Government Eliminates Term Limit Policy

January 30, 2013

[Updated with PLP response] Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy announced today [Jan 30] that Government has decided to eliminate the Term Limit Policy “with immediate effect.”

Under the Term Limits Policy, work permit holders who have worked for six years or more in Bermuda were not entitled to a renewal of their work permit. Waivers for an exemption from the six-year limit could be granted by Immigration, and in 2010 Government stated that some 70% of applicants either had the limit waived or extended.

“We believe that the elimination of the policy will help spark economic growth and create employment opportunities for Bermudians,” said the Minister.

“We will continue to ensure that the rights of the Bermudian worker are a priority for this Government. You will already know that the Term Limit Policy was not created to protect Bermudian jobs; it is the work permit policy that protects Bermudian jobs”

The Minister thanked the Opposition Leader Marc Bean, saying he “showed tremendous fortitude and courage in supporting the abolishment of term limits.”

“I want to pause for a moment to address an issue related to guest workers. The recent online blogs and talk radio shows have been rampant with this negative rhetoric being targeted at our non-Bermudian workers,” Minister Fahy continued.

“Mind you, it’s only a select few fanning the flames of negativity, but it only takes one or two individuals for the comments to eventually snowball into something that translates into Bermudians being perceived as anti-foreigner.”

Minister Fahy said, “Over the next few months, all work permit holders will be required to sign a declaration confirming their understanding that Bermuda law does not confer rights of permanent residence and that the holder has no expectation of such residence.

“A refund will be issued for all Term Limit applications that have not been processed to date. This refund will not extend to those applications that have already been processed.”

Minister Fahy’s full statement follows below:

Good afternoon and thank you for joining me.

Not long ago, I shared with you some of this Ministry’s plans as it relates to the current Term Limit Policy, particularly our intent to share our Impact Assessment on the Elimination of Term Limits with the Work Permit stakeholder group in a bid to seek their views on the policy recommendations contained in the document.

The penultimate view sought related to the policy alternatives, that is, a suspension of the current Term-Limit Policy for two years verses the elimination of the term limit policy entirely.

It is my view that such an important decision as this should not be made in a vacuum and therefore the stakeholder feedback was an integral component of the decision-making process.

As Minister, I said last week that one of my key objectives prior to and during this review process was to meet with as many stakeholder groups as possible, to layout our plans and discuss the issue of term limits, while at the same time, taking the time to reinforce our commitment to getting Bermudians back to work and ensuring fair employment practices as it relates to Bermudian workers.

It bears repeating that – creating and safe-guarding jobs are paramount for this Government and this is the rationale for the policy consideration that will ultimately see a shift in the current Term Limit Policy.

Today, after much deliberation, input and feedback, I wish to announce that the Government has decided to move forward with the elimination of the Term Limit Policy with immediate effect.

We believe that the elimination of the policy will help spark economic growth and create employment opportunities for Bermudians.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the leader of the Opposition, MP Marc Bean who showed tremendous fortitude and courage in supporting the abolishment of term limits.

I look forward to hearing further suggestions from the Opposition in relation to other policy initiatives.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank those members of the Work Permit Policy Stakeholder group and our legal counsel for their vital feedback.

And, I want to assure the people of this Country that this was not a decision that was taken lightly.

We will continue to ensure that the rights of the Bermudian worker are a priority for this Government.

You will already know that the Term Limit Policy was not created to protect Bermudian jobs; it is the work permit policy that protects Bermudian jobs.

To this end, I want to reassure all Bermudians, particularly those Bermudians who are currently seeking employment that the elimination of the Term Limit Policy, otherwise known as the Policy to Inhibit Long Term Residency, will not result in an added burden or obstacle for you as you continue to seek employment. In fact, it will likely be one of many tools that this Government uses to create more employment opportunities for Bermudians.

I want to remind all Bermudians that every work permit holder is in Bermuda for a defined period based on the length of their work permit. When a one, two or three year work permit expires, the job must be advertised.

Where a qualified Bermudian applies for the job, the employer must extend the job to the qualified Bermudian applicant.

To this end, the Ministry will continue to focus on training and development strategies to prepare our next generation of Bermudian workers with the necessary skills and education to take advantage of an increasingly sophisticated job market.

Also, in the coming weeks the Ministry will share more with respect to the new measures that will be put in place to strengthen the penalties for employers who violate work permit policies. These penalties will affect recruitment practices and the required disclosure of information with respect to qualified Bermudians who apply for advertised jobs.

Please know, and I cannot stress this enough – this Government is committed to ensuring that Bermudian jobs are protected and more importantly that more job opportunities are afforded to all Bermudians by removing barriers to job creation such as Term Limits.

To be clear, our guest workers are vitally important to our economy.

The data shows that there are more jobs in the economy than there are qualified Bermudians to fill some of the jobs.

Not only do guest workers bring skills and expertise but remember – they rent our homes and apartments, dine in our restaurants, shop in our stores, buy motor bikes and cars, consume energy and generally help to support our economy at many levels. Their mere presence helps to create and sustain jobs.

And as a community we must embrace our guest workers as they are genuinely a part of what keeps our economy moving forward.

I want to pause for a moment to address an issue related to guest workers. The recent online blogs and talk radio shows have been rampant with this negative rhetoric being targeted at our non-Bermudian workers. Mind you, it’s only a select few fanning the flames of negativity, but it only takes one or two individuals for the comments to eventually snowball into something that translates into Bermudians being perceived as anti-foreigner.

Some of the comments I’ve heard and seen have been completely unacceptable. And regrettably we don’t have suitable mechanisms in place to properly police some of these anonymous rants.

But I think the wider community understand me when I say that this anti-foreigner anger is uninformed, misdirected and unhelpful. I am quite willing to listen to all sides of an issue, but it does us absolutely no good to engage in a dialogue that’s divisive and counterproductive in moving this Country to a higher level of acceptance and tolerance.

This Country’s diversity is what makes us unique. Our welcoming and hospitable nature is what has made us legendary.

Are we a Country with challenges and issues to address – yes – but we are also a Country with many positives. And if we are to address our challenges in a productive way then we must start from a place of mutual respect.

The Government recognizes that in some cases guest workers compete for the same jobs as Bermudians which is why we will ensure that our approach is balanced and fair and that Bermudians are not disadvantaged.

I encourage all unemployed Bermudians – professional, technical, administrative and otherwise to ensure that they are registered with the Department of Labour and Training.

A record of all unemployed persons’ employment status, academic qualifications, skills and experience is an important source of information as we seek to refine policies in the best interest of all Bermuda.

To be clear, the elimination of the Policy: Measures to Inhibit Long –Term Residency represents a giant step forward. It represents the red carpet approach, conveying that Bermuda is open for business.

It’s a policy that has been identified as a barrier to job creation.

While it is not the panacea, it is one of a number of changes that must be made if Bermuda’s economy is to grow.

Of course, I expect that there will be some administrative and operational questions that will need to be answered and the Department of Immigration will communicate directly with all employers in the coming weeks with respect to processes, so please know that:

Over the next few months, all work permit holders will be required to sign a declaration confirming their understanding that Bermuda law does not confer rights of permanent residence and that the holder has no expectation of such residence.

A refund will be issued for all Term Limit applications that have not been processed to date. This refund will not extend to those applications that have already been processed.

Ladies and gentlemen, today marks the first step towards rebuilding Bermuda’s economic prosperity.

I believe we are a Country of forward thinking, hard working and innovative people. And if we all work together, collectively in support of one another, I have no doubt that we can return Bermuda to the heights of economic success.

Thank you.


Update 4.40pm: As noted above, Minister Fahy thanked Opposition Leader Marc Bean, saying he “showed tremendous fortitude and courage in supporting the abolishment of term limits.”

The PLP just issued a statement saying the Minister citing the Opposition Leader’s support is “erroneous and disingenuous at best.”

“Mr. Bean has not declared support for this move in any forum and Minister Fahy is irresponsible for suggesting this,” the PLP said.

The full statement from the PLP is below:

The statement released today by Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy, citing the support of the removal of Term Limits by Opposition Leader Mr. Marc Bean is erroneous and disingenuous at best. Mr. Bean has not declared support for this move in any forum and Minister Fahy is irresponsible for suggesting this.

Please be advised that the Progressive Labour Party has not released any statement citing a revision to our existing view of term limits.

Prior to the December 17 election, the PLP had committed to widespread immigration reform, and those discussions continue within the Party caucus. Our primary concern is the need for there to be opportunities for Bermudians to ensure career progression and development.

The Progressive Labour Party understands the need for expatriate workers in Bermuda and supports the policies that make it more accommodating for them to set up employment and to relocate to Bermuda, however, we also must strike a balance between this accommodation and ensuring opportunities for qualified and capable Bermudians are provided.

A note of concern is that this major policy change is a swift departure from the OBA campaign promise of a 2 year suspension and review of the term limits policy.

Once the PLP discussions on Immigration reform are complete, a statement will be released from the Party stating our position.”

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  1. Observer says:

    Well done Michael,

    This had to be done. Sorry it was not sooner.

    • Out of flight says:

      So the OBA said suspend them for 2 years until they came up with a policy. That was their promise.
      This is the 4th promise broken: They have erased it and NOt suspended it.
      Let’s us pray
      Let’s us do it with Michael Dunkley
      Let us do it with Nalton as he looks for his certificates that don’t exist.

      • TrollHunter says:

        So aside from your political allegiance what is your opinion on the actual article? Would you have wished they keep the Term Limits in place?

        • Black Soil says:

          Finally the OBA is doing what the PLP never had the political guts to do.

      • jt says:

        Excellent decision…but just a good start. Carry on.

        • windwater says:

          Yes it’s an excellent decision but they missed one problem. They did not address those employers that purposely increase the job requirements so that no Bermudian would ever get the job.

          OBA needs to update the work permit policy to make it clear that after x amount of renewals the work permit will only be granted if a Bermudian is hired and trained as part of the job contract for the foreigner.

          Bermudians need to enjoy the fruits of International Business and foreign labor.

