Slideshow/Results: 2013 Kappa Football Classic

March 25, 2013

The 2013 Kappa Classic came to an end at the National Sports Center this weekend with six finals taking place.

Girls Under 10 Final: Somerset Trojans Black 3 Valencia 1

Gaiya Tull, Riley Simmons and Trinae Edwards all scored a goal each for the Somerset Trojans Black, while Koa Goodchild scored the lone goal for Valencia.

Girls Under 12 Final: Somerset Trojans Black 2 Dandy Stars 3

Sapphyre Hunt scored twice to lead the Dandy Stars to victory, while Teyah Lindo added the other, while Makayla Robinson scored twice for the Somerset Trojans Blacks.

Boys Under 8 Final: North Village Rams 1 Hamilton Parish Maroon 2

Denham Minors and Sincere Robinson scored a goal each to lead the Hamilton Parish Maroon to victory, Remy Coddington scored the lone goal for the North Village Rams.

Boys Under 10 Final: Valencia Whites 1 Dandy Town Hornets 0

Ne-Jai Tucker scored the lone goal of the game for the Valencia Whites in their 1 – 0 win over the Dandy Town Hornets.

Boys Under 12 Final: BAA Green 1 Dandy Town Hornets 0

The BAA Green got a goal from Diego Richardson as they defeated the Dandy Town Hornets 1 – 0.

Boys Under 14 Final: Hamilton Parish 1 (5) North Village Rams 1 (4)

Marquille Walker for Hamilton Parish, while Jai-zel Smith Deshields scored for the North Village Rams as the two teams played to a 1 – 1 draw in regulation time. The match would be decided by kicks from the Penalty mark, Zion Tucker Smith, Zhiyah Wolffe-Simpson, Walker, Zakari Seymour and Darius Tucker all scored for Hamilton Parish, while Quinn Outerbridge, Matteo Turner, Samuel McKittrick and Davin Dill all scored for the North Village Rams.

The slideshow below contains over 950 photos from Saturday’s play at the Kappa Classic:

On behalf of the Kappa Classic Committee Craig Tyrrell said, “To our Major sponsors: Tokio Millenium, Catlin, Ace, Renaissance Re, Bank of Bermuda Foundation, Butterfield and Vallis, Atlantic Medical, XL and TBI we say a heartfelt thank you for your financial support, without you we would not be able to produce this event.

“Also the to the army of volunteer referees we could not do this without you either. There are not enough words to say how awesome you are. We are grateful for your service.

“To all of the volunteers your participation is also critical to the success of the event and to all of the other event partners, and service in kind sponsors, thank you. See you next year at the Kappa Classic 2014.”

The slideshow below contains over 150 photos from Sunday’s play at the Kappa Classic:

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  1. Pickup says:

    Nice pictures! I was there on Saturday and I must commend all involved in the Kappa Football Classic group for putting on a first class, well organized event! Without exaggeration there had to have been 1,000+ kids playing this weekend. I couldn’t believe how much the Girls Football division has grown and progressed in the last few years! Hats off as well to all the refs, the teams, the coaches, and the players for giving up their time each week to do something positive for our kids!

    It was great to see sponsorship fro XL , Ren Re and a few other larger reinsurance at a youth event! However, I was surprised that so few of the local youth teams had local sponsors! I only noticed Link Bermuda, Lindos and Redlaser. These kids need our help!

    Bermuda, next year we all need to encourage our employers to come out to the Kappa Classic or games in general and see how well organized and positive youth football has become. Encourage your employers (if possible) to sponsor these teams so they can grow. One of the parents was telling me that their child’s team (I forget which one) made a tutor available before practice so kids could get help with homework.

  2. Pickup says:

    My apologies, I just remembered after looking at these pictures that Bermuda Healthcare Services also sponsored a team.

  3. ha! says:

    I dont see any pictures is there a problem?

    • Bernews says:

      No problem on our end, no, it may be something on yours? If you’re on a device that doesn’t show flash [iPad] the slideshow won’t show. It’s 1,100 odd photos, so we used a slideshow to fit them all in…