Contestants Compete For Miss Photogenic Title

June 17, 2013

With less than a week to go until the new Miss Bermuda is crowned, the contestants and organisers continue to gear up for the pageant.

The Miss Photogenic portion of this year’s Miss Bermuda contest took place on Sunday [June 16] at the Newstead Hotel.

Miss Photogenic Bermuda, June 16 2013-1-11

The photographers serving as judges were C. Anthony Francis, Alex Masters, Anthony Wade and Donovin Seymour, and the contestant with the highest score will be named Miss Photogenic.

From left to right in the photo below: Miss Smiths Katherine Arnfield, Miss Sandys Jahshuntae Darrell, Miss Devonshire Mikeisha Butterfield, 2012 Miss Bermuda Rochelle Minors, Miss Southampton Denae Simmons, Miss Hamilton Parish Echaunti Swan, Miss Warwick Alexandra McMartin and Miss Pembroke Chelzea Somner.

Miss Photogenic Bermuda, June 16 2013-1-10

The 2013 Miss Bermuda Pageant is scheduled to take place Sunday June 23rd, at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel where reigning queen Rochelle Minors will crown her successor. Tickets are on sale now here on, with ticket prices starting from $65. View all our Miss Bermuda coverage here.

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  1. frank says:

    my eyes are hurting so much beauty in one place

  2. We all we got says:

    try going to the bar

  3. okay says:

    Modelling is great but some advice to all the contestants,not just in this but all similar events like this on the island is to study other subjects in the arts such as dance,singing,voice classes (how to talk with different accents),acting etc, so you’re not one dimensional and this way you will have a better range of talent to use in the future. Modelling is too short lived but is a great start to get you noticed and to build your portfoilio.
    Also there are probably inexspensive art/music schools here on the island that teach some of these subjects.
    good luck to all!

  4. Paul says:

    I never understood this pageants- why bathing suit photos ? You must be stupid to play this game that this is all about the person on the inside.

  5. okay says:

    @ Paul that is why I said what I said, that people who want to get into entertainment should not rely totally on modelling. I don’t think it is stupid I just think you should move forward and not rely just on modelling it is too restrictive as an artist and not sure what to say about bathing suits in Bda?
    But in a music class or dance you’re actually learning something in modelling people are asking you to wear too many revealing clothes. But a way into the entertainment biz is a way in.
    After taking modelling classes in Bda I wanted to further my stage work.I have taken classes at music classes in Bermuda and they have some real good teachers.There was aslo an acting class I took with a guy in Bda with my friend in private classes, he was really good. I found him on the website.
    So I am saying all this because if it was not for modelling I would not have moved onto other areas, so modelling is a good start to work on confidence but I moved on.

  6. Hmm says:

    Have to agree with Paul, Frank you really need to get out more often!!! And while I don’t think modeling is stupid, I agree it is very stupid to think it’s all about what’s inside a person when you have to stand up scantily clad in 2 piece bathing suits. It just has to make you wonder what is inside if you really think about it too long.

  7. Umm... says:

    So the first picture here looks like a strike-a-pose spontaneous photo. The second one looks like the regular choreographed shots taken when you have a group. Everyone to the right of center has her left leg bent at the knee and to the left of center, everyone has their right leg bent at the knee…. except for one. Can someone send her the memo, maybe in small words with pictures next time.

    Too bad Miss Bermuda can’t win two years in a row. Good luck to all the judges.

  8. John says:

    Bda. can do better than that!!! With all the beauty and brains on this island…………weight????beauty??????

  9. swing voter says:

    you guys have lost yur minds….

  10. Yng Black Mind says:

    The truth hurts sometimes – - but it makes us better. The honest truth is that not one of these lovely young ladies will be suitable as a representative for Bermuda in the Miss World Competition – real talk.

    The purpose of the contest is to provide a viable participant in the Miss World’s competition – - a young lady who has the poise, charisma, intelligence, talent and YES BODY to represent in a MODEL/FITNESS competition. She has to participate in a talent portion, a physical challenge portion, a model portion and an interview (this is at the Miss World level). Additionally, she will have to provide evidence of a major community service project – i.e. last year’s winner Miss Venezuela had created a pilot program for pregnant teens – a home to protect them and their babies.

    What have these ladies completed as part of that requirement? They are already going into the international competition at a disadvantage – - so why further compound the problem with the model/body aspect?

    There is only one young lady who has the body type/frame which gives her a chance at placing in the international competition – - – some of them are too big for the competition, others are too busty, or too hippy, etc. It may sound harsh, but it is the truth when it comes to this competition – - I just wish we would have been honest with our contestants.

    Just for informational purposes, I have been involved in fashion shows/beauty competitions here and overseas – - as well as the Miss World Competition in years past – - I do know what I am talking about.

  11. okay says:

    @ yng blk mind

    This is only a start for some of the young ladies like i said in my previous post they get to know what it is like to compete in a competetion if they like being on stage then they can continue in other areas five years from now one of these ladies can easily loose weight the right way and become a great actress/ or singer if they wanted to.

    Basically they are not afraid to try, a lot of people are afraid to try in life they have jumped out in the public eye to face whatever they have to face and that takes courage.
    It takes baby steps sometimes tp be a performer you dont know what can happen in 5 years for some people. people change and grow in life.
    They will eventually outgrow these small competitions and some of these amatuer photographers who are probably promising them something that they cannot deliver. And in time they will see that also.

  12. Yng Black Mind says:


    In 5 years, most of them will be too old for model competitions and the like. My statement above was never about their ability to perform as a singer/actress.

    It was specific to the Miss World’s Competition.

  13. okay says:

    @ yng blk mind

    I knew what you meant I was just trying to turn some of your negative comments into something positive.
    I think everyone is aware of what the normal model looks like but so what!
    Someone is daring to say, “so what hear I am if you dont like it thats too bad.”
    It is something corageous about that.
    Come win loose or draw or ridicule im here.

    i say good for them

  14. lurker says:

    check out these girls…. they are porfessionals, summa cum laude’s… chemist, architect etc……

  15. observer of beauty says:

    Arnfield is the only good looking one here. congratulations!

    some of the other girls are like…..WTF is this a joke they are in a beauty competition, let alone PHOTOGENIC competition! reallyy!?!?!??!?! give me a break!!!!!!!!!

    no offense, but not everyone is good looking. if you ain’t you ain’t. Face it! And most of these girls are ugly as hell. anyone who thinks they are so hot is clearly blind, deluded, or retarded.
    tah tah for now.