OBA Reject Comments As ‘Aimless Politicking’

January 31, 2013

The One Bermuda Alliance reject Walter Roban’s comments as “aimless politicking, criticism for nothing more than criticism’s sake,” OBA Deputy Chairman Michael Branco said.

Following Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy’s announcement that Government will eliminate the 6-year Term Limit Policy with immediate effect, Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban asked what happened to the pledge of suspending them for 2 years.

Mr Roban noted that both Craig Cannonier and Bob Richards previously said they not end Term Limits, instead they planned to suspend them.

“If the OBA Government will move so quickly to break such an important election promise, we must all question what other promises are set to be broken,” said Mr Roban.

Responding to the criticism levied by the Opposition, Mr Branco said, “The Term Limit Policy has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the jobs of Bermudians. Work permit policy does that.”

Mr Branco continued, “Abolition of the Term Limit Policy will have no negative effect on the right of Bermudians to fill jobs for which they are qualified before non-Bermudians are considered. That policy has been in place for many years, and is effective.”

“The Progressive Labour Party has known this since they put the Term Limit Policy in place. The only effect the Policy has is to make non-Bermudians feel uncomfortable.

“We believe the reason they went ahead with putting the Policy in place was to pander to the xenophobic views of those Bermudians who would like Bermuda to be foreigner-free,” said Mr Branco.

Mr Branco’s full statement follows below:

Mr Walter Roban, the Shadow Home Affairs Minister, has complained that Minister Michael Fahy has shown “blatant disregard…towards the electorate” by moving ahead with abolishing Term Limit Policy instead of merely suspending it for two years while a thorough review was carried out.

The One Bermuda Alliance rejects his comments as aimless politicking…criticism for nothing more than criticism’s sake. As Minister Fahy said yesterday, a thorough review was carried out.

Among the findings were these:

  • Term Limit Policy has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the jobs of Bermudians. Work permit policy does that.
  • Abolition of the Term Limit Policy will have no negative effect on the right of Bermudians to fill jobs for which they are qualified before non-Bermudians are considered. That policy has been in place for many years, and is effective.

The Progressive Labour Party has known this since they put the Term Limit Policy in place. The only effect the Policy has is to make non-Bermudians feel uncomfortable.

We believe the reason they went ahead with putting the Policy in place was to pander to the xenophobic views of those Bermudians who would like Bermuda to be foreigner-free.

The One Bermuda Alliance has no patience with xenophobia. Bermuda needs non-Bermudians to operate successfully. They have built this community alongside Bermudians, and will continue to work here, welcomed and appreciated by those Bermudians who understand how this island functions.

What is the point of having a policy in place, even a policy under suspension, which does nothing except make non-Bermudians feel unwelcome?

This Island remains in a serious state as a result of the excesses of the former government. The elimination of the Term Limit Policy is, we hope, a big step forward in remedying that state. It represents the red carpet approach, making it clear that Bermuda is open for the business we so desperately need.

The One Bermuda Alliance would remind Mr Roban, on the subject of disregard for the electorate, that he and his colleagues in the former Government allowed suffering among our population on a scale never experienced before, because they failed to act on matters like Term Limit Policy, which they knew well was resented mightily by the international business population, which shrunk because of it.

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  1. Time Passages says:

    PLP is probably upset cos they can’t make it into a race issue. Since that’s all they know how to do, they are completely powerless to say anything of any value.

    My stomach hurts from laughing.

    That and Walton Brown’s pathetic posturing. PLP are clearly finished if this is the best they can do.

    A moment of silence please for the recently departed PLP. RIP.


    • Looking for Leadership says:

      Sounds like you need to do some growing up. It is interesting that you are not at all disturbed that the OBA lied to the people of Bermuda. It is possible that you are a member of the OBA inner circle that knew this was the plan all along?

      The OBA on many occasions said that they would not abolish term limits, and then 6 weeks after the election, they reverse course and do exactly what they say they will not do.

      You should’t applaud deception, no matter where it comes from.

      • Cha says:

        Yep PLP never lied during their whole tenure did they. Perhaps they reviewed it and thought this the better course. That is what they were elected to do…make change. Seems to be following their promises to me.

      • Common Sense says:

        Thanks goodness we finally have the leadership we were looking for. The OBA made it abundently clear that Term Limits were negatively affecting international business in Bermuda – our very lifeblood, and said they would immediately suspend the policy and review the situation. The OBA is to be commended for conducting their review so quickly and taking the necessary action.

        I guess we are now going to be subject to 5 years of PLP supporters lecturing us on “deception”. Quite honestly, no-one is at all surprised that the new Government decided to abolish the Term Limit policy sooner rather than later. To call it deception doesn’t even come close to “We had to deceive you” when our country voted in the PLP with Jennifer Smith as leader, and without any fanfare she was dumped within a matter of hours. Even their new leader described that action as a clear case of “deception”!

    • frank says:

      the way change is taking place you may soon be saying rip,OBA

      • bs says:

        If you don’t get change you might as well say RIP Bermuda.

    • OZ says:

      Once again you miss the point and rather then explain why they did not stick to their previous statements they are attempting to deflect by talking about the PLP. Who elected Michael Branco? Why hasn’t Mr Cannonier and Mr. Richards addressed what they said?

      • Nick says:

        1. How did the OBA not stick to their previous statements? The OBA promised a two-year suspension of the term-limit policy pending review. That means that they had up to two years to review and decide. The fact it only took a month to decide is not at all contradictory to any promises made. As Government rather than Opposition, the Minister probably had access to reports that were not available before. All the stakeholder groups signed off on this change in policy. I am not really sure why some insist on creating polemic when there is none.

