Photos: Anglican Bishop’s Consecration Service

May 29, 2013

A colourful — and spiritual — ceremonial procession to the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity this evening [May 29] marked the beginning of the consecration and ordination of Rev. Nicholas Dill as the new Bishop of Bermuda.

As the procession was underway, the worshippers who crowded the Anglican Cathedral along with the family and friends of Rev. Dill were treated to musical numbers.

rev dill (6)

Rev. Dill was led into the church by two young Anglican congregants from the St. Augustine’s area, and crowds gathered to watch the proceedings.

During the colourful enthronement ceremony that followed he was installed on the bishop’s throne and the dean’s chair and was presented with the signs of his office — the mitre [or Bishop’s hat], the Bishop’s ring and staff and a cross.

rev dill (14)

Rev. Dill, 49, was elected Bishop by Bermuda’ Anglican community in February. Members of the church’s administrative council, the Synod, cast three rounds of votes before choosing Rev. Dill over Archdeacon Andrew Doughty.

The new Bishop of Bermuda and his wife Fiona have six children. Born and raised in Bermuda, Bishop Dill trained and practiced as a barrister before receiving the call to full time Christian ministry.

nicholas dill bermuda

Bishop Dill has said he came to faith in 1986 from a position “of mild indifference and agnosticism” just as he was starting his law degree.

He subsequently attended a year-long preaching course but returned to Bermuda to practice law for four years.

He then undertook theological training at Oxford University’s Wycliffe Hall and worked in the Church of All Saint’s Linfield, West Sussex for seven years as curate and associate priest before being named as the Priest-in-Charge of the Anglican Parish of Pembroke in August, 2005.

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  1. librarian says:

    Congrats Bishop and God be with you as you lead the Anglican church forward.

  2. jake best says:


    • JMad says:

      Do you feel the same way about the AME leaders?

      • jake best says:

        i do ,all of them

        • JMad says:

          Thanks for the reply.

          I am not a religous beign, but I understand why so many people are.

          To each their own I say.

    • Down South says:

      Mate Can I suggest that you get to meet this “clown”… And you will be humbled… I would not mind a cuppa with you too…. Just to talk about the the “circus” lol

  3. gatsby says:

    The fact that this is considered acceptable behaviour by people in today’s world is mind boggling… What the $%#@ are they wearing?! They look and act as a cult. Believing in fairy godfathers and a whole host of other ridiculousness. I truly think there is something mentally wrong with every last one of the people in that room. There’s no other way to explain the thought process of somebody who thinks and acts as they do… Scary!

    • jake best says:

      you are so right,, These are Roman cults of Isis and Serapis
      research ,research, research people (google) these things people
      use encyclopedias and the libary,,and learn how wrong most of us are
      on the subject of religion, please please research,

    • Dylan says:

      People have the right to believe in what they want to believe in. Last time I checked, you aren’t forced to witness these events, or join them. I myself am a non-believer; but you don’t see me throwing an adolescent tantrum just because others are… Why? because that would make me look like a pompous idiot. Ahem.

      The service was a wonderful one; and though I didn’t believe in it’s lore – It was awesome to see citizens from all over our Island come together for an evening; joining in song, regardless of subject matter.

      Please don’t be so irrationally hateful.
      Not for their sake – but for yours.

  4. jake best says:

    The Council of Nicea 325 ad,,research that,
    if you want truth

  5. jake best says:

    how many ways do you want me to debunk christianity??
    cause i have a few ways,, with tons of proof,,
    wake up and,,,know thy selfs first,,,mainly you —-

  6. tim henry says:

    christians do worship serapis but they have been mislead about that,,, for hundreds of years
    find out who serapis is and find out were they got christ,,

    good work
    Jake best

  7. tim henry says:

    not saying this to hurt anyone, just saying to research things for yourself before just believing what people tell you or sadly,,, what you have been taught to) ,,, its only common sense right?

  8. Bermudian says:

    Just another pawn in the worlds largest bull$h1t pyramid scheme