred to.
        Inferring from that the ‘they’ actually refers to the portion of the population that didn’t turn up for the reverse lynch mob today

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        I am guessing she is refererring to the protestors and their supporters as this is the subject at hand. Not that really hard to understand.

        Now, when you constantly say “your ilk” and “people like you” in each and everyone of your responses, what do you mean?

        Rhetorical question. Thus no need to answer as your personality, hatred and intolerance of others are well documented in this island.

      • Rick Rock says:

        LaVerne, who are you talking about when you refer to “Real Bermudians”? Am I included?

  86. ... says:





  87. Do we all feel better now???? says:

    “BIU President Chris Furbert was present”..nice to see you there Mr. Furbert. No need for the Union to be involved.

    @ pastor Syl Hayward…..Thank you for your balanced words.

    The beauty of democracy is that people can express their beliefs without fear of repercussion. The protestors did just that today.

    Good on the Gvt for listening to the words of the people and engaging the folks that came out.

    Pastor Sly Hayward is dead on—many people simply did not agree with the position the protestors were taking. Black and white folks–or perhaps another more accurate way to put it—BERMUDIANS! It just ain’t a race thing.

    ALL Bermudians are concerned with the future of this country and many of us are willing to let the elected leaders get on with their hard work. Let them get to work please….

    Sure wish the energy that is put into the carrying on on these blogs and talk shows could be harnessed and channeled into action to get Bermuda back on its feet.

    We will get there Bermuda–the situation that we are living today took a while to create.

  88. Ottojr says:

    Wow….People out of control again. I wonder how one can be heard during this fashion??? Go ahead

  89. Noel Ashford says:

    Wow – What a bunch of stupid fools the union and these collective idiots on the lawn were!!! Clearly PLP stalwarts / lemmings who will do whatever the Furberts of the world (CF & LF) tell them to do. Do they not realize that they are their own worst enemy? Who would hire someone who screams and yells and clearly has ZERO education?! Clearly a xenophobic crown with no understanding of the fragile economics of Bermuda. I hate to say it, But Bermuda is a lost cause until these people get an education – thank god for an education where I don’t need to call this prejudiced little island my home. I say this as a BERMUDIAN…

  90. HyeBye says:

    EB must be laughing from afar at the turmoil that he started in Bda.

  91. Bermudian says:

    Its disgusting to take children to a protest, with or without parent’s consent. I hope the Ministry does something about the principal and teachers who are involve with this. Why subject children to such hate and negativity? Bermuda has hit an all time low.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Hate and negativity you say????…they didn’t have to go to the march to see that…all they have to do is read the comments here…..comments by our so called adults on the island…adults who cant get their points across without negativity, sarcasm and name calling. …….

  92. Bermy Gooner says:

    How ironic that these oh so called “concerned Bermudians” demanded an apology, but wouldn’t shut up long enough to hear a word being said by Messrs. Cannonier or Fahy.

    Their mind was made up and they had no intention on listening to anyone else but themselves.

    Politricks at its worst, dressed up to be some sort of genuinely concerned Bermudians. More like PLPians to me.

  93. OnionGirl says:

    Sweet Jesus! Could those protestors appear more RUDE or IGNORANT?!? I guess it’s true what they say: The empty vessel makes the most noise.

  94. Me says:

    Why is it so wrong in Bermuda to stand for a belief??? Just because the cause isn’t yours doesn’t mean that somone doesn’t feel passionate about it. Bermudians love bringing other Bermudians down everyone has a right to their own opinion regardless of what anyone thinks. I will take standing for something over standing for nothing anyday.

    • Ballotelli says:

      Yeah, but it was the way they did it. Just a bunch of hooligans.
      Also it was misleading, this was a party political gathering of the PLP, this was no term limits protest. Ironically, they seemed to be largely retired people or school kids (and the teacher who brought the class along should be fired whatever the reasons) – the 2 groups unaffected by term limits.

  95. yellowfin says:

    I make it 100 of them, that would be BIU/PLP foot soldiers. First failed attempt at trying to be intelligent. That poor excuse of a protest was “DISGUSTING” at best. And as for BOZO the clown, where was that childish mouth of yours when the Brown Government lied to this Country ?