        2. The above press release is based on a political party’s response to a Government and not the original Government statement. The official Government position was already stated by Minister Fahy. Why would Premier Cannonier or Min. Richards comment again? Term limits do not even fall under Min. Richards remit. Mr. Branco, as OBA Deputy Chair, is a very appropriate person to deliver the OBA response. Bernews should probably have stated the position from which he was speaking. A quick google search, however, would have answered that as well as your question about who elected Mr. Branco. http://bernews.com/2011/09/full-text-michael-brancos-election-speech/

  2. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    RIP plp.
    Gone and FORGOTTEN

  3. hotsauce says:

    Shame on you OBA -liars, liars,red pants on fire!

    • Roger says:


    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      go look in the mirror…no,forget it,you wont see anything!

      • Roger says:

        I’ve just hand enough with the uneducated. The PLP sought to create a generation of mindless folk who support them blindly regardless of the abuse they have dished out to you, including crappy education.

        I hope the OBA continue to give the same response to all of these PLP taunts going forward that try to provoke a fight.

        • Islander says:

          Roger, they aren’t uneducated they are educated but somehow didn’t graduate with a Certificate of Common Sense.

        • Bermuda Cat says:

          @ Roger,

          As someone who is educated, you can kiss my Black A$$! As soon as people disagree with you, they are uneducated?

          And if you honestly are tired of uneducated people on this blog, your comment must be relevant to both side, cause I have seen some stupid comments from PLP & OBA supporters.

    • de ja vodoo says:

      Hotsauce. I quote dr brown. “We had to deceive you”! The plp mismanagement of the Public Purse was sheer incompetence. The saga continues!

      • hotsauce says:

        de ja vodoo. Not sure what Dr. Brown has to do with the issue we are currently discussing? Are you saying that deception carried out under the PLP is now a continuing saga under the OBA? Please explain.

        In any event, the election is over and there is a new government in power. I would like this government or any other government representing the people of Bermuda to ensure that Bermudians have access to job opportunities and training.

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    Wait a minute, what did this guy just say on behalf of the Oba govt? WTF! Where is the Premier? He couldn’t have allowed this to become an official statement. You became the government by virtue of votes by Bermudians, so whose interest are you serving? Have you forgot that fact? The language borders on dictatorial, with contempt and disdain for Bermudians. I’ve never seen a more disrespectful political statement in my life, and I’ve noticed that you haven’t addressed the issue of dishonesty, mistrust, and deception that the PLP have rightly called you out on. It was on 50 days ago, so we cannot forget. The tone of This response is so toxic and revealing, it made me think of Dennis Brown’s song “do you know what it means to have a revolution”! Smh! Are we going back 40 years in this country? Somebody with some common political sense within the Oba better have a chat with their spokespersons! Their young guns are a liability and better learn humbleness……..and fast

  5. hotsauce says:

    Minister Fahey and the OBA – who do you represent? Thus far we’ve seen more action and advocacy on behalf of IB and guest workers than for Bermudians struggling to survive in this economy!!!

    • Logic76 says:

      If you were well informed you’d realise the two go hand in hand.

      • hotsauce says:

        lol – oh so superior one – that’s your opinion.

        If the interests of IB, guest workers and Bermudians were so inextricably and harmoniously entwined, Bermuda would not have its immigration history. And this new “policy” would not even be a conversation piece, let alone a source of anxiety for so many.

        • Furby says:

          When Branco says “xenophobic views of those Bermudians who would like Bermuda to be foreigner-free” he’s talking about you.

          Work permits protect jobs, not term limits

          • hotsauce says:

            Now Furby, just where in my comments have I said that I want Bermuda to be foreigner free???

            And how does asking questions about job opportunity and training for Bermudians translate to xenophobia?

            I actually enjoy the vibrancy and diversity that guest workers bring to our tiny island BUT I feel it is essential that our immigration rules ensure that Bermudians have access to employment in their country.

            So I’d like to know how this will be dealt with during the work permit process. And I would have appreciated having this clarified for me at the same time the term limits were removed.

        • Moojun says:

          OK, let’s try an online/blog experiment. For fun we can call it ’3 degrees of separation’:

          Step 1. @hotsauce, in what industry are you currently employed here on the island?

          • hotsauce says:

            ok Moojun, let’s play. Let’s say for the sake of argument that I am a successfully employed dishwasher. I go around to all the restaurants at night and help wash dishes.

            The restaurant I work in is doing well because there are lots of guest workers who frequent the place for after work drinks and dinners. So I have IB to be thankful for that I can continue to wash those dishes and make a living.

            BUT again for the sake of argument, let’s say at night I’m doing classes to better myself. I have aspirations of being, say, a waiter or secretary. I complete all my courses and start job hunting, but the positions all require x years experience. There are guest workers filling these positions who could train me, they don’t have to. I try to get in on a lower level, but they tell me I’m overqualified for the position.

            Meanwhile my offspring has fulfilled my dream of achieving tertiary education. Wow! He’s a doctor/lawyer/accountant/fill in the blank. He’s now home, but guess what?He can’t find a job either. Whereas before he had a possible foot in the door at the expiry of the term limit, now there’s no incentive to hire and train him.

            Should I be grateful and happy that at least I can still earn money washing those dishes, thanks of course to IB. Or do I want to know what protection will my government afford me so that I can advance myself from my own efforts, mind you.

            Those are the questions that deserve answers, not accusations of xenophobia, ignorance, etc.

  6. hotsauce says:

    That’s right, Branco, guest workers have helped to build this country.

    This country has in turn given much to them – a chance to hone their skills, often on the job training for skills they didn’t have before coming here, upward social mobility the likes of which they would NEVER have achieved in their own countries.

