Photos/Video: Protest At The House Of Assembly

March 1, 2013

[Updated with video] Crowds of people descended on the House of Assembly this afternoon [Mar 1] to participate in a demonstration organized by a group calling themselves “Concerned Bermudians.”

The group was calling for Term Limits to be reinstated, a three month extension of of the Work Permit Policy Review, a public apology from the Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy for his “deception and condescending attitude,” and that OBA officials “cease and desist calling Bermudians xenophobic.”

protest 20-13 (2)

People started arriving before 12 noon, and by time the event was underway there was a full crowd on the grounds of the House of Assembly. The police were present, and those assembled ranged from seniors, down to a group of children who apparently came to watch the protest, not take part in it per se. Many of the protesters were carrying various signs saying things such as “OBA Lies”, “Fahy Must Go”, “Reinstate Term Limits,” and more.


Premier Craig Cannonier then came out and addressed the crowd, and did not most receive what one would call a warm reception. The Premier sought to assure the crowd that the Government was working in the best interest of everybody.

During his speech a police officer intervened to ask one of the demonstrators to stay calm [pictured above]. That protester in particular told the Premier he “needs to send the guest workers home so Bermudians can get a job.”


Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy also attempted to address those gathered, however the repeated cheers from those gathered calling for him to apologize made his speech somewhat difficult to hear. Various PLP MPs also came out during the demonstration, and received cheers from the crowd.

After the Premier and Minister spoke, the organizers thanked everyone for coming out to exercise their democratic right. At this point most the crowd started to disperse, while some stayed around for a few minutes and chatted with others. You can view our live blog of the event here, and all our coverage of today’s demonstration here.

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  1. WTA says:

    The guy in the Green Shirt looks angry. Probably the youngest one there other than the school children.

    • Poetic Justice says:

      Looks like the usual suspects to me…. Yeah this is a union march!!!!

      How ironic the same people who allowed the PLP to ruin our country over fourteen years are the same ones marching and expecting the OBA to fix in eight short weeks???

      Where was this concern when the country was sliding into this hell hole!!??

      The irony of it all is they are suffering due to the reckless and pitiful management of the party they put in power.

      What a wealth of stupidity!!!

      • Nemo says:

        Well said!!! probably the best statements I have read this year!

    • M S says:

      and if i smell him right.. that is, that there appears to be a more appropriate vowel than “u” in the word guy to refer to him, he should thank the government in another event in taking initiatives in giving him equal rights as a … y’know/….

    • freak says:

      He is the definition of xenophobia…

      • Black Soil says:

        The guy in the green shirt has a job. He just hates OBA. Tough titty.

    • Student says:

      I command the guy in the green shirt seriously it takes balls to go out there and voice your personal opinion and yes my hat is off to himm i salute you!! We need more people like him in Bermudaa!!

      • Sir George Somers says:

        You command him or commend him?

        • Mike bemy says:

          Thats why some Bermudians can’t get a job because they don’t know how to spell.

      • jimbo says:

        You must be a dumb student. You do not seem to know the difference between command and commend.

      • Katlyn says:

        Every one is entitled to voice their concerns,but finger pointing and yelling in ones face,when the person who holds such a position is “DISRESPECT” plain and simple.Would you finger pointing and yell in your teachers face to get point across?

    • lol says:

      DAm where all my white people????????????

  2. Always Watching says:

    Idiots !!!, give the guy a chance you PLP supporters..You had your turn and trust me , you will never get another.

    • ya right says:

      Yeah right. The PLP will win another election. Who are you to say they won’t.

    • NEWDAY says:

      its people like u that need to be educated

    • It is what it is says:

      Lmaoo you cant be serious !! PLP WILL BE BACK IN! SEE YOU IN 4 YEARSS!!

      • SJW says:

        You can’t be serious!!!!! How can you possibly look forward to their return when they have done so much damage? Our children & grandchildren & great-grandchildren & great-great-grandchildren will be paying off this massive debt they have incurred over the past 14 years! I don’t know about you, but I work very hard for my paycheck and I resent having to pay off their debt because of their failed attempt to run this country! Ran it into the ground is more like it! No – I would not welcome the PLP back!

        • Bermudian Student says:

          But you welcome the UBP dressed up as the OBA?!?! It was the OBA…I mean UBP (crap I keep forgetting they are the OBA now), who had control over this country for over 30 yrs and did a lot of damage. People forget about a lot of the things they started and PLP had to take it on because it would have cost too much to backtrack. The school system for one. I think this is the root to most of our problems today concerning education and the youth. My point in saying this is that these problems arent new.

          Yes, I am a PLP supporter and I am glad that Bermudians are standing up for something. We need to stand up more often no matter what party we support. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Call out the government, whether OBA or PLP, when you sense BS. I always said, even when PLP was in government, that we let our government get away with too much and we dont stand up for anything unless it directly affects us.

          Force this government and the future governments to do right by us and put Bermudians first. Nowhere else in the world does any government put foreigners first. If you dont know that, you better ask somebody! Better yet, google it.