          • Read a book says:

            WindwAter I agree. Just know that this point of view of reality never gets to the forefront. Things that make you say hmmmm.

          • whatever says:

            I agree that Bermudians need to benefit the most from IB. However, having an arbitrary number of renewals may not achieve this. The company I work for employs roughly 50% foreigners and 50% Bermudians. For some of the foreign-held jobs, there has not been one Bermudian applicant when the work permit has gone for renewal. Not one. So what happens then?
            I think a more fair approach would be to keep the requirements for the job constant (i.e, if it took 5 yrs experience for the foreigner to get the job, then the requirement is always 5 years unless the responsibilities change; or if the foreigner gets another designation whilst in this position, that is not then made a requirement for the job, etc).
            We NEED International Business. We NEED foreign workers. Hopefully our new government can strike a good balance between serving the needs of IB and making sure Bermudians are fully employed. It’s only been about 6 weeks since the election. Let’s give these guys at least a chance (regardless of where your prior loyalties laid)!

            • ABM says:

              That can be tricky. What happens when a job is advertises and the company claims that no Bermudian has applied for the job, when in actual fact several Bermudians have applied? I say this becuase I have seen it nad reported it. Certain international companies do this so they can keep their prestigous foreign worker.

          • jt says:

            No IB = no chance to pick fruit. Grow the tree first.

          • .am says:

            I was informed by someone a few weeks ago that they monitor ‘progress’ – so if you come with qualifications A+B, and over time you add C+D+E+F ..if you write that job description again (for that same person) with those added qualifications, immigration will call you out on it.

          • Bermudian says:

            STOP!! Nonsense!!! You guys continue to whine about “increase in requirements so bermudians cant qualify” The argument should be for Bermudians to step up to qualifying standards for all job vacancy. We limit our people too much and always want everything on a platter. this entitlement attitude is destroying our nation.

            • Spot on!!! says:

              Spot on, Bermudian!! I am so sick of hearing people whine about “the jobs they deserve” going to foreigners! Get your azz off the wall and go to University for 8 years and take 10 years of exams if you think you deserve that Actuarial job over some foreigner!

      • Roger says:

        Nice balanced commentary genius.

        The policy had worked oh so well under PLP rule as our children’s futures were squandered.

        Sadly basic economics is beyond the grasp of many and ANYTHING to attract IB and smart people is a good thing for Bermuda.

        Bermuda does remind me a little of the movie Idiocracy, I think that is what the old guard wanted!

      • Tooth Fairy says:

        They are simply taking drastic measures to reverse the many many bad policies put in place by the PLP during the Burch / Brown era. Can you honestly say that te PLP made the right decision with this crazy term limit policy??? Why not reverse it?

        The OBA is showing that they mean business and that Bermuda Inc is undergoing management changes and restructuring and we are open for business again, and we mean business.

    • frank says:

      how dear this argent minister do away with term limits why he could not wait to at lease have a depate in the house is this how things are going to be done .with no regard for bermudians so much for change.i tell you again oba same old ubp pay attention

      • dh#1 says:

        Frank, I agree. They can’t fool us all. Create jobs for Bermudians, blah, blah, blah! Right…the only thing this is going to do is create fronting, less job for Bermudians, and the likes. OBA IS THE SAME OLD UBP – I’m paying attention!

        • Mad Dawg says:

          It was the PLP that said 90% of permit holders got term limit waivers. So why do you think this will have such a detrimental effect on Bermudians? Even the PLP doesn’t think that.

        • jt says:

          How many Bermudaians were out of work under UBP again? oh yeah…


    • The truth says:

      Thanks Fahy now all my sex expat Women can stay in Bermuda now. (SMILE)

  2. C'mon says:

    OBA breaking promises again.

    How many times in the campaign did they say that they would not abolish term limits…..

    next, voting rights for PRCs….

    Change indeed

    • Well done says:

      Please provide proof from the OBA’s platform where it says that?

      Thank you.

    • bs says:

      I think that was plp who said it not oba!

      • Staying focus says:

        OBA have broken their election promise, they said they would wait for 2 years first, before doing what they did. But I am not surprise at all. Its was only for poltical points. This was their objective in the first place. Fool some of the people into voting for them.

    • here's a thought says:

      they never said that! honestly, try to do your research before you spout off….

      • bs says:

        At least it looked like they were heading that way. The PLP said 70% of term limits had been granted.

        Anyhow, we have to wait and see what will come of it and ask whether it will result in a positive or negative impact on the economy. Will it present us in a positive light? Will it help us beat the competition for IB? Will it bring back the jobs that were lost? Or did we fall over the cliff already?

        • here's a thought says:

          no no not you bs – my original comment was directed at “c’mon” – i hate this format!! very confusing!!

        • @bs says:

          So your assuming. people like you who don’t have a clue.

    • Common Sense says:

      C’mon has just GOT to be kidding. Please quote anyone from the OBA stating that they would NOT abolish term limits. They specifially stated that they would review the whole issue of term limits. That they have done and they have decided to abolish them completely. If you didn’t see that coming then I guess you never saw the result of the General Election coming either!

    • Huh? says:

      they were elected because they promised to abolish them….awkward how you got that completely wrong.

    • frank says:

      the oba will not be in for 5 years more like 6-12 months graig don’t get used to GP1

      • jredmond says:

        how do you mean?

        • Who wrote the report? says:

          It means the bitter and twisted PLP supporters are doing everything in their power to try and unset a democratically elected government.

          • johnny says:

            8 months ago your comment would have described the OBA exactly. Your comment shows your hate for the PLP its plain to see. What I don’t understand is why you hate them so much, they are not in power anymore. If you were concerned for the people of Bermuda, you would realize that the role of the Opposition Party is to scrutinize all actions of the Governing Party and to make sure the people are kept informed and up to date with new or proposed policies. This is what the OBA done (in my opinion with much more venom), and now people can’t handle the PLP doing its job. It is amazing how some people can bash someone for doing something, but then bash you for pointing out that one of their own has done the same thing.

    • ABC says:


      go read a book get knowledge fruitloop

      talkin out of ur a……………………………..



      • jt says:

        This is the misunderstanding of the reality that has led us to where we are.

      • Tooth Fairy says:

        The problem you might be having getting a job is that you:

        (a) have a bad attitude
        (b) think that as a Bermuda you should be “given” a job instead of showing that you deserve one.
        (c) you probably fill out an application form and resume the same way write your post.

        We are in control of your OWN future. If you are truly hard working and busness smart, then start your own business. Run it with 100% Bermuda staff. It can be done, Im not saying it can’t be. However, after a very short time in Business you might see why many LOCAL business resort to PAYING a LARGE ANNUAL fee to immigration and go thru the hassle of getting a work permit!

        If you have ever had the unfortunate priveledge of having to work with Bermuda’s worst run department (Immigration) you will know that for someone to go through the BS – they must REALLY have a problem getting (or keeping) Bermudian staff.

      • .am says:



        And this is why we source foreign talent.

        • James says:

          Actually if you look in a dictionary it is Bermudans. Bermudian is a colloquialism of that.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        All the complaints you list above happened under a PLP government with term limits. All the foreigners working at BHC projects, everything. And at the same time thousands of Bermudians became unemployed. Thousands of Bermudians need jobs, and they can’t all be nail technicians. We need businesses to want to come here and employ people.

      • Eastern says:

        @ pissed off

        and you are living in la la land

  3. SMH says:


    “Some of the comments I’ve heard and seen have been completely unacceptable. And regrettably we don’t have suitable mechanisms in place to properly police some of these anonymous rants.

    WOW…. This is interesting. Extremely interesting.


      • whatever says:

        Um. did you happen to read the article before you posted your rant? I think SMH actually might be on your side… he/she is only quoting Mr Fahy.

      • Who wrote the report? says:

        Riots and uprisings? Damn you guys need to grow up

  4. Seriously? says:

    So these expats are going to keep Bermudians out of jobs INDEFINITELY!?!!


    • Well done says:

      Read the article carefully….”You will already know that the Term Limit Policy was not created to protect Bermudian jobs; it is the work permit policy that protects Bermudian jobs.”

      They have eliminated the ‘term limit policy’ NOT the ‘work permit policy’, there is a big difference between the two. The Department of Immigration will still control who is allowed to come here and work.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        I think the main point without Term Limits, there is a greater likelihood that foreigners will continue to stay, continue to get work permit renewals, and qualified Bermudians will continue to be unable to make any inroads getting that “dream” job.

        This also creates a problem with the resurgence of PRC’s so there will be more foreigners that end up here for years and then have to be granted permanent residency status. That is something that the Term Limit policy addressed and corrected.

        This will create a new flare up with this issue. The OBA is getting expats to sign stating that they are not entitled to land ownwership however, which we would hope would help; but we have to wait and see how it plays out.

        • auslander says:

          With or without Term Limits, there is no mechanism for a work permit holder to gain PRC anymore. Section 31 of the immigration act has a clause that specifies you had to be resident before 1989.

          • frank says:

            the oba just like the ubp did is trying to give prc’s the vote

            • Who wrote the report? says:

              By axing term limits? How does that work?

            • Building a better Bermuda says:

              Is there a problem with people who have lived and contributed to Bermuda for 20+ years getting a right to say what happens in the country they have invested in for so many years. There are people that have only been here for 18 yrs, barely contributed to this island, some who have been a burden, and are given the right to vote because of circumstances of birth.
              Standards should be set, like a clear criminal record, excellent tax record, and after 18 yrs allow PRC’s the right to vote.
              I am several generations Bermudian and as proud as I am of our resilience to weather all that comes our way, it shames me to no end that we allowed such an anti foreigner sentiment to infect our shores. After all, at one point we all come from a foreigner.

              One of the greatest lessons my father passed to me was, if you haven’t worked for it, you don’t have a right to it.

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          Wannabee blogger, stop using concerned citizens name. Im the original! Typical of Oba supporters. Frauds!

          • Concerned Citizen says:

            Excuse me! I don’t know who you are and for the record I am NOT an OBA supporter! I’m simply concerned about the direction this country is taking!