    Let’s face it. In Bermuda you can be a big fish in a small pond. Arrive as a low level accountant and with sufficient work permit renewals end up a top level reinsurance executive. The Bermuda version of the American dream.

    Which is all good, but NOT at the expense of Bermudians. Let us not forget that our guest CHOSE to come here. We did not CHOOSE to be born here, however proud we may be of our island.

    We deserve to have answers to some very valid questions and concerns regarding future immigration policy. So stop posturing and answer the questions!

    • Cuzinslinky says:


    • whatever says:

      Let us not also forget that IB CHOOSES to be here. There are enough competing jurisdictions out there. If we p!ss them off enough, they’ll choose NOT to be here. And then what do we do? Rely on our awesome tourism product?

      • hotsauce says:

        Understood and agreed.

        But since when does ensuring the job opportunities of Bermudians and restricting the rights of individuals to enter the country and remain indefinitely equate “pissing off” IB?

        And note that the removal of term limit restrictions is not limited to IB. It includes the pot washer to the top IB executive. So is it unreasonable to enquire how these interests which affect ALL Bermudians will be protected under the new policy?

        Is it unreasonable for Bermudians to want clear and specific information on how they, their children and grandchildren will be able to eke out a living, since many Bermudians over the age of 50 can recall a Bermuda when guest workers reigned supreme in the Banks, in the hospitals, in the law firms, etc?

        It is in ALL our interests that our desire not to “piss off” IB does not lead us to bend over too far. IB will not choose to remain in a politically and socially unstable “pissed off” Bermuda!

        We Bermudians are all in this together. The sooner we realize this and start acting like this – and this goes for both sides of the political divide – the better for all of us.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          And you think term limits protected jobs? How? More work permits were awarded under the PLP than any ither time. And then more jobs left the island than at any other time, leaving thousands unemployed. Term limits do not protect Bermudian jobs. Term limit harm Bermudians.

      • Um jus sayin.... says:

        Sounds like you have no faith in the tourism product but don’t you know OBA gonna fix the tourism product too!!! Minister and Consultant so Bda will be booming!!!

      • hotsauce says:

        Forgot to add – we once had an awesome tourism product – until the mid eighties, when then Premier John Swan and the government of the day decided to focus its energy on IB. Funny how things come full circle.

        • Troll Hunter says:

          Ok Hotsauce since you feel the need to comment ignorantly on everything you’ve been marked by the Troll Hunter.

          First if all you need to understand what the issue means to Bermuda and Bermudians. Why not talk constructively on whether you feel it was a good or bad decision. You offer nothing but blind contempt for a party you disagree with. A problem for both sides on this site.

          Re your tourism statement you really don’t understand the economy you live in. Even if that “awesome” tourism product of the 80s was to return two fold it wouldn’t surpass 25% of the business that international business does today.

          • hotsauce says:

            Hello troll hunter.

            Why is it that questions and concerns around immigration are met with “you need to understand the issue”‘ or ” if you were well informed” or “you’re ignorant”?

            Frankly, that doesn’t cut it . People are concerned because they FULLY understand what this issue means and what it has meant in the past, to Bermudians. So that you are clear, I am of the view that in the absence of specifying how the work permit process will be strengthened to prevent known abuse and given Bermuda’s history on this issue it WAS a bad decision.

            No, I do not hate foreigners. Yes, I recognize the contribution that IB makes to our economy. But I would very much like to know how Bermudians who are willing to work will have access to jobs and training, since everyone from the gardener,the sales clerk to the accountant, has no set time at which they may be expected to leave.

            As for tourism, there you go again – I “really don’t understand the economy I live in”. It is a fact that our tourism product was neglected and allowed to become stale, staid and lacking in Bermudian flavor. IB and tourism were not mutually exclusive then, but the government behaved as though they couldn’t focus on both at the same time. Now we are desperately trying to recapture that which we threw away.

            Aside from tourism and IB, Bermuda would be well served by exploring other ways of generating revenue. But that’s another topic.

            But sweeping statements like “you don’t understand” or ” work permits create jobs” are not answers to questions that people have every right to ask.

            So troll hunter what are your views on strengthening the immigration process to ensure job opportunities for Bermudians???

    • dh#1 says:

      @ hotsauce – very well said on behalf of us Bermudians. You are very correct!

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        So people that do not subscribe to your POV isn’t a true Bermudian? Idiot…

        • Bermuda Cat says:

          @ Bermy Gooner,

          You need to stop putting words in peoples moves. Did he say anyone who didn’t agree with him isn’t a Bermudian? Stop your madness please.

          • Bermy Gooner says:

            The what did he mean?

            I am Bermudian and hotsauc wasn’t speaking on my behalf.

            Just because you can’t fathom the xenophobia, intolerance and hatred that your fellow supporters have shown on here, on a daily basis, doesn’t equate to me putting words in people’s mouths. It simply equates to you putting your head in our beautiful pink sand and pretending that it doesn’t exist.

            Why as a tourist would I want to come to OUR island home after reading the downright disgusting comments on here against anyone not Bermudian.

            Stop the madness…

            • Bermuda Cat says:

              @ Bermy Gooner,

              I mispelled mouths.

              First of all, I support neither party. I don’t go rallies and I am not a person who believes these people will solve my problems.

              Secondly, if anyone reads some of the comments by both sides, I doubt they will want to come. It will not just be because of the PLP supporters, because I have seen some hateful remarks coming from many of the OBA supporters.

              If he weren’t speaking for you then fine. He may have been talking about his circle of friends. He never said anyone who disagrees with him isnt Bermudian.

              You need to stop the madness! lol And stop making up things in your head.

  7. #ArtOfWar says:

    Wake up call coming next week Mr. OBA!!