          On a sidenote: I agree with Mrs. Outerbridge. Lets be more respectful when addressing these issues.

          • Katlyn says:

            You should have rallied more PLP support to cast their vote to the PLP,they lost because they never got the vote get over it,and now lets work together to put this country back on track instead of wasting time slamming the OBA,i really dont give a hoot who runs the country as long as my tax paying money is used wisely,and remember nothing it FREE and thats what we are paying for now.

    • Sir George Somers says:

      Stupid comment, PLP voters said the same about the UBP and all it took was four elections and a name change later!

      When the economy is sorted and the books are finally balanced under the oba, the pain in getting there will have caused a landslide election in favour of the PLP.

      And then the whole thing will happen again where the PLP will squander all the money and un-balance the books again, all in the name of socialism!

      Socialism is great in theory, but in reality, you quickly run out of other people’s money!

  3. frogster says:

    The majority of guest workers are probably keeping quiet as we know our place. Just remember we have no say in Bda politics. We simply do as we are told. So why victimise us?!..

  4. Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

    Burch called people house “n*****s, no one marched.

    Fahy called people “xenophobic”, people march.

    Go figure!

    • Argosy says:

      It’s called conveniently selctive memory!

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Fahy didn’t call anyone xenophobic..

    • shine on says:

      Branco called some people xenophobic. Not Fahy.

    • hmmmm 2 says:

      hmmm… I seem to recall several marches against the PLP!

      • BDAboy says:

        “I seem to recall several marches against the PLP!”

        Yes, asking for basic human rights….but the PLP refused.

        The rest of the civilized world just shook their heads in disgust.

    • jimbo says:

      The xenophobes can’t get over the fact that they lost the election. They would rather bring down the country than accept that they lost. Typical PLP/BIU mindset.

  5. bubblegum says:

    Hehehehe … check D______ in green shirt … don’t make me holla …. some only went to see what was going on and how they where all going to act more PLP there then anything…*sighs*

  6. Um Um Like says:

    Aside from the incredible hulk and some kids who managed to escape from school, there doesn’t appear to be much support from the younger generations.

    • I'm just saying !!! says:

      No silly, the younger ones are in school. And, if they were present, you would still have something negative to say.

      • Um Um Like says:

        And what about the younger crowd that has finished school?? Most of those who attended either have grey hair or none at all.

        The protesters are probably just vexed because now they’ll have to pay to license their oversized cars.


        • Bermudian Student says:

          The younger ones who have finished school are working…or looking for a job. Try asking your boss to leave work to go and join a demonstration…they are trying to keep a job not lose it.

          • Um Um Like says:

            If somebody is looking for a job then they have time to go to a demonstration. If they are already employed it shouldn’t be that difficult for them to leave their job during their lunch break!

    • Der says:

      Someones gonna rob you for that comment …watch when the boys come pay u a visit… just remember your not the only one watching

    • Student says:

      the younger generation support plp all the wayy!!
      @I’m just saying !!!; i agree with your comment ,like duh every one know school is from 8:30-3:30 dont be such a__ @Um Um Like.

      @Um Um Like:how dare you call some one incredible hulk ,Please stfu like dont be judging people you do not know what is going on in their lives ! the wrongest thing to do is just some one you do not know what is going on with that indivisual behind closed dooors.
      There’s a story behind every person. A reason why they are the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.


  7. sonoso says:

    looks like another PLP rally minus the food and stage!

    • Sir George Somers says:

      The crowd would have been 10 x bigger if there was free fried chicken, mac and cheese and peas and rice on offer!.!

  8. standing strong says:


    I support your Party but come on, this is a bit pathetic.

    OBA have won, get over it, particularly considering the abuse and vitriol that so many suffered under the likes of some of our PLP Ministers who even excluded their very own from the PLP

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      I think that people have accepted that PLP lost the election weeks ago. I think this matter is that folks believe the OBA have lied to them in regards to Term Limits, and many feel that the OBA does not have the interest of Bermudians at heart, but rather non-Bermudians. This is reflected based upon the decisions and policies the OBA has put into place over the last 59 days in power. I think one needs to look deeper at the concerns of these folks, as it seem to go beyond party, but is more seems to about holding the government accountable. Folks are doing what the OBA has requested of them.

      It is evident that the Premier did not address their concerns, and this might be due to his lack of experience in politics, and his press sect also did not have a clue either.

      • Sir George Somers says:

        I think the PLP and the PLP supporters have to realise that the OBA do have Bermudians best interests at heart, but they are playing and working the long game strategy. This will benefit bermuda not now or tomorrow but really in 5 to 10 years time. Unfortunately the PLP want things done overnight that in their view will benefit them, like sudden rash decisions, e.g. Free bus passes, etc, without thinking what might happen down the road (law of unforeseen consequences) or the long term financial situation!

        • Reality Check says:

          You know that saying, “empty vessels make the most noise”? I feel like the people who are doing the most talking, ranting and raving have no clue about history, economics or politics.

