Marine Restrictions For Non-Mariners Race

July 30, 2013

[Updated] The Department of Marine and Ports today [July 30] said that a five knot, no wake zone as well as restrictions on personal watercraft [jet skis] movements will take effect for the waters of Mangrove Bay during the Non-Mariners Race on Sunday [Aug 4] between 10am and 8pm.

A spokesperson said,”The ‘five-knot no wake zone’ includes all the waters of Mangrove Bay, Somerset southwest of a line between the Boaz Island Gas Station and the easternmost island at the tip of King’s Point, indicated as the diagonally lined area and the hatched area on the chart. All mariners transiting the area are required to observe a five-knot speed restriction and operate vessels with absolutely no wake when in this area of Mangrove Bay.

“To further enhance public safety and Police operational enforcement efforts, an additional restriction specific to Personal Water Craft or Jet Skis has also been enacted covering the waters of Mangrove Bay, Somerset southwest of a line between the southern end of Watford Bridge and the easternmost island at the tip of King’s Point. Personal water craft will be prohibited from entering this inner race area on the day of the race between the hours of 10am and 8pm. This western area is indicated as the hatched area on the chart.

“The public should note that the waters of Mangrove Bay will be patrolled by Marine Police, Marine Police Reserve and Bermuda Regiment personnel and all mariners should proceed with extreme caution when approaching or navigating the race area due to the presence of large numbers of swimmers and numerous boats at anchor and moored together.”

The below chart shows the restricted areas [Full chart here]

race map

Update 5.15pm: The police also issued an advisory, which follows in full below.

In the interest of safety during this year’s ‘Non-Mariners Race’ on Sunday, August 4th, the inshore area of Mangrove Bay extending to King’s Point / RUBiS Boaz Island Service Station has been designated as a 5 knot / no wake zone for all personal water craft.

In addition, the inshore area of Mangrove Bay extending to King’s Point / Watford Bridge ferry stop has been designated as a no Jet Ski zone.

The Bermuda Police Service Marine Unit will be on patrol during the ‘Non-Mariners Race’ to monitor these areas.

All operators of personal water craft intending to be in the Mangrove Bay, Sandys parish area for the ‘Non-Mariners Race’ are advised to be aware of and comply with these restrictions.

Contravening the 5 knot / no wake zone or the no Jet Ski zone is an offence punishable under the law.

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  1. sonoso says:

    This should be interesting! With the 2k or so jet skis on the island, my bet is Marine Police will be able to keep every single one of them out of mangrove bay?? Not! Good luck with that one!

  2. crock says:

    Sounds like a crock of nonsense to me.

  3. sooooooo says:

    Last year the jet skiers were a danger to swimmers, I’m glad to see that safety is comming 1st… Now they just need to require a license to drive a boat..

  4. bermudaUSMCsniper says:

    i say wen cupmatch is down east.. non mariners should be in grotto bay.. or ferry reach were they have powerboat racing

    • Smh says:

      I believe it is put on by Sandys Boat Club…. Which is why it is in that location.

  5. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    @soooo I agree with u n think ppl should get a license to drive a boat. It’s most ridiculous not to need one n especially with so many boats on the water now. Come on Bda update these laws n also Vehicle Manslaughter should be on the books as well.

  6. Silly says:

    I guess by “non mariners” they really mean “not for mariners” that’s rediculous to not allow jet skis to this event. just as much damage can be done with a boat as a ski. They just need to confiscate the ski if the rider is driving recklessly and without due care. And the police should really be the ones with skis, they need to be able to maneuver through the crowds and not sit on a large boat anchored away from where the madness would happen like they did last year. Not every jet ski owner is a reckless driver, so why stipulate such a rule to all. Soon no boats will be allowed and everyone will have to jump off the dock to get there instead. Cambridge beaches raft up anyone?

  7. Jim bob says:

    This is such a stupid idea. Jet skis are much easier to manovure than boats but there are no restrictions on boats? Not to mention that boats have propellers and jet skis have impellers hence making them much safer than boats. Also, jet skis help add to the experience of non-mariners, for those people that have gone regularly and have to swim from boat boat, they will no doubt have been grateful for receiving lifts from people on jet skis, that will not happen this year due to this stupid and ill-thought of rule.

  8. Bermy says:

    I don’t think a blanket ban is necessary at all. As is always the case, its the few a$$holes that ruin it for everyone else who knows how to operate a watercraft and does so with respect to other mariners. May be the police approach should be if they see you breaking the laws or being foolish then bang, no questions asked, your off the water and getting a tow, pick up your ski monday morning and getting a due care and attention ticket! Make some revenue and at the same time don’t ruin for the people who use jetski’s properly.

  9. Smh says:

    So big boats like the MV Elizabeth can go in the area but not a little jet ski? I don’t own a jetski but I have noticed that the only people who ride them ridiculous is the little punk boys that are trying to show off. I don’t see why other jet ski owners should be penalized because of them.

    This is one of the biggest days to be on the water and then you make a dopey rule like this? In my opinion the marine police were just being lazy, because if a jetski is doing over the limit they should go catch them and make some money off a ticket! Not ban them in the area because you are too lazy to look out for them. Or how about put a restriction on who can ride a jet ski! Because a lot of the people that own them have no clue about the water and the rules! Make them take a little test about the water to get a special license or something. SMH come on!

    And yes! I dont own a jet ski but I’m still mad! I enjoy generous people that I do not know pulling me back to my boat because I am too lazy to swim back!

  10. Trumpety Trump says:

    Interesting what Jim Bob says since Jet skis have no reverse gear. Yet you say they are much more manuvorable than boats. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    They should simply obey the 5 knot rule like everyone else and this stupid law would not be necessary. Unfortunately, it seems to be mandatory that you have to be a complete irresponsible a**hole to own a jet ski.

    You bring it on yourselves.

    I won’t be there as I can’t stand the danger these a-hole jet ski people bring to an otherwise safe crowd.

    Effing showoffs!

    • Sucio says:

      You are so dumb!! Any Personal Watercraft manufactured after 2000 does have reverse!! Jet Ski is just a brand, made by Kawasaki!!

  11. Jim bob says:

    @trumpety trump — actually jet ski’s do have a reverse. Not only that, but some of the newer jet skis (like mine) have brakes, as such I reiterate my point that jet skis are easier to maneuver and safer than boats.

  12. Cousin says:

    What I don’t understand is that 80% of the people operating a power craft are intoxicated !!!! I would say its more important keeping the drunk people off the controls than jet skies operating in mangrove bay??!!!

  13. Swizzle says:

    Technically speaking with the above restrictions in place I would think I could have my jet ski towed into the restricted area and not be hassled? Driving it in or using it after it has been towed in would appear as breaking the law and subject to a ticket.

  14. Where ya been says:

    This is the biggest crock of s*** ever.. Really OBA.. WTF.. This is a POLICE STATE!

  15. Sandgrownan says:

    That’s awesome. Jet skis are a friggin” nuisance.

  16. Jim bob says:

    What about the big police boats that will be roaming around allegedly patrolling within the race area? Will they not be classed as a hazard or dangerous to swimmers?

    I recommend that everyone with a jet skier who disagrees with this calls Michael Dunkley today, as the police fall under him, and complain about this stupid and nonsensical rule which I believe will have a negative impact on the whole non-mariners experience. As I said before, how many people have been grateful for a lift back to their boat from someone on a jet ski because they were exhausted from swimming?

    • Sandgrownan says:

      No jet skis will improve non-mariners