  8. Bobmarlin says:

    Well done OBA.
    Banning term limits will result in more jobs for us Bermudians.The PLP took care of themselves and their cronies.The OBA is taking care of the workers by trying iniitiatives,that hopefully will lead to jobs.
    OBA continue to do what is right for us,and you will be the govt for a longtime.Try not to be distracted by the PLP naysayers,they got us in the economic mess we are in!

    • Looking for Leadership says:

      You can’t be serious. The OBA said before the election they wouldn’t get rid of term limits, and then 6 weeks later they do what they said they WOULDN’T do!

      • Eastern says:

        Geeeeez… get over it already!

      • Mad Dawg says:

        They said they would suspend them for two years, and then reviewed. Now they’re gone. There is almost no difference. They could be re introduced at any time, if they were thought to benefit us.

        It’s nothing other tham aimless whining.

  9. Justice not Peace says:

    Politicians say what they want to garner your vote and do as they like after the fact. Be it OBA, UBP or PLP. That
    Is the very nature of politics.

  10. god1st says:

    Another business is packing up and leaving anyway. This time around the UBP is responsible because the green regime is out.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      The decision to leave would have been made long before Dec 17th.

  11. Itsaboutallofus says:

    WOW! this statement from the OBA speaks volumes. It sounds anti-Bermudian, elitist, dictatorial and condescending. If Branco wrote this, and released it in his own name, i can only wonder what conversations are had outside of the public domain.

    I am appalled and wonder if Premier Cannonier saw this before it was released.

    And to think we are only 6 weeks into this term. Scary!

    • sonoso says:

      and talking about a vote for the UBP is a vote back to the plantation is not dictatorial and condescending?

  12. jt says:

    “aimless” fairly describes the last 14 years.

  13. Dark Knight says:

    Who is the PLP kidding, they were in the process of eliminating term limits. How do you think the OBA had the review done so quickly? It was done before the election. Ironic that the PLP publicly go against the same policy they were supporting. Good for OBA for following through on what PLP couldn’t do.

  14. Unjrust Realities says:

    Well Mr. Branco, let me inform you . . .in any country that you go, there are stipulations as to how long you are able to live and work there . . .term limits!!!! This is not meant to make any foreigner feel uncomfortable, but to protect and ensure the rights of those people who were born in that country, and have no where to go.

    Stop trying to make people think that Bermudians and/or the former government want to make foreigners feel uncomfortable. The reality is Bermuda IS NOT their home, hence if they choose to come here to work they do so knowing that it will not be forever!!! Well I guess now thanks to you all it can be.

    So my question is this, what is your plan that when Bermudians return home or apply for a job that a foreigner holds, that they will be given an equal chance to fulfill that position . . .you owe it to us as a people to tell us how you plan to protect our future our rights!!!!

    The undertones of your response are immature to say the least. As the government of the day you should be able to respond to the opposition, with dignity, not sounding like a school boy in a retaliation argument!!!!

    • sharky says:

      I am a guest worked here and feel very uneasy.I never realized how serious a problem this is and have seen first hand how my company has not expanded because of those same fears by upper management. I also knew I would never stay here beyond what my work permit allowed.

    • Eastern says:

      @ Unjust Realities _ to quote your post: “. . .in any country that you go, there are stipulations as to how long you are able to live and work there . . .” In most countries in the civilised world you only need to stay seven to ten years to acquire citzenship.

      • Bermuda Cat says:

        @ Eastern,

        We are only 21 squares miles! We aren’t like most countries!

    • Concerned says:

      Nonsense! As a Bermudian have worked in Germany and Australia, and both had no term limits. There are many countries that have high percentages of expats and don’t have term limits, but like us they have work permits that control the process. it is not cost effective for a company to continue to replace a foreign employ (unless you find a qualified Bermudian) with another foreign employee. They would ship that job function to another office, hanse less funds stay in Bermuda. It is as simple as that. Ask ones at Ace, Bacardi, PartnerRe, my friends have said they have seen entire departments go do to this. How about Trout Trading, the entire company left due to a few key employees. This was a good decision for Bermuda as a whole, and not a political decision.

      • Bermuda Cat says:

        @ Concerned,

        You are talking about countries vastly bigger than ours, so how the hell you expect the rules to be the same?

        On the tip of companies leaving. Do you people realize that Business does whats good for business. They move to the location they can profit the most, so to say companies are leaving because of this is not 100% truth.

        • Concerned says:

          What is Cayman planning to do, they will follow our lead. Many people left Bermuda have have moved there. I know of several Portuguese that worked here as landscapers and three heavy truck mechanics from Rayclan moved from here straight there and are still there. We had to replace them. A mechanic like Laurie (he was from New Zealand) is very hard to replace. He was forced to leave and replaced with another foreigner. A very good proffesional mechanic made to leave and replaced with another foreigner that is unknown to the workplace and unknown in ability to do the job. Please understand what I an trying to say, term limits hurt Bermuda more than it benefits us.

  15. Time Shall Tell says:

    Funny how OBA says they have been doing work towards this for a long time when just a few weeks ago they said to the people they had no intentions of getting rid of term limits. Again I must ask why when less then two months into their reign they have focused so hard & steady on guest workers & spouses of Bermudians rather then Bermudians themselves. While you have so many road fatalities & murders going on in the little time they have been in power. Their claim was that violence would be treated as a national emergency however their actions prove otherwise. Sound like a little stacking of the deck really, because if you remember the U.K. made it clear last time we had to offer residency to our long term residents & thus term limits was made to prevent a repeat of this. Now if this present line up of guest workers are given residency then in what direction do you think they shall vote. Even though that didn’t work out too well for PLP who issued out so passed the law to make over thousand people residents who fell into the long term residency category (but in the end it could of been due to a what have you done for me lately mentality going on there).