          I voted OBA simply because of my understanding of politics in general. When the left wing party spends up all the money we vote in the right wing party to regulate the economy. Once they’ve cleaned up the mess and the working class is feeling the pain (usually due to necessary budget cuts) we vote the left wing party back in. That’s just the way it is. I don’t know why everyone has their panties all in a bunch.

          Now, about this whole term limits thing…

          I don’t know why people are still talking about it when its been explained repetitively that TERM LIMITS were implemented to prevent migrant workers from automatically having the right to long-term residency. While it is still an immigration-related policy… it did not correlate with WORK PERMIT policy which affects non-Bermudian’s ability to work in Bermuda.

          Now, lets take a look at this equation:

          Bermuda – term limits = More IB

          More IB = foreign capital + more jobs = Better economy

          So to sum this up… I think everyone making remarks in relation to TERM LIMITS like “what about the future of Bermuda’s youth” and “send the foreigners home so Bermudians can get jobs”… are either complete and total idiots, or most definitely xenophobic.

          *Words have been capitalized in this post for any idiots and xenophobics*

          • Sir George Somers says:

            I wrote this earlier in a post

            When the economy is sorted and the books are finally balanced under the oba, the pain in getting there will have caused a landslide election in favour of the PLP.

            And then the whole thing will happen again where the PLP will squander all the money and un-balance the books again, all in the name of socialism!

            Socialism is great in theory, but in reality, you quickly run out of other people’s money!

            Term limits were set up by brown, burgess and burch in the event bermuda goes independent, the UN human rights legislation states that if a person resides in a country for more than 6 years they will have a right to gain status in that country. The PLP didn’t want a sudden influx of 6000 pro UBP new bermudian voters occurring overnight if the island went independent!

  9. Hmmmm says:

    The Term Limit Policy means protection of jobs for Bermudians, so they say. Has anyone on the other side paused for a moment and asked, “How many Bermudians have gotten jobs or promotions because of the Term Limit Policy?” Hmmmm. Might the answer be “very few.”

    • Soooooo says:

      or maybe too few t notice…

      The “term limit policy” was never put in place to protect or increase jobs for Bermudians. It was put in place when the PLP Government (EB inparticular) were looking seriously at a referendum for independance. What the PLP didn’t want as a whole bunch of hard working intelectuals all of a sudden becoming Bermudian.

      If you actually read the policy this was the only reason for it. As far as people on work permits claiming residency after being here for many years the policy was worthless, because this is covered in the immigration laws, these laws take president over the policy anyway…

      As far as this march is concerned, it’s nothing but “the BIU and Chris” wanting some more air time!!!

      • SJW says:

        I do not think a good number of the people marching today (and some of the people posting comments on here) really understand what “term limits” means. All it means is that when a work permit expires (and all work permits expire)and if a qualified Bermudian cannot be found for the position, the guest worker can remain in that position. Rather than be forced to leave the island and the employer seek another work permit to hire another guest worker. Note my key point “if a qualified Bermudian cannot be found”….. so we need to focus on our education system (so our children are not leaving high school with poor reading & math skills) so they can go off to university and return to key positions in International Business! Simple as that!

        • Soooooo says:

          SJW.. You are correct, all term limits mean to an employer if ther is no suitable Bermudian they have to find another person to fill the position… And train the new person, instead of keeping someone hat knows the requirements!

  10. Freeman says:

    Children stood back and watched a few angry adults spout insults, curse Ministers, insult people disrespect a woman, the elderly and authority. Democracy has its rules and we must treat each other with respect and love. The ancient ways of Christ, Martin Luther King and Ghandi was not on display here today. Thank you Bermudian adults for being an example to our children. Now we have to go and do damage control and I hope some of them don’t end up in our courts for acting the same way that you did today. Be careful little eyes what you see. Be careful little ears what you hear. For the Father up above is looking down with love so be careful adults what you do.

  11. I'm just saying !!! says:

    I am very proud of the persons who attended this event. What a wonderful thing to see Bermudians demonstrating their democratic rights. Well done!

    For those who do not understand, the term ‘term limit,’ it is another way of saying, ‘work visa for a specific time period.’ People, it’s important that we must realize that many countries have Visa’s for guest workers; it’s a way of protecting the rights of the citizens of their country. By the OBA removing the term limits (work visas) they are saying that they do not care about the rights of Bermudians.

    Yes, there are times when we must bring in guest workers for specialized jobs. However, if a Bermudian becomes accomplished in that field, the guest worker should return home, thus the importance of term limits. Unfortunately what has happened and will continue to happen, if term limits are not reinstated, is that Bermudians, who return from schools in specialized areas, will continue to struggle when applying for positions.
    As for the thoughtless proposal of changing policy to allow children of guest workers to apply for summer positions, diminishes the opportunity f the local Bermudians to foster a future career in those areas. There is in place since September 2012, a Ministry of Education mandated careers program, whereby approximately 95% of S3 students in the senior public school system, have to spend 5 hours per week at a work placement. If the proposal mentioned above goes through, this can have a detrimental effect of limiting places for work in the summer, when the local students have been working all year; without pay as it is a work experience placement.