    • sad for bermuda says:


      • here's a thought says:

        are you people not paying attention? this is NOT a bad thing for bermuda – it is PROVEN that the ridiculous term limit policy HARMED bermuda not helped us. the work permit process has not changed. this removal encourages business to invest in our island, thus creating more jobs for us as bermudians. can you SERIOUSLY not see that?

        • windwater says:

          They did not address those employers that purposely increase the job requirements so that no Bermudian would ever get the job.

          I’m not saying your wrong; but they need to update the work permit policy so make it clear that after x amount of renewals the work permit will only be granted if a Bermudian is hired as well and trained as part of the contract.

          • Who wrote the report? says:

            Just because you don’t and can’t understand these things doesn’t make someone a joker. Well except maybe you…

    • O.B. says:

      They can only keep the job until a Bermudian applies. Most people are confused about this.

      • S.P. says:

        More correctly, they only keep the job until a qualified Bermudian applies.

        Companies who employ foreigners are still required to advertise any positions held by work permit holders every 3 years. So every three years there is a chance for a Bermudian. And if they have gone out and gotten the qualifications required, then the company is REQUIRED to give the job to the Bermudian over the foreigner.

        This is the difference between work permits and term limits.

        • Um jus sayin.... says:

          While there is a clear distinction between work permits and term limits, when the qualified Bermudian (on paper) comes along, they don’t have the practical experience that the expat has. The expat has worked in the role for 6 plus years and the company isn’t willing to take a chance on the Bermudian. I am a HR professional, see this daily! What term limits did do was forced companies to put development plans in place for Bermudians internal to the company so they can develop their skills in that specific time frame and then assume the role the expat had. Without term limits, this wont be necessary or forced.

          • blankman says:

            More realistically they just move the job off island. Anyone that has even a remote involvement with IB can name people that were term limited out and who are now working for the same company doing the identical job but based of island. Not only did their job go with them but, in many cases, their entire department went with them. [I'm even aware of once case where the CFO of a major employer was term limited out (it happens) and rather than lose that institutional knowledge the company moved that individual and their entire department to one of their subs off island - all that's left here is a billing operation.]

            • Dennis Williams says:

              …if this Employee was so valued it’s highly unlikely they would have been denied if a case was made for them to stay…after all most applications for extensions are granted…..your talking about a CFO..they are almost always given extensions….their could be other reasons why they were denied….

        • Hbee says:

          More correctly, companies hire any foreigner they desire and advertise the position tailored specifically for that persons qualifications. After 3 years, the BERMUDIAN with qualification, but not quite the experience level as that gained by the expat, is denied the job because of lack of specific experience that can only be gained on the job.
          This has the potential to spiral and thus displace a whole generation of Bermudians. Some of these expats are new college graduates but after three years and then six….well you see they are now key to the company’s operations and the BERMUDIAN has to wait for the next round of newly recruited expats….
          Many expats are developing their careers and resumes in Bermuda while Bermudians are not reaping an equivalent benefit, in any form.

          • jt says:

            Bermudians have a better chance of getting a job in the field in Bermuda than they do anywhere else in the world. Unless you think they are entitled to a job, that is all that can be asked.

        • dh#1 says:

          SP: “The Company is required to give the job to the Bermudian over the foreigner”…Hah…what a joke…Doesn’t happen in this country! Whether a Bermudian is qualified or not, the employer will come up with some sorry ass excuse to keep his foreigner..been there, lived it, seen it, reported it, and been disgusted by it…

          • windwater says:

            Its only going to get worst. We are competing with the rest of the world for jobs and business.

    • Blu_topaz says:

      They r not taking jobs from bermudians. Go get your facts straight

    • jt says:


    • Grubster says:

      The term limit policy was a joke. Look at how may ex pats have been here for over 6 years

  5. Out of flight says:

    Bermudians without work will quietly accept it then revolt.
    Expats are having parties as they know they will keep their jobs.
    Employers are happy because they will NOT have to train or worry about being forced to hire Bermudians.
    Employers are having parties because they can keep Bob.
    Bob knows that after 30 years here he can lay claim to status because his children have been here for 18 years and can only speak English and don’t know any other home.
    Bob will get his way and get Long Term Residence again
    The OBA have fulfilled their promise. Now Bermudians will see who is standing strong for them when they are unable to compete against families who rent homes and pay $400 a month for a room while the local cannot.
    The locals will head for and remain on the Southside plantation

    Jobs will be advertised with the same criteria that KEPT BERMUDIANS out.
    Who is fighting for US, the little man. Poor education system led by a man who apparently does not have any qualifications.

    When it starts we will ask why/
    Because we have NO protection and we are NOT wanted by business.
    Watch and see.

    Within 3 months he and the OBA will wish they never touched the issue.

    Bermudians have NO protection now. At least waivers gave us a second chance. Now they are NOt necessary we will not be employed.
    and to think the PLP who stood strong for Bermudians caved in.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      And don’t forget those damn foreigners are going to eat your children as well…

      • Out of flight says:

        But don’t worry.
        Bermudians don’t have any spokespersons with guts or leaders with balls. so it will work out for the OBA until the smoke awakes them and the Commission says the policy puts Bermudians at risk because Bermudians are badly educated and now can’t even get a basic job or even expect an interview with meaning.
        Yes. Get ready.
        Accept it with glee now and enjoy the champaign but you will be at the table trying to fix it when Bermudians destroy this country. Not a threat. Just the reality of what people without a job will eventually do.
        You will eat your words.

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          I hope you do come to my house and threaten me our my family. I dare you actually.

        • here's a thought says:

          you seriously don’t get it. there have to be businesses for there to be jobs. business leave because they are made to feel unwelcome by people like you who do not understand how basic economics work. sadly, you seem to truly believe that foreigners are taking something from bermudians. bermudians in general have a lazy reputation, and often times, don’t work hard at the jobs they DO have (i am generalizing of course – but it is generally true sadly) and then people like you wonder why business owners fire the bermudian and wish to bring in someone who WILL do the job.

          people without a job should be trying to become employable on some level, not sitting around complaining that they should be given everything just because they are bermudian. get in touch with reality. please. i am not trying to upset you, but you do not understand how this stuff works. please try to learn. we are all in this together.

          • Plato says:

            and ALL FOREIGNERS LOVE MAYONNAISE sounds ridiculous right and the way you speak revealed your not an asset because if you were you would know there are very hard working, intelligent Bermudians involved in International Financial services.

            • here's a thought says:

              actually it’s all BERMUDIANS love mayonnaise. i guess you’re not from here.

              • flexinforbermy says:

                interesting….I guess since u stated generally all bermudains are lazy… so I guess generally all white people are racist…tell me…have you ever been to any locals homes…or lets take it a step further…all forgein workers are hard workers??? lol…this stupid comments is why everyone in bermuda can’t get along… what are your thoughts on a young bermudain who worked hard and went to college and was denied a chance in their home due to being overqualified…?? or I guess your comments are based on baseless facts that you spin out of your head

                • here's a thought says:

                  i guess i would say that if you were actually qualified and had a good interview and impressed your would-be employer, that you’d have a job. you can’t just come home wagging a piece of paper…. there is more to it than that. an ounce of humility goes a long way…. there is so much entitlement and arrogance on display with regard to ‘you have to hire me, i am bermudian’ – it’s revolting. you sound easily angered and easily upset. i probably wouldn’t hire you.

        • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

          you are sooooooooo full of s$%te!

    • Well done says:

      “Bob knows that after 30 years here he can lay claim to status because his children have been here for 18 years and can only speak English and don’t know any other home.” …..Not true.

      Mr. Fahy said “Over the next few months, all work permit holders will be required to sign a declaration confirming their understanding that Bermuda law does not confer rights of permanent residence and that the holder has no expectation of such residence.”

      • Out of flight says:

        PLP did that and they were told it was not enfrocible.
        Where is your memory?
        When we had a few thousand long term residents they did NOT say they stayed.
        They blamed the Govt.
        They stated over and over:” You kept on renewing our contracts.” So the PLP said okay we will stop
        This is paradise and BOB is so happy he knows we will give in and he will get his status and the vote this time around.
        The locals as nice as they are will rise.
        I fear for you and law makers because they will rise because they will NOT be able to compete against BOB and the numerous blue collar families arriving and living together . Hence the wages stay low because they club together while a Bermudian cannot.
        The Bermudian will rise.
        I hope you can put Humpty Dumpty together again.

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          Wow are you really threatening violence because you disagree with a Government policy?

          Non-PLPers had to put it numerous inept and useless legislation and no one threatened violence because of it.

          Are you that bitter and twisted?

          • Bermy Gooner says:

            *put up with numerous

          • flexinforbermy says:

            Wow take a look around you…Western Nations attack other with violence, when they don’t agree with local Governmental policies…or let me guess “Bermy Goone”r…ur reference is just plain ole’ short sighted. Or ur like most white folks who say racism doesn’t exist…or whenever a local expresses their opinion they’re simply ignorant or stupid in your eyes???!! has anyone said they will harm your family NO!!! But it seems like you’re hostile to us just because we have an opinion… LET’S keep it simple…GET A LIFE

            • Who wrote the report? says:

              Actually your mate above has threatened violence in several of his posts. And so have a few more now. Idiots like those and you need to mature and beta life. You don’t like something so you threaten violence? Pathetic, but yet so predictable and the signs of immaturity and spoiled brat behaviour.

        • Well done says:

          Then clearly it was the government’s fault that the policy and procedure had holes in it that these foreign workers could creep through.

          You just sound brainwashed all around. Wake up, you sound ridiculous.

        • The Cormorant says:

          That’s soooooo funny, the Bermudian will rise…. do you seriously believe that, or are you just a PLP supporter with a bloody nose? This is progress my friend, and I think most of us can see that. The only uprising I can see is when the island runs out of Heineken and weed.

      • Dennis Williams says:

        …international law will trump that signed declaration anytime someone wants to challange it and take it to court….