    Either way Bermuda, don’t worry OBA will throw you a bone somewhere along the line, they have to simply because they need your vote the next time around (just no guarantee as to how big of a bone shall be thrown out to the masses to share). This shall be a case of loyalty bought not earned but then again many don’t know the difference.

    • Eastern says:

      @ Time shall tell

      I think you are getting a little ahead of yourself there. No one has mentioned giving long term residents permanent residency. The Immigration Department still have control of how long a work permit lasts.
      I must comment on your on your statement that ” While you have so many road fatalities & murders going on in the little time they have been in power.” come on…this all didn’t start in the last six weeks.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        Its is all about misinformation and fear mongering with the PLP faithful. It is a tactic they have employed for years as a means to distract from the truth.

        If you didn’t reside in BDA before 1989 you are not eligible for PRC status.

        Don’t let facts get in the way of the need to lie.

        Pathetic Little Party

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          Look to our past & what the U.K. had made clear to us concerning our then long term residents & you’ll see the truth. You just may be not looking at the bigger picture which has already been laid out in front of you (not meant as a personal attack). Take a step back look at the what’s happening now & look at what bought us here in the first place & then you’ll see what I am talking about.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        While it didn’t start in the last six weeks neither did term limits but they came up to bat fully ready to act on the matter. Then why aren’t they just as fully ready to move on what’s actually taking Bermudian lives rather then what can be addressed after the fact??

    • jt says:

      We have alrady learned loyalty can’t be bought – at least not for $1.5 billion.

    • Concerned says:

      What did the PLP throw you?? $1.4B in debt. Highest crime rate ever seen in Bermy history. Highest unemployment rate in Bermy’s history and a people now more devided and hateful then ever before. Have you ever watched “Life and Debt.” I recommend all of Bermuda to watch it. Tell me how many PLP politicians have run or are running a successful business? How many of their leaders truely understand business and how to make Bermuda successful and a business. Because if the business fails all fail, and that is where Bermuda was heading. Mr Mark Bean is great with words, but that is as far as it goes. He worked at the airport and lots of words and complaints. They were happy when he left. What have our PLP politicians run successfully? Look at the Clay House Inn, an eye sore, I look at my two neighbors, high officials in the PLP, their homes look terrible and their attitutes are just as bad. If we can’t run our own lives or businesses successfully, how can we run our island successfully. Words mean nothing, backing up words with success is the proof. Under the UBP Bermuda was the envy of the world, the PLP made it a laughing stock with what they inherited and how it turned in just 14 years. Now there is a glimmer of hope, let us wait and see.

  16. theothersidebda says:

    Has everyone forgotten under who’s watch these foreigners were approved to work here? They didn’t arrive in the last 6 weeks. Your previous government approved their permit applications to be pot washers, waiters and CEOs. So “your jobs” were “given away” long before the OBA was even a political party. If upone renewal request, there are Bermudians who can fill the roles, then permission denied. So what’s the problem? You can’t complain about the foreginers taking your job when there are clear rules regarding their ability to get that employment. So if you are up to the skill set required for a job, then it’s either the fault of you (for not applying) or the immigration department (for not adhering to the rules) as to why these ‘foreigners’ stole your jobs. If it’s the former, then shame on you; if it’s the latter, well then point the finger at the appropriate party. Ending term limits do not limit you right to a job. Period!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      So by your statement the foreigners being here doesn’t help the economy? Because in the last few years the economy has gone downhill yet the number of foreigners are still higher then pre-PLP era. So may be, just may be the current economy may be attributed by this little thing that is effecting the world over known as a recession & not term limits?????

  17. Rebel says:

    you all voted for them…. watch what’s coming next.. bermudians don’t stick together anyway….. so a person frying French fries, being a nanny, ( they all will be here soon) landscaping will be here as long as they can and a Bermudians can’ t do those jobs? wake up BDA we will be soon not recognizing our own.

  18. Balanced Facts says:

    Here is a simple fact based on EU Court decisions that bind our laws: TERM LIMITS WERE UNLAWFUL! The current Government had no choice but to abolish them! Seriously PLP die hards, you must be able to objectively see that this Government actually seems to be “righting the ship” in short order…and has the QUALIFIED crew to do it!

    • Amazed says:

      If that was the case the OBA would have said so. Just because you make a statement that does not make it true. I note you do not reference the fictious law you quote.LOL.

  19. OZ says:

    I would like for anyone to show me the proof that any company left Bermuda or did not come here because of term limits. The decision of where to locate a business is driven by many factors but the most important factor is the cost of doing business which HAS NOT CHANGED.
    WE did not elect Michael Branco to represent the government so why is he making these statements? While he may represent the OBA party he is NOT a government representative!

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      That’s how I feel everytime some anonymous PLP spokesperson or Chairperson issues a statement.

    • James says:

      I can tell you for a fact that the entire investment department of our company was moved away from Bermuda due to term limits and the Bermudians who worked with them all lost their jobs as they did not wish to relocate. Those guys were all paying huge rents and spent a fortune on their living expenses here. None of them got back into IB.

      • Amazed says:

        Go ahead and name the company so Bernews can check if you speak the truth!

  20. LORD HAVE MERCY says:

    i don’t see how OBA/UBP supporters will try to compare these outright lies with a covert mission that Dr Brown did to get the Uighurs in Bermuda. Dr Brown did not lie he made a move without consulting his party members….(something that a leader can do if he is voted in that position you trust him to make leadership decisions)….and they will try to compare the statement we had to deceive you with these out right lies….and the statement is taken out of context…fact is most of you don’t even know what that statement s speaking about,some of you believe that that is talking about the Uighur issue

    lol….(it was about a party struggle within the PLP and the deception that he was speaking about was not to let the voters know of the struggle or the fight that was happening within the party…which was a smart decision…but of course you racist good for nothing will hold on to that out of context statement…..
    Now the fact that Bragman LIED about his education and that the OBA/UBP LIED about the term limit, shows that they not only lied to the PLP but they Lied to the public and they just got in government and they are lying already! So thus far they have been LIARS and that is not malicious that is the truth, so change has come.