    In time, this could lead to erosion of our society; as the ievitable frustration levels of our young people increae, the negative behaviors that Bermuda is now facing could also increase. I’m just saying!!!!!

    • Goose says:

      You are interchanging “Work Permit” with “Term Limit”. Every expat will continue to need a work permit that will cover a specific timeframe, ordinarily 3 years. At the end of that time the job will have to be advertised again and if no suitably qualified Bermudian applies a new work permit is issued.

      Term limits just mean that instead of re-hiring that same expat if there are no qualified Bermudians that apply for a position the employer will have to hire a different expat.

      You’re spreading misinformation. Did opportunities for Bermudians increase at all due to term limits being put in place? Is Bermudian unemployment up or down from the mid-1990′s?

    • Familiar says:

      Actually, while you’re written a well thought out response, you fail to understand the situation at it’s base. Term limits are what have been removed, not work permits.

      Work permits will still have to be applied for, and will be granted for a period of time, and requests will have to be made for renewal.

      If a qualified and experienced Bermudian applies for the position, then of course a work permit should not be granted or renewed.

      All the removal of a term limit does is allow a company, who has a foreign worker in a position that can not been filled by a Bermudian, doesn’t have to bring in a new foreign worker to fill the position, they can hang on to the one already doing the job.

      Bermuda doesn’t need term limits. What Bermuda needs is tighter enforcement of work permits, and the willingness of Bermudians to take on unskilled positions.

      I was raised to believe that if you want to work, and you need money to survive, that you will do whatever job is available to you. It all adds to your experience. I’d love to know what possessed my generation not to teach that belief to their children.

  12. I jus don't understand says:

    2007 – 2012 pre OBA government

    (1) Hundreds of work permits for construction workers while BIU did nothing
    (2) Hundreds of work permits for hotel workers while the BIU did nothing
    (3) Hundreds of work permits for Nurses while our school system is failing
    (4) Hundreds of work permits for manual labor while our young men had not choice but to sell drugs to survive
    (5) Hundreds of work permits for IB because we do not pocess the intellectual capital to fill the positions this industry requires
    (6) 8000 plus full time government workers that are actually working part time

    Now why would you guys march against a government that inherited the fall out created by bad policies of the past?

  13. Young Bermudian says:

    Marches in today’s local context do little toward resolution and the issue emphasis is shortlived. If there are concerns social action needs to look different. This march was like playing like trying to play FIFA 13 on Atari!

  14. Argosy says:

    Did public transport stop running?

    I see Chris Fubert thre although it was not a BIU rally.

  15. Truth (Original) says:

    No class. There is a proper way for things to be done and to be heard.

    What a poor example.

    • Ottojr says:

      I agree…No class, No honor and No Respect.

      • Student says:

        So are you saying some one who fabricates things deserves respect ..yea they do your right :D .. so tell me where are these 500 new jobs? OHH

        • Grubster says:

          Re fabricates things – we had to deceive you

        • Reality Check says:

          Hey there Student… what school do you attend and what are you studying if you don’t mind me asking? I’m just curious.

    • It is what it is says:

      what do you mean no class? …If you want a point made yes there is other ways to do it but obviously ..the people was not being heard so they did what they had to do..cant be mad at that .i was always told if you want something you have to fight for it

    • hulk says:

      at the end of the day you have to earn repect and as a Bemudian i have the right to talk to the OBA hon premer and ministers they know that they have to answer to all the Bermudian persons across the board the people are the Goverment


      we were asking for a apolgy from the Min and the Premer (The Min refused )

      a dictive from the cross section of Bermudian people was to try to move fwd

      so if we want to talk about proper ways of going about matter

      some time we have to do thing that are not procegers or protical

      what about Buzz all over the island with all there guest work

      try to put the question when i we going step out and be counted

      No class is when i am just talking to the Hon Premier the to gentiments that are OBA members thought they had the right to put there hands on me if i want to i could had madea complent to i HAVE class if u want to know i work all in the cumunity and on my worse

      they can not touch me

      let talk a about my honor i still have cus i will cuntiue to stand for what is right in our island of Bermuda

  16. This demonstration today was needed and I am glad that people choose to use their democratic right to voice their concerns,the real issue to me is that as I watch the clip shown here, it does not show if the speech from the Premier was terminated due to those that did not want to listen

    Or did he speak and we only got a portion of it,I for one feel that because of the anger of the crowd and those that choose to keep overpowering the Premiers voice,it had to be shut down,I could be wrong as I was not in attendance.

    So with that said I think it is inmportant to point out the one thing I did hear the Premier say,is that this government is trying to work out the issues that were created by its predecessors. I would have liked to have seen the crowd come to some form of order and give the Premier the chance to respond to the questions and the comments put to him by the organisers of the march and the guy in the green shirt.