    • Joonya says:

      Read “Well done” comment below and hopefully you and “Seriously?” will get the big picture. I dont blame you though. You have been brainwashed by the PLP machine for so long that it will take a while.

    • Justine says:

      Absolute tosh, every word of it!Read the article, not just the headline!

      I’m an employer. If you have the skills and qualifications I need and you are Bermudian you get the job – because it’s not worth the cost or the fight to get a work permit for an expat.

      If you haven’t gone an educated yourself then you have no one to blame but yourself. Many, many people, myself included, have come through the Bermuda public school system and not only met expectations but far exceeded them. It was hard work but I got there.

      This goverment have been in power for 6 weeks, how can the failures of the education system be their fault? Blame the plp for not ONE single improvement in education in 14 years before you point the finger anywhere else

      • Well done says:

        THIS IS PERFECTLY PUT! THANK YOU JUSTINE. I am an HR Manager also and it takes WAY too much effort and money to bring a foreign worker here. If you are qualified Bermudian then we will hire you, we have businesses to run, not playgrounds.

    • theothersidebda says:

      Firstly, anyone that spends 30 years of their life in any country (spending, serving and contributing) should get PRC.

      Secondly, this does nothing to stop Bermudians from obtaining jobs from non-Bermudians. Those workers are still subject to the immigration policy: if a Bermudian or Bermudian Spouse can fill the role, they will get the job over the reapplying expat. Now I agree with you if Role A requires 10-years experience now and then in 5 years is readvertised requiring 15-years experience, then yes the Bermudian who was unqualified then will never be qualified if you keep moving the yardstick. However, if the immigration department keeps a strict eye on such things, this shouldn’t happen.

      • Out of flight says:

        What a load of hogwash.
        Employers want to keep 95% of their foreign employers once they pass probation and replace the 5% with another foreigner.
        Yes, these are mere words. and you won’t believe me so you will feel it when blue collar workers find the doors closed and they decide to open yours and put you and your family at risk.
        Within 24 months Bermudians will speak to this in very serious ways and you will just take a holiday in your chalet in Switzerland.

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          Blue collar workers will not affected by this as it is directed at the white coller IB jobs.

          But hey continue to threaten violence on others.

          Karma is a bitch.

        • here's a thought says:

          to quote out of flight:
          ‘you will feel it when blue collar workers find the doors closed and they decide to open yours and put you and your family at risk.’

          so you are threatening bermuda with theft and blaming the OBA for changing a policy that helped PUT us where we are today? you are a sad representative of the state we are in.

        • theothersidebda says:

          I am unclear as to which part of my statement you are calling hogwash. I am also unclear as to how I have a chalet in Swizterland to take a holiday at. If you have some magic keys to a magic chalet for me, please let me know where I can collect them.


      • WellSaid says:

        Agreed – I don’t care who allows it but if I’m allowed to reside somewhere for (now) almost 20 years than I’m either a rare commodity, really good at beating the system or my employer has somehow beaten the system. In MANY panther places, residence of 5 or more years = landed immigrant at minimal. The British overseas territories citizenship (as controlled by the UK gives botc to qualified residents potentially after 5 years and appropriate other requirements). The “status” issue is Bermuda law

        Having someone sign a letter is unenforceable – yes it reminds the work permit holder that his visit here is limited as it should. 3-5 years for some, 5-10for mid level people (with optional residency) and 10 years for exceptional people who are likely to put in decent $$$nto the country and community

        If ther let you stay here for 10+years, you’,e essentially got few places to go. My work permit is 17 years now – way before this form to sign (which showed up on the WP form – refused to sign it. Didn’t want to sign a useless statement.

        Anyway -I expect something to help me now that i gave up a live elsewhere to come here,

    • Well done says:

      “every work permit holder is in Bermuda for a defined period based on the length of their work permit. When a one, two or three year work permit expires, the job must be advertised.

      Where a qualified Bermudian applies for the job, the employer must extend the job to the qualified Bermudian applicant.”

      Waivers gave you a second chance? You will still get a second chance, when the permit expires, the company must advertise and if they decide to renew the permit, when submitting the renewal, they must also submit all Bermudian applicants. The Department of Immigration will decide whether a Bermudian applicant is qualified and should be hired or if they will renew the work permit for the foreign worker.

      Stop blabbering on and read and do your research.

    • Cha says:

      Don’t forget who made the education system as poor as it is, the PLP. Term limits were put into place because the PLP were on an endeavor to bring independence to the island. In such an endeavor a country may not have work permits of foreign nationals being outstanding for longer than a period of 6 years (hence the term limits). Companies have and will continue to require high standards of qualifications because they want to attract the best candidates.

      If you are Bermudian and want a high paying job with lots of responsibility; educate yourself and work very hard (sometimes you need to be in the office until midnight not 5pm) that is what I did.

      If you want that future for your children inspire them and guide them. No goal is unobtainable if you work hard enough. You can’t expect a government to force private industry to hire someone and then expect them to be satisfied with an unqualified/unmotivated workforce. It is a rat race and you need to be the strongest rat.

      • dh#1 says:

        You sound like an idiot. The PLP made the education system as poor as it is. You haven’t done your research properly!

    • Staying focus says:

      Well said there @Out of Flight. The OBA have lied again, again. Not holding to their promise of 2 years, and than reveiwing the entire process. This is how they fooled some folks into voting for them. More is on the way, they are going make it very difficult for the average man. The OBA is only protecting their core support base, the white voters who own big businness. A government that is not about change or transparency. OBA are nothing but full of Lies, Lies and more to come. Folks you have been fooled to vote for the OBA. They have failed be honest.

  6. Well done says:

    Thank you Mr. Fahy…. This will create more jobs for Bermudians in the long run… More international businesses will consider coming here to work and they will employ Bermudians! As well as bring foreign expertise to rent apartments and spend their money here which will in turn keep businesses here above water… I commend you on this an I am sure there will be backlash, but it was the right thing to do.

    Finally, a forward thinking government.

  7. Justine says:

    *stands up to applaud*

    Well done Minister Fahy!

    And for those who would once again start the “foreigner here to steal my job” rhetoric – grow up, educate yourself and then compete in the job market, you’ll be positively discriminated and get a job, but if you choose not to bother doing that, then don’t expect me to hire you over someone qualified and experienced from overseas – and while you’re at it LEARN TO READ! The term limit policy does NOTHING to protect Bermudian jobs, the work permit policy does, and that is staying in place.

    • Mr. Happy says:

      Well said, Justine!
      But these idiots “read” the article, and see what they want to see.
      How unfortunate that they don’t understand something so beneficial to their future.

    • Webster says:

      I agree with you Justine , and thank you MR Fahy.

    • Staying focus says:

      Justice, you must be apart of the core supporters list of the OBA, you may benefit from this but not the average man or woman. These Employers often lie, in most cases. Many folks that are doing well, do not want Bermuda labour because they do not want to pay them the right wages. This is not a good move, it is bad move by OBA. OBA has lied again to the people of Bermuda. Do they care? NO it about pleasing only their WHite Core Supporters. OBA is not a government that is about CHANGE, they acting more like the UBP everyday. They are not transparent and very much seeking to please folks like you, the leader is weaker than weak and out of touch with reality.

      • Sandgrownan says:


      • The Cormorant says:

        “You know what you are, you know what you are, Staying Focus, you know what you are”.

    • Johnny says:

      It is amazing how many unqualified bermudian food servers we have.

  8. dinosaurmedia says:

    The finest example of double-speak yet rendered in the Queens english. As Folloews: – “We believe that the elimination of the policy will help spark economic growth and create employment opportunities for Bermudians,” said the Minister.

    WTF? So allowing expats to work here indefinately helps bermudians to find employment? Of I forgot and 2+2+5 in Mr. Fagy world…

    — now his plans have come to fruition – one thing I can say – he is determined to put “bermudians” in their place – Mr. Fahy will know what I mean…

  9. Thank you Minister Fahey for taking this bold, overdue and necessary decision!!

    Not all Bermudians will agree with this, however, those job creators who create jobs for Bermudians AND guest workers will surely be pleased with the abolishment of the preior government’s ill advised term limit policy which has been proven to do nothing to protect Bermudian jobs. If it were so, then why are thousands of Bermudians currently without employment?!

    In a year or so, when our economy is healthy and thriving again, then even the naysayers will have to agree that your decision, this decision, was the 1st step taken in the rebuilding of our economy. Well done Sir!!!

  10. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    Finally there are some lights at the end of the tunnel.

  11. Bermy Gooner says:

    If this work permit policy is going to result in Bermudians not having jobs, then how come with this policy in place we have recorded the highest unemployment in our history?

    Don’t blab on about some secret global recession either. The US (our largest trading partner) hasn’t been in a recession since 2008. And all of our fellow islanders down south have recorded economic growth over the same period as Bermuda has registered negative growth for 4 years and running.

    Think before you hate.

  12. Lovin BDA says:

    Seriously, if you keep yourself up-to-date – no one will ever take your place.

    Employment is a competition. This is your home court. You are on the higher ground. But you have to keep yourself armed to win. Crowds’ applause and cheers won’t do anything unless you play the game.

    Work permit does not guarantee employment for Bermudians, but it protects Bermudian’s right.

    If your are qualified, applied for a job, and turned down – you have different agencies to run to and seek help or even complain. and you will be heard.

  13. dinosaurmedia says:

    Yes zombie apocalypse – but it is a train…

  14. dinosaurmedia says:

    Next Generation – Our economy (or world economies) will never be truly healthy (free) until we get out from debt based currency issuance. There is no reason why our government borrows its money from a private institution.Well the people issuing the money can give you many reasons of course, but it is only their ends they hope to serve…

  15. Sunny says:

    LIES,LIES!!! Don’t believe the smiling faces lying to the races!! Bermuda is in the recession with the rest of the world and thats why there is a decrease in jobs, not because of Term Limits in Place. Now a foreigner can stay as long as their employer wants, and this will just aid in unfair hiring practices and leave Bermudians without jobs.