    Dr.Brown said “we have to deceive you” speaking as a leader representing a collective body who was at war withing the party, and you would be a fool to believe that the OBA/UBP does not practice deception in order to be strategic…..they just don’t admit it they LIE about it……NEED I MENTION THE SECRET DOCUMENT….deception BIG TiME!!! and this was not only deception it was trickery as well, and what did the OBA/UBP do when confronted with the news of the document…….THEY LIED ABOUT IT!

    So I’m starting to see a lying trend here and it is beyond hilarious reading you defenders of LIES sort of reminds me of Scriptural stories where leaders lie and they find support from their advisors….

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Remember in the 2007 election when the PLP promised FREE daycare and FREE public transportation for all? Both lies…

      Lets talk about the Platinum Period of tourism as well…

      As a ll political parties, including your beloved PLP, has hired political strategists to assist during and after elections. Thus the PLP also has such strategic documents issued by the consultants which they employed to do so. As of now they have not shared these with the public. So I ask when is the PLP going to share their SECRET DOCUMENT. WHY AREN’T THEY SHARING THEIR SECRET DOCUMENTS!!! WHAT ARE THEY HIDING!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

      In regars to Broan and the Uighurs it is quite obvious you don’t understand the concept of cabinet collective responsibility in a democracy. The fact that several PLP MPs resigned over the matter while others spoke out against it demonstrates that he ws absolutely wrong to do what he did. He also broke teh island’s constitution. So keep on defending wrong and pick up a book and learn a little bit more about how a democracy works.


      • LORD HAVE MERCY says:

        @Bermy Gooner,
        Your understanding of our government is way off, Dr Brown(i know it hurts you to call the man Dr) did not break any laws and if he did please present proof. If you understood the way or government is ran then you would understand that no Minister’s portfolio mixes with another ministry, oh and who were the ministers that resigned from being ministers over the Uighur issue?? And free transportation for all…can you show me that as well and show me why it hasn’t happened…if you cannot show me all of these things …you are a liar bottom line

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          Dale Butler and Elvin James while Mw. Cox stated she felt politcially neutered by the decision.

          It is you that doesn’t understand democracy as it appears that you believe a one man decision is permissable in our system of governance. Bermuda does not have teh ability to grant asylum to foreign nationals. Only the UK does as part of our constitution. Just because you can’t understand doesn’t make me a liar. Just makes you ignorant.

          “And free transportation for all…can you show me that as well and show me why it hasn’t happened…if you cannot show me all of these things”

          Sigh. In the 2007 election Dr. Brown promised free daycare and public transportation for all. After these great promises even the PLP figured out such schemes were not sustainable and made it a daycare “allowance” with the threshold for eligibility being scaled back even further in the last PLP budget (i.e. cutting more people out of the loop. And the free transportation for all resulted in free transportation for school children and seniors. Oh and by the way the free BDA college tuition was eliminated a few years after it was implemented as well.

          I could go oon and on, but for some reason I picture you with fingers in your ears screaming, “IF I CAN’T HEAR YOU, IT CAN’ BE TRUE!”

          • LORD HAVE MERCY says:

            so free transportation happened and did they or did they lie?? or did they offer a solution then said that soulution will not work and kept eveyone up to date on it…however OBA lied bottom line defend it if you will but they lied

            Further more Dale Butler resigned from cabinet you stated ..”The fact that several PLP MPs resigned over the matter”
            and Elvin James did not resign over the Uhihur issuie alone either in fact the wanted Dr Brown to resign and when that didnt happen and after Special Delegates Conference Brown retained the leadership and filled James position ..that was injuly of 2009 but what happend not even ONE MONTH LATER??? James came back and assumed his role as Minister…oh why did you leave that information out???
            You still havent shown any proof on how Dr Brown broke any laws…you are still considered a liar …please provide info

    • Joonya says:

      When you hear the sound of my voice counting to 3, and I snap my finger, you will awaken and feel like nothing ever happened.

      Get a grip on reality for once. Please.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Oh and here is a post straight from the OBA facebook page from BDA College lecturer Mr. Albert Raymond Swan:


      Albert Raymond Swan

      Mr. Walton Brown is going on and on about Minister Brangman’s credentials. Minister Brangman did attend classes which I taught at the Bermuda College. These classes did not lead to a college issued certificate, of any kind. He completed the course with me, which was a course designed to prepare him for the Apprenticeship Council Examination; an examination which would qualify him as an electrician, under Bermuda law/guideline/regulations.

      It was not required of me or the College to keep permanent records of his progress or grades. However, I(we) did maintain records of the students’ progress and their attendance so as to complete reports and to satisfy the employers as to whether their monies were being well spent. I was satisfied that Mr. Brangman completed the course work assigned and that he attended the classes as prescribed. Most of the students attending these were sponsored by their employers to whom the College and I were also accountable for reporting.

      I do not know if certificates/letters of attendance or participation were issued at the completion of these classes. This was not the purpose of the classes. IF he did get something from the College in writing, then I say, “Good for him”.

      As it stood, a person could register and take the electrical ACE whenever it was being held. Obviously, if a person had completed the classes he was better prepared. At that point it was up to the student to sit the ACE if he so wished or if his employer required it of him.

      If Mr. Brown has any additional information with regard to this then, I recommend that he give it to the College or let me know also.