    The fact that Mr Fahy was not behind that mike was another mistake and he should have been made to stand there,overall I feel the issuse is not wether the protest was successful in numbers,but rather if this government will take and deal with the concerns of the people. when all is said and done I want to hear this government and Mr Fahy address the situation of those who is working amongst us that need to be sent home,so Bermudians can have those jobs.

    Now for those that are going to talk stupidity about the employers who have paid into government for work permits and the amounts that they have paid and the extent of time that permit covers,well here is my suggestion.

    Government should revoke all permits of all jobs that Bermudians can do and send these people packing,the policies and legalities to amended that section should be dealt with immediately.then the employers should be re-imbursed for the portion of the permit that is still active.Financial assitance is been given a boost to help those in need and if we take this route in sending foreign workers back,then that would help take some of the burden off the public purse by way of financial assistance.

    The only thing I would ask that if the government decides to go this route,the Bermudian who is out of work,needs to appreciate the opputunity given to them and hold on to that job,now it is not one sided either.the employer needs to pay the Bermudian union wage as we know many of these foreigners are under paid and over worked.

    So that nasty employer had to be dealt with and checked up on ,on a regular basis because they cant take on workers and be abusing them either,we have those that are all for the foreign worker but wont fight on their behalf because of the abuse they are recieving from their employer and niether can those foreign workers speak up for themselves because they know they would be on the next plane out of here if they expose their employers.

    If this seems like a farce or scaremongering,all you need to do is talk to some of the foreign workers that use to be on work permits but are now married to Bermudians and they can tell you the horror stories.over al today should have been a time that we could have let the government respond to everything we wanted them to respond to and then hold them accountable for anything that they say and dont do,but from the clip it
    looks like a failure,that this was not accomplished to hear there side for going forward.

    • George says:

      Here in lies the challenge with your alternative take on reality Duane! No employer is going to fire all their staff (Bermudian or non-Bermudian) just to satisfy the sense of entitlement that some Bermudians believe they have to employment!

      Your suggestions and those of many of the marchers are ill informed and unrealistic! Why would any employer (or Government force them to considering the dire state of the economy) get rid of all their non-Bermudian employees simply to hire Bermudians who may or may not be qualified or suitable to do the job? If you are a qualified Bermudian then you have to be given the opportunity (by law i.e. work permit policy) to apply for the job and be considered by the employer before a non-Bermudian. This does not entitle you to the job as you and many believe, “those who is working amongst us that need to be sent home,so Bermudians can have those jobs”.

      Now if there are questions about possibly unrealistic/biased job requirements put forward by unscrupulous employers that you feel disqualifies Bermudians before they even have a chance to apply then that is another matter. These concerns need to be addressed to the Department of Immigration (the Minister) under the guise of the review and enforcement of the work permit policy.

      F.Y.I. – Mr. Fahy was there and tried to address the crowd but like the Premiere was shouted down by them. As you pointed out many in the crowd obviously had no interest in hearing what they had to say! They were there in the case of Minister Fahy to intimidate and brow beat in the hopes of satisfying their misplaced anger.

      • Edmund Wells says:

        “I feel the issuse is not wether the protest was successful in numbers,but rather if this government will take and deal with the concerns of the people”

        Mr. Santucci-

        The concerns of which people- the hundred or so that were at the rally, or the many thousands that stayed away?


        • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

          Mr. Wells, a few hundred voices often is representative of a high percentage of the population. There were more than enough persons present to represent at least 60 to 70% of the population. If you follow how surveys are done, they only usually have a sample of 400 people, yet those folks are considered a good enough sample to represent a population. So yes, the Government must listen to the people, or it might backfire in the future. After all this government ensured the people they will listen, but so far they have failed. If they continue on this path, many more will actually come out, rather than just support it from the sidelines.

          • Edmund Wells says:

            Ms. Trump-

            Thank you for the statistics lesson. You might consider the concept of random selection before asserting that the crowd was somehow representative of Bermuda.

            Interesting, too, that all three newspapers put the crowd at around 100 people, but you saw 300 or more. Jet-lagged, perhaps, Ms. Trump? Triple vision? Or are you again ignoring facts to promote your point of view?


            • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

              SInce you were not there, I do not think you can say. I was there, while many did not march, many did come out on the hill. But numbers do not matter. The people got what they wanted and it was a good protest. The OBA had to step forward and listen to the people and listen to their concerns. IT was successful. I am glad folks took action to hold the government accountable. So you can play number games with the media all you like, but I was there and I counted the number of people on hand. It was near 350 at one point.

              • Edmund Wells says:

                Ms. Trump-

                Whatever. The Gazette, the Sun and Bernews say 100 or so. You say 350. I’ll stick with jet lag as the basis for your number.

                My question stands- should the Government address the concerns of those 100 to 350 people, or the thousands of citizens that expressed their views by not being there. As usual, your comments fail to address the issue.

                And, dearest, if your contention is that “sample size” is the correct response to random sampling, than you’ve certainly demonstrated your knowledge of statistics. Conclusively.


          • Sir George Somers says:

            I knew you were Betty Trump in disguise! Because you need to go back to class and learn statistics!

            • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

              NO I am not Betty Trump, but sure like to meet her, who is she? She must give you a great run for your money by the sounds of it.

            • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

              By the way I know stats, and go read about “Sample Size” in polling and research studies and you will find I am correct dearest one !!

              • Sir George Somers says:

                Aright love calm down, I don’t think you are correct, 100 pro PLP socialist left wing blue collar workers, who are anti business, xenophobic and anti term limits, do not represent 60 – 70 % of the population I’m afraid! You in fact do need to go back to school, Betty. And btw Betty trump has never ever given anyone a run for their money, lol. Because she’s an ignoramus, unintelligent racist xenophobic bitter lady!

                CALM DOWN BETTY!!!

          • Building a better Bermuda says:

            Your ideas on statistics gathering and population representation show a frightening imagination toward the illusion of truth. To say that the barely 100+ people on the hill disrespecting government could in anyway represent 60 – 70% of Bermudians, has a shocking sense of self delusion. What was evident was that the demonstration there was in no way there to listen to government, apology or not. Their refusal to let anybody from government address them, shows that this was more a demonstration of noise than purpose. How many there, would be there if the leaders they followed would actually stop creating self serving illusions and start enlightening their followers to the nature of what the OBA inherited and to what it will take to build Bermuda back up again. Our focus needs to be less on the elimination of of a pointless term limit Plc and more toward encouraging/helping/supporting our children towards educations that will help them into a good career. The sad reality is that there aren’t enough qualified Bermudians to fill the the IB jobs, and the foreigners in the lower service jobs are there mostly because Bermudians want higher wages for those jobs. If businesses hired those Bermudians at their wanted wages, the businesses would have to increase their prices and the vicious circle of higher cost of living and higher wages to cover would spiral upwards. Bermuda is not like other nations, the largest area to our cost of living is the labor rates paid for the services that form the base of Bermuda’s local industry.

    • Edmund Wells says:

      “I feel the issuse is not wether the protest was successful in numbers,but rather if this government will take and deal with the concerns of the people”

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      Mr Duane P. Santucci

      It is also good to hear your perspective on issues. I just like to add that I think the Premier failed to address the issue that folks asked of him and this fuel their anger more. He had no clue how to decrease the feelings of the crowd or how to address their concerns. I not sure who gave him advice, but it was not good in terms of how to handle protest marches. During most protest marches folks are angry and upset and want a real response to the pressing issues. The Premier seemed too glossy over the issue, and Mr. Fahy did the same thing. Never once did they address the issue or assure the crowd they understand their concerns.

      It quickly became evident that both lacked political experience in dealing with such matters. The Premier’s lack of experience was easily open to the public to see. I guess this is why he avoids interviews that are not in a control environment. Overall, I think if the government overlooks these folks concerns and take it for granted; it may be big backward step for the OBA in the near future. This will come back to haunt the OBA. But, well said Mr. Santucci.

      • Sir George Somers says:

        Maybe the protestors didn’t show enough respect to the premier, in bermuda, in order to earn respect you have to show respect.

      • Building a better Bermuda says:

        Little hard to address a crowd that won’t actually listen to what they have to say

  17. Robb says:

    @ Duane Santucci – I want you to answer this simple question. Which Government issued all these work permits?

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Shhhh….you’re messing with facts now. Don’t get ‘em all confused and stuff.

    • Concerned says:

      If you knew Duane, you would know he is not going to give you a straight answer. You are waisting your time. Trust me, he is not the sharpest tool in the tool box, and I don’t know the other person who continues to agree after each post, but obviously they can’t be that smart as well. Duane, please stick to painting graves and stop send bad signals to the people who support this country with foreign exchange. Once the foreign exchange dries up, there may not be any money to pay you for the graves, in turn how are you to pay for your living expenses?

    • Sir George Somers says:

      I know the answer!!! Pick me, I’ve got my hand up!!

      The socialist pro Black Bermudian anti foreigner Labour Party!! The PLP

  18. Lennie says:

    Thank God for Sgt. Scott Devine, well done big man.
    - As a sidebar observation, the big guy said send the foreigners home, ask him what about the four Uigher’s?? They were brought here by the PLP and the OBA can’t send them home. What does he want done there, or was that okay???

  19. Cow Polly says:

    “Government should revoke all permits of all jobs that Bermudians can do and send these people packing” – you have a short memory Duane, don’t you recall when Minister Burch did this to the foreign pot washers, gave them five days to pack up and go but had to change his position because all the restaurants were going to have to close because Bermudians refused to wash pots for the pay that was on offer?

    • #ThatIsAll says:

      That was Patrice Minors

    • I dont normally like to answer things I have already stated but just in case you glanced through my comments and did not read entirely,@ Robb nad @ Cow Polly,first and foremost these workers have been coming here since the U.B.P who was in power and continued to come under the P.L.P government and are still coming under the O.B.A and still here. so hopefully that clears up the misconception that @Robb is trying to make it look like the P.L.P brought these folk in.