    OBA should focus on gaming because that’s the next influx of jobs creation and keep the term limits in Place.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      The world is not in a recession. Some European countries and the UK are for sure. But the US has registered economic growth for the last 4 years. Hardly a recession I would say.

  16. Well done says:

    @joonya @justine @next generation @zombie apocalypse

    THANK GOD we still have people with a brain in their head. Most are so quick to jump to conclusions and be so closed minded. Open up your eyes. Obviously the PLP were not doing something right because it is when they were in power that a large chunk of BERMUDIANS LOST their jobs.

    ‘Next Generation’ put it perfectly….”(term limit policy) has been proven to do nothing to protect Bermudian jobs. If it were so, then why are thousands of Bermudians currently without employment?!”

    • Justine says:

      @well done – and some of us can read a WHOLE article and not just respond to the headline too :)

  17. Hmmmmm says:

    Mr. Fahy said “Over the next few months, all work permit holders will be required to sign a declaration confirming their understanding that Bermuda law does not confer rights of permanent residence and that the holder has no expectation of such residence.” = A TERM LIMIT

    And what happens when the first one says after signing : “we’ve been here so long, we’ve contributed so much to the community, our kids were born here, its the only home they’ve ever known, we’ve put so much money into Bermuda…..”. You know the speech. With this backtrack the only thing that’s next is full citizenship on arrival and voting rights; which of course has been the plan all along.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Where’s your proof that has been the plan all along? Just more pathetic, pitiful and downright disgusting xenophobia and fear mongering from the PLP camp? You guys are sounding more and more republican by the day.

      What’s your take on the fact that Mr. Marc Bean supported this approach?

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Proof? OK:
        1. The OBA CAMPAIGNED on a promise to suspend term limits for 2 years.
        2. The OBA Cabinet was sworn in on 20th December 2012.
        3. 7 days ago the Minister said “here’s the report and we will consult widely on elimination vs suspension”.
        4. 7 days later, all consultation is done, everyone agrees, assumedly Cabinet has approved the change.
        5. announcement of elimination.

        That’s either the fastest consultation in the history of democracy or this is just phase one of the grand design. A government that can overreach like this in the space of 30 days obviously has a propensity for the extreme. To dispense with term limits in so cursory a fashion is an indication of something behind “door #2″ and that is citizenship which equals voting rights.

        Remember, among Fahy’s projects is “election reform” and this fits nicely into the plan. Mix that with the other campaign promise to introduce more “welcoming policies” and there you have it. I don’t know what it is about Bermuda, but ex patriates take ownership of it almost immediately. I never read about anyone on a work permit in any other country on the planet complaining to the local media about feeling unwelcome or about when they have to leave. Only in Bermuda does this happen and we have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

        That sense of belonging can only mature into citizenship and voting rights; its a natural progression (or so they will say) and when they demand it of the OBA in the name of being made to feel more welcome, they will happily respond in kind.

        Logic 101.

        • Who wrote the report? says:

          Or maybe they actually had thought through this plan and consulted witn external stakeholders while still in Oppositon as that is what smart Opposition would do.

          I know it is a change from the last several years when little thought was afforded to external stakeholders and policies were pushed through with little or no consultation.

          So maybe to you it seems like some sinister plan ( many need to believe that as the truth goes against all they have been taught about the “other side”) but to me it is a proactive Government getting thngs done that they said they would.

          But I do understand it is much easier to concoct evil conspiracy theories then accept the truth.

          Keep calm and carry on

      • flexinforbermy says:

        Funny you say that….the republicans made this island empire, with the Brits

        • here's a thought says:

          that’s the stupidest thing on here, so far.

  18. Bazinga! says:

    The same data that the government uses to determine work permits (i.e. who comes from where, what their working credentials are etc) could be put into a format that could be shared with Bermudians so they know where the talent of guest workers is being utilized. This would be beneficial in many ways; not only for Bermudians to know where they could focus studies for employment but also to determine trends in abuse by employers hiring non-Bermudian’s because there is lack of local talent.

    Focus more resources on enforcement and support for the community utilizing the information already available in more productive ways. Training provided for skilled labour should also include help with job placement because these statistics would show us that there X number of masons on the island as guest workers so when Bermuda College graduates X number from their masonry program they already know where they could find employment in an area that clearly lacks local talent based on the number of guest workers falling under that category.

    Attrition would naturally happen when more emphasis was placed on actually following up with, boots on the ground if you will, where employers hire guest workers.

  19. Bermudian Mom says:

    I can understand the relaxing of the term requirement but honestly to eliminate it completely. So now the guest worker who receives that wonderful housing allowance will continue to do so for an unlimited time – while the majority of Bermudians must make ends meet without that benefit. The children of the guest worker can now apply for status after 18 years. How, exactly, is this suppose to help Bermudians find a job? Chances are the guest worker’s now naturalized children will be competing for the same jobs as the children of Bermudian parents.
    Where is the incentive to train a Bermudian or find a qualified one?
    Thanks OBA – give the country away again!! The apple (OBA) did not fall far from the tree (UBP).
    For those who chose not to vote – congratulations!

    • Not Fooled says:


    • Out of flight says:

      You have it right. You have it right.
      You are right.
      Right back to the UBP policy
      But then again they never left.
      We really need to pray.
      and they said Mark Bean supported the elimination but the PLP are saying this is NOT true.
      what a mess
      it was a decision taken lightly.
      Watch how they stay here year after year.
      Bermuda is a gold mine for foreigners who know how to get things done and don’t share the marbles of success with us. They throw them at us.
      Get ready to build a bigger prison because Bermuda is facing a serious revolution because we are NOT included.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        What do you think of the fact that more permits were issued under the PLP administration than any other Government?

        What do you think that apparently Mr. Marc Bean supported this initiative?

        • here's a thought says:

          thank you…. and more people left under the plp also, leaving us in the sad state we are in now. out of flight does NOT get it. hopefully he or she is in the minority and most people see this as the positive it is.

      • here's a thought says:

        you are an idiot.

      • Who wrote the report? says:

        So you disagree, vehemently I might add, with policies designed to boost the local economy for all. But when the PLP was in power you cheered their policies which depressed the real estate market which has resulted in thousands of Bermudians having negative equity and in increasing cases losing their homes all together? I could add more examples, but for some reason I don’t believe you would get my point or at least simply refuse to acknowledge it.

      • LostinFlatts says:

        Bermuda is not a gold mine. There is no gold here. In fact there are virtually no natural resources here whatsoever. Worse, there’s hardly great human capital either – given the crippling the UBP and then 12 years of PLP have done to education. The only reason that so many companies came here in the first place was because the UBP made it a very, very nice place to do business.

        Favorable tax conditions, favorable location, favorable standard of living and favorable locals who were friendly, hard-working and welcoming.

        In just 2 decades, we’ve managed to create an entire generation that seem to believe Bermuda has some vast well of cash, and these evil foreigners just need to set foot on our hallowed shores to get rich. An entire generation that seem to think that wealth is their birthright.

        Well sorry to say it’s not. The reality of Bermuda is that if you’re willing to work hard, improve yourself and be honest than you have a very real chance of succeeding.

        If you believe that because you had the good fortune of being born on a small rock you are entitled to reap the rewards of generations of hard work, then you will get exactly what you deserve.

        • here's a thought says:

          i love you, lostinflatts. i wish i could cut and paste your remarks and post them daily. you are spot on. thank you.

    • Darwin's Child says:

      How do the children of guest workers get naturalised unless they have one Bermudian parent? Is it awarded on a time served basis?

    • See both sides of the coin says:

      Bermudian Mom, I agree with the removing term limits if every work permit holder signs the declaration which states that they are owed nothing for the length of time they are here and should not expect to have the right to abode in Bermuda indefinitely.

      You do raise a painful point and that is housing allowance. I definitely concur that guest workers who will be able to stay longer will enjoy housing benefits providing there is no qualified Bermudian to take the job. But guess what, when the qualified Bermudian is employed, there is usually NO HOUSING ALLOWANCE. That, I think is from where the discrepancy arises and the anti guest worker sentiment stems. I don’t know if anything can be done about this, do you?

      One would think that there would be a financial benefit to hiring a QUALIFIED BERMUDIAN WHO DISPLAYS THE CORRECT WORK ETHIC. Those 8 capitalized words are extremely important and ALL Bermudians should aspire to that. Some do already and I would not be speaking of them – (I am one of them) but there are some who do not and blemish the reputation of the Bermudian Worker.

      I would hope that if the OBA Government were to see that this change in policy was being abused, either they would enforce the existing penalties or re-implement the Term Limits.

      It is too soon to throw the baby out of the bath with the water. Give it some time, naysayers.

      • Mr. Happy says:

        Wrong, at least in the hotel business. Look at the BIU collective agreement. There is a wage for live-out and a wage for live-in. Live-in is a lower wage.

      • whatever says:

        The housing allowance is usually part of the total package, and I believe it came about as a sort of tax dodge for Americans (because they still pay tax above a certain amount, but not on housing allowances). For a Bermudian, there is not really a tax advantage to having a housing allowance. So this would (should, anyway) be reflected in the base salary. Much like the live in/live out comment below. On a total package basis, the amounts should be equal.

        • See both sides of the coin says:

          wrong @ whatever. US Citizens pay tax on all forms of compensation: housing, insurance, pension and any other benefit. I know this for a fact.

          operative word: Should. On a total package basis, the amounts should be equal…what a laugh, ask a Qualified Bermudian doing the same job as his counterpart and you will find that they are both getting approx same base pay but the foreign worker is getting housing allowance. Admittedly there are a few companies that extend the benefits to Bermudians, and I applaud those companies.

      • Onlooker says:

        Actually, you would be very surprised how few expats get a housing allowance. No-one at my company gets it and from what I’ve heard, only the highly qualified big earners get it, a form of compensation for upping sticks and coming over to Bermuda to work for their chosen company. An enticement if you insist, how else are they to entice people over to run or work for a company. Not many people would up sticks, leave a home and family behind unless they have a good compensation package. If only we had of had a housing allowance, but I believe it is a way of stopping those that have to pay tax (in the US for example) on that portion of their compensation.