      I suspect that this action is revenge for the fact that he was replaced, by the Minister, as the chairman of the Bermuda College Board of Governors.


      So lets see who is the real liar now, shall we? Maybe Mr. Walton Brown is simply nervous what one will find in regards to the giving away acreage of Bermuda taxpayer land (i.e. Stonington) to Coco Reef’s owner (who just happened to be a PLP campaig financier) while he was on the Board of the College. You know the same lease that was altered from its original terms so much that the AG stated that it should be re-tabled in the House for a second round of debate? Predictably this was refused by the PLP and from what I have heard it is now subject to an AG investigation. Interesting facts huh?

  21. jaydwolf says:

    Dear OBA,

    While I appreciate you fumbling around with tourism and term limits in an effort to make things better for Bemuda, you have indeed missed the point. The country is in shambles…Bermudians are in shambles !! The youth are undereducated. Adults are underemployed or unemployed. The seniors can’t afford to house or medicate themselves. Violence is running rampant across all age groups.

    With your efforts thus far, it is disappointing and very much politically predictable: Avoid the things relevant to your constituents, and focus on your own short sighted agendas. How about some of that change you campaigned so heavily about?

    Why does government after government flush millions of the Bermudian people’s dollars down the tourism toilet?? Tourism will never be the way it was when it was as the mainstay of our economy until you recognize a simple fact: IT WAS THE BERMUDIAN THAT MADE TOURISM SUCCEED!! The resident happily giving directions to the tourist in Town looking for Dockyard; the waiter that made visitors feel like they were VIPs; the hotel staff that treated the facility as if it was home; the local artist that seranaded the visiting lovers in our nightclubs; affordable dining; entertainment and activities —–ALL GONE!! Bermudians were ever your best advertisement for Tourism. Every foothold that they had in Tourism has been reduced or eliminated. Invest those millions in Bermudians…whether it be preparing them for service via Hotel College; or removing included grats so quality of service equals cash in pocket; or subsidising local hotels so rooms more affordable; or requiring hotels to provide local entertainment—your money is better spent in the island.

    As far as work permit contracts…again what’s the point? IB is not accountable for training Bermudians to replace them. Younger Bermudians are undereducated and of little resource to IB. IB save billions of dollars a year by setting up here and it benefits us little…a tennis tournament, some races and minor donations to a handful of charities. Not that I am unappreciative, but we should require more and it would imapct their bottom line very little.

    When are you going to address a $6.00 loaf of bread? 1/2 gallon of milk for $5? Local retail prices at twice US prices? Two companies being paid to get one internet signal at rates that top the world? Banks that continue to profit while their customers plunge deeply into debt? BELCO who increase customer charges regularly with a “fuel adjustment” What are you doing for the working poor or the asset rich cash poor Bermudians?

    You don’t need consultants for these issues. You don’t need to take “business” trips to any other part of the world. If you are truly about Bermudians, as your party name alludes, then deal with issues that DIRECTLY and SPECIFICALLY positively impact BERMUDIANS.

    I’d love to share more, bout I’m fearful that my 2yr old employment “temporary relief” status might be jeopoardized. However, I’d love to hear from your party to discuss some viable solutions that will improve the situations of my people…our people…our home that is BERMUDA. PS…i promise not to charge you $100,000.00.

    jaydwolf@hotmail.com is my email. Curious if I’ll hear from you.

    • sonoso says:

      this is a repost from lostinflatts on another thread, but i think it rings very true for your comment above:

      Bermuda is not a gold mine. There is no gold here. In fact there are virtually no natural resources here whatsoever. Worse, there’s hardly great human capital either – given the crippling the UBP and then 12 years of PLP have done to education. The only reason that so many companies came here in the first place was because the UBP made it a very, very nice place to do business.

      Favorable tax conditions, favorable location, favorable standard of living and favorable locals who were friendly, hard-working and welcoming.

      In just 2 decades, we’ve managed to create an entire generation that seem to believe Bermuda has some vast well of cash, and these evil foreigners just need to set foot on our hallowed shores to get rich. An entire generation that seem to think that wealth is their birthright.

      Well sorry to say it’s not. The reality of Bermuda is that if you’re willing to work hard, improve yourself and be honest than you have a very real chance of succeeding.

      If you believe that because you had the good fortune of being born on a small rock you are entitled to reap the rewards of generations of hard work, then you will get exactly what you deserve.

  22. god1st says:

    You can hear some businesses claiming that if the plp were re elected we are leaving.The UBP is in now and another company is departing.

  23. Winnie Dread says:

    Mr Cannonier Sir we the people of Bermuda need an explanation from you as to why a change from “suspend” to “abolish”. That is in order to make the decision transparent, you can’t say A and then do B and NOT explain to the country so we can understand WHY? Its a simple process keep us in the know and then we would not be having this bloggers vs bloggers going on, and the populace scratching thier collective heads.

  24. god1st says:

    Craig Cannonier is only being used he will not be the premier very long, the UBP has him on a dog leash.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Maybe he should get his cabinet to sing a loyalty oath like Dr. Brown then?

  25. god1st says:

    Michael Branco the UBP lied

  26. god1st says:

    Tit-For- tat in the house of thieves PLP lied so the UBP lied and justified doing so just because the PLP did it.This cycle of revenge will continue in the house of porns with no horns.

  27. god1st says:

    @ Bermy Gooner Craig Cannonier is only the premier temporarily 2 terms at the most and that is if the UBP is returned in the upcoming election.

    • Common Sense says:

      Isn’t it sad that we still have some folks in Bermuda who simply cannot accept the reality that a black man can be Premier of the Country AND Leader of the OBA or whatever the naysayers like to call it. I remember the time when Sir E.T. Richards was described as a puppet, when Sir John Swan was described as a one term puppet who will quickly be replaced (he lasted longer than any Premier in our history), when Pamela Gordon was described as a puppet despite the fact that she was the daughter of Bermuda’s foremost Labour Leader.