  96. Farmer says:

    @ 40 Acres. If you look in the mirror you’ll find the mule.

  97. Respect says:

    Congratulations Bermuda. Today we saw a display of adject ignorance. These people marched to meet the Premier and did not grant him the chance to speak.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Farmer and Respect……same person……….guess your not aware how people can tell….

  98. Come On Man!!! says:

    Why are these idiots screaming at Fahy while he is trying to address them and maybe apologize. Just a bunch of Hooligans. Trying to start shite.

  99. Common sense isn't so common says:

    I am appalled at this protest. Bermudians who took part with the speaking out and the man who was all in his face were very rude!! I understand that you are mad but that does not give you the right to not let the man speak. OMG! Very rude! Obviously you want answers, so common sense would have told you ignorant people to quiet down and let him speak! You have an issues you can speak your mind respectfully. Premier Cannonier does not have “magical powers” that can fix the employment just like that. Black people need to stop this whole racist card and give them a chance!!! Get over it that PLP is out and their is a new goverment! Change is sometimes good. And I hope the new goverment proves themselves and puts all of you ignorant people to shame! Older people of Bermuda you all talk about Bermudians future , but how are our young people of Bermuda suppose to know any better when they see the people who they look up to act like this ! Come on! Are you serious?

  100. Come On Man!!! says:

    The way they conducted themselves, in one word. ‘EMBAROSING’.

  101. enough says:

    I think that all parties wish the same thing; that is for all Berudians to have jobs and a good standard of living. There is obviously a difference of opinion as to how this can be achieved. The OBA seems to believe that encouraging IB to be here is important, hence the abolishing of term limits which has been, at least, a major irritation to IB. They believe that IB being here will create jobs for Bermudians, both directly and also indirectly through ‘trickle down’.The other advantage is that most IB employees are payed in $US which actually brings foreign currency into the Island.
    The protesters, who are all BIU/PLP, obviously feel that discouraging IB, and having less IB here will allow more jobs for Bermudians. Who is right? My opinion, for what it is worth, is that keeping IB is a good thing. I feel that Bob Richards is better qualified to decide on this than these protesters. (Yes I saw them on the News)

  102. Bermudaboi says:

    What happens when the “foreigners” protest and down tools? Watch Bermuda crumble then

  103. Pilot001 says:

    To all you haters out there calling us stupid, ignorant, rude and god knows what else, people are feeling like we have gone back 40 years which wasn’t too long ago. I feel for the Premier because i truly believe he went in this for the good of his country but will realize his boys have other plans. just saying.

  104. Kitty says:

    I just reviewed the video’s of the march and may I say I am very disappointed in my fellow Bermudians. They showed such disrespect. Next time you march please go with a purpose and have a spokes person be more organized so that you can address your concerns and get the answers which may or may not be what you want to hear, but the OBA would have been able to form a list so they could be addressed. As a PLP supporter I was truly embarrassed of the behavior and what the crowd was showing our youth. As adults we cannot continue to show our young people this type of behavior and than expect them to do better. “You reap what you sow” gone are the days of do what I say not what I do …..

  105. Prayerful says:

    To the Social Studies Teacher: Once you realised that there was a/some protest marches being planned, you should have cancelled your “educational” outing and waited for another Friday to see the House in action

  106. Farmer. says:

    @ Tricks. You are so smart. Would you like to bet on that?

  107. Farmer. says:

    Hey Tricks want to hear something funny? I just drove pass a farm and saw something with 4 legs. a long tail and long ears. was that you? An Avatar means nothing.

    • tricks are for kids.. says:

      Now IF (an note I said if) I was to respond it wasn’t me it was probably your mother you would get offended….But never the less…my comment was simply pointing out that the SAME person (and that would be you) is using two alias from the same “address”..this discussion has been had more than once on Bernews commentary about people using alias to “rile” up situations…GUESS YOU’VE MISSED THEM….because when you are on this site they (avatars)MEAN something….Hava a great day…..

      • tricks are for kids.. says:

        I can register on another computer using a different address and same pen name and get a different avatar too…..but this article isn’t about that is it….