  20. Expat_FL says:

    Happy to see that this has finally been done. Yes. this benefits me as a foreign worker, but it will also benefit your country in the long run. I have no desire whatsoever to make this my permanent residence. Most of the foreign labor force, come here for the international experience, and expect a stint of no more than 5 years. In certain cases where the continuity of one’s work is vital to the company’s success, one must consider keeping them on until goals and targets are met.

    Now on the other hand, just on a separate note…..

    I observe comments on local news blogs regularly. Bermuda can do a lot with maturing as far as a democracy. On both sides, you are all so quick to devalue and diminish one another. I am not fully up to speed with Bermuda’s political history, but from what I understand both parties have made promises that have not been kept.

    Here’s an idea Bermuda…. MOVE ON… It happens with governments all around the world. That’s why you live in a democracy where you are afforded an election which in essence is a report card for your current government. Don’t like what they’ve done? Vote them out.

    To the PLP supporters anyone looking from the outside in, that being anyone without ties to this country can clearly see that their were some pretty ridiculous overspends under the previous administration. The people deserve to know why. Its called holding your elected officials accountable.

    To the OBA supporters, you are no better than the people you oppose. You were committed in your efforts to ask the right questions and keep the PLP on their toes. Why can’t PLP supporters do the same. It’s their right as a citizen within this community.

    Bermudians – instead of you arguing back and forth between one another, why don’t you pay a visit to your elected officials and voice your concerns. That’s what they are there for. They work for you!

    BTW: I am a registered Republican back home.

    • Just cruising says:

      I knew you was a Republican from your first 2 sentences. Always wanting to take from the less fortunate

      • Expat_FL says:

        You my friend are misinformed. Republicans in now way “take from the less fortunate”. We believe that everyone is afforded the same opportunity which is the pursuit of of the American dream. I came from a working class family, raised by a single mother. I worked hard which is why I have what I have. I did not ask for government assistance, nor did I seek a hand-out. Bermudians are so blessed, you have the world handed to you on a silver platter and don’t know what to do with it. Don’t attribute my political affiliation with my personal success.

  21. SunShine says:

    Someone explain……..So he is saying foreign cashiers, foreign construction workers, foreign cleaners, foreign nurses all foreign workers can stay here forever ever if they want. What about the Bermudians who need jobs. I have a daughter overseas studying nursing. She is going to have to wait until a nurse decides to leave. If the foreign worker decides to stay here she will never get a job.

    • Justine says:

      no sunshine – READ the article! Work permit policy stays in place i.e. if I was an expat and my permit comes up for renewal every 3 yrs, my employer would still have to advertise the post and take on a qualified Bermudian if one applied. The only difference will be that if I am in a position which is HIGHLY specialist (think brain surgeon level) that no Bermudian applies for when advertised, my employer can keep me for more than 6 years.

    • AD says:

      NO, my God I am really shocked at the level of reading comprehension amongst some commenters here. The job the foreign nurse fills is still advertised every year, if a qualified Bermudian applies, they can get the job. This is the WORK PERMIT policy.

      The removal of the TERM LIMIT policy simply removes the idiotic process of having to replace one foreigner with another every six years. The TERM LIMIT policy led a lot of companies to simply decide to leave Bermuda, eliminating a lot of jobs held by Bermudians, which led to the spike in unemployment in Bermuda. Honestly how do people not get this?

    • Squidgy says:

      Sunshine, it is the Immigration Department that decides if an expat’s work permit will be renewed, not the expat worker, no matter how much he or she wants to remain in Bermuda! If a qualified (and I emphasize “qualified”) Bermudian applies for that expat’s advertised job, the Bermudian must be hired.

      I speak as a former expat in Bermuda. I worked there for nearly two decades, during which time my job was advertised annually. Only once did a qualified Bermudian apply for the job and she was given the position and I left Bermuda. Over that fifteen year period I had trained (or tried to train) several Bermudians in my specialized field. Most lost interest after a few months when they realized how difficult the job really was and how long it would take them to get up to speed, a few finished the training but then moved on to other companies, some failed miserably and a few were too damned lazy to put any real energy into their training.

      Quite frankly I was relieved when it came time for me to leave. Working as an expat on a short-term work permit in any country is very difficult. You can’t truly put down roots and you go through the mental wringer every time your work permit application is being processed. The attitude of many locals everywhere toward expat workers is deplorable and can make the working experience very unpleasant at times. Having said that, I was very fortunate in Bermuda to have had mostly Bermudian friends who treated me like family and most of my Bermudian co-workers were accepting and very helpful in every way, making my experience there one of the highlights of my life.

      If Bermudians want the jobs that are going to expats, then get the best education you can, work your buns off at an entry-level job if necessary and request training if you want to move forward. Nothing comes easy to most people…it requires hard work, dedication and a can-do attitude.

      • Mr. Happy says:

        ^ THIS!!!! ^

      • Waiting says:

        Squidgy – as a Bermudian, I agree with all of your comments. We own a business and 95% of our employees are Bermudian. We do this, with much hard work, dedication, but mostly FRUSTRATION!!! because our 5% of permit workers show up on time, work hard, don’t complain, have great customer service etc etc. Our Bermudian workers, very sadly, each do half a job, so we need to employ twice as many people to get the job done. Bermudians – STOP GRIPING AND GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND WORK!!
        then maybe your comments will be heard!

    • Waiting says:

      do you honestly believe your own comments? Cummon – you know that a qualified Bermudian will always have preference over an equally qualified non-Bermudian!
      Good for you daughter for trying to better herself – I hope that you give her encouragement, and not a negative outlook on her home country.

  22. campervan says:

    Bermuda is bleeding intellectual and financial capital. ANYTHING that you can do to reverse this trend is a move in the right direction. If the economy shrinks any further there will be no jobs left for anyone.
    Welcome in these 365 day a year tourist workers and gain from their earning power.

  23. ... says:

    As a Bermudian I think this is FANTASTIC!

  24. dit says:

    People please know that no country can survive on its own, guest workers can be a plus for your beautiful country.I am a police officer in my country and have visited Bermuda on many occasions and i would love to serve in you force to help fight gang violence

  25. Argosy says:


  26. Who wrote the report? says:

    Good on the OBA. As long as they keep the moratorium on permits for the hospitality jobs and other industries such as landscaping, construction and all other trades this move could be a huge step into restoring faith and strength back into the local economy.

    Folks, the work permits and immigration department remain in place, so please stop with the unwarranted hysteria.

  27. Onlooker says:

    Come along to my office. People arriving in at 9.10 – 9.30 (signing themselves in before 9) going to the kitchen, hanging around each others desks chatting all day, outside shopping, on the phone more times than not (personal of course) moaning about the amount of expats in the office………. Ask them to do one thing in the office that comes with their job and the teeth sucking is amazing…… This is not across the board mainly in the lower paid admin jobs, and they bitch and moan about not having a better paid job and running the company because of all the expats……….. Try and encourage them to do courses, work harder, overtime, stay off the phone, work at your desk, don’t surf the internet……… then come 4.45 they’re first out of the door………..

  28. Brooke Smith says:

    Honestly! Those Bermudians who are complaining TRULY don’t have a clue! I’m SO tired of hearing “Bermudians can’t get jobs because the foreigners have them”! I wish these SAME complainers and whiners would start their OWN business and try hiring these poor Bermudians whose jobs are held by foreigners! Yes, we Bermudian employers WANT to hire Bermudians! We pray, that after interviewing a Bermudian, offering them a job and training them, that they will appreciate it! But what we get after a few days or weeks, is that same person not showing up to work, calling in sick left, right and centre, abusing company policies, sitting on their butts when they’re being paid to WORK, disrespecting their fellow colleagues, disrespecting the clients/customers, etc., etc. If you as a BERMUDIAN are experienced or qualified for a position and you feel a foreigner is being put up before you then FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS! Don’t sit back and complain and whine! If you know of a foreigner that is working illegally, then REPORT him/her to the authorities! Don’t sit there and say “I know of a company who hires illegal workers” and then do nothing about it! This island will ALWAYS need foreign workers, and thank God that we have them because if not, we’d certainly be living in a 3rd world country – one in which we’ve come pretty darn close to living in!!!

    • here's a thought says:

      thank you brooke – i hope that ‘out of flight’ reads your input.

      • Mr. Happy says:

        Yes, me too…but the PLP green filter is pretty strong.

    • Staying focus says:

      @Brook that is in your job, but that is not in every work place. So stop Generaling one situation to fit another. YOur like the OBA, only care about folks that do not belong here. This does not help Bermdua in the long run. We are only 22 sq miles. We are already overcrowed with people, and little land. Where will your grandchild live in the future. Wake up and stop your silly comments.

      I will repeat this……..LIES,LIES!!! Don’t believe the smiling faces lying to the races!! Bermuda is in the recession with the rest of the world and thats why there is a decrease in jobs, not because of Term Limits in Place. Now a foreigner can stay as long as their employer wants, and this will just aid in unfair hiring practices and leave Bermudians without jobs.

  29. Raul Carreiro says:

    This Is not what I voted for!! I made a big mistake giving my vote to the OBA!! I also do not remember voting for Micheal Fahy!! Mark my words,this has just sparked a big war!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Happy says:

      ‘Tis better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

      That’s for you, Raul.

      Now go back and read the article. That’s the part JUST AFTER the headline.

      • Raul Carreiro says:

        Take your own advice Mr Happy!! Now go back to sleep and dreaming about fairy s and princesses!

    • media says:

      Sort of like not voting for David Burch isn’t it? The Premier can select two Ministers who are not elected MP’s, remember Kim Wilson and Walter Roban? Considering getting rid of Term Limits was one of the OBA’s main election promises you come across as quite disingenuous. I voted for the OBA and I fully expected this to happen because they actually said it was a priority for them. It will hopefully stimulate the economy and help CREATE new jobs for BERMUDIANS.