      @Cow Polly,Minister Burch sent folk back but for the most part he did not revoke all permits of jobs that could have been done by Bermudians,so that is a farce.then secondly he never changed his position on what he was doing or trying to impliment,if you remember correctly he left office because of the fallout with him and the then Premier,before he complete the task of whathe had started,I would also sday that Mr Burch made it quite clear on many talks shows and news interviews,what his position was on foreign workers,but he was equally concerned about the amout of bad employers that we have out there that are exploitingthe workers.

      So before you go government bashing on the previous administration please remember the real snakes in the grass are some of the employers that are very dishonest and have created this damn mess in the first place,it was designed to have slaves in the work force that they can control for wages that Bermudians can not survive on.

      That is why you have a lot of these folk coming in here and living together in numbers and sleeping in shifts,but I cant get a house with another family and live the same way because the Bermudian landlord is also to blame for buying into this crap,helping to exploit our foreign workers also.

      • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

        So before you go government bashing on the previous administration please remember the real snakes in the grass are some of the employers that are very dishonest and have created this damn mess in the first place,it was designed to have slaves in the work force that they can control for wages that Bermudians can not survive on. ou are correct again Mr Santucci, and alot of those employers are OBA supporters as well !!

        • Grubster says:

          To Duane too. Re my post yesterday: Is $25/hr unreasonable for a nanny post? Friend had position and had ideal Bermudians who thought this was too low. She now has a Filipino nanny.
          What do you think is reasonable/unreasonable as a wage per hour?

          • Sir George Somers says:

            Minimum wage of 15 dollars per hour for 17 years old and above

            Minimum wage of 10 dollars per hour for 16 and under

            • Reality Check says:

              It’d be great if we actually had a statutory minimum wage.

  20. Really Concerned says:

    So tell me this….We squash term limits…how many people in that crowd can hold the position of CEO of an AMERICAN company. Lord…..Im alsmost ashamed to be Bermudian!!!

  21. Bermudian says:

    Anyone there NOT over 50? Go home people, you all look like you should be retired anyway. The ways of old is OVER. What was tried for the last 14 years have clearly not worked. We NEED people in this Island and if you fully understood what ‘term limits’ mean you wouldn’t feel threatened. Or maybe you do, but because this new policy is under the OBA name you refuse to admit that its a good idea?

  22. Dam Skippy says:

    @ Robb…… If there was a ‘like’ button, I would have broken it ‘liking’ your ccomment. So true!

  23. Embarrassed says:

    I listened to the video above and the behavior of these people is appauling. This is a perfect example of why Bermuda DOES need change and the reason why change was voted for.

    If you ask to speak to someone provide them the opportunity to speak. I would have arrested the guy in the green shirt that was pointing in the Premier’s face. This is the example that is set for our young people, just appauling.

    Yes, we are all struggling and I have a complete family out of work, bill unpaid but term limits is not what saves us. It is the work permit issuance and the policy set behind it.

    You want Bermuda to get worse then send all the Internatinoal business away and then see what hard times you will have. Simply ignorant.

    This group is a group of people upset over the chagne in party clearly and nothing more than that. They are not even interested what he has to say really they just want to shout and scream.

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      While one or two persons allowed themselves to lose control, it is with out a doubt that most marches folks are usually heated and angry, but Mr Premier failed to address their concerns. This was a lost opportunity by the OBA to reach out to the people, and help them understand that their concerns were real. The OBA must realize they govern for all, and therefore they must be willing to talk and interact.

      • Sir George Somers says:

        Maybe if people are going to directly voice their concerns to the govt by marches, etc, we could probably save a lot of money by making our local MPs defunct, our MPs are the ones who are suppose to represent us!


    4 more yearsssss!!! PLP Will be back in i can gurantee thatt!

    #Dont believe me just watch

    • Grubster says:

      Maybe, but lots of jobs have a six month probation period but the new government have been in power for les than three months. Nobody goes into a new job up and running and can certainly not sort out all previous mistakes and make massive changes in such a short space of time. The demonstration showed a real lack of understanding of this.

    • Sir George Somers says:

      Westminster system is 5 years, shows you don’t know much about our politics, your comment implies that your from America? Are you?

  25. Horse says:

    This was a sore loser march.

  26. really? says:

    Welcome to the world of marching chanting and not being heard was a tough 14yrs Enjoy! :)

  27. please wake me says:

    If these people get there way and we send the guest worker back! Then and only then will they get the message……… WE ARE F$#%ED!!

    • Grubster says:

      Agree. How many expats are paying for
      Rent to Bermudians
      Private school fees
      Children’s sport lessons/clubs, music lessons etc
      Mobile phones, buying computers etc
      New cars, licensing, car maintenance
      Vets fees
      Children’s shoes, school uniform and clothes
      Furniture, accessories and soft furnishings
      Electrical appliances
      Medical and dentist

      Never mind eating out, doing volunteer work and donating to charity.
      Would be good if this could all be hypothetically removed and everyone could see what the future is like without it

  28. bermydude says:

    PLP at its best, people like Famous, Furbert, etc. are all people that don’t understand whats go’s on. PLP for 14 years put this country in the hole and now in 2 months OBA has to have straight??? for people get a life!!

