Video: Katherine Arnfield Wins Miss Bermuda

June 23, 2013

[Updated with video] Katherine Arnfield — who was representing Smiths – won the Miss Bermuda contest this evening [June 23], being crowned in front of an enthusiastic audience at the Fairmont Southampton.

Seven young ladies competed for the crown, with Miss Hamilton Parish Echaunti Swan, Miss Warwick Alexandra McMartin, Miss Pembroke Chelzea Somner, Miss Southampton Denae Simmons, Miss Devonshire Mikeisha Butterfield and Miss Sandys Jahshuntae Darrell all taking part in the Pageant.

L-R: Miss Sandys, Southampton, Pembroke, Smiths, Hamilton Parish, Warwick and Devonshire:

Miss Bermuda 2013, June 23 2013-1

Miss Hamilton Parish Echaunti Swan was the first runner up, Miss Pembroke Chelzea Somner was the second runner up, Miss Southampton Denae Simmons was the third runner up, while Miss Warwick Alexandra McMartin was the fourth runner up.

Miss Arnfield, a Saltus Grammar School student, has been on the school’s Honour Roll and received awards in swimming and dancing. She spends some of her spare time volunteering for Windreach, working at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo and the Matilda Smith Nursing Home, as well as modeling in local events.

Update: The top five were Miss Hamilton Parish Echaunti Swan, Miss Warwick Alexandra McMartin, Miss Pembroke Chelzea Somner, Miss Southampton Denae Simmons and Miss Smiths Katherine Arnfield.

Miss Arnfield was also the People’s Choice winner, while Miss Hamilton Parish Echaunti Swan scooped up both the Miss Congeniality and Miss Hospitality titles.

The 2013 Miss Bermuda with 2012 Miss Bermuda Rochelle Minors:

Miss Bermuda 2013, June 23 2013-1-2

The Hospitality title will see her represent the hospitality industry at various functions, and was judged earlier this month by people from within the hospitality sector. The ladies were critiqued on their communication skills, personality and demeanour, and knowledge of Bermuda’s tourist attractions, history, and economy.

Miss Southampton Denae Simmons won the Miss Photogenic title, which was judged by local photographers C. Anthony Francis, Alex Masters, Anthony Wade and Donovin Seymour.

Update June 24, 12.33pm: Shadow Minister for Community and Cultural Development Michael Weeks said, “On behalf of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, our members and supporters, we extend congratulations to Miss Bermuda 2013 Katherine Arnfield.

“We believe that you will represent Bermuda well on the world stage and encourage you to use your time as Miss Bermuda, to continue serving as a positive role model to Bermudians of all ages.

“To Miss Bermuda 2012, Rochelle Minors we extend thanks and best wishes to you in all your future endeavours. You have set a very high standard for all who will follow you and we appreciate all that you have done for Bermuda and Bermudians during your reign.”

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  1. Summer Breeze says:

    Congrats! Miss. Smith’s! I knew you would win! Good job all contestants. Miss. Smith’s will represent Bermuda well when she competes overseas.

  2. Heidi Andrade says:

    Congrats to Miss Arnfield, and all of the contestants. Special congrats to family friend, Denae Simmons, on winning Miss Photogenic.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS KATHERINE!!! You are a winner! Congratulations to all of the other contestants. You all represent Bermuda well!!!

  4. Congratulations Katherine well done, & congratulations to Miss Darrell for having the nerve to enter you look beautiful & the rest of the contestants. congratulations to all.

  5. dthtoo/ says:

    How disappointing! Wa’ssobuteflabpnkskn!

  6. skink says:

    Congrats young lady. Make the most of this opportunity!

    All contestants looked beautiful…

  7. MCP says:

    Sure hope next year’s batch doesn’t look like first come, first served. Good job judges. The winner on certain platforms represents our country. A wrong mistake here could gave been a train wreck. The disparity between those who spent more time preparing physically than mentally was too noticeable!

  8. WYH says:




  9. watching says:

    congrats to Miss Smith’s!
    My question is why do they pick a top 5 from 7. Last year they did a top 5 from 8. I think its a disservice to the 2 or 3 that don’t make the top 5.
    If there are 9 or more contestants they should pick the top 5.
    other than that why dont they cut it in half? if it is 8 then pick 4, if it is 6 or 7, then pick the top 3. It is pretty embarrassing for the 2 that are left out when they pick the top 5.

    • j... says:

      I agree that it should’ve been a smaller “top” group. However, it shouldn’t be embarrassing. Those who worked hard and pushed through got where they should have gotten. Disappointing on their own behalf would probably be a better way to describe it. They all did really well though. Congratulations to Ms. Anfield!

  10. a photog says:

    I bet you MCP one of those first come first serves wins next year lol

  11. Um um says:

    Am I the only one bothered by her strong accent? Bermudians don’t sound like that.

  12. Youonlyliveonce says:

    Congrats Katie!!!
    Miss Sandys By far represented well…From the beginning you held it down for your parish..Whilst you have what it takes to win better titles then the Miss Bda title you have new options put in place just from entering the pageant that’ll be longer then a year as Miss Bermuda. You did great and despite the outcome you will still represent overseas as a Bermudian. Good luck in the overseas opportunities you will encounter!!! You should’ve won the Miss Photogenic title (my opinion) over Miss Southampton by a long shot.

    Miss Pembroke – OMG you were so Beautiful!!! You also spoke well and I understood what you said…Great responses!!!

  13. Proud Bermudian says:

    Congrats Miss Bermuda. You were my choice. Enjoy Miss World, it is a fabulous opportunity, and you will meet young ladies from all over the World, and become life long friends. Its an awesome experience. One thing to remember is to IGNORE negativity, once you are in the limelight it is bound to happen. Keep your head high and represent us well….ALL THE BEST.

  14. notimeforbs says:

    So for mcp shut d hell up ya comment is irrelevant n unimportant! !!!! Ya a real looser n a freak!!!!!!!!!! Unless ya bringing something to the table other then negativity. …which u not check u later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!