  30. Onlooker says:

    Raul Carreiro – have we touched a nerve?? Have you read any of the constructive comments above?

    • Raul Carreiro says:

      Its funny how you pen name blog jockeys throw stones while in the safety of your bunkers! You surely lack testicular fortitude! Unless you are a woman, in which case I can understand why you have know testicles!

  31. Jim Jones says:

    I wonder how many people are going to get divorced now.

  32. Jango. says:

    @Frank. It is a pity that you did not take some English classes under the PLP Gov’t.

  33. Dee says:

    Onlooker I’m with you! I ‘m from UK married to a Bermudian been here 25 years. When I arrived my first job was in a law office as secretary to one of the lawyers and I was shocked at the attitude of some of the Bermudian office staff. I was at my desk by 8.45am and they would stroll in at 9.10am spend 15 minutes in the bathroom doing their hair and makeup then another 10 mins in the kitchen getting their cereal and coffee which they would eat at their desk then around 9.45am they would finally start work.

  34. Stop Complaining For 1 Sec says:

    I predicted this prior to the OBA taking office. I hope my fellow Bermudians are ready for the influx of Asians workers to these 21 square miles.
    It wont be just Buzz and Arnolds to name a few of the business’s that come to mind, but soon our shores will be flooded with low income Asian workers, doing everything from landscaping, packing shelves and just about every other Blue Collar Job.
    1960 – The Portuguese
    1980 – Canadians
    2000 – Indians
    2013 – ?????

    Stay tuned…..

    • Bermudian says:

      And what are employers supposed to do when locals don’t want to do blue collar jobs? Are we supposed to sit on our a$$ and suck our fingers? If locals don’t want to work, then we have every right to look elsewhere.

    • Common Sense says:

      What on earth does this have to do with abolishing term limits? This is a Work Permit issue plain and simple. If we want international business to survive and flourish in Bermuda we have got to encourage the best and the brightest talent to come here to do the type of jobs that we Bermudians simply cannot fill in the numbers required to avoid bring in highly qualified people from overseas.

      All we have to do to avoid bringing in anyone of any nationality to do gardening, pack shelves, landscaping, mechanical, lawyers, teachers, nurses, hospital workers etc etc. is to fill these jobs with qualified Bermudians. How many times has Dale Butler told us he simply cannot find enough local staff to man our restaurants. We have lots of great and talented Bermudians in all aspects of local and international business, but we simply don’t have enough of them.

      Have been in a position to let overseas workers go and hire my fellow Bermudians in their place only to discover that within 2 weeks they started turning up late if at all, and in some cases never turned up again despite the fact that the job paid well, including overtime, and had a good pension scheme. And in the same company we had great Bermudian staff who performed well and were ashamed of their non-productive fellow non-workers.

      • Bermuda Cat says:

        @ Common Sense,

        You forgot to mention another key part of why Bermudians are not working in the hospitality industry. That reason is the wages. I have worked in the hospitality industry all my life, and I can tell you this is the main reason. On a normal week, a Bermudian chef earns about $550 after deductions. I know of a chef (expat) who worked with me for 8 years, and after 8 years his salary was just over $14 an hour. This man worked his A$$ off, done what he needed to do, and still was given pennies. So I say to you, if the expat can be in a job for 8 years, and still be making that salary, then how do we expect a Bermudian to survive off a wage like that. With no assisted living, and a family.

    • The Cormorant says:

      Good honest workers, the Asians. I also like my Chicken Chow Mein served by someone from the Orient. That’s just a personal thing.

    • See both sides of the coin says:

      what decade was the Filipino’s?

  35. Andrew says:

    Did you ever stop to think that the reason you see so many “low income[sic] asian[sic] workers” is because international business and the resulting boost to the economy has created an environment where the vast majority of Bermudians do not have to accept service jobs – they are free to pursue more advanced positions with higher pay?

    • Hbee says:

      Andrew I wish this was so….it’s IB that has resulted in an increase in the cost of living and the impact has a spiral effect. The effect: (1) cost of living increase due to higher rents (2) business owners faced with the impact of increased costs higher the cheapest labor they can find
      Meanwhile, the average BERMUDIAN is living on sh!t street cause the only jobs available wont even cover the cost of rent

  36. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Oh I bet there is some Teeth Kissing and people asking..
    waz dat mean? which smply shows how ignorant they are!

  37. Hbee says:

    Mark Bean please call a town hall to get the public’s input!!!

  38. Hbee says:

    A bie…I’m ready to march in protest

  39. Vulpes says:

    Well done Minister. It is time to stop mollycodling the ignorant while the place falls apart around us. We need a lot of expats quickly just to kick start the economy let alone bring it back to prosperity.

    • Staying focus says:

      Lies, Mr Fahy is only protecting his own interest and members of the OBA that have staff here from overseas. It is all about the personal interest of the OBA MPs and the OBA’s white core base supporters, the heck with the rest of Bermuda. The OBA has really fooled some folks, bet they wish they would have never put that X next to the OBA name. I told many they would live to regret it, and it is going to get worst. They have failed to be honest, and now are rearing their ugly heads like the UBP.

      I am not surprise after all Mr Fahy is an arrogrant Minister, so what you expect from him. The OBA have broken their election promise, and I expect many more to be broke. Folks get ready for the ride, and ready to take action.

      The OBA have failed Bermuda, and the sad thing they will continue on doing this. Folks you made a bad choice, and I hope the next time around things will change. The OBA are not honest nor transparent. Mr Fahy has lied like Mr Brangman. Lies Lies and more lies from the OBA. One thing you all have learnt, never believe any election promises from the OBA again. Fool once, but do not let them fool you twice.

    • Staying focus says:

      @Vulpes, it is evident that you hire low cheap cost labour from overseas to keep your business going, that why you agree with Fahy. Your overlooking some key factors in relation to this issue. But that is normal, after all you one of those core supporters whom the OBA are attempting to please. Really, get it right and get off your selfish OBA ride. This benefits no one except OBA businesses and private deals. It is all about them making the buttom dollar. No care for the average man.

      • tired of the petty people says:

        Many who write on here may not be a Bermudian, or run a small business the way you write – read the article again. As both a Bermudian and a small business owner in a specific sector, it is crippling to have term limit restrictions. Crippling for the economy as a whole – small and large business go out of business, then guess what … NO JOBS FOR ANYONE … Bermudians or not.

        The company that I own has very few qualified Bermudians for the professions that I employ, so what am I meant to do??

        Many people on this blog generalise that the only people who benefit from the term limit elimination are bar worker, housekeepers and landscapers … they are the tip of the iceberg – but they are the people Bermudians see around most.

        Don’t forget, Immigration have the last say in who gets a permit granted, and believe you me, they make you jump the hoops and pay big $$ for the so called privilege of employing the best qualified and experienced people.

  40. god1st says:

    @ Dee good back to the U.K. es whole

    • Dee says:


      Typical answer when the content of the post hits a little too close to home! No I’m not going back to the UK, I’m going to be here for the duration despite having to put up with such idiotic comments as yours.

      I’m sick to death of all those bleating that taking away term limits will take away jobs from Bermudians. That is not true. The Work Permit policy is in place to protect jobs for Bermudians. It is much easier for an employer to employ a Bermudian than go through the hoopla of obtaining a Work Permit. If you think that removing term limits is preventing you from getting a job or that the Work Permit policy is somehow not working in your favour I have this to ask:

      1. Do you have the qualifications for an executive post in IB? If not why not? That’s why these jobs are going to employees from overseas.
      2. At the other end of the scale are you willing to work in a restaurant or hotel kitchen washing pots or as busboy. No? Why not, these jobs are yours for the taking. That’s why these jobs are going to employees from overseas.
      3. Are you willing to wait table and be knowledgeable about the menu and do your job without feeling that you are somehow being subservient? No? That’s why these jobs are going to employees from overseas.
      4. Are you willing to work in landscaping, be knowledgeable about the plants and able to differentiate between a weed an a plant, be willing to work outside in the heat and humidity of Bermuda’s summer, make time and work overtime? No? That’s why these jobs are going to employees from overseas.
      5. Are you willing to work in a job which includes unsocial hours and may wish you to work during holiday periods ie Cup Match, 24th May, Labour Day? No? That’s why these jobs are going to employees from overseas.
      6. Are you willing to work in an office, make time, meet deadlines, be computer literate, know how to answer a telephone correctly? No? that’s why these jobs are going to employees from overseas.

      See the picture now?

      • Onlooker says:

        Dee – I think you’re flogging a dead horse there. Some commentators on this site present themselves for who they really are. They should be looking at:

        1. Work ethic
        2. Ability to string a sentence together.
        3. work ethic
        4. Ability to interact with others and put present themselves in a mature and capable manner.
        5. Oh, did I say work ethic – arriving on time, working for the hours they’re paid to work………

        I could go one…………

  41. god1st says:

    ubp\plp/oba= Pile Of tricks

  42. Bermudican says:

    There will not be a huge rush to hire new employees any time soon.
    In all the major job markets Bermuda is not even on the map.
    The fastest growth sector of employment are Asian in Asian economies and of the three main sectors the low end jobs have the greatest “Ease” of employment. Everywhere in the world Employment opportunities for the high end jobs including Asia are the slowest growth and the greatest amount of unemployment..
    Therefore i bought a biology dissection kit and am going to strike out on my own doing gall bladder, liver , spleen pancreas and brain extractions…. i am going to go with some brain extractions first so i can get moneyed up for the time i retire….

  43. Jus' Askin' says:

    “We believe that the elimination of the policy will help spark economic growth and create employment opportunities for Bermudians,” said the Minister. Key word is ‘believe’ ;-)
    OBA will create a Bermuda I will enjoy.

  44. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Somebody just got PAID !!

    • Victor says:

      Mountbatten! This is hardly up to your usually intelligent (albeit mostly wrong) postings. We both know Minister Fahy is not a PLP style ‘Pay to Play’ man. Indeed, if anything, he is too straight.