      I know it’s very difficult for the “Plantation” group to come to grips with the new reality in Bermuda but you are slowly but surely going to have to get used to the fact that our leader is a smart, intelligent, articulate black man who happens to belong to a political party that just beat the PLP in a General Election.

      I see that even God1st gives Premier Cannonier only a “temporary 2 terms at the most”! My math may not be the best but that would make him the “temporary” leader for the next 10 years. Can anyone please advise if we have ever had another leader, other than Sir John Swan, who has led our country for more than 10 years.

  28. campervan says:

    All Y’all out there hating on the expats.
    You should remember that Bermuda IS a Country built of expats and their offspring.
    Unless ya momma was a cahow and your papa was a pig, thats y’all too.
    When all y’all are hating on expats, you be hating on your moma or your moma’s moma.
    So be nice:)

    • hotsauce says:

      campervan, I am new here.

      But I haven’t read one comment on this thread that is “hating on the expats”.

      And to say this country is a country of expats is technically true, but disingenuous and overly simplistic. The U.S.A and Canada were built from expats and their offspring, but you know full well that immigration is a major issue in both those countries. Why would we, Bermuda, be any different with our 21 square miles?

      Valid questions and concerns do not equal xenophobia or IB hating or ignorance.

  29. Petra says:

    I’m really disappointed in Minister Fahy. I mean why make a decision to abolish Term Limits for the good of Bermuda, after many weeks/months (pre-election) of canvassing bermudians, business leaders and doing research? Surely he should have done this like the previous Government would have:

    1. Hire an expensive overseas consultant with a Masters Degree in Soap Operas to advise on the issue and offer recommendations that will be ignored completely.
    2. Get the said consultant to spend 2 years establishing a 30 man committee “to look into the matter”, chaired by “Ace Bie” who can submit expense claims up to $1000 a meeting and gets a GP car to take his Momma to church Sundays.
    3. Insist that the Chair awards himself and other Committee members consulting contracts “to look into the problems” created by the overseas consultant, worth a minimum $160k for each person (whether they are qualified or not) – but not to worry about a report.
    4. Ensure that the project budget is overspent by at least 90%
    5. Hire his daughters “baby daddy” to install LED lights in the meeting rooms, thus ensuring that no-one could see the minutes and actions, thereby nothing could get done.
    6. Finally, after 4 years of “consultation” provide no answers, no solutions and lay the blame firmly at the door of the pesky Government from more than a decade ago!

    Tsk! Fail Minister Fahy, fail!

  30. Craig looby says:

    Time to get rid of all political parties, the westminster system, and politicians

  31. I would really like to know what level of consultation the OBA had, and with whom, on this issue. A blind man can see that this will not only lead to those who have worked here for a long time making claims of having a “legitimate expectation” that this is their home – whether you have them sign a waiver or not !! Then what ? You couldn’t do that in the good ole U.S.of A….

  32. Ava says:

    That’s right Sam. Who remembers what happened with the former AME minister Haynes – from the West Indies. He was allowed to remain here for almost 20 years. And then when his time was up, what happened ? He sued the Government claiming he should be allowed to stay here. And guess what ? He left the AME church and he’s still here !! More-a-comin…..

  33. Christopher James says:

    When you introduce a rule (such as term limits) and 70% of the time an exception is made – then clearly it is not a good rule. This would apply to any rule in any situation. OBA has finally seen this and taken the rule away.

    The answer is perhaps more effective checks and balances on work permits in order to give Bermudians a fair shot, while keeping foreigners and international business here.

    They said they would suspend it for 2 years, which they have done – longer in fact. But it could be re-introduced at any time. They are doing their job – wish I could say the same for the last lot.

  34. god1st says:

    Politricks new age or old age craig cannonier isn’t going to be premier very long. I bet you ducks that oppose to this no it is true .

  35. god1st says:

    Bring the Expats here as i am sure a few thieves will have more jobs snatching their purses.

  36. god1st says:

    @ common sense Was you rocked in the cradle when you were born, John swan is wealthy and has lots of power and control Craig Cannonier doesn’t own any businesses he is just a chief operator and he doesn’t create jobs but John Swan does . Remember Bob Richards words he is a colt.

  37. Tiger Lily says:

    Foreign workers ¤ Local Businesses. Some working conditions in this island leave a lot to be desired. Many foreign workers are working in excess of 60 hours a week yet no funds are available to hire a Bermudian even if part time. Educated foreign workers are tilling soil and they possess multi university degrees. So dishonest employers also are using them to care for elderly relatives and take care of children and pets in addition to the job on their work permit and deny them social interactions. Bermudians are short changed again. Yes, when additional hours to work are required on some job sites the non unionised foreign worker is EXPECTED to work for straight time. Some of the local businesses employing foreign workers ensure that customers are keeping them occupied but do not do the same for locals and dismiss them because there “isn’t enough work”. The local labour front is on the verge of exploding not because of being against the foreign worker but because of the dishonest and unequal pay structures, working conditions, denial of opportunities for some imposed by many BUSINESSES not government to BERMUDIANS at the financial gain and exploitation of the foreign worker!!! When you dismiss us the foreign worker from poorer countries jeer at Bermudians and thank them for making them wealthy in their homeland. What a farce!

  38. god1st says:

    Walter Roban hit his target for the betterment of Bermuda, and now Michael Branco is having a seizure.

  39. Sandgrownan says:

    I want a ferharkin apology from the PLP. And i wonder where this group were during the disaster of the last 14 years. They weren’t so bloody concerned then where they?