  29. Common sense isn't so common says:

    I am appalled at this protest. Bermudians who took part with the speaking out and the man who was all in his face were very rude!! I understand that you are mad but that does not give you the right to not let the man speak. OMG! Very rude! Obviously you want answers, so common sense would have told you ignorant people to quiet down and let him speak! You have an issues you can speak your mind respectfully. Premier Cannonier does not have “magical powers” that can fix the employment just like that. Black people need to stop this whole racist card and give them a chance!!! Get over it that PLP is out and their is a new goverment! Change is sometimes good. And I hope the new goverment proves themselves and puts all of you ignorant people to shame! Older people of Bermuda you all talk about Bermudians future , but how are our young people of Bermuda suppose to know any better when they see the people who they look up to act like this ! Come on! Are you serious?

    • do sumtinnn says:

      stfu thanks
      #tried to be nicee

      • Sir George Somers says:

        Stfu – that’s what the premier should have said to the hulk

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      So what do you call the distasteful comments written on the blogs by the OBA supporters daily? I think the comments are more distasteful, offensive, disgusting, and repulsive than what was witness on the hill today. Minster Fahy spoke about these nasty remarks but unfortunately he did not know he was speaking about his own OBA supporters. These comments are made daily, and the behavior on the hill today was mild in comparison to what folks write everyday on these blogs. The behaviour is usually typical during a March or protests, as folks are usually passionate about the issues. But these blog writings are nonstop.

  30. Get a life says:

    Secondly a bunch of uneducated people making noise about nothing! They have no idea what term limits mean, other than listening to the person next to them that has no clue as well! Seriously!

    • hulk says:

      At the end of the day you sound like the hon Premier and Miniters believe like you that that Bermudian do not know what term limits are for or believe that we need them in place also while the people are distrated how do you justify that guest worker children should be allowed to work in bermuda as sumer worker without a work permit for stright pay and no deductions while we have Bermudian out of work and Colleage student looking for summer enployment, at the end day i belive we as Bermudian must speak up to the injustice that are taking place under a OBA govermnet,if this is there “CURE” for Bermuda i dont want it

  31. Wow says:

    After seeing the videos of the march, I hope the education today is far better than those fools got years ago! The guy in the green he needs to go for a run, poor site!

  32. Concerned says:

    It was quite evident who he supported. Standing wrong for Bermuda. Listen to the hate that comes from them, look at the faces of several of their MP’s, the anger in them. Listen to their talk shows (yes they have their own talk show owned by one of their politicians and broadcasted from non other then the biu building. Go figure, Ms Furbert standing front and center with her normal happy face. Sorry, how can I ever support you again. There is no room for hate in my suroundings.

  33. Bobmarlin says:

    Just a bunch of sore losers,bent on regaining power,to take Bermuda further down.

  34. Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

    @ Portia,,,,,,I can tell you are not politically shrewd; if you did you would see and understand what Hmmmmmmmmmm is really getting at, the underlying political storm that lies ahead. He has made some key points, that I can see impact the OBA political climate in the near future. Politics is a funny game. fans are overlooking.

  35. Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

    The Apology should have been done right in front of the people of Bermuda.

    • Nothing will please a person like you right? It is them with the mindset as yours that creates much of the unnecessary trouble we face each day for no valid reasons…it’s pure your stupidness.

    • Sir George Somers says:


    • Poetic Justice says:

      Apology for ruining the country!!?? Sure Im waiting
      For ruining our economy!!?? Im waiting
      For creating a level of unemployment never seen before in the country’s history!!?/ Im waiting
      For bringing the Uighurs here without consulting anyone!!?? Im waiting

      There are some very sick people in this country and rest assured they wont be happy until our dollar is devalued.

      Ignorant fools!!!

  36. Teacher says:

    Well done student. Spelling is not important. Now you can go to school on Monday and get in your teacher’s face, so you could get some RESPAK.

  37. He Knows says:

    After the display on the Hill, I now have a better understanding as to why Dr. Brown wanted security. He understands the mindset of the ‘Plantation’

  38. Yes, many people had been there yesterday with a gripe and no-one can deny some being a “viable gripe” but when we see and hear someone like
    “that big man dressed in green tee shirt” approach the Premier and make negitive remarks accusing the One Bermuda Alliance Party for placing the economy of Bermuda and many of its people, “in between a rock and a hard place” was something they, (O.B.A.) inherited from the former Govt Progressive Labour Party…Maybe certain words were used that offended certain individuals for one reason or another but personally, I believe it was a great deal of B.I.U. members present because Mr. Michael Fahy didn’t show any fright prior the General Election towards them (B.I.U.) and this was another attempt of instilling “fear and intimidation”.
    Instead,it showed us some more of the fact, “that there are many still displaying their ignorance.”