      Anyway, the choice is clear: Pride of which we have enough of already and which the last time I checked does not feed anybody other than corrupt politicians (and not even them for that long) or Common Sense which says we need jobs which earn the country money, i.e. not more Government jobs but jobs which contribute to profits.

  45. Who wrote the report? says:

    People who are so pissed off at this move might as well just simply say, “don’t take away our TERM limits because we like unemployment, declining private sector and middle class, dwindling government revenues and an overall fall in Bermuda economic activity.”

    Say it loud and say it proud.

  46. OZ says:

    They OBA continually sited Cayman as an example to follow and Cayman decided to suspend rather then eliminate their policy so this decision comes as a surprise. Where was the public consultation? Only the choosen few seem to have had a say in this decision. So far the track record for public consultation is not good. While this policy might not have been created to protect jobs while not perfect it was created to address a legitimate problem which now seems to have been ignored. What was the rush? Where was the consultation and support from the unions?

  47. Time Passages says:

    The ignorant people who disagree with this obviously don’t understand that the ONLY way Bermuda makes money is by foreigners coming here and spending money.

    Some people stay a couple of days on a boat, some stay a week or so in a hotel, some stay a few years and work.

    But they ALL spend money on goods and services.

    The elimination of term limits will create the effect that we are ‘open for business’.

    It is a very good thing and something the PLP couldn’t quite grasp – they were far too busy taking from us and moaning about race. Thank goodness PLP is gone – bunch of fools.

    • Amazed says:

      The ignorant people happen to know that the main reason business are not coming has nothing to do with term limits. It is the cost of doing business in Bermuda. The bottom line is what is driving all of the outsourcing decisions and it will continue to do so. Please tell me how this decision will stop a company from relocating to a cheaper jurisdiction like Cayman or stop companies from outsourcing jobs t India. You imply that this decision will encourage more people to come here, to do what exactly?

  48. umjussayin says:

    Well well well! 40 days and 40 nights later, what do we have.

    We went from a 2 year suspension of term limits to permanent abolishment of term limits.

    So I guess the real plan is being revealed. No discussion, no talks with the sstakeholders, no caring what the average Bermuda thinks, no detailed plan on a more robust work permit policy.

    My OBA government are really showing their true colors. Let us not forget that we the people if Bermuda have a voice and power! We need to stand united and hold these politicians accountable for what they say and do!

  49. Serious though says:

    People need to deeply understand what contribute to this economy, the country does not have any natural resources. It’s the world economies that have and still power this country . XL Capital, AIG, ACE, HSBC, and others, Together these companies partnered with Bermuda businesses and developed a gem in the middle of atlantic. The $$$ investment these companies brings also comes with foreigners the watchful eye of investment .So let’s be thankful that we have a beautiful country and companies that still want to invest in this country it’s not Bermuda’s money but they pay us to be here, and appreciate them everyday.. Because they pay our bills..$$$$$$$$, free education, no taxes for you, good roads, better health care, look around the other islands they are beautiful tool…. Think hard .

    So today appreciate your economy dynamics between $$$ investments and foreigners, the companies, it will help you understand why these foreigners are liabilities and assets to the overall economy ..

  50. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Easy solution to this the Immigration department should have all conditions of employment of any advertised job sent to them in writing for blue collar work compensation should be included and then checked by the Immigration department to see if it passes the Bermuda industry norms if found to be below that normal compensation (including work hours) then the employer should be informed what the industry norm is and that they are below the standard and that no work permit would be approved thus forcing the employer to compensate correctly which in turn makes the foreign more costly to hire. Note this is for Blue collar work having been in that field for years there is no way you can tell me a Bermudian carpenter with papers is less qualified than a foreign carpenter with papers, I just don’t buy that it has to be a cost of compensation that the employer hires the foreigner. Give me some more time and I’ll think about the white collar worker and get back to Bernews. White collar work is tricky due to companies tailoring qualification to individuals they pre-select to hire copying their resume and using it as the template for the job requirements. Maybe someone in HR can help with defeating this practice.


  51. Overjoyed!!! says:

    Congratulations Bermuda. As a former guest worker in your beautiful country I am overjoyed to see that, finally, you seem to have gotten the right idea. We moved to Bermuda the year the PLP won their first election (1998). Your country was a paradise to be in and we loved the Bermudian people who were friendly, welcoming and open. We were broken-hearted to see the breakdown of professionalism and civility that almost immediately began to be felt. The overt racism and hostility finally became too much and we left in 2007. We now have a successful business in Grand Cayman but would love to expand and open a branch in Bermuda. For now we’ll wait and see “what go on” because, judging by some of the comments above, some people would prefer no new business in the country and no foreign owners to start it. As a business owner I can tell you truly that we do everything in our power to hire Caymanians over guest workers because it saves money better spent to grow our business. Simple Business Economics 101. Good luck OBA. When we see that we’re wanted we’ll be back.

    • ItsTime says:

      @Overjoyed!!!!! The comments above do not represent all Bermudian views. Please come and bring your business; you are welcome here:)

  52. offtherockx4 says:

    The only person(s) keeping you from getting a job is yourself. If you are as illiterate in real life as your comments on here, that is probably the number one reason you are not getting hired. If your attitude is just as bad, again this is probably another reason you cant get/hold a job. Also, your lack of personal responsibility is yet another reason – you blame everyone else for your problems. Upgrade your skills if they are not up to par to get that job you want. Work hard and do more to get that promotion you think you deserve. You will not be handed a job on a silver platter. If this does not apply to you, and you genuinely can’t get a job, create one for yourself. I have been out of traditional employment for 4 months – I went to job fair after job fair, sent resume after resume out and nothing. So I created my own employment. Its not my dream job, I was an executive, a professional – now I am a housekeeper. I do what I have to. If you are sitting on here complaining and ranting, you are wasting your time – you could be brushing up on your interview skills, revamping your resume, improving your reading and writing skills, people skills etc…

  53. god1st says:

    @ Dee go back to the U.K. . When the ubp looses the upcoming election you and others will dry cry.

  54. god1st says:

    @ Dee no i am not willing to work for anyone i am self employed.JOBS Jails operating in business.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      If term limits were so successful in protecting BDian jobs then why exactly do we have the highest unemployment in the history of the island?

      If term limits werw about protecting BDian jobs then why is the policy entitled to prevent long-term residency?

      Maybe you should ask God first for those answers. And when he/she tells you the truth you can tell him/her to go back to heaven.

  55. Rhonda says:

    Pots Washer Needed for busy restaurant,
    Applicant must have 5.75 years experience, able to work any part of the 24 hour day, and must speak Portuguese.

  56. Knowthyorigin says:

    Bermuda for most “Bermudians” has always been regarded as a hospitality and toursim culture. This has been ingrained in our society for many decades and represents our national identity to the fullest. Now lets take a look at IB….This is something that has been around for awhile…perhaps so! So I ask you intelligent responders to explain why does IB fail to serve local bermudians and provide jobs as Tourism once did (to the same effect) for all segments of our Bermudian society. I’m sure many of you have your own theories and opinions to add. However the reality is (I believe) this system was designed to serve a particular segment of our population. The same segment that has always accounted for the majority of our social wealth and power. To deny this is to deny the current socio-economic affairs of bermuda as it relates to the huge disparities which currently exist.

    • Who wrote the report? says:

      Yeah, you’re right.

      Definitely no successful black Bermudians in IB. None at all.

      You just uncovered another secret racist conspiracy in Bermuda! It’s f-ing global!


    • Victor says:

      Yep Knowthyorigin, IB is just one great big conspiracy that spends it days and money keeping guys like you put down…Seriously bro, take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what is really holding you back.

      • Knowthyorigin says:

        You assume I need self-reflection because of my viewpoint on the current state of affairs as it pertains to certain disparities that ‘clearly’ exist in the local job market (namely IB) If so, you’re sadly mistaken…The only people supporting the elimination of this term policy are those who directly benefit from IB, the vast majority of which belong to a particular segment of the Bermudian populace. And need I mention the elimination of this term policy will further thwart the local hiring process across the board…not just IB. Unemployment is real. How does this help?

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          How did term limits help when unemployment grew after their implementation?

  57. samuel says:

    we finally will be making some money..coz the plp hasnt made a SINGLE PENNY for Bermuda coffers since they assumed office 14ys..
    They took our 40 million and give us a bill of 1.4billion..what vile and hated ppl..They have inflicted all our suffering..for our young ppl.aged,destitute,sick and homeless..they should just go away..sho fly dont bother us..

  58. god1st says:

    @ samuel the UBP is about their own pockets thats it

    • Squidgy says:

      god1st, what on earth are you on about? The UBP no longer exists!

  59. god1st says:

    Michael Branco is on the immigration board. The UBP is stroking bermuda without protection.

  60. Delaey Robinson says:

    Term Limits were not exactly manna from Heaven, not exactly God’s gift to human kind in Bermuda. They were at least a genuine attempt to address that vexed and continuing problem of how to ensure that opportunities in the workplace are not denied to qualified Bermudians. It cannot be denied that wealth and opportunity in Bermuda’s marketplace divide down lines drawn between rich-poor and black-white, this has been so historically and to our collective shame continues to this day. It follows naturally that any government which cares to avoid frustrating the aspirations of qualified Bermudians seeking positions and upward mobility, would want to redress this imbalance which has given rise to the most tragic social unrest and still feeds social dysfunction today.

    What will the current government do to replace term limits in an effort to secure positions in the top ranks of industry for suitably qualified Bermudians?

    There is yet another reason for limiting the stay of work permit holders and this formed part of government’s thinking when term limits were framed: there is the question of granting Bermuda status to long term residents. With the obvious limitations of Bermuda’s geography, net in-migration, especially when it exceeds the natural increase of births over deaths, becomes concerning. It raises social and cultural questions.

  61. god1st says:

    @ sqidgy since you want to have a brief convo as to what i am on about, i am on to the lies the UBP are telling . Talk to me straight gunzo.

    • Squidgy says:

      Since the UBP no longer exists, they cannot be telling any lies. End of discussion.

  62. god1st says:

    @ squidgy